Wayne Allyn Root: Bonkers

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

I’ve made it clear that I’m no fan of Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas sports handicapper running for chair of the Libertarian Party. Root has also indicated that he plans to run for president in 2012 under the LP banner. I criticized Root last year for boasting about his appearances on Michael Savage’s syndicated radio show. Savage is a bigot, a warmonger, and a culture warrior. Not really the sort of platform libertarians should be seeking out. To put it mildly.

Now, Root has gone off the deep end. Or at least further off the deep end. Here’s a snapshot from his Facebook page:

CM Capture 2

Here’s a description of the “trial” to which Root is referring:

With thousands of spectators expecting to attend, Dr. James Manning’s ‘trial of the century’ of Barack Obama on charges of treason, fraud, and sedition begins tomorrow morning at 9 AM in New York City.

Co-defendants in the trial are Columbia University and the CIA.

In the last days of the run-up to the trial, Manning revealed that he has sources in government that will testify against Obama, Columbia, and the CIA.  He also reported explosive information that Barack Obama has used upwards of 20 different Social Security numbers during his life.

Witnesses are expected to testify at the trial that Barack Obama was never a student at Columbia University, although he received a degree from the school…

Other witnesses are expected to testify that Obama fails the Constitutional test for Presidential eligibility due to the fact that his father was a British subject at the time of his birth and his mother was not old enough to confer citizenship when he was born.

A dramatic new revelation, however, may serve to re-emphasize the importance of the trial.  The state of Hawaii, according to sources, did NOT accept his birth registration that was filed, despite issuing a ‘statement of live birth.’

This could mean that although the state issued a certification of live birth (which is NOT a ‘birth certificate’), the process for filing for an official birth certificate in 1961 was never completed and was thus not accepted by state officials…

Oh, but it gets better. According to a flier for the event, Obama . . .

. . . was a C.I.A. operative who used Columbia University as a cover to go to Pakistan in 1981 when the C.I.A. and the Mujahideen worked together against the Soviet invasion. Obama supplied arms, logistics, and money using his Muslim background.

Root indicates in prior Facebook entries that he doesn’t believe Obama actually attended Columbia University.

I never knew him…never met him…never saw him…never heard of Obama. Neither has anyone [sic] of my classmates. No one I know from Columbia University has ever met or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Sotero. Strange, huh?

Root made a similar accusation in an interview with Reason. He was appropriately mocked for it. That Root wouldn’t have run in the same circles as Obama in a school with thousands of undergrads isn’t particularly strange at all.

Look, I’m not a member of the Libertarian Party, though I’ve spoken to several state conventions over the last couple years. I have my problems with the party, but I’d like to see it do well, in part because for better or worse the LP has a significant impact on how people view libertarianism.

So let’s be clear about this: If Wayne Allyn Root becomes the face of the LP, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the party. It will also likely do quite a bit of damage to the public perception of libertarianism as a philosophy.

This is batshit crazy, off-the-charts conspiratorial hogwash. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Barack Obama. Root has chosen to dip into angry-white-guy, “Obama’s a secret Muslim” absolute and utter lunacy.

Libertarians: The man is a nut. Associate with him at your peril.

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119 Responses to “Wayne Allyn Root: Bonkers”

  1. #1 |  PW | 

    David – See post 69 for a link. It contains an alleged McCain birth certificate that was filed in a lawsuit challenging his natural born status since he was born in Panama where his parents were stationed. It is a very poor quality scan, but also contains an affidavit from a lawyer in Panama stating he obtained it from records located there.

    This lawsuit is basically a McCain version of the Birther suits. The plaintiff in that suit, and Bob here, both contend that the document shows McCain being born in a civilian hospital somewhere in the city of Colon. The plaintiff said that proved McCain was born outside of the US-administered Panama Canal Zone, and Bob says it proves the document is a forgery since it is generally known that McCain was born inside the Canal Zone at a U.S. government hospital.

