Speaking Near Portland Next Week

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I’ll be giving a talk on police militarization next week at Washington State University-Vancouver. Here are the details:


Dengerink Administration building, room 110



Who can participate:

Open to the public

Contact for more information:

Jimmy Kramer, manager@kougradio.com

Sponsored by:

KOUG Radio, the VanCougar and the Salmon Creek Journal


It’s my first trip to Portland, so I’m going to make a weekend of it. Portlanders: I have two-and-a-half days in your town. What should I do? Where should I eat?

MORE: Fixed the name of the school, which is probably an important detail. It’s Washington State University-Vancouver.

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60 Responses to “Speaking Near Portland Next Week”

  1. #1 |  EBL | 

    I hope no one mentioned Esparzas, because that place sucks now.

  2. #2 |  EBL | 

    Well at least last time I was in PDX. Terrible service and food.

  3. #3 |  Darby Shaw | 

    Kell’s for traditional Irish breakfast on the weekends, Pok Pok for great Thai food. Ringside Steakhouse just because. Paley’s Place and Blue Hour too.

  4. #4 |  Doug | 

    Welcome to Portland, Radley. I’ve been reading through the comments so far, seeing what’s been covered, and making some notes of my own about places still new to me after–now–quite a few years.

    You may have wanted to see what us Pacific NW people would suggest “cold,” which is fine. But I agree with some of the other commenters who have recommended you’ll read more tailored tips if we see more specifics as to your taste.

    But now, plunging ahead: do Powell’s at some point fairly soon in your stay. Set aside 1.5 – 3 hrs for a quick browse (downtown store) during which time you can decide how long you’ll want to spend on your return visit.

    Day trips: on an entirely rainy day, substitute a drive out to Astoria, coming back on the Washington side, for your otherwise trip up into the Gorge. But in any kind of hiking weather (includes fog, clouds, intermittent rain) DO visit The Gorge. Took me years of living here to fully appreciate THE GORGE.

    Drive up the Wasnington side from Vancouver all the way to Hood River (a long hour), but watch the rivier for surfers, the second half of the way. If the wind is right and surfers are out you’ll find a park about twenty miles downriver from Hood River (Washington side) where you can watch surfers flying past just ten or thirty feet out from shore.

    On your way back west (Oregon side) stop for the short loop hike between Oneonta Falls and Horsetail Falls. The hike is 2.5 miles max., as I recall, equals short, in any case, but will give you a very good feel for the magic that’s up all the green creeks and ravines that feed the Columbia.

    You’ll have been two hours or so on the road by the time you get to the trail. The trail’s an easy hike, but given the scenery, if it takes you two hours to hike you’re better off looking at a thirty minute drive back west to Portland, with the Washington side already traveled and seen.

    I’ll check with a few musician friends, see what they might suggest for live music, given what I can infer of your tastes from some of your weekend posts. I continue to hear that Portland music is pretty rich, multi-genre, but I still need guidance. On the other hand, I could steer you through Portland’s large and active Argentine tango dancing community : )

    Any developing plans for a meet up type thing such as has happened occasionally on your other trips?

    Meant to mention one more downtown hike: they call a walk along both sides of the Willamette River “the Esplanade.” This walk, crossing on bridges, let’s one see downtown from both riverbanks (east and west) in an easy couple of miles.. or one can continue upriver to the Sellwood bridge for river crossing and hike back downtown, in which case you’ll have around an eight mile hike, as I recall.

  5. #5 |  Brad | 

    Food: Fire on the Mountain (wings), Frank’s Noodle House (Chinese)

    Sights: Japanese Garden

  6. #6 |  Rod | 

    If your talk is on the 10th, the spring beer & wine fest is on the weekend of April 6 -7. That would be a way to sample a lot of what the NW has to offer in one spot, I think.

  7. #7 |  Rod | 

    Also, you could check out mill ends park – the worlds smallest (2 ft across) on naito parkway.

  8. #8 |  Erin | 

    I am so disappointed that your talk happens while I’m at work. Will a recording be available?

    Here are my recommendations. I’m repeating some that deserve it.

    To eat:

    Pok Pok – Thai, expensive, creative and delicious. The Whiskey Soda Lounge across the street has really awesome chicken wings while you wait.

    Tanuki – Japanese Izakaya, do the $20 chef’s choice, AMAZING. They play weird Japanese movies while you eat and don’t allow kids. I love it.

    Tasty N Sons – Mostly American, best for brunch, not too spendy, really good. The burger is top notch, and the rest of the menu is great too.

    Navarre – Tapas, not horribly expensive, great wine selection, excellent food. The vegetable plates are particularly good.

    Bunk Sandwiches – Mostly hot sandwiches, $8-10 range, very very good. I like the Pork Belly Cubano, but I’ve tried quite a few and haven’t been disappointed.

    Lucky Strike – Szechuan, reasonably priced, very spicy, VERY GOOD. I love the Mapo Tofu and the Dan Dan Noodles.

    An Xuyen Bakery – Vietnamese Sandwiches, super cheap, fantastic. Don’t get the baked stuff though, it’s all pretty gross.

    Pho An – Pho, around $8-10, terrible ambiance, good soup.

    Panaderia Cinco De Mayo – Mexican grocery and Taqueria. Best beans and handmade tortillas I’ve had in a very long time, and I moved here from LA. The pastor is also delicious.

    Taqueria Santa Cruz – Very popular spot. I’m a big fan of their carnitas tacos.

    To do:

    The Doug Fir and Mississippi Studios have the best sound, I don’t know who is playing in the next week though.

    Forest park is nice to walk around in if it’s not raining (it will probably be raining).

    There are lots of nice hikes in the Gorge, Wahclella Falls is a beautiful, easy hike. Again, better if it’s not raining.

    A drive to Astoria, OR or Long Beach, WA is lovely. The Depot Restaurant in Seaview, WA is DELICIOUS. Get the Clams Bucatini.

    Coffee shops are a nice place to relax. Crema has been mentioned, they have really good pastries. Random Order has the best pie in town. Fresh Pot or Albina Press are comfortable, and any Stumptown will get you a good cup of coffee.

  9. #9 |  Tom | 

    Dungeness crab…yes! Crab Louis…yes!

    Dan & Louis Oyster Bar at SW Ankeny near the river

    Jake’s, of course

    Salty’s too

  10. #10 |  ric_in_or | 

    Sake Festival
    Thursday 12 April 2012 – 6:30 to 9 pm
    The Governor Hotel
    614 SW 11th Avenue – Portland, OR 97205