Farkin’ Funny

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Love, love, love Fark’s year-end headline-of-the-year competition. (See here and here.) Some of my favorites:

  • For 75 years, woman plays piano weekly for her church. Credits her longevity to watching her keys and pews
  • New Jersey woman steals valuable church crucifix. Police nab her after brief cross examination
  • Vehicle crashes into Subway restaurant. Let us take a moment to honor our fallen heroes
  • There is a group home for alcoholic hipsters in Brooklyn. At least, there was until everybody heard about it
  • Car carrying $1M coin collection rolls over and crashes, dumping entire load across highway — resulting in unexpected lane change
  • Ring ring ring goes the trolley. Argh argh argh goes the worker trapped under it
  • Nearly 70 dead bats found in Arizona. Isn’t it a little early for spring training news about the Cubs?
  • B.C. man hit by stray bullet in Mexico. DAMN YOU, TIME-TRAVELING BULLET

And finally . . .

  • Sperm stem cells altered into insulin-producing cells to treat diabetes. Researchers say a cure for diabetes is about to come any moment now

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