Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

In February, I wrote the following about a drug raid in Missouri:

SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as a seven-year-old looks on.

They found a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment.

So smoking pot = “child endangerment.” Storming a home with guns, then firing bullets into the family pets as a child looks on = necessary police procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Just so we’re clear.

Now there’s video, which you can watch below. It’s horrifying, but I’d urge you to watch it, and to send it to the drug warriors in your life. This is the blunt-end result of all the war imagery and militaristic rhetoric politicians have been spewing for the last 30 years—cops dressed like soldiers, barreling through the front door middle of the night, slaughtering the family pets, filling the house with bullets in the presence of children, then having the audacity to charge the parents with endangering their own kid. There are 100-150 of these raids every day in America, the vast, vast majority like this one, to serve a warrant for a consensual crime.

But Jonathan Whitworth won’t be smoking that pot they found in his possession. So I guess this mission was a success.

I’ve exchanged emails with the mother of the family, who was in the home at the time of the raid. I’m waiting on her permission to publish her account of what happened.

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514 Responses to “Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family”

  1. #1 |  Paul | 

    Child endangerment? Put me on the jury–I’ll know what to do. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  2. #2 |  Matt I. | 

    These fuckers should be met with a 12 guage rifled slug through their vests.

  3. #3 |  zendingo | 

    it’s this type of stuff that makes people who say “i hate cops” and “cops are scum” seem really, really reasonable.

  4. #4 |  MattinCincy | 

    This has to be posted on UTUBE, shown on TV and exposed to the max. Then maybe everyone who is throwing around the term “NAZI” about their favorite politician will truly understand what that word means. This is fucking sickening.

  5. #5 |  Paul | 

    I just watched the video again. Oh my God that made me SO angry. Every time the cops said something like, “we have a search warrant,” I thought FUCK your bullshit search warrant. God damn animals. May this happen to them one day.


  6. #6 |  Carl Drega | 

    These guys should be waterboarded every day. Forever.

  7. #7 |  Darryl | 

    It is time.

  8. #8 |  Chuck C | 

    That’s fucking disgusting. Damn.

  9. #9 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    All for a fucking leaf. “Stupid, evil motherfuckers” doesn’t begin to describe them…or their supporters.

  10. #10 |  Matt Mahoney | 

    “blunt-end result” :)

  11. #11 |  Marv Hamlish | 

    That video was disturbing.

  12. #12 |  Whim | 

    War on Drugs = War on Americans.

  13. #13 |  Brian | 

    Land of the free. Home of the brave.

  14. #14 |  flukebucket | 

    I assume the police department has started filming these raids to show how courageous they are when confronting pure evil?

    How these guys go home at night to their own families after doing what they do for a living is a mystery to me.

    How in the hell do you look at your own self in the mirror after taking part in something like that?

  15. #15 |  JS | 

    Flukebucket “How these guys go home at night to their own families after doing what they do for a living is a mystery to me.

    How in the hell do you look at your own self in the mirror after taking part in something like that?”

    The guilty conscience is probably the biggest reason why cops have the highest suicide rate of any profession. The trouble is that for everyone of them who starts to feel bad and question why they do what they do their is another young asshole just waiting to take his place.

  16. #16 |  Stellio Kantos | 

    This is the freedom you want to export to the world?

    Go fuck yourself america.

  17. #17 |  Techno Bob | 

    I think that the homes of these “officers” should be targeted by a swat raid at the wrong address. Let them have their pets killed and their families terrorized with no apologies ever given, instead support for the thugs who perpetrated it.

    Wonder how they would feel about their actions then?

    All over a little bit of pot….. unbelievable. Greatest country on earth…huh?

  18. #18 |  Gary | 

    I encourage everyone to spread this link to your friends, but to do so respectfully. I don’t believe that most people are even aware that this is how our country deals with non-violent drug offenders. I linked this to my facebook status with the following description:

    “I encourage everyone to watch this video, although I should warn you that it’s disturbing. Watch it with the sound on, and watch the whole thing. Sadly, this isn’t an abberation; it’s standard practice for how our country deal with non-violent pot smokers.

    Remember, this isn’t an aberration. It happens multiple times every single day.”

    So please be respectful and don’t badger your friends about it, and do warn that the video is disturbing. But get this out there so people understand what our fear of getting high has come to.

  19. #19 |  paranoiastrksdp | 

    Let ’em know what you think of their work:

  20. #20 |  Stephen | 

    I will tell the drug warriors that someday they will be coming for your guns and bibles using these same tactics.

  21. #21 |  JS | 

    Gary I did exactly the same thing. And you’re right, most people just aren’t aware that these things go on on a pretty regular basis, which is why they do.

  22. #22 |  CTD | 

    This is what terrorism is.

  23. #23 |  MacK | 

    Does anyone have an exact amount of MJ that was found, or dropped from a SWAT team members pocket?

    Perhaps it was 1 kilo as compared to 2 grams? I ask because it highlights the absurdity of how bad the drug war is, when you can say this was over a joint, as apposed to this guy was distributing to kids. We all know that is what the sheeple would believe.

  24. #24 |  Andrew | 

    I still don’t understand why they have to kill the dogs. Those guys are wearing enough armor to survive a small explosion.

  25. #25 |  Pablo | 

    #15–Yep, and high rates of substance abuse as well.

    #21–in most states, if it is misdemeanor possession, it is such a small amount that there’s no chance it was for sale or distribution. Usually one oz. (28g) or less.

  26. #26 |  InMd | 

    That’s just awful. I think everyone should link to Radley’s post on any social networking sites they use or on any other forums they visit. This is something that should be seen by as many people as possible.

  27. #27 |  Maria | 

    Jesus Mary protect us…

    I know this goes on every day already. I’ve seen videos of raids like this before. I’ve read the articles, heard the accounts. Follow the news about the drug war here and in Mexico. I follow the blogs, signed petitions, I’ve seen the statistics of wrongful deaths, of mistaken addresses, of dead pets and families torn apart. I’m informed and rational and have all the logical arguments and talking points tucked under my belt to confront the “warriors” and yet…

    And yet I just sat here, at work, crying for this family, for their small life torn up, for their little boy, for their dogs. For their pain and for the stupidity of it all. For the absurd reason behind it all.

    I feel so helpless. So angry. I don’t know how I can pass this video on but I have to. In a way I’m glad these fuckers filmed this. I’m so fucking glad.

  28. #28 |  JS | 

    How about sending it to your local TV news or even to CNN or one of the big ones?

  29. #29 |  Mike | 

    This is why people hate cops. Fucking pigs.
    Too bad any of them made it out of the house alive.

    All SWAT teams should be disbanded and their members sent to reeducation before they can rejoin the ranks of society.