    I maintain that both of them are wrong, and that the certificate in the scan appears to be from a US hospital in the New Cristobal district of Colon City. New Cristobal was a small tract of a couple blocks along the oceanfront in downtown Colon that was an original part of the U.S. Canal Zone until we transferred it to Panama in 1955. It housed the civilian administrative offices of the Canal Zone government, including that hospital (which closed after the 1955 transfer). If McCain was born in that hospital in 1936, he definitely would have been born in the canal zone making both the lawsuit’s claim and Bob’s argument moot.

  2. #2 |  CC | 

    ((((Could it be that they show he was a C-student who took a bunch of worthless electives in “ethnic studies” and other leftist marxian crap? Would they show that he’s not the Ivy League caliber “genius” we’ve all been told about, but rather a typical screw-up college kid who partied his way through undergrad and barely scraped by with the minimal standards for a degree? )))

    Given Harvard Law’s admissions standards and how well he did there, that’s highly unlikely.


  3. #3 |  Special Agent Wilson Blair | 

    I like Wayne. Wayne told me how amazing and excellent he thought that Radley’s testimony before congress was on the subject of online gambling. He watched the video, and his remark was “…this is excellent. I had not seen it. Thanks.” Does Wayne have more to learn about libertarianism before he’s at Radley’s philosophical level? Maybe.

    But is he making a good faith attempt to do so, while reaching out to the demographic he understands? I think he is.

    Yes, he comes from the right, and is not naturally aware of how to reach out to the left and plumbline independents. But he is always in the media, and always representing libertarian ideas. Sometimes he screws up. Sometimes, he shines.

    He is on a path of increasing understanding, but he defends the territory he has won. This is politics. You might not like all of it, but given limited human intellect, time, and resources, you take the guy who moves the ball down the field. That’s Root.

    I love Radley Balko. His commentary is the best in the Nation. He represents the libertarian ideology perfectly. I have no complaints.

    I have a few complaints about Root. I take umbrage with the term “Reagan Libertarian”. (Reagan =/= libertarian.) I would prefer a greater depth of understanding on social issues.

    But he’s also not a backstabber. He also honors his word. In that regard, he’s not like the Libertarian Parties in many states, and not like the National LP in 2008.

    Also, he gets up early and tries hard. He self-corrects over time. Harry Browne might have had a better, more consistent message on all issues, but he only reached a fraction of the people Root can reach.

    Root is a fan of yours, Radley. Why not educate him, as opposed to belittle him? You catch more flies with honey than you do piss and vinegar… Please, save your ire for the Lee Paiges of this world!


  4. #4 |  PW | 

    #102 – Except…

    1) there are plenty of idiots, including presidential idiots, with degrees from Harvard to attest that their standards are not as vaunted as they claim.

    2) we don’t really know exactly how well Obama did there, because he hasn’t released those grades either, and

    3) the one thing we do know he did there – law review – is highly unusual itself, as Obama’s tenure had the practically unprecedented characteristic of not publishing a single article under his own name.

    I honestly think Barack Obama is a man of slightly above average intelligence, combined with a knack for being personally likable to people with below average intelligence. I also believe that he has advanced in life to positions well beyond that which his own personal merits have earned and justified, and that he has done so by using a combination of his personal likability in a culture that celebrates popularity contests, his race in a school and work environment that practices both explicit and implied affirmative action racial preferences to certain protected minority groups, and his politics in an academic profession that tends to reward left wing crap at levels well beyond its own intellectual merit. But there’s certainly nothing about the guy that screams “genius,” and quite a bit that strongly suggests the opposite.

  5. #5 |  CC | 

    Most law reviews chose on the basis of either grades, writing ability or both. I really think a person of “slightly above average intelligence” would have trouble getting on law review, or into Harvard Law in the first place, to say nothing of getting elected to head the Harvard law review. (Unless you’re considering the law review members who voted him in to be among those of below average intelligence that like him so much.)

    George W. Bush, who was very well connected in a way Obama wasn’t, did go to Harvard’s business school, but other than that, Harvard’s presidents have been pretty sharp, if not generally libertarian-friendly: JFK, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt, Hayes, John Quincy Adams and John Adams.

