Video of the Pima County SWAT Raid

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has now released the helmet cam video of the raid you see above.

I count about eight seconds of one siren. Which is probably why some of the neighbors don’t recall hearing one. I think I hear about 8-10 seconds of a man shouting something that sounds like “police” and “search warrant”, but it’s difficult to hear, and that’s from a camera that looks to be about 15 feet away (though possibly in a closed vehicle). It certainly isn’t the blaring sirens and 45 seconds of knocking and screaming of “police” that Mike Storie indicated.

Now imagine you’re asleep—behind a couple walls, after working a graveyard shift—for what you see in the video. Would you have woken up and known that these were cops breaking into your home? Might it have been in the back of your mind that you had relatives murdered by armed intruders just a year ago?

As I wrote in my column, if we see convincing evidence that Guerena was part of a violent home-invasion ring, and that this is what the search was for (as opposed to a marijuana investigation, as press reports initially indicated), I’ll reassess my opinion of the police action. That there were perfectly legal guns, armor, and, as far as we know right now, a Border Patrol baseball cap in his home is far from convincing evidence.

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104 Responses to “Video of the Pima County SWAT Raid”

  1. #1 |  Chuck | 

    Militarized policing all the way, just like this says…


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  3. #3 |  Nathan | 

    This is a police execution reminiscent of one we witnessed in our community years ago. Our highly incompetent local law enforcement officers targeted and raided the wrong house based on an anonymous informants tip. In fact, the man they were looking for had moved from that address several years prior. The home was now owned by a 24 year old nurse at a local hospital. He had just pulled a double shift at the hospital, driven home and gone to bed. An hour or so after he was asleep, the Gestapo smashed in his front door and proceeded to shoot him to death as he staggered still half asleep to answer the door. No big deal to these thugs, They lied about everything from the start. A casual search of the local phone directory would have shown they had the wrong address but these lazy ass idiots were too busy to be bothered with checking a phone book. At the trial, the police lied and claimed that the sun was coming through a window across the room blinding them and they thought he was reaching for a gun (he was unarmed). An astronomy professor from the University of Louisville testified that the location of the house and the window in question made it physically impossible for the sun to ever come through that window no matter what time of day or year. Stupid officers couldn’t even get their lie straight. This story is played out all over this once great country every day. You thought you were free and then one day you woke up in a police state. You can only hope the same thing will eventually happen to members of their immediate families. Only then will these idiots get it.

  4. #4 |  kurt | 

    their cops,they think they are better then anyone else,people dont you realise that we pay their salary,and that you voted people into office that hire these yahoos,if you get rid of all the over paid crooks you put there and got real people to run things and watch out for your rights and not give the cops the right to break in and kill us i think we could have a better run government.