  30. #30 |  Mike | 

    Several things strike me about this video, but the one that strikes me the most is how this is reflective of bad decisions *prior* to the raid. A midnight raid on a family home was not necessary and created a confused chaotic situation that might have ended far worse. They’re lucky the home-owner or God help us, the kid, wasn’t hurt.

    You could take these same officers, strip the SWAT gear off, have them knock and enter at dinnertime and the result would be far less terrifying and deadly with no loss of “justice”. Or you could not get bent out of shape about pot in the first place but I know that’s crazy hippy talk.

  31. #31 |  nwerner | 

    Eventually I will leave this country and I will have Radley Balko’s intrepid reporting to thank as the primary motivator. I’ll take Canada’s socialism over the jack-booted military state of our alleged free market economy.

  32. #32 |  Lucy | 

    The sound of that dog was not the way to start my day. Cheers to the man for not entirely meekly submitting and asking them what the hell they were doing. I’m surprised they didn’t taser him for insubordination.

  33. #33 |  Chris Mallory | 

    You know those corgis are pretty vicious. I doubt one of those bear suits would protect you from a riled up corgi.

  34. #34 |  chris | 

    I’m amazed how calm and polite Mr. Whitworth was. I undoubtedly would not have been, and would be dead or injured if I was put in the same situation. It will happen if it has not already. This is what the founders feared. Abuse of power is human nature.

  35. #35 |  MacGregory | 

    Truly appalling, even for seasoned Agitator and Reason readers.

    As others have suggested, I too am posting this on my FB page. This needs to become so viral that the MSM can’t ignore it.

  36. #36 |  Aresen | 

    @ flukebucket | May 5th, 2010 at 9:13 am
    @ JS | May 5th, 2010 at 9:25 am

    They can sleep at night for the simple reason that they do not think of the rest of the human race as “people”, but subhumans to be kept in their place.

    Remember the sheriffs and police chiefs in the pre-integration era South who stood by while black men were lynched? These guys are no different.

    In addition, there is a significant portion of these cops who get off on being power-mad sadistic thugs. A sane society would institutionalize them, but instead these guys are being given state sanction (and, unfortunately, the approval of a large segment of the population) to indulge their power trips.

  37. #37 |  SJE | 

    LEO: SWAT raids are only for the worst of the worst, the big time dealers, bank robbers, child porn rings.
    Fact: look at the video, and remember it happens 100-150 times a day.

  38. #38 |  Nathan A | 

    @ Boyd Durkin | May 5th, 2010 at 8:46 am

    It is a flower that is smoked, not the leaves. Either way, people are being terrorized and murdered, pets are being murdered, all because of a plant that is demonstrably less harmful than alcohol when smoked (in just about every way you can imagine) and has HUGE medicinal benefits.

    Makes perfect sense, if you’re insane.

  39. #39 |  Some Guy | 

    IMHO cops like this see these SWAT raids as a live-action Rainbow Six game, with the odds heavily stacked in their favor. They get all geared up with automatic weapons and body armor. They get to bust down doors and shoot anything that moves. There are no real-life consequences for invading the wrong house, endangering the lives of United States citizens, or shooting the people or the pets inside, no matter how unjustified. The cops get to play the game over and over and over….hell, they even get medals for it. The people inside, however, get to deal with dead pets, terrified children, and no sympathy whatsoever from the police.

  40. #40 |  Ben | 

    I also posted this on my FB

  41. #41 |  Yizmo Gizmo | 

    I wish those cops woulda tried to pull that shit on me!

  42. #42 |  Chris | 

    When my father was a boy in occupied Holland (WWII), he got a spanking for accepting candy from a German soldier. When the war was over, the Dutch girls who had been too friendly with the occupiers had their heads shaved and were paraded through town.

    I hope I’m not invoking Godwin’s law by saying that I get a little of that same feeling when my kids interact with cops at community service events. How do I teach my kids that their lives may depend on the help of a police officer some day, but that they shouldn’t trust them?

  43. #43 |  Kristen | 

    I don’t even know where the hell I’m living anymore.

  44. #44 |  Bob | 

    Wow, only 10 seconds elapsed from when they started banging on the door screaming like maniacs and when they broke in the door and stormed in.

    Step 1! Dogs barking! Chase down and execute.

    Step 2! Contain criminals. 3 criminals contained! One’s a little short…

    Step 3! Legal! Be sure to mirandize the criminals while the camera is running… because you know how these criminals work, they look for any loophole to get back on the street.

    Holy shit, they treated these people like they were playing a video game. They showed no concern, no empathy whatsoever. If ‘procedure’ would have allowed it? I’m sure they would have just blown Jonathan Whitworth away, or at least beaten the snot out of him.

    These fuckers are totally out of control. You got jack ass ‘detectives’ making up bullshit stories with the help of real or imagined ‘confidential informants’, then their fantasies are played out by emotionless nut bags with guns.

    The ‘official story’ is total bullshit. TOTAL BULLSHIT. Let me get this straight… their ‘investigators’ thought there was large amounts of pot there, but that the 7 year old was not? What… do they think they smuggled the drugs out and the kid in through their FUCKING ESCAPE TUNNEL? Way to investigate, jack asses!

  45. #45 |  davidstvz | 

    Why don’t they taze the togs or something? At least then they’ll have a chance to live. Isn’t it dangerous to fire bullets unless it’s absolutely necessary to begin with?

  46. #46 |  flukebucket | 

    Be sure to mirandize the criminals while the camera is running…

    I couldn’t understand why the head dick in charge kept asking for a card. Do you have to read it off of a card before it is legal? Can you not just memorize it and say it? I never remember Jack Webb reading it off of a card.

    That video was sickening. It is very hard to watch.

    How do I teach my kids that their lives may depend on the help of a police officer some day, but that they shouldn’t trust them?

    I guarantee you the 7 year old in the video will never trust one of the bastards for even as much as driving directions.

  47. #47 |  Jhon | 

    I dont Trust Cops..sometimes they dirty

  48. #48 |  David | 

    I couldn’t understand why the head dick in charge kept asking for a card. Do you have to read it off of a card before it is legal?

    You don’t have to, but AFAIK many police departments want their officers to use the card rather than running off the list from memory. It ensures that they’re always read with the same phrasing – not legally required, but a good CYA move for the cops.

  49. #49 |  Random Nuclear Strikes » This Drug War, it isn’t worth it | 

    […] Video of a SWAT raid on a middle class family over an ounce of pot.  The kids get to experience the cops killing their family Corgi.  Then they had the audacity to charge the parents with child endangerment. […]

  50. #50 |  Bob | 

    “I couldn’t understand why the head dick in charge kept asking for a card.”

