Petty Thuggishness in Rochester

Friday, June 24th, 2011

The video below is from a Rochester, New York, neighborhood meeting in support of Emily Good, the woman arrested for videotaping a traffic stop from her front yard. So Rochester police sent four squad cars to ticket the cars of meeting attendees who parked more than 12 inches from the curb. Yes, they even brought a ruler.

That’s some staggering vindictiveness, officers.

By the way, due to a $50 million budget shortfall, the city of Rochester is considering cutting 27 full-time police positions. If the the cops in Rochester have time to carry out petty grudges against citizens who dare to show support for a woman who was illegally arrested, maybe the city ought to consider cutting 40 or 50 positions instead. They could start with the cops in this video.

(Via Boing Boing)

MORE: Local news writeup here, with the obligatory, transparently ridiculous defense from the local police union rep.

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91 Responses to “Petty Thuggishness in Rochester”

  1. #1 |  MassHole | 

    I hate to feed the troll, but this stuff pisses me off:

    Bill Wolfe says – “Foreclsoure and eviction should be banned.”

    WTF is right. So I as a landlord should just let you stay in my property rent free if you decide to stop paying rent? You willingly borrow money and stop paying it back you should just get to keep the collateral and live there? I’d love to hear how you justify this nonsense. On second thought, I don’t. I will be dumber for having read it.

  2. #2 |  Mannie | 

    Thanks, MassHole, for saving me the trouble of a rant. :-)

  3. #3 |  GeneralGarbage | 

    @ John #48- there is nothing hilarious about this. This is terrorism. They’re sending the message that if you dare stand up for your rights, the force of the state will be brought down upon you. It’s meant to have a chilling effect.

    Maybe next time they plant a bag of weed in your car or say that you took a swing at one of them. Better just stop dissenting all together.

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  5. #5 |  Don Cordell | 

    Not just in Rochester, but all over our nation. There are two class of people, cops and trash, guess which class we are in. To most cops, it’s fun to lord over everyone, true bulllies now out of school and in uniforms to show you, they are the power. Well you have a chance to stop this and ReStore America if you ReVote. It’s time for another Revolution, and remember when election time comes up. The police are controlled by city hall, when you let the candidates know, you are watching, and demand changes to restore Justice to Rochester and the rest of America. I am campaigning to be your next Independent President to Restore America to the rights of our Bill of Rights. Insanity= when you keep doing the same thing, expecting different results next time, well as long as you continue to elect these servants to run our community, you get the same results, NO Justice for anyone. Stand up and be counted, and quit submitting to these thugs. Are there any good cops? yes occasionally in a moment of weakness, but mostly NO. They glorify in the power they have, and you are just an inch from death most of the time with them. Lets Restore not Change America.

  6. #6 |  robert petersen | 

    This is one reason public employee union attacks may end up succeeding. I sure s hell don’t care about these asshats pensions disappearing. Blame most of this disrespect for the public on the Drug War-cops have had a convenient excuse to treat “perps” s less than human and from there it’s a short step to anybody not in blue is a “Perp” and they are in fear of EVERYBODY. That is why they act like they do-they are all cowards.

  7. #7 |  rachel | 

    not just rottenchester but surrounding counties as well. we have state, county and city police. Do we really need that many cops when the fact is…we cannot keep volunteer firefighters and emt’s? Ned a serious shave on the shear number of cops. I travel outside rochester and monroe county. There are cops all over the place up here. We do not need this many cops. All they do is set up roadblocks and harrass motorist looking for ways to tiket you.

  8. #8 |  Greg | 

    So I as a landlord should just let you stay in my property rent free if you decide to stop paying rent? You willingly borrow money and stop paying it back you should just get to keep the collateral and live there? I’d love to hear how you justify this nonsense. On second thought, I don’t. I will be dumber for having read it.


    There is precisely ZERO in that statement that actually makes sense to anyone who is literate. Please take it over to FOXNEWS.

    Someone who rents is not borrowing any money from you. There is nothing in Bill Wolfe’s short statement (or pesky reality) that supports your nonsensical bullshit retort.


    So (as I am also a landlord) please do tell me how a renter who doesn’t pay is actually stealing collateral from you. They are merely someone who didn’t pay a bill, and as such, a smart businessman has built that cost into his cash flow equation. IE, if you didn’t build kicking a non-payer out into your rent, you are a sad, stupid, pathetic meatpuppet.

    Yeah, ‘dey ain’t paying teh bank’ for you, but if you’re borrowing to be a landlord, you’ve got no business being one.

  9. #9 |  Gary | 

    It’s too bad the people with the camera did not use a ruler to measure how far the police cars were from the curb. It looks like from the video, at least one police car was greater than 12 inches from the curb. I would have liked to have seen them confront the officers with that information and ask them if they are going to ticket the police car for violating the 12 inch rule.

  10. #10 |  Dave Krueger | 

    CNN covered the story of the woman filming on her front yard, but there was no mention of this. First of all, for this to get on cop-friendly CNN it had to be pretty clear cut case of abuse. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems to me the CNN anchor is only very reluctantly sympathetic to the woman and even seems argumentative. What a dickhead.

