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Saturday, April 21st, 2012

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  1. #1 |  Some Questions | 

    More Questions: “That was his twitter profile; do you think calling himself that was racist? Or just me noticing?”

    The fact that you don’t get that it’s neither of those things that’s it, still, actually adds dumb to the “racist asshole.”

    The last sentence is an example of the kind of rip-roaring rhetoric we can expect from the half-educated Twitter Generation. Also, outside of th e DNC HQ and CNN, you don’t get to win every argument simply by invoking “racist” or “racism” or “clueless racist jackass” like some kind of incantation. The questions surrounding this case are not if something is racist or not, but rather if some position or another is true.

  2. #2 |  Christopher Swing | 

    Some Questions: The entertaining part is that not only do you demand the obvious be spelled out for you (you still made a racist assumption, duh) but when it isn’t, you launch into a rant about it.

    And then you top it off claiming your racism is OK as long as you can claim it’s true.

    Keep digging that hole! ;)

  3. #3 |  Christopher Swing | 

    “Breaking News of the Day: Zimmerman’s Bond Revoked: The Orlando Sentinel’s Jeff Weiner is reporting via Twitter that George Zimmerman’s bail has been revoked, and that Zimmerman must surrender within 48 hours.”

    “Weiner reports that the prosecution is saying Zimmerman and his wife “may have committed contempt of court by lying,” arguing that Zimmerman “misrepresented, misled and deceived the court” during a bond hearing regarding his U.S. passport and his family’s financial situation.”


    Welp, looks like Zimmerman’s not so good at telling the truth after all.