    Technically, you don’t need to ‘read them their rights’ at all until you are applying psychological pressure in order to illicit a confession. Er! “Interviewing the suspect”

    I expect they only made a big show of that because the camera was running, and they wanted the video to look they were totally following all kinds of complex procedures and shit…. as opposed to what they were actually doing, which was breaking into someone’s house and terrorizing them.

  51. #51 |  Bart | 

    I posted it to FB.

    These raids need to stop.

  52. #52 |  cringing | 

    Beyond the horrifying part, the funny part is that these SWAT cops are terrible at the SWAT cop part — clustered tightly together in front of the door (and the front windows) without cover or concealment. If someone ever takes these idiots up on their premise and starts shooting at them, they’re going to be in deep trouble.

  53. #53 |  Tom | 

    Hello, tom, we know where you live, tom. You didn’t pay your taxes tom. The SWAT is coming for you, tom.

  54. #54 |  Marty | 

    things that stood out to me-

    1. these were middle class people who appeared to have their home in order.
    2. this guy was cooperative and immediately requested an attorney
    3. they still exerted extreme violence on them by forcing entry into his home and killing their pet dog.
    4. this was 90 miles from me, but it could’ve easily been me (or any of us)
    5. I hope this guy can articulate himself as well as Che Calvo- maybe, he’s the point man to implement change in Missouri.
    6. this happens over 100 times every day in America.

    It’s a small thing, but I’m posting it on fb and spreading to my friends.

  55. #55 |  Bob | 

    So… I watched the video a few more times… and I notice:

    The cops did not consider the man or his family a threat at all. Only one of the cops went down the hall after the guy, all the rest (Except the one with the camera) chased the dogs and shot them in an otherwise unoccupied room. Clearly, that was their priority.

    I guess they thought the dogs were going for the stash of guns they thought he had, huh? Or perhaps they were going to haul the drugs out the escape tunnel before the cops could find them?

    You’ll notice also, that as soon as the one cop started making a big show out of reading the guy his rights, all the rest of the cops shut the hell up. You just KNOW that they feel that they are being hamstrung from doing what they ‘need to do’ by all these stupid constitutional rights and shit.

  56. #56 |  arglebargle | 

    If cops break into my house and they don’t find dogs to shoot, will they shoot my cat and my fish?

    My fish can be menacing, it will jump out of the tank to get food from my hand.

  57. #57 |  KBCraig | 

    I counted nine seconds from the time they entered the door, until the first shot (followed by a dog ki-yiing).

    So much for the original police claim that officers “held back” before fatally shooting the dog.

  58. #58 |  flukebucket | 

    I assumed there was some reason the guy kept asking for a card. It is only about 50 words. You would think that memorizing it would not be a problem.

    When the head dick says “I have a right to know your name” I couldn’t help but laugh. Hell, they had just kicked down his fuckin’ door and chased his dogs down and shot them. I don’t think there is any right in the world that they don’t already have.

    They have a gun and a badge. They don’t need no stinkin’ rights.

  59. #59 |  Jack Squat | 

    cops are the worst part of our freedom. They shoot first and if it is the wrong thing to have done they lie about it to protect themselves. If there is any way to sue or at least show what goons these people are. They are disgusting and I promise you they will get repaid for treating people and animals like this. What goes around come around.
    Cops are liars.
    Cops do not care about your rights.
    Cops will shoot your animals for no reason.
    Cops lie in court every day.
    Cops are not your friends.
    Cops make situations worse.
    Cops would rather arrest and incarcerate a non violent offender as they are less trouble to push around.
    Cops are cowards.

  60. #60 |  Marv Hamlish | 

    I think you’re right. I would like to hear more about the exact amount of pot this gentleman had. The charges of child endangerment seem designed more for cruelty and revenge. Revenge for asking for a lawyer, and revenge for not having enough pot to be a dealer. I hope to hear more about how this warrant came about. I have a suspicion that this gentleman had a friend that was arrested and that friend just started spewing names of anybody he could think of that might have some pot on them.

  61. #61 |  Marv Hamlish | 

    I wanted to say that this is the kind of story that turned me on to this site. Mr. Balko’s reporting is excellent and designed to let the reader make up their own mind. He’s 100% correct about these raids being dumb, and the militarization of police being a bad thing that leads to abuse.

  62. #62 |  blueGrass | 

    This video accomplished 3 things:
    1) It enraged me all to hell.
    2). It broke my soul just a bit. That we live in a place where this happens everyday and no one gives a shit hurts. That my government scorns me so badly that they feel that state-sanctioned terrorism as the norm is not only acceptable but appropriate sickens me.
    3). It’s moved me to seek some form of action. This shit has to stop.

  63. #63 |  Judi | 

    There are no words in my head that I can even put into writing except WTF?

  64. #64 |  Tom | 

    As an LEO (a Pennsylvania constable) it makes me sick to see this. It makes me want to join the oathkeepers. As a peace office my job is to protect private property and private citizens, not terrorize them.

  65. #65 |  Dante | 

    These police are the real terrorists. They have truly earned the nickname “Pigs”.

    Let’s all vote to abolish their budgets, shall we? That would “send the right message”.

  66. #66 |  cw | 

    This event proves the importance of jurys and the rights of jurors. Unfortunately, through actions of the state, jurys have become powerless to yank the chain of our police state. You will need to be both very clever and very lucky to land yourself on a jury as a fully informed juror but, if you wish to attempt to do so and fight back, please study the materials here:

    Bookmark it. With over 1% of the adult US population in jail and 1 in 31 in jail, or on probation or on parole, you’ll be called for jury duty…again and again, sadly.

  67. #67 |  ClubMedSux | 

    #57 | Tom | May 5th, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    As an LEO (a Pennsylvania constable) it makes me sick to see this. It makes me want to join the oathkeepers. As a peace office my job is to protect private property and private citizens, not terrorize them.

    Kudos to you, Tom. While I understand people’s outrage towards the cops in the video, my outrage is mainly directed at a government and a system of law enforcement that has turned cops into killing machines. We need more good guys on police departments but as long as procedures such as this are followed why would anybody but psychopaths enter the police academy in the first place?

  68. #68 |  Elliot | 

    Cops like these cowardly thugs will never get the punishment they deserve. But maybe, just maybe, if people get to see and hear this evil, opinions on drug prohibition and paramilitary raids will change.

    Spread the word. Put in on your blogs, your twitter, your facebook accounts.

  69. #69 |  Over the River | 

    So this is the M.I.A. “Born Free” video everyone is talking about?
    As with the others, this makes me sick.
    Fucking pigs!

  70. #70 |  Mattocracy | 

    This is what the public needs to see so their support for the war will stop. Worked with Vietnam.