    At my law school (where I didn’t make law review) it is nice when a law review member’s work is published, but by no means standard. Indeed, we have one journal where everyone who works on it is guaranteed a published note and they’re the exception, not the rule.


  6. #6 |  PW | 

    “Most law reviews chose on the basis of either grades, writing ability or both.”

    …unless they are looking to make a splashy news story about themselves, such as would happen in our race political correctness-obsessed society if Harvard appointed its first black editor. Go back and look at all the news stories and press released that went out when Obama was chosen. It is very clear that Harvard was making a statement about his race and milking it for every last ounce of political capital they could get.

    Again, as a rule of thumb Harvard does indeed admit smart people, and tends to admit more smart people than most colleges. But “Harvard admits smart people” does NOT equal “Everyone who gets admitted to Harvard is smart.” I also find it highly probable that Obama’s admission to Harvard had an affirmative action component to it, seeing as it occurred in the late 80’s when institutionalized and heavy-handed quota-style affirmative action was at its heyday.

    In Obama’s case we’ve been told for years how smart he supposedly is. Yet I find the evidence of it sorely lacking. I also find the only metrics offered of it (Harvard admission and the Law Review) unconvincing for the reasons stated above. He certainly hasn’t conveyed any vast intelligence in the neverending telaprompter-a-thon that constitutes his political career. When you look to other metrics of an intellectual career, they aren’t there either. He spent a good chunk of his early career as a lecturer at the University of Chicago – a top tier law school.

    And yet how many peer reviewed articles does he have? Zero.

    How many scholarly publications to his name? Zero.

    How many publications of any type? An autobiography (written in his 30’s before he had even accomplished jack squat in his career other than being the “first black Harvard Law Review editor,” no less – who but an extreme narcissist writes an autobiography when they’re still fresh out of college and without any significant career accomplishments?) and a political puff piece crafted specifically for his election candidacy.

    Obama has gotten a long way in his career on something. But it sure isn’t intellectual merit.

  7. #7 |  langa | 


    Your implication that the parent/child relationship and the state/citizen relationship are in any way analogous or comparable is far more “unlibertarian” than Root’s original comment that got you so bent out of shape.

    For the record, I don’t like Root and I don’t think it’s good for the LP to be represented by him. That said, the comment about his kids smoking weed was basically innocuous. The idea that he was “threatening” to beat them in order to flaunt his power over them strikes me as nothing more than a figment of your imagination, perhaps stemming from some unresolved issues from your own childhood.

    Unfortunately, however, the paternalistic belief that the state should treat its citizens like children has become sadly pervasive in modern political discourse. It’s a notion that libertarians should be trying to dispel. Arguments like yours, however, do just the opposite.

  8. #8 |  wolfefan | 

    Hi PW –

    Lots of conservative scholars have spoken admiringly of Obama’s intelligence and scholarship. Randy Barnett, Jim Lindgren, David Bernstein – all either conservative or libertarian, all opposed to most of Obama’s policies, all on record. I’m at work so can’t do the work, but check them out at http://www.volokh.com.

    And I’m sure you know that Hawaii doesn’t release copies of long-form birth certificates, right? You send in your request and your money and you get what Obama has posted. I don’t have my original birth certificate, nor does my wife. The certified copy provided by Indiana was fine to prove citizenship at the DMV the other day.

    For me, the request for one’s “original” birth certificate would be like a request for my “original” driver’s license. The only drivers test I ever took was back in 1975 – every license I’ve had since then, across 24 years and a half dozen states, has been based on material contained in and extracted from a database in Ohio. Can I provide a copy of the “original” license? Can I really prove that I actually passed the written exam and the driver’s test? No, but Ohio will certify that I did so, just as Hawaii has done for Obama’s birth. Not a perfect analogy, I admit…

  9. #9 |  Bob Weber | 

    David Chesler @ #99:

    The dispute here is essentially as to whether or not John McCain has ever publicly displayed his birth certiificate. He hasn’t, but according to WaPo reporter Michael Dobbs, a McCain aide did show Dobbs Sen. McCain’s BC, showing he was born at Coco Solo base hospital, Panama Canal Zone.


