Take a Break . . .

Monday, June 25th, 2012

. . . from whatever you doing, and watch this dachshund pup attempt to pick a fight with a crab.  Or maybe it’s trying to play with the crab. I’m not sure. I don’t think the dog is sure, either. (Via Reddit.)


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16 Responses to “Take a Break . . .”

  1. #1 |  Robert | 

    Best part is at the end when he lifts up one paw and looks off forlornly into the ocean.

  2. #2 |  Mike | 

    Ahh, Reddit…. the biggest timesink on the internet.

  3. #3 |  Marshall | 

    Cool how the dog seems to be maneuvering to stay between the crab and the ocean. Also how at one point the crab moves towards the dog, which backs off, but apparently the crab doesn’t have the nerve to work it.

  4. #4 |  Bob | 

    That crab had a plan! Way to execute an escape, crab!

    That dog is just lucky he didn’t get close enough to find out about the destructive power of crab-fu! Those claws and the ability to scuttle sideways aren’t just for looks, you know!

  5. #5 |  Manju | 

    The dog is totally in the wrong here.

    For libertarians to try to minimize the dogs aggression, by speculating that it is really just playing, is an outrage. The dog is clearly trying to stop the poor crab from going home. He is initiating violence against another.

    This is worse than Friedrich Hayek’s support of Pinochet.

  6. #6 |  Eyewitness | 

    #4 Bob – That dog is just lucky he didn’t get close enough to find out about the destructive power of crab-fu!

    I’m sure you meant Krab Maga, sir.

  7. #7 |  Linda | 

    This is great! Love it. The music is a perfect choice for the video! Really nice.

  8. #8 |  len (not the one you hate) | 

    Mom, this dog followed me home. Can I keep it?

  9. #9 |  CharlesWT | 

    The crab could have been replaced with a ‘bot with a proximity sensor.

  10. #10 |  ALowe | 

    Clearly an aggressive dog. Good thing there weren’t any cops around.

  11. #11 |  Felix | 

    It’s a border collie in disguise.

  12. #12 |  DoubleU | 

    I think the dog was curious/just playing. After the crab went into the ocean he almost seemed sad to see his new friend go.

  13. #13 |  C.E. | 

    Madeline: Hi! Will you be my friend?

    Crab: Touch me and it will be the last moment of your miserable furry life!

    Madeline: Yay! Let’s play!

    Crab: I will kill you! You come one step closer and I will rip your soul from your fluffy body with my massive, sharp claws!

    Madeline: Let’s race to the water! Oh! You’re winning!

    Crab: Witness my wrath, mangy cur! I spit on you and your children! You have escaped mayhem this one time, but next time I shall not be so forgiving!

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  15. #15 |  KristenS | 

    The “play bow” indicates puppers thinks Mr. Crab is a toy. Definitely not prey.

    Very cute!

  16. #16 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    dachshunds and beaches = heaven