Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Cumberland County, North Carolina:

Gizmo, a 17.6-pound Pekingese-dachshund mix, was shot Wednesday by Deputy Barbara Siau, a nine-year veteran who works in the Child Support Enforcement division, said Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office . . .

Siau was looking for Anderson’s brother when she came to the home on the 5600 block of Annadale Drive in the Colonial Heights neighborhood, Anderson said.

When she went outside to speak with Siau, Anderson said Gizmo followed her.

The dog has no history of biting, Anderson said, but Gizmo began running toward the deputy and barking.

Anderson said she told the deputy the dog would not bite.

Siau kicked Gizmo in the head, Anderson said, which antagonized the dog. “I was in the process of getting him,” Anderson said, “if she would have given me 10 seconds.”

Anderson said she heard the shot.

“There was no warning whatsoever,” she said. “I heard a ‘pop,’ and when I looked up, I said, ‘You shot my dog.’ ” Gizmo still was moving, Anderson said, but fell on the ground.

“It didn’t really dawn on me until I walked over to him and saw blood coming out of his head,” Anderson said.

“He was wagging his tail as he was dying.”


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56 Responses to “Puppycide”

  1. #1 |  Personanongrata | 

    Gizmo, a 17.6-pound Pekingese-dachshund mix, was shot Wednesday by Deputy Barbara Siau

    The “highly” trained Deputy Barbara Siau was in fear of her life while being charged by Gizmo, a 17.6-pound Pekingese-dachshund mix.

    How/why is this woman a deputy?

    If pulling a firearm and discharging it is your first recourse to being charged and having your heels nipped by a 17 lbs furball then you’re in the wrong line of work.

    Deputy Siau’s skill set upon cursory examination would work quite nicely in a slaughter house not over at the Child Support Enforcement division.

    I would hate to be around when the children get out of line and Deputy Siau on the job.

  2. #2 |  Steve Verdon | 


    Stop being such a badge licking fuck.

  3. #3 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Peel’s #7 (condensed): “The police are the people and the people are the police, the police being only citizens who are paid to attend full time to duties incumbent on every citizen.”

    You believe this shit? Seriously? Police are not “citizens” they are LEOs. Citizens are not LEOs. It is this dichotomy that is the fundamental problem with police. They see themselves as a group apart….even better, superior. That is why they have the badge, the gun, and considerably more power than a mere citizen has.

    Really, stop being a badge licking fuck.

  4. #4 |  demize! | 

    Police are the enemy. Not only because they are bully boys of the elite, but because they would do it for free. Are there exceptions? I suppose but the institution is designed to purge or nullify the good intentions of those few who sneak by. Get that through your head and you’ll be one step closer to not being a Hippie,Liberal or boot polishing authoritarian.

  5. #5 |  Bergman | 

    If dogs were as dangerous as police claim, when justifying puppycides, police would be issued chihuahuas instead of guns.

    We’d also hear a lot more stories about cops killed by dogs after emptying their service weapon into the dog, yet the dog just kept coming…

  6. #6 |  Ariel | 

    Really, any stats on injured officers from dog bites? If all the bites are from “pit bulls” we know the fix is in.
    Aren’t all dogs shot by police pit bulls, or pit bull mixes, or looked like a pit bull, or might have been a pit bull, or acted like a pit bull? All those injured pool men, meter readers, gardeners, not to mention mailmen, can testify as to the danger and the shame that they couldn’t shoot those pit bulls while fearing for their safety.