    However, in a pro se lawsuit filed by a Mr. Hollander, trying to have McCain disqualified from the presidential ballot, but quickly dismissed by the court, , Hollander contended that McCain was actually born at Colon Hospital, outside of the Canal Zone, in the Republic of Panama, and offered this unattested document as evidence:


    Under actual U.S. law, it’s irrelevant as to whether or not McCain was born in the Canal Zone, or Panama; the Canal Zone was never considered to be U.S. territory, though it was under U.S. jurisdiction. However, McCain is under U.S. statute law a citizen-at-birth of the U.S. by virtue of both his parents being U.S. citizens. It is not altogether clear that he is a “natural-born citizen” for purposes of presidential eligibility, but the consensus of legal opinion is that he is. But it seems that Hollander, like many people, thought that the Canal Zone was considered as U.S. territory, hence if McCain were born in the Zone he would be undeniably eligible for the presidency. If, however, he were born in Panama, it would weaken his claim to be a “natural born” U.S. citizen for purposes of presidential eligibility. That’s why Hollander tried to introduce into evidence the phony BC:


  10. #10 |  Bob Weber | 


    My, my, my, still trying to Defend the Undefendable, are we? (Apologies to Dr. Block.)

    Your peculiar obsession with the fact that the Hollander McCain BC is written in English amazes me; if it’s significant at all, it actually impeaches Hollander’s phony document.

    Consider this map, showing Colon and the Zone when the Zone was under U.S. jurisdiction:


    Now, I realize that you don’t see very well, since you can’t perceive the obvious discrepancies and sharpness of the fonts and entries in the Hollander fake McCain BC, so I’ll describe them for you:

    Look at the top of the land area of the map, and you’ll see “Colon Hospital” written in rather small print.

    You’ll also see a line of alternating dots and dashes. Follow me SLOWWWLY and I’ll explain what it means. This is a convention on maps to show political boundaries. Got me so far? Let’s go further:

    Above the line you’ll see “Canal Zone”. This means that everything above the line is the Canal Zone, under U.S. jurisdiction. Got that?

    Below the line, you’ll see “Panama”, also “Provincia de Colon”. This means that the area enclosed is part of the Republic of Panama, AKA, “R.P.” Got it?

    “Colon Hospital” is within the area enclosed by “Panama” and “Provincia de Colon”, hence it is not within the Panama Canal Zone. With me so far?

    Now, either the Panama Canal Health Dept. issued BC’s to people born outside the Zone, or it didn’t. Language is irrelevant. Got it?

    If it didn’t, the Hollander McCain BC is, on its face, a forgery, since it purports to describe his birth being at “Colon Hospital, Colon R.P.” which was outside the Zone.

    If the Panama Canal Health Dept. did issue BC’s to people born outside the Zone, inside Panama, then it’s completely irrelevant whether the document is in English, Spanish, ancient Sumerian, or whatever.

    So, now let’s consider the BC which M.Dobbs describes. According to M.Dobbs, the BC he saw showed that McCain was born at Coco Solo base hospital, Canal Zone. Look again at the map:


    Can you see that Coco Solo is outside Panama, inside the Canal Zone? Good.
    Since the BC that Dobbs is describing gives a location completely incompatible with being within the Canal Zone, it can’t possibly be the Hollander BC. Got it?

    Dobbs says the BC he saw was signed by Capt. William Irvine. It’s completely irrelevant whether he signed it as Medical Director, attendant physician, or mere witness. The point is, according to Dobbs, it was signed by Capt. Irvine.

    Nowhere on the Hollander McCain BC can I find a signature of Capt. Irvine:


    (Unless possibly PW’s vision has become so amazingly acute that he can see it, and no one else can.)

    This means that the document that Dobbs is describing can’t possibly be the Hollander McCain BC.


    (1) Either the Hollander BC is real, and Dobbs, McCain, and his mother are lying, for completely unknown and indecipherable reasons


    (2) McCain, his mother, and Dobbs are telling the truth, and the Hollander BC is a fake, and PW is a horse’s ass.

    QED. Adios, muchacho.