  71. #71 |  colson | 

    Added to my FB account. My roommate was shaking her head and saying “this can’t happen here!” I just looked at her and told her it is just a matter of time before our local police force jump on the bandwagon.

    Where I’m torn is on the side of law enforcement. I know there are many officers around the country opposed to tactics such as this (hence LEAP). But the part that tears me up is that more officers against these tactics are not vocal about this. I know it has to be hard to break ranks with your buddies who love to play super-soldier, but the deafening silence would seem equally criminal.

  72. #72 |  MikeL | 

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  73. #73 |  CTD | 

    I’m from CoMo. The funny/terrible thing is that since a 2007 vote, possession of small amounts of marijuana isn’t even a criminal charge. You get a ticket and pay the fine to the drug court. The cops, needless to say, fought this tooth and nail.

  74. #74 |  Steve Verdon | 

    I can’t view the video, net nanny, but let me guess neither dog is being in anyway aggressive, but they are barking.

  75. #75 |  FREE GUY | 


  76. #76 |  Seth Levy | 

    I sent a message to the city and got this response:
    Your citizen feedback e-mail was forwarded to me. Our Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an investigation into the incident that you wrote us about. While the video was released upon request, since the defendant’s criminal case is complete, the internal investigation is not complete. Once it is, the department will issue a Media Release explaining the incident, the investigation, and the findings. The complete information that is issued in a media release is often too lengthy to be included in every news article or story, and so sometimes those articles or stories don’t provide readers or viewers the context or content they are interested in. Because of that, I encourage citizens to go to the City’s website at and read the entire press release(s) there, as they are always posted to the website.

  77. #77 |  KrisV | 

    I am heartbroken. My heart actually aches.

  78. #78 |  Roho | 

    Every now and then, I like to go back and read the Peelian Principles for an ethical police force:
    1. The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder.

    Sure looks like these ‘police’ took a peaceful, orderly situation and introduced crime and disorder.

    2. The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.

    I’d say public disapproval of their actions outweighs approval by a smidge here. And they couldn’t care less.

    3. Police must secure the willing co-operation of the public in voluntary observation of the law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public.

    Or, you know…bust down their doors, guns blazing.

    4. The degree of co-operation of the public that can be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use of physical force.

    Hmm…Does this one still apply when the physical force was completely unnecessary? Yes, boys, I believe it does.

    5. Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.

    Throwing bogus charges at someone who dares to talk back. That’s doing impartial what-good.

    6. Police use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice, and warning is found to be insufficient.

    But it’s cool to just assume that persuasion, advice, and warning would be insufficient, and go straight for shooting pets, right?

    7. Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

    Could it be made any more clear that the police here felt that they were above the common-dirt public? Especially by charging him afterwards?

    8. Police should always direct their action strictly towards their functions, and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary.

    Say it with me: “I am the law!”

    9. The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.

    Well, with that, I think we can safely say these New Professionals failed 9 out of 9. Congratulations, boys.

  79. #79 |  Zeb | 

    #57 | Tom |, good for you. You shoudl join Oath Keepers, and LEAP ( At this point, the only police I can have any respect for at all are ones willing to make a lot of noise about things like this and any other abuses that go on. Quietly being opposed to such things is as good as being complicit at this point.

  80. #80 |  Andrew S. | 

    #62 | Mattocracy | May 5th, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    This is what the public needs to see so their support for the war will stop. Worked with Vietnam.

    Most people don’t care. This kind of thing only happens to other people. Bad people. Never happen to a fine, upstanding citizen like them, no sirree.

  81. #81 |  Bob | 

    “I can’t view the video, net nanny, but let me guess neither dog is being in anyway aggressive, but they are barking.”

    Quite correct, nor is there any indication at all that the officers felt even the slightest bit threatened by the dogs.

    It goes down like this:

    Elapsed time: 0
    Cops pound on door 6 times, Yell “Columbia Police! Search Warrant!

    They yell “Columbia Police! Search Warrant!” again, and pound on the door again.

    Elapsed time: 10 seconds.

    The guy answers the door, does not get a chance to say shit. The cops barge in yelling “Go go go! Get in the door! POLICE DEPARTMENT! DON’T MOVE!!” . The dogs start to bark.

    The cops continue to yell “POLICE DEPARTMENT! DON’T MOVE!!” as they chase the dogs (Or move towards them) into an unoccupied room on the left.

    Elapsed time: 19 seconds.
    One dog is shot once (And starts yipping). It’s a yappy sounding dog, almost certainly the Corgi. It starts wailing in pain.

    The second dog is now cornered in the room to the left, and starts barking. (This is a bigger dog, and it sounds pissed.)

    The police continue to chase the Corgi around, yelling POLICE DEPARTMENT! DON’T MOVE!!” at the top of their lungs.

    Elapsed time: 33 seconds.
    Police gun down the second dog with 4 rapidly spaced shots. (Probably one cop firing 4 times). Never do the cops say anything but “Police Department! Don’t Move!” after the breach. There is no indication that the police did anything but target the dogs, corner them, and shoot them.

    During this whole time, only one cop had moved to the right, where all 3 of the people in the house were (2 of which were out of sight).

    All the people were immediately compliant and offered no resistance. The woman and child were clearly scared shitless.

  82. #82 |  What Tyranny Looks and Sounds Like | The League of Ordinary Gentlemen | 

    […] This video, and in particular the audio, needs to be distributed far and wide.  It should be on every evening news broadcast tonight.  It depicts what real, actual tyranny looks like, and how it has become a regular, everyday occurence in the United States of America.  […]

  83. #83 |  Andrew S. | 

    I thought that even LEOs wouldn’t defend this. I was wrong. From a forum I frequent (don’t sign up and post stupid stuff, really) where someone else posted the story: (the poster defending the actions is indeed a LEO)

  84. #84 |  Kristen | 

    Tom – since you’re an LEO, I’m sorry that you don’t speak out more. Sorry, but I can olnly respect cops that speak the fuck out. Like LEAP.

  85. #85 |  Sky | 

    These SWAT team members are the FACES of EVIL…PERSONIFIED!!

  86. #86 |  dude from MO | 

    the attitude of “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” is pretty much the norm for midwestern, family-values, patriotic, red-state, limbaugh listener types. WAY too many clueless idiots have this mind-set. We’re (our communities) are allowing these fucking retarded, un-educated, violent morons (cops) treat us this way.

  87. #87 |  claude | 

    I cant figure out which emotion is hitting me the hardest when i watch this, rage or disgust?

  88. #88 |  Stephanie | 

    This is absolutely horrifying! Smart man for not answering any questions and requesting an attorney.

    I know if I were ever in a situation like this, I have 24/7 access to legal counsel to help me defend my rights. For educational purposes, see what’s available to everyone in the US and many provinces of Canada.

