Morning Links

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

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59 Responses to “Morning Links”

  1. #1 |  Aresen | 

    Until 24 hours ago, I had never heard of Nancy Grace.

    One of the benefits of ignoring MSM, I guess.

    [From what I have heard in the last 24 hours, I can truly say that ignorance appears to have been bliss.]

  2. #2 |  Andrew S. | 

    My favorite Nancy Grace profile (NSFW… not too bad but will mention it just to be safe. The true URL might be frowned upon a bit)

  3. #3 |  Jeff | 

    #46 Highway-

    The technology is there, was developed fairly easily and is quite effective, but no one wants to mass produce it do to liability issues should it malfunction.

  4. #4 |  jcalton | 

    Boy, The Agitator really makes me want to move to Indiana these days.

  5. #5 |  texx | 

    the lady who left her kid in the car is my veterenarian.

  6. #6 |  Stephen | 

    We could just bypass all this weight sensor stuff and make a car that doesn’t let the temp go over 85 degrees inside. If it gets too hot, it starts up runs the a/c for a bit then shuts down.

  7. #7 |  johnl | 

    You young people wont remember. But when I was 2, I wasn’t in a car seat. If I had gotten forgotten in the covered wagon, I would have let myself out. This is a failure of the regulated safety equipment as much as a failure of the ditzy lady and the father who should have known she’s ditzy.

  8. #8 |  albatross | 

    The number of these incidents per year is extremely small. They’re the classic kind of events that catch media attention–very rare, and spectacularly horrible. Your child is orders of magnitude more likely to die in a car wreck, suffocate in his bedding, die in a fall, drown in the bathtub, drown in a swimming pool, etc. than to die of heatstroke from being stuck in an overheated car.

    In particular, getting rid of carseats to avoid the risk of a toddler left in the car dying from being overheated is like keeping boxes of matches in his reach all through the house to protect your toddler from freezing to death in case the power goes out in wintertime.

  9. #9 |  DocHoliday916 | 

    Madison County, MS cops. Just add another “one” to the file. The hits just keep a comin’ Who’s the Chief of Police down there? Maybe Reinhard Heydrich did survive that blast from the Polish freedom fighters in ’42.