  11. #11 |  Bob Weber | 

    Correction to previous post:

    “Since the BC that Dobbs is describing gives a location completely incompatible with being OUTSIDE the Canal Zone, WITHIN PANAMA, ………”

  12. #12 |  PW | 

    “Lots of conservative scholars have spoken admiringly of Obama’s intelligence and scholarship.”

    Intelligence, perhaps. But that’s a personal judgment, and I’ve yet to see anything that would justify me sharing it. Scholarship on the other hand…to that I say “what scholarship?” because the guy simply doesn’t have any. That isn’t a matter of opinion either. It’s a simple matter of his academic resume:

    Zero peer reviewed articles.
    Zero other academic publications or scholarly books.
    Zero scholarly conference presentations.
    One extremely narcissistic autobiography written in his mid 30’s when he was fresh out of law school and hadn’t done jack squat.
    One political campaign book prepared for an election.

    “And I’m sure you know that Hawaii doesn’t release copies of long-form birth certificates, right?”

    That actually doesn’t seem to be the case at all. According to this article, “By Hawaiian law, birth records can be released only to people with “a direct and tangible” interest in them,” suggesting Obama could obtain the original if he wanted to. The state of hawaii even had to pass a law so state workers would no longer be required to answer open records requests for the long form. They were apparently spending thousands on postage to send out letters that basically said “only Obama can ask for that.”


  13. #13 |  PW | 

    #101 – Not that this will matter any since you seem to be an obsessed anti-birther conspiracy theorist, but the map you linked to is a POST-1955 document, and therefore would not show the Pre-1955 Canal Zone boundaries that included New Cristobal and a large chunk of downtown Colon prior to the transfer.

    How do we know this? Because it shows Cristobal High School as being located in Coco Solo. Cristobal High did not move to Coco Solo until the Remon-Eisenhower Treaty of 1955 ceded the New Cristobal district to Panama.

    Post-1955 Cristobal High School in Coco Solo:


    Pre-1955 Cristobal High School in New Cristobal, downtown Colon (currently the Jose Guardia Vega school on the google map):


    See the clear difference between the two buildings? Probably not, since you’re a apparently blinded by your stubbornness. Or just not very smart. Or both.

    But it’s definitely there, and it’s central to this discussion (well, at least I’m discussing and attempting to provide honest analysis. You, on the other hand, are just repeating the talking points you made up, most of them long ago refuted) because the old Cristobal High School in the U.S. Canal Zone section of downtown Colon was about a block away from the old “Colon Hospital.” Since the year 1936 predates the year 1955 in time, that old hospital was also inside the Canal Zone in 1936. Q.E.D. and so forth.

  14. #14 |  PW | 

    Here’s a map from the early 1910’s showing the entire city of Colon INSIDE of the Canal Zone.


  15. #15 |  SJ | 

    “Barack Obama has used upwards of 20 different Social Security numbers” Awesome! maybe Obama is not so bad after all?

  16. #16 |  Needles929 | 

    Wayne Allen Root 2-0 to start the college football season…he has my vote.

    Iowa St -5
    Hawaii +21

  17. #17 |  The Real Deal | 

    Used to work for this guy……..He is the king of scam’s & bullSh*t!….Do not Trust this guy!

  18. #18 |  A Former Classmate Of Barack Obama Speaks Out - Page 14 - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum | 

    […] is Wayne Allyn Root? EarthLink Search: "Wayne Allyn Root wiki" Wayne Allyn Root: Bonkers | The Agitator Libertarian Peacenik: LNC Should Disassociate LP from Wayne Allyn Root's Obama Birther Conspiracy […]

  19. #19 |  spikey27 | 

    Root is bat-shit crazy and a liar.

    When I graduated from college, I probably knew at most 100 students; the vast majority of those were fellow classmates out of at least a thousand in engineering.

    That was only a small percentage of the 25000 or so total student body.

    To say it was unusual that I didn’t know (any student outside of the aforementioned 100) is plain ludicrous.

    I seriously doubt Root could tell anyone anything about 99% of the student body, even those in his own discipline.

    Personally, I think Root is a damn liar.