Americans for Forfeiture Reform on Twitter; Reader Requests

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

For those of you on Twitter, you should follow Americans for Forfeiture Reform at @ForfeitureAbuse.

Also, I’m working on a series of posts about particular forfeiture cases for next week; if you have a particular request or question you’d like me to cover please leave a note in the comments or email

And we are still looking for forfeiture victims from Colorado, if anyone has a lead!

Many thanks,

Eapen Thampy

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4 Responses to “Americans for Forfeiture Reform on Twitter; Reader Requests”

  1. #1 |  Jay | 

    Kind of unrelated, but I’m curious how your experience has been in Colorado, eat any good food etc?

  2. #2 |  Burgers Allday | 

    Hi, Eapen. Burgers here.

    I had a question for you. Have you heard about this case involving a dispute between an anti-forfeiture defense atty and a prosecutor:

    This opinion is new, although the dispute is old. It is Indiana and Mr. Balko has focussed on forfeiture stuf there, so he may know of these “playas.” But I thought I’d ask you because you are all up in that anti-forfeiture stuff, too.

    I hope you enjoyed my spoken word piece I linked for you. It is based on a composite of several real cases. See, last August when Hitcho (now sentenced to die) shot Lasso (now deceased) I read all the “curtlilage” cases. Then I thought it would be good to have a spoken word piece from the point of view of the policeman as he is outside the house, looking for a legal way in, and also after he gets in and starts smugly seizing all the electronics. A lot of ppl aren’t interested in this kind of spoken word piece because they prefer “Lady Godiva’s Operation” or Hank Rollins or Garrison Keillor or whatever — I have even heard praise heaped on the voice overs at the beginning of Coen Brothers movies. But, for my part, I liked pretending to be inside of the head of a policeman doing a seizure when I did my spoken word piece on the YT. It is just such an interesting mix of pure evil and delusional self-righteousness, or at least that is how I imagine it. Well, you probably now this if you clicked my link on the other thread, and, if you didn’t then I doubt you will go back there and do that now.

    Let me know on the Attorney Alexander thingee, if feasible.


    Burgers Allday

    “Its gotta be Burgers” ™

  3. #3 |  AlgerHiss | 

    Why Asset Forfeiture Abuse Is on the Rise

  4. #4 |  Eapen Thampy | 

    That is an interesting case! I have definitely followed the case of the prosecutor Mark McKinney. I may have to write a post about this.