Saving Africa’s Witch Children

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Just happened to catch this documentary while browsing on demand listings yesterday. I guess it originally aired in late 2008 on British television, but was recently picked up by HBO.

Good God. Infuriating, sad, and heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. These kids in villages across Nigeria are beaten, tortured, burned, starved, and murdered because some idiot religious figure deemed them witches. If they’re lucky they’re merely abandoned. National religious figures in Nigeria are getting rich selling the child witch panic by producing gruesome videos and anointing local bishops with witch-detecting power (for a fee, of course). I’ve never been moved by a documentary to immediately write a check. I wrote one last night to an organization called the Children’s Right and Rehabilitation Network, which has established a sanctuary to care for the outcast kids.

Here’s a preview. If you click through, I believe you can download the entire thing.

Watch Saving Africa’s Witch Children in Activism & Non-Profit |  View More Free Videos Online at

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54 Responses to “Saving Africa’s Witch Children

  1. #1 |  BSK | 

    Now you’re just being obtuse. Are you serious??? Africa was not any more war-torn before imperialism than any other area in the world. But centuries of imperialism, enslavement, the artificial designation of political entities, and missionary work have had far-reaching impacts on Africa that are still being felt today. To deny that is to deny reality.

    You are the worst example of the angry, bitter white man. I’m just going to ignore you from now on since you are clearly little more than a troll.

  2. #2 |  PW | 

    South America had “centuries of imperialism, enslavement, the artificial designation of political entities, and missionary work” but is nowhere near the level of fucked up that Africa is.

    The Caribbean had “centuries of imperialism, enslavement, the artificial designation of political entities, and missionary work” but is nowhere near the level of fucked up that Africa is.

    I also find it interesting that (1) you assume this discussion is racial, despite the fact that I never said a word about race save to point out that many black-majority Caribbean ex-colonies are doing just fine, and (2) you presume to know what my race is. If anything, you’ve just betrayed yourself as the skin color-obsessed one among us.

  3. #3 |  Tam | 


    PW [post 15] is nothing but an ignorant and arrogant fool. How dare you insult African Animism? The problem is not African Animism but Christianity. The Bishop did not called upon the name of an African God but the name of Jesus. Didn’t he? These people are Christians and not Animists. Even if they are Christians with one foot in African Animism, they are mostly Christians and do not call upon the African Gods but your foolish Christian God. Take a look at your evil Christianity which has gone around the world butchering people, enslaving, stealing and prostituting people in order to achieve ecstasy and to line their coffers before you dare to insult African Animism. I belong to the Serere tribe and an Orthodox Serere [an orthodox Serere Animist for your information]. In my culture, we do not follow such evil practice. I can speak for many orthodox African Animistic religions throughout the African Continent who do not engage in such barbarism. African Animism in most cases is not evil or devil worship. It is a lie fabricated your White forefathers who could not understand and will never understand it because it is not for them to understand. That lie has been passed on to you – their descendants. Where such evil is practiced under the guise of African Animism, you should look under the surface and you shall find evil Christianity or Islam lurking behind it. These are the Africans who abandoned the religions of their forefathers in favour of these foreign cults called Christianity and Islam. Religions you people have forced upon them. As they struggle to worship two Gods from two different cultures, they get confused and lost all sense of credibility and result to actions beyond one’s comprehension. You cannot be devoted to the African Gods and at the same time bowing to the Christian or Muslim God. It will not work. It will never work. You are either an orthodox/pure African Animist or you are not. You can’t have it both ways. This is not to say that there are not certain things within African Animism which does not need changing for the age we live in. Yes! There are certain practices within African Animism which needs to move on with the times but the same can be said for Christianity and Islam. To put it another way, there are good and bad things in African Animism just like there are good and bad in Christianity. It all depends on the follower. People like you of course see no good in African Animism because of your ignorance and arrogance. Well! Tell me how many people have died through the past centuries as a result of African Animism and those who have died and suffered as a result of Christianity and partner in crime [Islam]. Therefore, before you come here again insulting African Animism you should take a look at your ghastly Christianity. Whilst you are at it, take a look at evil Islam. These two evil cults have been the instigators of all evils throughout the centuries.

    You dare to insult the African Religions! You! A Christian! Don’t make me laugh.

  4. #4 |  Morning Links | The Agitator | 

    […] has a big story on the Nigerian children accused of witchcraft. I posted on the heartbreaking documentary Saving Africa’s Child Witches a couple months […]