  89. #89 |  capn_amurka | 

    How do I stop my tax dollars from funding this sort of activity?

  90. #90 |  Shannon | 

    This is so disgusting. I’m showing everyone I can think of, so they understand why I am so, so vehement about stopping the so-called “War on Drugs.”

  91. #91 |  ALowe | 

    Stop paying.

  92. #92 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Thanks Bob,

    My only response…Jim Bell.

  93. #93 |  claude |

    At least on there, people r starting to “get it”.

  94. #94 |  ALowe | 

    The scary part is that the tape wasn’t “lost” and the video equipment didn’t “malfunction,” which means that someone probably thought that this would generate a positive reaction for the police department.

    I feel confident in saying that was the scariest video I’ve seen in my life.

  95. #95 |  Elliot | 

    “The entire philosophy behind SWAT-style drug raids is that the death of a mother, a child, or the family pet is an acceptable risk to prevent flushing.”  — commenter in a previously cited forum

  96. #96 |  ZappaCrappa | 

    Thank you Tom. You are hereby excluded from my rants about cops being pigs and over-testosteroned bullies. You get the “Good cop” exemption. I wish that you were the majority instead of the minority. If you were the majority, I wouldn’t have to rant and rave against something that I used to believe in but no longer do. Reality has opened my eyes. Thanks again and stay safe.

    Your SWAT brethren that took part in the raid in the video, however, are welcome to kick off in the most miserable way possible. Hopefully spending their last breaths aghast at the fact that they have filled their underwear with urine and feces. Yeah…I’m a cold, heartless bastard sometimes.

  97. #97 |  Reggie Hubbard | 

    I didn’t watch the video. I know the story and I have read all the words that have been posted but I just can’t bring myself to watch.

    When it is only words on a page describing the goings on I can formulate real opinions but after watching ten seconds, I knew this video would only make me enraged and fill me with a violent seething hatred for these “police officers.”

    As a dog owner and a pot smoker, it is things like this that prevent me from acknowledging whatever good the government might be doing since it has laws that would allow a group of armed thugs to burst into my home, shoot my dog, and arrest me.

  98. #98 |  Whim | 

    Now let’s be realistic.

    A Corgi’s bite can inflict very painful nips around your ankles if you’re wearing sandals or house-slippers.

    A Corgi, however, would not get much purchase with a bite on the booted ankles of these jack-booted GESTAPO agents…..I doubt the policeman would even feel it.

    They were ALL wearing black combat boots, weren’t they, now?

  99. #99 |  mattt | 

    Thanks for continuing to shine a light on these practices, Balko. You’re doing important work.

  100. #100 |  ALowe | 

    Remember folks, sending a trained attack dog to maul a suspect is a reasonable use of force, but most family pets are such a threat to an armed and armored police officer that they need to be shot on sight.

  101. #101 |  Bob | 

    One of the things I saw in this video that really frightened me was the surreal detachment the officers expressed.

    Watch them as they make a production of getting the Miranda card and reading him his rights.

    They don’t give a flying fuck what the guy they’re arresting is saying. He’s talking… but they don’t care. They’re just checking off lines on a checklist to make themselves feel all proper and legal and shit.

    It’s like they’re playing a SWAT video game and the guy they’re arresting is just an NPC (Non Player Character) running a script. They hear him, and occasionally respond, but it’s like they’re talking to a TV, without expecting their response to change the script.

    That fucking frightens me. It should frighten anyone. These are people that have weapons, are sanctioned by judges running on bullshit, half ass investigations to break into your house, and then treat you like you were an NPC in a game.

    Will it have get to the point where people just ‘disappear’ after raids? With the police withholding all information, and making no statement to make people understand? Because it will get there. Once you’re just an NPC in a game, all moral behavior is out the door.

  102. #102 |  skootercat | 

    It is times like this (watching police disgrace us all) when I feel the only like minded, freedom loving people are found at sites like The Agitator. If not for the sanity here, there would be none.

    #57, Tom, you are a brave soul admitting you are LEO and I do hope there is something you can do to help change things while still on active duty.

    #73, Kristen, most of the faces of LEAP are retired LEO, many retired before the WOD got ramped up in the 80’s, mandatory sentencing and militarization of police everywhere. David Bratzer (LEAP-Canada) is an active-duty constable that must have cohones as big as Volkswagons to do as he does and remain active LEO and it is only when more active LEO become involved in change will things change. Most go along to get along…hell of a retirement package, if they make it unscathed by addictions after 20 years of violating people’s rights with impunity.

    Does anyone have access to police manuals whereby it is instructed the first task after forced entry in warrant service states to shoot the dogs? Hell, they shoot dogs when they are asking directions at an unrelated-to-warrant-service home and then just drive away.

    I wonder if Sen. Webb and his committee have seen this video?

  103. #103 |  Now it’s local. « Communion Of Dreams | 

    […] other story I can think of, and I pay attention to what people are thinking. And it’s been picked up by Radley Balko, who is a nationally-read proponent of limiting the militarization of police forces around the […]

  104. #104 |  VikingMoose | 

    Radley – thank you for keeping us aware of these happenings.

    I’ve sent the link to other people who, hopefully, will browse through your excellent work and realize the abuses going on.

    thank you, Sir!

  105. #105 |  Elliot | 

    ALowe (#86): “Remember folks, sending a trained attack dog to maul a suspect is a reasonable use of force, but most family pets are such a threat to an armed and armored police officer that they need to be shot on sight.”

    The cowardly cops know they can get away with murdering dogs.

    But don’t you dare lay a finger on their dogs! From The Agitator files:

    Man gets six months in jail for punching a police dog.
    The flipside of puppycide.
    Police dog bites four-year-old during raid; suspect wasn’t found. Wonder what would have happened if someone in the house had shot the dog?

  106. #106 |  Sky | 

    I just found this info by following one of the links on the right side of the video @ youtube.

    A commenter wrote that (“the pit bull they shot was in a cage in the kitchen.”)

    So, they shot a dog already contained in a cage that was absolutey no threat to them?? F-ing Outrageous!!!

  107. #107 |  Bill | 

    Having spent my college years in Columbia, I’m sad and angry for that town. And for the rest of America as well.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  108. #108 |  Sky | 

    Sorry…forgot to leave the link…

  109. #109 |  claude | 

    Every once in a while….

    “one of the officers pulled out his weapon and fired one shot at the dog. The bullet missed the dog, ricocheted and hit the other officer in the leg.”


