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Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
  • Federal court rules the University of Cincinnati’s “free speech zone”—which comprises all of 0.1 percent of the campus, is unconstitutional. That’s obviously the correct decision, but I’ve never really understood the purpose of these zones. Is this a PC thing?
  • Study: People who are into organic food are probably assholes. (Because it validates what I think about people who champion organic food, I’m pretty certain the study is accurate!)
  • Teen says Prince George’s County abducted, cuffed, and threatened him in order to “teach him a lesson.”
  • Jacob Sullum adds more debunking to that New York Times scare story about Adderall. (Disclosure: I have a prescription for Adderall.)
  • Newsweek, that vigilant media watchdog, slobbers all over New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.
  • Why you can’t start a food truck in New Orleans.
  • Smart post on money, political power, and inequality.
  • Reductio creep: I remember when I covered obesity as a Cato policy analyst, when I’d raise the slippery slope prospect of government regulating what you can and can’t eat, it was usually dismissed as libertarian fearmongering. No more.
  • Headline of the day.

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Do as We Say, Not as We Say

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Good catch by

At the same time that the US Department of Transportation is pushing laws to ban in-car cell phone use, it is promoting the “511” government program that encourages drivers to dial 511 for information on traffic conditions instead of tuning in to a traffic reports on AM radio.

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