Sunday Dog Blogging

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

My friend Michael Magnus, who runs a facebook page called “The War on Americans“, sent me this picture of his dog Harper:

Eapen Thampy





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12 Responses to “Sunday Dog Blogging”

  1. #1 |  DoubleU | 

    … and here I thought Facebook was one of those tools used in the war against Americans.

  2. #2 |  Mike Magnus | 

    Thanks Eapen! Harper is 9 weeks old now, we fed her from a bottle for the first 4 weeks or so. Her mom was hit by a car and animal control was able to save most of her litter. She’s a pit bull terrier mix of some kind. I’m having a DNA test done soon to see what else she is. The vet seems to think it could be Mastiff. If that’s the case I may have to buy the wife that house she’s keeps talking about, not sure my condo can handle a 100+ pound dog.
    Anyway, keep up the good fight Eapen!

  3. #3 |  Linda | 

    Funny what dogs find to be comfortable sleeping positions! Hard to tell from this picture, but I bet she is a pretty dog. Love the brindle (?) coloring.

  4. #4 |  Mike Magnus | 

    Yeah, brindle with some white paws and a black streak down her back. Every morning, never fails, I’ll find her upside down like this with her head wedged between the pillow and the small area below the cabinet space, snoring.
    Every morning for like 3 weeks. So far the best dog ever. Learning at a very fast pace. Maybe I’ll email Radley and Eapen a year from now so they can see her all grown up!

  5. #5 |  Bridget Magnus | 

    Nice doggy, Mike.

  6. #6 |  Linda | 

    That would be nice to see more pictures of her. As she is growing, and all grown up. Where were the puppies when the mom was hit by the car? By the way, the Facebook link does not work. Says “page not found”.

  7. #7 |  GÄC | 

    We have a pit bull mix that looks almost identical to Harper (from that view). Same coloring on the chest and paws, but is a solid brindle on top. Both her and her sister love laying on their backs in some of the most awkward positions I have ever seen (imagine the dog laying on it’s back, with it’s head turned 180 degrees where it’s muzzle is beside it’s rib cage in a “J” shape).

    Mike – you shouldn’t worry too much about the size of the dogs. Mine are 80 pound couch potatoes. They tussle ever so often, but actually don’t enjoy going for walks. They would much rather sleep. Keeping her in a condo won’t be too bad…

  8. #8 |  Mike Magnus | 

    @ Linda. The puppies were in the mother’s womb still. Animal control, from what we were told, removed 10 of them in the bed of a pick up truck, and I guess 7 lived. This was in Northern MI, which is a whole different country from the Detroit suburbs where we live!
    Here is that link again, by the way, thanks for the heads up on that. I basically just post my thoughts on Drug War related consequences for our country. I always feel the need to tell people I don’t do drugs, and abhor them whenever I tell them what I do!

  9. #9 |  Mike Magnus | 

    @ Bridget. Thanks! Crazy we have the same last name, first time I’ve seen that actually. Not really a common name, ya know.

    @GAC. I love her colors, the brindle in a dog just looks awesome I think. It amazes me how this dog sleeps, at first i was worried and would check on her at 5am to make sure she hadn’t broke her neck or anything. I mean, I don’t see any possible way her sleeping positions can be anything other than really painful… but whatever. She’s snoring, so she must be comfortable!
    Here’s a link to another picture of her playing in our yard, definitely got the couch potato vibe:

  10. #10 |  liberranter | 

    I thought she looked lit a Pit. BEAUTIFUL pup! We had a Pit Bill up until six months ago, when, just two weeks short of his fourth birthday, he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer (he had been in terrible pain for weeks) and we had to put him down. Of all the dogs we’ve owned over the past twenty years, I doubt any was as loving, loyal, and fun as this dog was. He truly smashed the bad rap that the Pit Bull breed gets. I hope you enjoy Harper as much as we did our dog.

  11. #11 |  Linda | 

    Sorry, I misunderstood. For some reason I was thinking they were 4 weeks old when the mother was hit. Misread. I clicked on the other link of her in the yard…….that face, wow what a cute puppy!!!!!
    Also checked out your Facebook page. Thanks!

  12. #12 |  Mary | 

    If it is a pit bull mix, you should be happy if there is a sizeable amount of mastiff in her. From all the dogs that I have walked, I have found the mastiff’s to be huge but very gentle.