  110. #110 |  celticdragonchick | 

    My emailed message to the idiots at Columbia PD:

    I was pleased to see the video of your officers breaking down a door to deliver a search warrant this last February. I am delighted that the officers were able to test their considerable marksmanship skills on the family pets while arresting a father for a misdemeanor drug offense. I believe it is time that the citizens of this nation learn that humiliation, pain and death are the just rewards of any who defy the State! Submission will be learned through the screams of frightened children, the whimper of dieing pets and the groveling prostrate forms of men and women with assault rifles pressed against their heads. This is a wonderful chance to demonstrate the truism that “Power flows from the barrel of a gun”! The police have huge, glistening and powerful guns indeed, and I am eager to see more demonstrations of their vigor against the impotent and wretched defilers of State will.

  111. #111 |  paranoiastrksdp | 

    @#80 | ALowe | May 5th, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    The video wasn’t published to generate positive feedback for the department. (What kind of positive feedback could possibly be generated from watching a bunch of overweight bumbling buffoons dressed like soldiers, with the combat instinct of a drunk slug, executing harmless dogs?)

    The video was published to intimidate the community. The message is pretty clear: If you’re a drug user in CoMo, we will come for you. The punishment will begin before you ever see a courtroom, as we will execute members of your family. We can do this to you. There’s nothing you can do about it.

  112. #112 |  claude | 

    Make sure u vote in the poll.

    So far…

    Do you think SWAT actions were appropriate?

    YES 13% 297 votes

    NO 86% 1891 votes

  113. #113 |  trolo | 

    Listen to any police department’s radio traffic (you can listen to a lot of them streaming on radioreference for one) and listen to how they talk about the public when they forget we can listen. If anyone really believes that cops in general have anything but varying degrees of contempt for the general public, just listen to the cops themselves for about a week or so.

  114. #114 |  JimmyCracksCorn | 

    Fuck the po-lice!!!! There are far too many armed and badged uniformed officers of the law in America…you call this a free country? BULLSHIT!!

  115. #115 |  Arthur | 

    I bet McGruff the Crime Dog is sure glad about which side of the thin blue fence he landed on.

  116. #116 |  Norm Pattis | 

    These cops are scum. If they shot my dog, I would shoot them. Period.

  117. #117 |  Charlie O | 

    Fuck those worthless cocksuckers. I finally had the chance to view the video. Every one of those fuckwads assholes deserves a bullet right between their cowardly eyes.

  118. #118 |  Andrew Williams | 

    Knock, knock!

    Who’s there?

    Interrupting cop!



  119. #119 |  Juice | 

    Notice the style of their helmets.

  120. #120 |  Tom | 

    All i can say is MOTHERFUCKERS.I hope you fucking cock Sucking cops all die .MOTHER FUCKERS break in a shot the dog.All for a little pot.This why i hate cops.To all the swat team members in this video i hope all your kids DIE!!!!!!!!!

  121. #121 |  Dave Krueger | 

    It takes a special breed of monster to do that and still manage to delude themselves into thinking they are anything but bloodthirsty trained gorillas. In fact, I don’t care if you’re a cop, prosecutor, legislator, judge, or any of the other parasitic pathogens involved in the epidemic atrocity known as the drug war, you are all part of the same shit stain on human history.

    If the crusade against drugs is indeed a war, then this is a video of a war crime. I used to think there were good cops and bad cops. There aren’t. No moral person could tolerate being part of an organization that enthusiastically delivers such destruction and misery on his fellow man.

    If the government really wanted to wage a war on terror, they would start by cleaning up the cesspool known as the DEA and all of their local neanderthals buddies. But, of course, that isn’t going to happen. The drug war is their creation and its succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

  122. #122 |  Toastrider | 

    Sigh. Once more, for the SWAT team: policing only works when people let it work. There are a LOT more civilians out there than there are cops; do you really want them to start regarding you as the enemy?

    Guys like Tom, I feel empathy for. I hope he’s in a department that regards this assault (I’m not going to justify it with the term ‘incident’) with the same disgust the readers have shown. Otherwise I suspect he’s mighty lonely.

    I just wonder what the end result will be of this. What happens when cops can’t get any support from the communities they ‘protect’? What happens when someone starts to target them, but nobody’s willing to contribute a shred of intel to catch the perpetrator? Because all they know is that police are just a gang with better gear, and a tendency to shoot the dog when they visit?

    I’m not fond of drugs. The sole reason I even advocate legalization is that all our past efforts thus far have amounted to /jack shit/. And when something doesn’t work, you have to stop and rethink your approach.

    Too bad nobody in charge thinks so.

  123. #123 |  Guido | 

    I feel like throwing up.

  124. #124 |  MDGuy | 

    @ Celticdragonchick

    I liked your message, but unfortunately it gives the police way more intellectual credit than they deserve. For them to grasp your withering sarcasm they would have to be familiar with ideas like subtlty and nuance. Obviously these concepts are lost on their type.

    Plus, you used some words that are likely outside of their vocabulary range.

  125. #125 |  BSK | 

    Not to be snarky, and maybe it was discussed in the 100+ posts already written, but do we know what the cops knew? I don’t know how police procedures work or how much the officers on the ground know relative to their superiors, the detectives, and the prosecutors, but I wonder if these guys were simply told, “There is a big time drug dealer you are going after.” Obviously, culpability lies somewhere and there is no way to excuse, permit, or tolerate what is portrayed in these videos. And, regardless of what they knew, we should hope that even the most intensely trained (read: brainwashed) officers would have some discretion and judgment. But, from what I’ve read, much of the criticism is being piled on the officers themselves or some larger issue like the “war on drugs”. However, there is a lot more than these two ends of the dynamic and my guess would be that the most egregious offenders were those middle-men: the prosecutors with the trumped up charges; the judge for signing a bullshit warrant; the higher-ups in the force ordering a SWAT team for the operation.

    Again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s expected that the guys knocking down the door would know the details of the case. But it’s also possible we’re blaming the foot soldiers a bit too much. I wouldn’t advocate accepting the “just following orders” defense, but going after the low man on the totem pole here is probably a bit unfair.

  126. #126 |  Steve | 

    Goons, plain and simple. The soldier following orders excuse is thin and unconscionable. We used to hang those who committed atrocities while under orders.

  127. #127 |  Nikki | 

    Is there a site set up where we can do something for this family? I know money won’t bring their dogs back or take back the horror they experienced but hell, perhaps we can help pay for some therapy for their child who is certainly going to need some now.

    I sound like I am making a morbid joke but I’m really not. I would like to do something, anything to help get the screams of their dog out of my head and the only thing I can think of that might help in some way is money.

    If you are in touch with her by email see if she can set something up! I can’t be the only one who wants to help in some way.