    And then her idiot attorney says she has full confidence the RPD will do a thorough investigation. Did she just pass the bar yesterday? If anything gets this woman of the hook, it’s the video, the very thing the cops objected to. You have to be brain damaged not to see how this is blatant abuse of power that deserves to be severely punished.

  11. #11 |  albatross | 

    Wade #7:

    It’s exactly the same situation as the “good” Catholic priests who knew there was something ugly going on w.r.t. child molesting priests being moved around, but looked the other way. When the truth comes out, as it is in the process of doing now w.r.t. police misconduct, all those good policemen, the ones who *don’t* behave thuggishly, will have the same loss of reputation as priests have faced.

  12. #12 |  Dedicated_Dad | 



    Good for nothing but abusing decent folk — not even fit for makin’ bacon.

    Peace Officers exist To Protect and Serve — Pigs protect nobody but each other and Serve only themselves. It’s time — LONG PAST time — for We The People to put our employees back in their proper place.

    Pigs must go!


    PS for the mentally-challenged: Peace-Officers ain’t PIGS. If you don’t know the difference, you’re likely a PIG!

  13. #13 |  Greg | 


    No human goes without sex. Ever. We are hardwired to fuck. The whole of Catholicism is nothing but a bunch of child molesters.

    Ergo, when some silly stupid ‘religion’ trying to compete with another silly stupid ‘religion’ bans “sex” to be the “winner” in the stupid ‘religion’ contest, there is going to be blowback. Duh.

    This is was as predicable as OBL’s behaviour once we quit being his buddy. Afghanistan has been conquered by ABSOLUTELY no one in ALL of recorded history.

  14. #14 |  Bill | 

    Greg (#58),

    Bit of a reading comprehension fail there. MassHole’s reply made perfect sense. The original poster, Bill Wolfe, said that “foreclosure and eviction should be banned”.

    Eviction, which you, as a landlord, should know, is the removal of a renter from the owner’s property when the renter fails to pay the rent. Would you let someone who is “renting” from you stay there indefinitely if they stopped paying rent?

    Foreclosure is what happens to someone when they take out a loan and fail to pay it back. The collateral in this case would be the property that someone who takes out a mortgage purchases with the borrowed mortgage money. Do you think that someone should be able to take out a loan, buy something with it, and then fail to pay back the loan and keep what he buys? And if you do, can I borrow some money from you?

  15. #15 |  MassHole | 

    Greg seems to have a thing for making a fool of himself.

  16. #16 |  DocHoliday916 | 

    With each passing day, the respect my late mommy and daddy instilled in me early on for the police is rapidly deteriorating and the Rochester Police are just another of a long line of LEO’s throwing gasoline on that fire of contempt. And while I am no special case I can say this…if the police are losing support from a conservative law and order guy like me, something is very much amiss and going South quickly. One solution to the problem is to keep ratcheting up the public outrage and bring heat on local, state and political officials. Many things change but one thing is constant, elected politicians love the power and perks of elected office and there are few powers on this Earth that are going to get in that way…to include police unions who contribute to these elected hacks. It’s a numbers game. Once these pols realize weight the mass of the opposition, they’ll be the first in front of the cameras to call for “reform” and throw the police unions under the bus with all deliberate speed.

  17. #17 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    Well, he also misattributed Dave’s post to me and then insulted everyone. I’ll say it again…one of the bad things about getting old is having people inform you of things you knew 20-30years ago.

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  19. #19 |  Jack | 

    The ‘purpose’ of the 12-inch rule is to keep the streets passable, right? And the street in the video looks like there’s plenty of room despite some cars not being parked so close.
    So just like TSAers harassing travelers about their toothpaste not being in a little baggie, it’s as if these guys have completely forgotten what it is they’re actually supposed to be doing.

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  21. #21 |  oscar | 

    It looks like the rochester powers that be are surrendering…

    And interestingly enough, if you read to the bottom of the article you will see that Good had her ipod stolen. the ipod used to record the video that started all of this.

    “After court, Good revealed that her home was broken into Thursday afternoon and her IPod — the one used to film the traffic stop — was stolen. She said the break-in happened during an hour period when she went to the library.

    Money was also stolen, Good said, but other items — such as her roommates’ laptops that were in plain view — were left.”

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  23. #23 |  ideas | 

    Abolish the police dept. Get an initiative on the ballot for 2012 and star a citizens patrol that doesn’t ticket or arrest people over bullshit reasons. less money would be wasted.

    problem solved.

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  26. #26 |  Jack Dempsey | 

    To Richard Penney – I think we have the answer. If they are that adamant against being filmed, it sort of defaults to them doing something wrong and they don’t want to be caught.

    But of course this is something that comes as a surprise to nobody.

  27. #27 |  Dwight Smith | 

    This is an outrage worthy of the 1960’s, when police beat and even killed organized citizens with a fury for speaking against the warring policy coming from the White House.

