Another Thing To Blame on Libertarians.

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The Casey Anthony verdict!

No, really.

Maybe the jurors in Orlando were able to acquit Anthony of child abuse, the most defensible and best-documented charge that the prosecution had, because they didn’t see anything strange in a mother who partied like a cheap trick during the month that her baby was “missing.” Maybe they were so steeped in the culture of individuality and “tolerance” that they found it hard to be judgmental toward a randy mom who reminded them of their own children, or even their younger selves . . .

Or maybe they’d just forgotten what neglect and abuse look like because, after all, criticizing a woman for expressing her sexuality is so . . . Victorian.

But, more than an inability to understand complex legal theories, I think the reason the jury was unable to convict Anthony was that it just didn’t buy the prosecution premise that a woman who enters a hot-body contest while her child is lost has both the motive and propensity to kill her. In a society where people have the fundamental right to enjoy themselves – others be damned – an immature and self-obsessed mother is no more likely to murder an innocent baby than your run-of-the-mill reality-show hausfrau. And anyone who criticizes her for those acts of carefree self-expression is a judgmental prude.

That’s where individualism of the libertarian model has taken us. The idea that no one has the right to tell us how to live our lives (Legalize drugs! Ban motorcycle helmets! Don’t ban violent videos! Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!) has led us to a place where caring about No. 1 has become a secular religion, and turned all of those who preach restraint into heretics.

So it’s not surprising at all that Casey Anthony got off, even in the face of strong evidence and the absolute implausibility of alternatives.

The only thing surprising in all of this is that she was put on trial in the first place. Because, after all, it’s not a crime these days if girls just wanna have fun.

This is clearly one of the stupidest things about this case yet to be written. And there’s been a hell of a lot of competition.

But I actually agree with the author’s conclusion. As a libertarian, I believe every criminal defendant should be afforded the full slate of constitutional protections; that suspects should be considered innocent until proven guilty; that the government must always prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt; and that guilt should be determined by an independent jury weighing the evidence, not by public opinion polls or lynch mobs. If adhering to those standards is what resulted in the “not guilty” verdict, I’m fine with taking the “blame” for that.

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57 Responses to “Another Thing To Blame on Libertarians.”

  1. #1 |  Jim | 

    Strongstyle81- Its because they are 3 apples high and they are blue and from EUROPE where I believe the Cuban Revolution took place lead by Chairman Mao. I think you can connect the dots from here.

  2. #2 |  Carpenter | 

    Well I blame everything on the Libertarians because they are always at fault!

    For instance: the horrible way that Libertarians (and libertarian leaning republicans) treated George Herbert Walker Bush and Ronald Reagan (both good Christian men) led to the country being ‘Clintonized” for 8 years. Basically “they” got what “they” deserved and the country suffered along with the Libertarians. The Libertarians DESERVED Clinton!!

    and then there is the way that the Tea People and the Libertarians treated George W. Bush (also a good Christian man). They are deserving of punishment and so God gave them Obama! The Tea People deserve to be Obamafied. They really do.

    They (the Libertarian Tea People) claim to be Christians but they don’t act like or sound like Christians. Many seem to worship the Constitution or Ayn Rand or the Founders. And they are especially fond of LYING through thier teeth about other Christians (namely the whole Bush family).

    So I am saying that as bad as Obama is “they” deserve exactly what is happening. Its their fault. The Libertarians deserve Obama!!

  3. #3 |  JOR | 

    What gets me is that people who rail against equal protection and presumption of innocence never consider the real libertarian solution when they don’t like the results of a jury trial: vigilante retribution. If someone gets away with murder and you don’t like it, hunt them down and kill them yourself. True, that’s against the law, but so what? If the system is so stacked in favor of defendants, then you’ll get away with it too. (Of course if such a person actually were acquited, you’d have the parchment-worshipping minarchists crying bloody murder, so it’s a win either way).

  4. #4 |  Kevin Carson | 

    Maybe an irresponsible, self-centered party girl is more likely than the average person to kill her child. But last I heard, the prosecutorial burden of proof wasn’t simply to show that the accused was more likely than the average person to have committed the crime. It wasn’t to show that their behavior was weird or inappropriate under the circumstances, or that there was something “fishy” about that behavior when coupled with circumstantial evidence. It was actually to PROVE that the person FUCKING DID IT.

  5. #5 |  Medicine Man | 

    I don’t know where Radley gets off advocating for due process.

  6. #6 |  John Spragge | 

    OK… since obviously nobody will do it, I will take a stand for restraint and personal responsibility. So… all you media narcissists competing for attention by putting on a “top this” outraged act on the subject of Casey and Caylee Anthony, show some restraint. If you can’t refrain from making the death of a little girl into a media circus in which you all compete for the job of ringmaster, how about a little mercy on the legal system? How about a scintilla of respect for the jury, who gave up weeks of their lives in a badly remunerated and very unpleasant job. How about some acknowledgment the jurors actually showed up and did their civic duty? How about recognizing that they owed that duty to the people of the State of Florida to hold the government to its burden of proof, and never signed on to provide a billion voyeurs with cheap emotional catharsis? And while we discuss the subjects of restraint and maturity, if this wretched woman’s problems have so so fired up, how about turning your response to provide something good for a kid you can save? How about actually doing something positive? Volunteer at a youth centre or preschool; the evillibertarians haven’t outlawed that yet. Or how about donating to a charity that provides child care to children (and parents) who need it? Or if you can’t find such a charity, start one? The evillibertarians haven’t passed any laws against that, either.

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