  128. #128 |  AJs | 

    @BSK – I see your point and I partially agree with you. The focus needs to be on the folks higher in the food chain that not only authorize this type of use of SWATS but also endorse it. I don’t however buy in to the ‘just following orders’ copout argument. Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me. Think this is the first raid any of these LEOs have ever been on a SWAT raid where the big time, high value drug dealer prone to violence with an arsenal of weapons to protect his stash including vicious guard/attack dogs that turned out to be a family man who smoked a little weed and had a corki? I doubt it.

  129. #129 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Not to be snarky, and maybe it was discussed in the 100+ posts already written, but do we know what the cops knew?

    Its called investigating, cops should be doing it prior to SWAT raids. Are the people living there criminals? What crimes were they convicted of? Who lives there, any children, any pets. In the military it is called reconnisance–i.e. gathering intelligence. Cops are extremely fail at this aspect of military behavior.

    I’d argue that absent any indicators that the cops can expect a violent reaction a SWAT raid is wrong, and I’d argue it should be made illegal. That evidence indicating a SWAT raid is necessary be recorded/kept shown to a judge prior to getting the warrant authorizing it, and that the police officers, judge and department are open to civil suits if that evidence is lacking, false, or simply does not exist.

  130. #130 |  rapscallion | 

    Without video, this wouldn’t even be news.

  131. #131 |  Chocolate Lab | 

    #106 BSK

    There are some people who believe morality trumps orders or the law, or any kind of sanction from a monopoly agency of force.

    It is probably true that police hiring and advancement procedures select against those type of people, and the things police are asked to do as part of their job would quickly weed out any of those type of people who happened to get in.

    This does not absolve the police from moral judgement. Although we like to call them pigs they are in fact human beings, with self-awareness and free will. It’s the choices they make that make them loathsome.

    I find it difficult to watch the video, and the legal status of a particular plant does not affect the evil that I see there.

  132. #132 |  MacGregory | 

    #108 AJs
    Face it, if they had intel that said this was a “big time, high value drug dealer prone to violence with an arsenal of weapons to protect his stash including vicious guard/attack dogs” they would have never entered the place. Way too dangerous, officer safety first you know. They only pull the Nazi stormtrooper bit when they know there is no chance of resistance.

  133. #133 |  woodbutcher | 

    these cops names addresses and photos all need to be made public so people will know to stay clear of them on the street and not endanger them selves our familys by standing next to some one who could be shot dead on the street in revenge for killing a family pet over a dime bag of weed and this will happen one day they will eventually push the wrong person to far and they will get what they have coming . But no one else should have to be in danger because they didnt know they where standing next to a state sanctioned murderous thug who at any moment could be shot dead by some deranged pet owner they pushed to far ..

  134. #134 |  Greg Griffin | 

    I had always heard of “no-knock” warrant raids. Fine. Execute the warrant. But shooting the dog(s)? IN FRONT OF THE CHILD??????Amazing. I understand officer safety, but JE-SUS K-Righst….IT TAKES 3 SHOTS?

    I will NEVER look at ANY Police Officer again as a comrade; or friend until the day I leave this earth.
    I will now view them as my opponent. One to be watched. One to be listened to. One to be tracked.

    If this is what our current state of law enforcement is, we ARE in a freaking police state.

  135. #135 |  Kevin | 

    These goons swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States. I wonder how many of them have actually read it….or can comprehend it?
    That document at ARTICLE 4 of THE BILL OF RIGHTS says in part:
    “The right of the people to be secure in their houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated….”

    Is there really anyone, outside of people who make a living doing this shit, who believes that this is “reasonable”?

    I share the opinion of an earlier poster who said this is making me want to leave America. Many years (like over 35 years) ago I naively believed that cannabis would be legal before too much longer. I long held that we lived a nation of people who would not tolerate this type of behavior. That reasoned argument could win the day. I have all but lost hope of that and this video along with much personal experience convinces me otherwise.

    I used to love America. Now, I ask myself what is there to love anymore? We have devolved into a despotic thug state and we think we are free. It is not just the war on drugs. It is a war on thinking freely and actually trying to live freely. If you disagree with the state they can send mindless goons to kill you and your family.

    I weep for my homeland and dont think I want to see how this continues to play out, for I fear it will only continue to get worse.

    Sending it to everyone I know…doubting it will really do any good though.

  136. #136 |  skootercat | 

    #112 Kevin, I am with you bro. I send informative email every day to my peeps and when its about ID theft or some other not-as-mind-fuck-of-a-topic I would have heard from half by now. Sent the video along with some eloquence from a previous poster and heard from no one! I guess everyone thinks its happening to the “other” guy until its knock, knock time.

    We definitely have some of the wrong folks in prison and keep sending back the same politicos that are doing nothing in the way of oversight. Keep the faith, we have met the enemy and he is…

  137. #137 |  basschimp | 

    It’s going to take me at least three hours of quiet meditation to reconvince myself that violence (in this case entailing ripping those fucking pigs’ intestines out and strangling their families while they watch…I wonder how much adrenaline you’d have to inject into someone to keep them conscious whilst they were being disemboweled) is not the answer.

  138. #138 |  Stephen | 

    Here is some more interesting SWAT stuff.

  139. #139 |  There Are No Words For This « Questing for Atlantis | 

    […] in the room who scoffed at Johnson’s call for a sensible policy on drugs needs to read this post by Radley Balko and then watch the embedded video (I’ve embedded it here, but go and read […]

  140. #140 |  State Nme | 

    “I couldn’t understand why the head dick in charge kept asking for a card. Do you have to read it off of a card before it is legal? Can you not just memorize it and say it? I never remember Jack Webb reading it off of a card.”

    Because these policethugs are trigger-happy retards. In fact no, that’s insulting retards – who are mostly harmless. This exhibit classic psychopathic behaviour – lack of empathy. They shoot the dogs (psychopathic behaviour shows itself early by torturing animals in adolescence) and cannot give a reason.
    These cops will probably masturbate later thinking of this raid, they get off on the adrenalin it generates and the dog shooting (ultimate power over another sentient being – life and death).
    At least American can still bear arms. UK State police thugs kill at will against a disarmed public. They shot dead an innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes on the Underground and in fact more Britains have been killed by police cars than terrorism.

  141. #141 |  In the Crosshairs » Blog Archive » WTF are raids like this happening? | 

    […] raids conducted by marginally trained officers using way too much force for petty drug violations. Radley Balko writes: In February, I wrote the following about a drug raid in […]

  142. #142 | » Archive » Another Great Drug War Moment | 

    […] Radley Balko: In February, I wrote the following about a drug raid in Missouri: SWAT team breaks into home, […]

  143. #143 |  Black 27 | 

    Shit like this is why when I hear a news report of a police officer getting killed I think – EVERY SINGLE TIME – “Yeah! We got another one!”