    Each citizen who was cited has had their civil rights violated under color of law, and each of them should file suit. These fascist goons work for bosses, and the pocketbook is a quick way to disturb those roots. They’re rotten, and I suspect there are other crimes to be found if someone digs a bit, but be careful.

  28. #28 |  J. Roth | 

    I can totally understand what Emily Good went through. I am sure she had never been arrested, feeling safe in her own front yard, and filming police doing their job. All of a sudden she is arrested for obstruction??? The police officer is so arrogant, that he feels he is in charge of all innocent bystanders, and is justified in arresting a citizen for videotaping him doing his job. Shouldn’t turn around be fair play, as a taxpaying citizen, everyday we are videotaped on unmanned cameras to take pictures of all cars driving by, Police investigators setting up victims by entrapment and then videotaping the victims arrest airing the video on TV for entertainment. Videotaping people arrested for DUI’s then placing these people on cop shows for entertainment….who are they to not want to be videotaped? All I can say is welcome to the party pals!!! I too was falsely arrested, my prosecutor dropped all charges. The cop that arrested me was called to my house by me for a domestic disturbance. My 19 year old daughter threw me into a wall while she was moving out of my house. When the police got to my house, the interviewing officer blamed me the victim for everything. I am an RN, never been arrested for anything my entire life, I am 50 in 5 months. I guess my daughter being beautiful (which she truly is) he was able to make an assessment I should have stopped the fight. I weigh 115, 5’4” and my daughter 130, 5’8, plus I wear a back brace for a fused back in two levels, lets just say I am not an aggressor. I had to report all of this to renew my nursing license which was totally embarrassing. I was the only one who read his version of his police report. Unbelieveable, he stated that I flashed him,(my husband and son were sitting right next to me and I am a christian, absolutely never happened, maybe It was wishful thinking). I told him I wouldn’t save his life if he was dying,(really for all people with common sense, would this even be the topic, once again relating an action between me and him). In my statistics for my mug shot (yes I truly have a mug shot now and was finger printed like a thief, the police have listed under my name, 6 inches for identifying marks. Really??? I was asked in the station while I was booked if I had tatoos or any identifying marks on my body, I told them a 6″ back surgery scar. I have never felt so degraded. This officer, was absolutely the biggest scum I have ever run into in my life and all I did was make a call for help. I will never call a cop again! Since when is the victim arrested, the one who was abused and crying on the 911 tape??? What is this country coming too? God bless Emily Good for standing her ground, the entire system is going corrupt!!!!! J. Roth, Utah.

  29. #29 |  Rose | 

    Check this out! Charlotte crime blogger threatened with arrest for taking photo. Charlotte newspaper article published on front page sunday.

  30. #30 |  c.delafuente | 

    I never trusted police with tatoos all over their arms, it reminds me too much of the thugs they are supposed to be really after instead of the harmless law abiding citizen that are much easier and safer to catch when they park 1/2 inch over their silly criteria.

  31. #31 |  DesertDawn | 

    I’ve lived in many places in my life and the norm for parking is within 18 inches of the curb. I googled ‘parking code Rochester NY’ and found NO mention of this odd 12 inch rule –though I found many other things that will result in a parking ticket. Does anyone know what the citaiton shows, re: the city code reference to the 12 inch rule? Or is this an arbitrary but well-known ‘custom’ among the police to keep in their hip-pocket (in case they need to intimidate or harass someone) based on an obscure reference, such as ‘if in the officer’s opinion the vehicle is causing an obstruction.’ Followed by the ‘local practice’ of 12 inches? If not in the code as specifically 12 inches, I hope all ticketed will request court dates, demand to see the code in writing and otherwise protest the tickets. Most will not, because apparently it is $25 ticket, hardly worth anyone’s time to fight in court…

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  34. #34 |  Bill | 

    One thing that no one has mentioned is that the woman in question has a track record (and criminal history) of intentional harrasment. She is a professional protester/agitator, not exactly an inocent victim.

  35. #35 |  Geoffrey Bard | 

    I used to be 100% supportive of law enforcement in general. At almost 50 years old, I’ve now seen enough to have swung to the total opposite – and not from my experience, but from observation only. Our justice system is rapidly approaching that of a police state.

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  37. #37 |  Bill Wolfe | 

    Where I live, it is illegal to deny people medical care at hospitals, regardless of lack of insurance or ability to pay.

    If you are in an accident, an ambulance will take you to a hospital, regardless of insuracne or ability to pay.

    Police and fire respond to emergencies, regardless of lack of insurance or ability to pay.

    Libraries and parks are open regardess of ability to pay.

    Health care is a human right.

    Simialrly, shutting off utilities during winter is not allowed.

    Food , is provided as well.

    Food, shelter, and healthcare are basic human rights.

    This is what civilization is all about.

    Without civilization, we fall back on barbartic capitlailsm.

    Landlords and banks can wait or suffer economic losses.

  38. #38 |  John Regan | 

    The police are retaliating against the DA for dropping the charges against Emily Good by endorsing her opponent.

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