I, Racist

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Chauncey de Vega invokes the Clarence Thomas Rule.

I should add here that I think Herman Cain is wrong about a lot of things. It has never really occurred to me that he’s wrong about them because he’s black. He’s wrong about them because, well, because he’s wrong about them.

Had one of its writers used similar slurs against a black personality who wasn’t an outspoken conservative, I’m fairly certain Atlernet would have wasted no time in severing the relationship. Which means that Alternet editors aren’t really opposed to racism. They’re fairly tolerant of racist slurs when they’re directed at black people who don’t think the way Alternet editors believe black people are supposed to think. And when it comes right down to it, harboring notions about what opinions black people should and shouldn’t be permitted to have is, in itself, pretty darned racist, isn’t it?

De Vega anticipates and  meekly attempts to deflect this point by noting how important it is for there to be a diversity of political opinion in the black community . . . just before lambasting Cain for having opinions black people should never have.

Note also that among the race-traitor transgressions de Vega lists as justification for calling Cain racist names is the fact that Cain has spoken in front of groups funded by the Koch brothers. If that makes Cain a self-hating black man, I suppose, then, that the rest of us who work for or have spoken to Koch-funded organizations also hate black people.

Which means I learned something new about myself today. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that as a newly-minted racist, I’m at least in company with the good folks at Alternet.

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24 Responses to “I, Racist”

  1. #1 |  Irving Washington | 

    Whoa, that was really vile.

  2. #2 |  David in Balt | 

    Shit storm in 3, 2, 1….

    Also, how long will it be before some quote on there is being floated around the leftist networks as proof that Radley is finally admitting he is racist?

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  4. #4 |  jppatter | 

    Reading that hate-filled article made me nauseous.

  5. #5 |  Elliot | 

    The notion of “race traitors” is a particularly odious one. Names like “oreo”, “banana”, and “coconut” (not to mention the outright racist slurs starting with the word “house”), suggest that a person’s race should determine their political opinion.

    And, if being Republican means a black person is “acting white”, then does that mean that a Democrat is a “race traitor” to whites?

    Once you start lumping people into racial groups and declaring what’s in their best interest, as a group, you’ve lost touch with logic.

    I agree that Herman Cain is wrong on a lot of issues. But I do like his use of the phrase “Health Care Deform” to describe ObamaPelosiCare. Not sure if he coined the phrase, but I heard him use that when subbing for Neil Boortz. (Speaking of whom, that so-called “libertarian” has thrown his lot in with Joe Arpaio, which ought to disqualify him from ever using that self-description.)

  6. #6 |  Nick T. | 

    Good god that article is sickening.

    @#5, gotta love the folks who call themselves libertarian cuz they EITHER:
    – Hate paying taxes and think government is wasteful, OR
    – Think everyone should be free to gay marry, smoke pot, have abortion rights etc.

    but NOT BOTH. It’s a philosophy, not a party.

  7. #7 |  BSK | 

    I find much of the vitriol aimed at Justice Thomas and other black conservatives appalling. When it is loaded with such racist language, as it so often is, the argument that the racism is somehow justified falls on deaf ears for me. I heard recently on the radio of some protest/rally in California where folks were recorded saying that Thomas should be strung up and other similar things. Disgusting.

    The notion that disagreeing with someone somehow justifies lobbing racist or homophobic or sexist or other prejudicial statements at him/her is cartoonishly idiotic. And even more so when coming from people who claim to be anti-racist or in search of equity or whatever else they are claiming.

    The notion that there is a “right way” for someone to act or think based on their race or gender or religion or sexual orientation is the definition of prejudicial. I also am bothered when the criticism is predicated upon the increased expectations placed on members of a given community towards that community. The whole notion of the “race traitor” is predicated on this. Thomas is black so he OWES the black community something and, in not fulfilling on this obligation, he is a race traitor. Why does Thomas owe the black community any more than any other person does? We should all be interested in pursuing that which we feel is right. I don’t support the things I do because of a sense of obligation to a given community, but because I feel they are right and just.

  8. #8 |  Garrett J | 

    I always knew Radley was a Koch-funded racist, seeing how he focused so much attention on Cheye Calvo, a privileged white victim of the drug war, while he focused so little attention on poor black victims like Cory Maye ….

