Earth at Night

Monday, October 8th, 2012

This is my favorite one of these yet.

Just awing.


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10 Responses to “Earth at Night”

  1. #1 |  Personanongrata | 

    Humans have such great potential for making dreams into reality it is a shame we spend so much of our finite time devising the ways and means to subjugate and murder one another more efficiently.

  2. #2 |  Cyto | 

    Ok, if I had the money I’d SO be buying a Bigelow aerospace BA330 as my vacation home. Definitely opt for the optional “panoramic view windows” – sure, they cost a lot more, but definitely worth it.

  3. #3 |  Miroker | 

    Look at all that nice light pollution.

  4. #4 |  David | 

    (I noticed that they orbited over Chicago about halfway through. Don’t they know Illinois it’s illegal to photograph police in Illinois? Our brave men in government are going to have to confiscate the ISS and charge the astronauts with violating wiretapping laws.)

    Okay, just kidding. But seriously, one interesting thing ISS astronauts always say, to a man, is how profoundly the days and days of staring down at Earth changes your worldview. They always say they have a much more profound regard for all men being created equal, and much less care for the borders of states.

  5. #5 |  Ed Dunkle | 

    Thanks for posting this. It really puts things in perspective. Also, if you have the patience and don’t mind the religious overtones, check out “Tree of Life.”

  6. #6 |  Linda | 

    Very nice.

  7. #7 |  Gideon Darrow | 


  8. #8 |  skidmark | 

    What happened to the obligatory dark hole that is North Korea? Perhaps Moroker would be happier to see the rest of the planet like that?

    I didn’t think so.

    stay safe.

  9. #9 |  What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees at Night (from ISS) | HobnobBlog | 

    […] Hat tip Radley Balko […]

  10. #10 |  Miroker | 

    Is that name based upon laundry, #8?