And I’m Out…

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I need to start packing for my vacation, so I’ll sign off. I may pop in now and then over the next two weeks to post some photos, but my goal is to be away from a computer as often as possible. (Which probably means until I start to get the shakes.)

The good news is that I have an excellent crew of guest bloggers lined up to keep you entertained.

I’ll let them more formally introduce themselves tomorrow, but for now, warm thanks to Peter Moskos, Kate Klonick, Mike Riggs, Libby Jacobson, Alyona Minkovski, and, in a well-deserved promotion from the comments section, the great Dave Krueger for agreeing to fill in.

Comment on their posts, challenge them, interact with them, enjoy them. But also, please be polite to them.

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27 Responses to “And I’m Out…”

  1. #1 |  Tom | 

    Enjoy your vacation. I know I enjoy when I’m away from my computer. For a bit at least.

  2. #2 |  Maggie McNeill | 

    I’m really glad to see Dave in that list; I’ve missed his writing since he stopped adding new material to his own blog! :-)

  3. #3 |  namowal | 

    Dave Krueger is guest blogging?!
    Best news of the day!

  4. #4 |  Lucy | 

    Dave Krueger always has good things to say. Plus I love to see someone promoted from commenter to blogger.

    Have a grand vacation. Being away from computers for weeks sounds lovely.

  5. #5 |  Mojopin | 

    Love me some Krueger! Can’t wait.

    Have a great trip, Radley!

  6. #6 |  Judi | 


  7. #7 |  Brandon | 

    How much are you paying Krueger? Please provide pre- and post-lawsuit amounts.

  8. #8 |  scott | 

    Agitatortots get to be DaveKruegerands for awhile?


  9. #9 |  DarkEFang | 

    Some people here might find this Heritage Foundation discussion of “judicial nullification” interesting:

  10. #10 |  Random Guy on the Internet | 

    Have fun. Stay safe. Come back son.

  11. #11 |  Random Guy on the Internet | 

    I mean soon.

  12. #12 |  Highway | 

    Hey, is “Random Guy on the Internet” “Dadley Balko”?

  13. #13 |  Marty | 

    Dave defected over to management?!!!


  14. #14 |  random_guy | 

    #12 all i know is hes not me.

  15. #15 |  Mojopin | 

    I have no doubt Dave will continue to provide the Balko Nutpunch ™, but he will do it in such a way that it will hurt, but you will be laughing for an hour afterwards.

  16. #16 |  Temporary Gig « Ice Cream Headache | 

    […] friends, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be guest-blogging for Radley Balko over at The Agitator while he’s on vacation for the next couple of weeks. I’ll update here as I get some […]

  17. #17 |  Aresen | 

    Comment on their posts, CHECK

    challenge them, CHECK

    interact with them, CHECK

    enjoy them. WITH OR WITHOUT SAUCE?

    But also, please be polite to them. WHOA! LET’S NOT BE HASTY!

    Have a great trip Radley! We promise to give back all the pieces of the guest bloggers.

  18. #18 |  Len | 

    With sauce, of course!

  19. #19 |  ClubMedSux | 

    Agitatortots get to be DaveKruegerands for awhile?

    This should totally be his closing theme.

  20. #20 |  Jeff | 

    It’s hard to think of someone more deserving of a vacation. Please relax and enjoy yourself.

  21. #21 |  Andrew S. | 

    But with you on vacation, who will deliver my daily nutpunch?

    Have fun!

  22. #22 |  Hugo Cox | 

    “But also, please be polite to them.”

    Only if they deserve it ;)

  23. #23 |  CyniCAl | 

    I’ll be polite to Dave. Can’t wait.

  24. #24 |  CharlesWT | 

    “Agitatortots get to be DaveKruegerands for awhile?”

    Going for the Gold.

  25. #25 |  Dirty Old Man | 

    Alonya will be posting via video feed, right?…..

  26. #26 |  JS | 

    Thank you thank you thank you Radley!

    I would drink Alyona Minkovski’s bathwater. But not Dave Kreuger’s. Although I like Dave a lot. Just not in that way.

  27. #27 |  Mannie | 

    Radley’s gone. Let’s Paaaaarty!

    To the new guys, welcome on board Gents.