…and this is your brain on local news.

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Someone needs to tell News 9 and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics that as far as facepalm-stupid attempts to scare the crap out of parents with hysterical “next new drug” stories go, the “digital drugs” thing is so 2008.

(Thanks to Michael Chaney for the link.)


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58 Responses to “…and this is your brain on local news.”

  1. #1 |  Toastrider | 

    *opens mouth, shuts it*

    Next up: the drug terror that is ROLLER COASTER RIDES!!

    *bangs head on desk*

  2. #2 |  ezrydn | 

    No more “Dark Side of the Moon.” It’ll get me busted or worse, hooked. Alpha generating music has been available for download off the net for as long as I’ve been on the net and I think my card number is #3. LOL

    Don’t these people remember anything from the schools they presumably attended? Now, having an Okie as a father, I can understand how Mr. Narc just recently heard about Alpha music. However, when one starts running out of “baddies” that are supported by fewer and fewer, well, he just has to go out and create something.

    And today’s parents are really to stupid to see through it. That’s what’s so sad.

  3. #3 |  undrgrndgirl | 

    what you fail to remember (or know) is that oklahoma is in a twenty-year time warp…so in oklahoma bizarro world, they are quite up-to-date…

  4. #4 |  Maria | 

    How do these people report on this stuff without cracking up on air?

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  6. #6 |  noumena | 

    You know, when this was called White Noise and yuppies were using it nobody cared. Same thing with cocaine.

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