  9. #9 |  Mattocracy | 

    Identity politics is a nasty thing full of nasty people. Makes me wonder if GOPride would be any better received at a gay pride festival than they were by groups that boycotted CPAC. Gay people seem to have the same political expectations that black people have. Vote D or we’re revoking your membership.

  10. #10 |  Mike T | 

    I heard recently on the radio of some protest/rally in California where folks were recorded saying that Thomas should be strung up and other similar things. Disgusting.

    That’s the hypocrisy of the left for you. If someone advocates murdering a black Supreme Court justice, it’s ok because being a liberal it naturally follows that he won’t act on it. Please ignore the fact that if the political left disappeared completely from the 20th century it would have been an uneventful century after 1945 or quite possibly 1918.

    In fact, the left is culturally parasitic in this respect. They have no desire to see a genuinely race-free society. All of their “anti-racism” and anti-anything is nothing more than a form of white self-loathing. They even go so far as to say that blacks cannot be racist “because they don’t have power” and apparently you need to be powerful before you can hate someone for the color of their skin.

  11. #11 |  M. Steve | 

    There are racists from the left, right, center, up, down, and every which way. The thing that offends my sensibilities, however, is the assertion from parts of the left that *only* the right is racist, that conservatism is a racist ideology *at its core*, and that the left are free from that kind of debased thinking, since they are so *enlightened*.

  12. #12 |  David in NYC | 

    @Mike T —

    Well, then, that’s the stupidity and/or disingenuousness of the right for you. You post an unsourced, unattributed alleged quote (for all I know, you made the whole thing up) that describes something someone heard someone else say on the radio sometime at some event which cannot even be distinguished between a rally and a protest where some people supposedly said some “similar things”, and that is sufficient for you to tar the entire “left” (whatever that represents in your fevered imagination). Let me guess: was it part of the Michelle Obama “Kill Whitey” tape?

    And, yes, there really IS a difference in threat level from someone to you know will not act on it and someone who might. If you don’t think so, ask the Secret Service how they evaluate threats to the President — or just ask your local police how they assess a domestic violence report. BTW, please note that I am NOT saying that it is OK to threaten anyone, because I do NOT think it is. Let’s just note that there is a rather obvious difference between, say, Ralph Kramden’s “One of these days, Alice” and Michael Corleone’s “Never go against the family.”

    The rest of what you say is so ludicrous it’s not worth wasting any electrons on it, other than to say I am very impressed with your familiarity with the inner workings of the minds of people you clearly know next to nothing about, and that there is a HUGE difference between racism and hatred.

  13. #13 |  Elliot | 

    @David in NYC (#12) : There are videos on-line if you look for them, so it’s not an unsubstantiated rumor. Google and YouTube are your friends. Pay attention to the part about sending Clarence Thomas “back to the field” or to string him and his wife up. Sure, that’s probably hollow bravado, but considering the fact that people on the “left” murdered about 100,000,000 people last century, I won’t dismiss them entirely. At least some of the people who say such things probably would carry out or enable such murderous behavior if those in political power became oppressive enough.

    If Mike T tarred the entire “left”, then what did you do when you said: “…that’s the stupidity and/or disingenuousness of the right for you“?

    I’m neither “right” nor “left” (those labels are anachronisms from the French Revolution which stupidly attempt to measure all political opinion with one variable). I don’t vote (on the principle that I don’t want to give any politician permission to violate your rights), so I won’t defend any political party, even if I consider the Democrats worse (because they are a bit more socialistic).

    And, no, specifically calling for putting a man “back in the field” or lynching him definitely has all the hallmarks of racism, not mere “hatred”.

  14. #14 |  BSK | 


    Mike was quoting me, though I don’t agree with his entire assessment.

    I consider myself to be on the left but do not excuse, defend, or seek to justify the wrongs of those on the left. Left, right, central, where ever… when you are wrong, you are wrong. Generally, I think we have seen more genuine efforts to end racism and other “ism’s” from the left than the right, though they certainly don’t have a monopoly on that work nor a clean history in acting in direct contrast to it. Likewise, the right does not have a monopoly on racism (despite what many on the left would have you believe) nor a complete aversion to acting genuinely to ending it. I do think there is accuracy in questioning the motives of many supposed anti-racists, who often are working for different agendas and/or are acting in furtherance of racism. But I don’t think that all anti-racist whites are simply self-loathing, as Mike said. That is just nonsensical and evident of the same racist thinking that the idea of being a “race traitor” is.

