Morning Links

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
  • Popehat has a more serious and relevant take on that DEA call for “Ebonics” translators.
  • An American barbecue pilgrimage. Nashvillians: Had some fantastic barbecue last night at a place called Martin’s Barbecue Joint in Nolensville. Get the “red neck taco.”
  • Facebook blocks ads supporting California ballot measure to legalize marijuana.
  • Earth and the moon, as seen from Mercury.
  • Cash for Clunkers fallout: Price of used cars jumps 30 percent. So we have a government program whose stated aim was to shore up huge, failed corporations by giving public money to mostly upper-income people that in the end will penalize low and middle-income people. But remember folks, it’s the libertarians—who opposed C4C—who are greedy corporatists who hate the poor.

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