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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

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  1. #1 |  Nick T. | 

    Re: Lemonade

    Classic: “Appleton Alderman Peter Stueck says he had no idea the ordinance would affect people like [the little girl selling lemonade]”

    Who could have seen that coming? A Law with consequences beyond its magnanimous intentions!?

  2. #2 |  Maggie McNeill | 

    Regarding the DUIDA: Yeah, that’s Louisiana for you. When I was still a librarian in the early ’90s the chief deputy sheriff in my parish (that’s what we call counties there) smashed a police car into a tree while drunk, and the sheriff announced he would be required to pay for the car, but face no other penalty. I wrote a letter to the local paper asking if the sheriff’s new policy was that the only punishment for drunk driving in our parish would be that the individual would be forced to pay the damages of any car he wrecked. Lots of people came by the library and thanked me for that letter, and though nothing was done right off I like to think that the incident helped in getting a 20-year sheriff ousted in the next election.

    Regarding the woman being arrested: I have fully made up my mind that if I’m ever manhandled by a cop with neither witnesses nor cameras around, I am going to press sexual assault charges. If they can twist the law and use unfair power against me, by golly I can do the same in self-defense.

  3. #3 |  SJE | 

    Pete Eyre: I’m very glad he got off, but I worry for the juror in the photo. A black man, wearing a cop blocker T-shirt, who just helped embarrass the police and prosecutors. I can just imagine all the reasons the cops will find to conduct a raid on his house.

  4. #4 |  Yizmo Gizmo | 

    “When al-Qaeda is defeated, will we get our civil liberties back? (This is a rhetorical question.”

    Well. considering they were created to fill the void created
    when the USSR collapsed, so that the people of the US
    would remain in a state of fear and their rights could be suppressed,
    Uncle Sam will replace Alk Hyda with another boogey man.
    Based on this blog, probably cop-photographers or lemonade vendors.

  5. #5 |  Blakenator | 

    Re: “When al-Qaeda is defeated, will we get our civil liberties back?”
    Since al-Qaeda is our imaginary friend who can always be invoked, of course, we’ll get them back. The “catch 22” is he will never be defeated.

  6. #6 |  Aresen | 

    Based on this blog, probably cop-photographers or lemonade vendors.

    They’ve got the WoD.

    If not, they can probably invoke The Great Puppy Menace.

  7. #7 |  Bronwyn | 

    Hah. Funny, I know right where they’re standing. I was there less than a year ago. Small, small world.

  8. #8 |  JimBob | 

    Can somebody give this cop an Agitator “Attaboy”?

    A citizen is openly carrying, and an officer comes to check out the situation. The cop is professional, courteous, doesn’t stop or argue with the recording, makes sure to get his personal identification information on the recording, and generally respects the rights of the person carrying.

  9. #9 |  Cyto | 

    I’ll see your acquitted of wiretapping charges and raise you a harassed, assaulted and arrested by police for having gotten away with videotaping the police. Bonus tampering with evidence charges for a nearby lady who caught the video camera he threw to her while he was being tackled from behind and tossed it in a bush.

  10. #10 |  CyniCAl | 

    “Since I had 20-some-odd jars of lemonade in my refrigerator, we made the decision along with our neighbors whose daughter is selling the cookies, that we would just give them away free today,” said Mann.

    What, there’s no “Feeding the Homeless” ordinance in their town?

    “My son went over there and saw what happened. He came over and chewed me out for 10 minutes because this is happening,” said Appleton Ald. Peter Stueck. Stueck says he had no idea the ordinance would affect people like Lydia.

    This man is ignorant of the law of unintended consequences. Perhaps introducing him to the short end of a rope thrown over a lamppost would educate him.

    “It’s certainly not that Appleton is against little girls setting up their cookie and lemonade stands. But the overall intent of the ordinance was to protect the vendors at these events,” said Stueck. “To get a little bit of security to the vendors who were at the events.”

    I wonder if Stueck has stopped beating his wife? What a great guy, looking out for the monied interests of his community while teaching a wonderful lesson in libertarianism to young children.

  11. #11 |  Jim Wetzel | 

    When you check out JimBob’s youtube, be sure to enjoy the comments, too. Example:

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    if i was the cop i wouldve shot this jeremy guy for being such an ass
    flkatk 2 minutes ago

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    Yes, he probably would have, at that.

  12. #12 |  Sean |

    Locally here we’ve had our first case of puppycide (that I know of) that didn’t involve a SWAT raid. This homeowner was the victim of a home invasion robbery and called the police, who then came and shot the family dog in front of their kids. The family wasn’t even allowed to keep the dog’s remains for burial or cremation — the police seized it and it will go into the city dump. Unbelievable how callous and arrogant they have become — “NO, we will not apologize for killing your dog, and NO, you can’t have its remains!”.

  13. #13 |  Stormy Dragon | 

    While the arrest for filming the stop was clearly overkill, I don’t have a problem with pulling people over for driving to slow. People going significantly slower than everyone else are a significant traffic hazard. If you’re going 40 on a highway, you’re just as much a danger as someone going 90.

  14. #14 |  JS | 

    Nick T. “Who could have seen that coming? A Law with consequences beyond its magnanimous intentions!?”

    Exactly! I mean, everyone knows laws are always good and we will always need more and more of them.

  15. #15 |  Furball | 

    I would watch JB’s video, but it’s been removed… shame. I was going to use it as a two-part response to a buddy of mine who’s a LEO. He insists that I’m paranoid over the “new professionalism”, and I keep telling him that these guys are getting away with shit that I’d have been strung up for if they were commited while I was in Iraq.

  16. #16 |  Marty | 

    I guess we’re not gonna get a record 2 good days in a row… back to punches to the gut.

  17. #17 |  Juice | 

    In DC, you have to have a permit to carry pepper spray.

  18. #18 |  Wiregeek | 

    #13: Please re-read the linked article, and chew through to the 7 page pdf generated by the lady in question regarding the stop.

    Please also be aware that that far out, speed does and can kill. In the dark of night, it is unsafe to drive excessively fast due to wildlife, if nothing else.

    This wasn’t a stop for driving too slow – this was a contempt of cop arrest. This jackwagon could have pulled this gal over immediately to do a health-and-wellness check, showed the most minor modicum of respect, and gone about his bloody business. Instead, he follows her for several miles, tailgating and using his high beams to intimidate.

  19. #19 |  Anthony | 

    Lemonade stand: The police could have just ignored the stand. But instead they use the excuse “it’s the law”. This is the same logic that leads to mass murder. “I’m just following orders”. Cowards.

  20. #20 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

    RE: Pittsburgh PD ticket quotas…

    “Donaldson said the city is concerned that officers may be ignoring legitimate violations in the zone”

    Legitimate violations or opportunities for revenue production? Hmm.

  21. #21 |  croaker | 

    @12 This is why you don’t let the man into your life. Even if you are a victim, the cops will victimize you even more.

  22. #22 |  hamburglar007 | 

    Curious, the youtube video is gone now.

  23. #23 |  bendover | 

    Cop threatens to execute concealed carry holder during traffic stop.

  24. #24 |  db | 

    I’ll make it a point to drive my BMW through the Hill district more often just for fun….

  25. #25 |  croaker | 

    @23 Cop needs to be tested for steroids, immediately.

    New item:

    “The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the First Amendment protects nude dancing, burning the American flag, and images of animals being crushed to death,” said Dave Roland, director of litigation for the Freedom Center of Missouri, the public interest law firm challenging the speech restrictions. “But today the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that you can be thrown in jail for helping a friend find an apartment.”