Grandpa Killed in Drug Raid

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Still light on details at the moment, but it looks like we have another innocent man gunned down in a botched drug raid.

The 68-year-old grandfather of 12 who was killed yesterday by a Framingham police SWAT team in an early-morning drug raid was a retired MBTA worker described by shocked neighbors as the “nicest guy in the world.”

Eurie Stamps was not the target of the search warrant, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, and his death at the hands of police is under investigation.

Authorities said Stamps lived at the house with a woman whose son and another man were arrested in the raid on drug charges…

Police wouldn’t say whether the shooting was justified. No weapons were recovered from the home, prosecutors said, and the suspects do not face weapons charges.

After Stamps was shot, police called an ambulance and gave him first aid, authorities said.

Joseph Bush fan, 20, the son of Stamps’ com panion, Norma Bushfan, was arrested outside the house as police initiated the raid. Bushfan allegedly was carrying eight baggies of crack and $400 in cash. Devon Talbert, 20, was arrested in a rear bedroom.

More to come, I’m sure.

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52 Responses to “Grandpa Killed in Drug Raid”

  1. #1 |  Nick T. | 


    I agree with all of that, and that’s not what I meant when I said let’s try not to jump to conclusions. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. This behavior is senseless at its inception and I find it outrageous as a matter of policy, as I stated.

  2. #2 |  Mrs. C | 

    # 46 Thank you for remembering what they caused to happen to my son and our family.

    We are scheduled to be in court on January 18, 2011…and it will be 5 years on January 24, 2011 that Sal was shot and killed, having been put in harms way, as the operation that was planned and carried out by the FCPD detectives and other law enforcement officers, used a SWAT team whose method of operation, is to use speed, surprise, and violence of action in a show of unnecessary and excessive force in our case while attempting to serve my son with a routine document search warrant for gambling.

    My son had no criminal record, was non threatening, never owned a weapon, therefore was unarmed, and was assessed by the FCPD as a low risk, but none of these factors mattered to SWAT officers, who said they don’t regard risk assessments, if they are called on, they go out at ready gun, with a loaded weapon, pointed at center mass of whomever they are to confront. So yes, they as that time, and I don’t know if that has changed, routinely ignored that 3rd cardinal rule of gun safety.

    A buy bust vehicle take down which is highly volatile, and is used for high risk drug deals was nevertheless used as part of their plan too. They used this dynamic show of force because they wanted to frighten, intimidate, and manipulate my son if they could; because they were led by a ulterior motive that set the stage in this over the top tactic, which then resulted in the wrongful killing of my son.

    I can only hope for justice…but if it should elude us…there is a God…and they will in time have to be accountable to Him…for whatever role each played…in putting into motion all the elements…that then allowed and caused…His 5th Commandment…to be broken by them.

    All life is precious…unique…and irreplaceable…and we all need to value and respect it.

    I grieve for my son, who is dearly loved and missed…and I offer my sympathy and condolences to this family…in the loss of their loved one…because their family too…will now be forever changed.