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Sunday, November 27th, 2011

The road between Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

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4 Responses to “Photo of the Day”

  1. #1 |  Joshua | 

    Apparently in Tennessee, constables are paid a commission for each ticket they write. I certainly can’t see how that would cause any problems.

    And in Illinois, their prosecutors are good enough to convict people of rape despite (a) the semen taken from the victim not matching the defendant’s DNA, (b) the defendant’s probation anklet indicating that he was in his house at the time of the crime.

    I’m confused about these cases that seem so absurd to an outside observer but
    nevertheless result in a jury convicting the accused.

  2. #2 |  Joshua | 

    Whoops, here’s the link for the Illinois story:

  3. #3 |  Joshua | 

    Forgive me for dominating this empty threat with link posts, but here’s another fun one I found. A guy was caught with untaxed cigarettes at a DUI checkpoint:

  4. #4 |  Single Acts of Tyranny | 

    Pesky 4th amendment!