  15. #15 |  karl | 

    Please people, stop your bickering. If Radley can be comforted by the company of his new friend Alternet, we should all be able to just get along.

  16. #16 |  Juice | 

    He was CEO of Godfather’s Pizza? Ok, that’s kinda weird.

  17. #17 |  LibertarianBlue | 


    Boortz has no problems with the Patriot Act, so his credibilty along with Wayne Allen Root’s of being an actual Libertarian went down the drain a long time ago.

    RE: article at hand

    Meh not surprising from the left. Being hispanic I’ve gotten the same bullshit. The left expects me to support Obama and that La Raza speaks for me, the right expects me to support the empire or I should “go back” to where I came from and Paleoconservatives think I’m a illegal alien, Affirmative Action baby who took a job that rightfully belongs to a white guy.

    In my experience race rabble rousers like De Vega, Buchanan, Jackson, Wooldridge and Sharpton rely heavily on fear and attention. The best strategy is to ignore them.

  18. #18 |  Elliot | 

    @LibertarianBlue (#17) : Besides immigration, Boortz was also laughing and carrying on about how much he enjoyed seeing that guy get tasered on the baseball field for running around and interrupting the game. And, as a guy who sells thousands of copies of his book which has, on the cover, the acronym “IRS” with a red circle and line through it, he nevertheless gave a caller advice on how to snitch on a neighbor to the IRS. Details here.

    I just wish the media would quit turning to him to get the “libertarian perspective” on issues.

    Bill Maher is another one who has described himself as libertarian, because he wants to legalize drugs. When criticized for not living up to his self description, he responded that some people “take it too far” (i.e., they consistently apply their principles, as opposed to abandoning them when they’re inconvenient). Of course, over the years he seems to have become nothing but a DNC shill and, from what I’ve seen, he seems to have given up on the pretense that he’s a libertarian.

    It’s annoying how everyone wants to claim to be a libertarian, but almost nobody wants to actually BE one. Those kooky, paranoid nerds!!

  19. #19 |  perlhaqr | 

    Mattocracy: Identity politics is a nasty thing full of nasty people. Makes me wonder if GOPride would be any better received at a gay pride festival than they were by groups that boycotted CPAC.


  20. #20 |  Mike T | 

    That is just nonsensical and evident of the same racist thinking that the idea of being a “race traitor” is.

    No, it’s not. There are quite a few white people who feel guilty for sins they’ve never committed. There is a large element of the left in particular that feels at least somewhat ashamed as individuals for what “whites collectively did to blacks” and other minorities. They feel personally burdened by the “legacy of racism” which even their parents’ parents may have had no role in perpetrating.

    They are self-loathing.

    A black man who holds any opinion because he finds it to be true is self-loathing for that reason alone (he may be self-loathing, but not for that reason), but a thinking man. That is the difference that the left won’t acknowledge.

    As I am not one to believe in collective judgment, I feel no guilt or shame for our past. Collective judgment is always an ugly thing and it has no statute of limitations. Most liberals refuse to discuss that when they speak in terms of group wrongs.

  21. #21 |  Mike T | 

    * true is not self-loathing

  22. #22 |  BSK | 

    Mike T-

    There very well may be white people who are self-loathing, but they are not self-loathing for the reasons you’ve offered. Perhaps you should take people at their word rather than make assumptions about their psyche.

  23. #23 |  Elliot | 

    BSK (#22):Perhaps you should take people at their word rather than make assumptions about their psyche.

    These are Democrats, not people.


    Seriously, as people get more involved people get into electoral politics, the probability that they aren’t disingenuous asymptotically approaches zero, rather quickly.

    It’s all a popularity contest, a pageant, where the winner gets to loot the productive efforts of others. How much money is spent on campaigns, for one thing? In that environment, how can you expect people to be honest about themselves or the people they want elected?

  24. #24 |  BSK | 


    I wasn’t referring to politicians. Mike T’s claim is that any white person involved in anti-racism work is really just a self-loathing whitey.