    In a perfect world we could deal with police scum with “cop killer” bullets and IEDs. But in THIS world the best we can do is with jury nullification. Any so-called “drug offense” gets a NOT GUILTY. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  144. #144 |  First, We Kill All the Dogs | Probable Cause | 

    […] any rate, as Scott Greenfield, Radley Balko, Jeff Gamso, Norm Pattis, Robert Guest and Brian Tannebaum have done, so do I bring you this […]

  145. #145 |  JS | 

    Kevin “I used to love America. Now, I ask myself what is there to love anymore? We have devolved into a despotic thug state and we think we are free. It is not just the war on drugs. It is a war on thinking freely and actually trying to live freely. If you disagree with the state they can send mindless goons to kill you and your family.”

    Well put. That was an awesome post.

  146. #146 |  MacCoinneach | 

    #57 said, “As an LEO (a Pennsylvania constable) it makes me sick to see this. It makes me want to join the oathkeepers. As a peace office my job is to protect private property and private citizens, not terrorize them”.

    Sir, if it takes videos like this to get you to see why Oath Keepers is so important, then so be it. We await your membership and active participation. Pennsylvania is one of our more active states and they would be glad to have you. All I ask is that you read all the information we have available before making a decision. And understand that we are a work in progress. However, we are making great strides. Again, do not hesitate, join with us at your convenience and then spread the word. Once you are a member, make a post mentioning my alias here, MacCoinneach, and I will respond to you.

  147. #147 |  Bill | 

    Tom, sorry, but you’re also part of the problem. When was the last time you arrested a fellow officer breaking the law? The last time you filed a complaint because another officer used excessive force? If you filed a complaint or arrested a fellow officer and nothing came of it, why are you still on the force?

    This, this is why I say there’s no such thing as a good cop. They’re all the real terrorists in this country.

  148. #148 | | 

    Are we there yet??…

    Working with the police as I do, I have the opportunity to see what they have to say about themselves and their work, when they’re around people who generally support them, want to be them, and/or look up to them. The dirty little secrets start t…

  149. #149 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    Well put, Kevin.

    It is time to end the thugs’ party.

  150. #150 |  Police shoot dog during misdemeanor marijuana raid | 

    […] and oxygen, please go somewhere and die. heres the the story and the youtube video……ssouri-family/ Heres a link to the columbia, mo police dept feedback form, please take a minute fill it out, let […]

  151. #151 |  outraged | 

    Heres a link to the columbia, mo police dept feedback website… PLEASE SEND THEM A MESSAGE.. The only way these pigs will be held responsible is if a huge shit storm of media comes raining down upon them, do you part to take a shit on them please.

  152. #152 |  scott | 

    Just a note of thanks to all Agitatortots and Reason commentors who made it their mission to get this distributed far and wide today. This got Digg-ed (izzat a word?) 340+ times so far. And the comments there are encouraging:

  153. #153 |  Salmon Tilapia | 

    My message on the City of Columbia’s feedback form:

    Comment: I just had the rather dubious pleasure of watching your police terrorize a family and shoot its dogs over a minute amount of dried leaves (

    Your police are out of control. They are out of control and people will die. Watch that video, and then ask yourself if this kind of horrible, dangerous behavior is the sort of thing for which you want your city known. Now that the eyes of the world are upon you, you have little choice but to admit openly that what has happened was terrible. But don’t try to tell us that it was an aberration. It is your police department’s standard practice, and this sort of thing must end.

    I implore you to consider the possibility of simply knocking on the door, with one or two uniformed officers who notify the residents that they have a warrant to search the premises. Drug use, deplorable though you may find it, is nonetheless a consensual crime, and it is only through the escalating rhetoric of “drug war” politicians and the militarization of police departments — police departments like your very own — that psychotic amounts of violence proliferate. Coke and Pepsi distributors do not get into gun battles over whose turf is whose; legal products have recourse to dispute resolution under the judicial system.

    Please, please discipline the people responsible for this atrocity: start with termination of their employment, and please consider seriously proffering criminal charges against them.

  154. #154 |  andrew | 

    @#40 “Step 3!… they look for any loophole to get back on the street.”

    There is no Loophole, it’s called the constitution. There are few things in life that infuriate me more than ignorant people saying “he got off on a technicality” or a “loophole”.

    Also, it would seem to me that the police film these raids so that alleged criminals do not “get off on a technicality”. Who knows what the police would have done if there wasn’t a camera rolling. Honestly, the video made me sick, especially hearing the dog(s) crying. We have gone too far in allowing police carte blanche to do as they wish.

  155. #155 |  Andrew | 

    Just remember…The Terrorists Hate Us Because We’re Free.

    When painfully dull, law abiding, white, middle class, formerly unwaveringly supportive members of the public now long to see the day when the lifeless bullet ridden corpses of jackbooted bandits like this are hauled out of the homes they invade you had damn well better do some serious self examination of what you are doing.

    That citizen who would once jump out of his car to assist you at the side of the road will now most likely smirk and drive right on by as your are beaten and killed. Why? Just look at that video. Listen to the Lester Siler recordings.

  156. #156 |  Cops Shoot Dogs to Stop Evil Pot Smokers | Tired of Dystopia | 

    […] a description from where I found it. It’s horrifying, but I’d urge you to watch it, and to send it to the drug warriors in your […]

  157. #157 |  cringing | 

    From the Columbia, Missouri Police Department’s web page describing how SWAT officers are selected:

    “520. Police or combat military experience. All personnel shall have at least three years of police experience or equivalent expertise and capabilities such as combat military experience.”

    Policing is the equivalent of military combat. The “expertise and capabilities” required of an infantryman in Afghanistan and a SWAT officer in Missouri are the same. If you spend three years in combat against foreign enemies, you’ve proven your ability to handle corgis, children, and marijuana misdemeanants in late-night raids on private American homes.

    Amazingly, this set of assumptions leads to aggressive behavior.

  158. #158 |  R | 

    I’ve read most of the reactions and have this to say.
    Americans better stiffen up, study this and make plans for the night
    they come to your house, starting with your doors. 3-4 am prowl every
    night wouldn’t hurt either, bullet proof window shutters anyone?
    And how about some protective clothing at hand? These people were probably not US citizens.
    Those of you who aren’t, go the hell home. Things are going to get interesting
    in the USA. The People, are in the process of taking their nation back,
    from the same people who sent these bullies, to this house.
    You won’t want to be here.

  159. #159 |  winston smith | 

    i’ve got on my FB, goddamm them them chicken shit cops!!!

  160. #160 |  paranoiastrksdp | 

    Radley, if you start up a collection for this families legal defense, I will immediately pledge. I think many of the others here will pledge as well. Please consider doing this.

  161. #161 |  BrentM | 

    is anyone heard of the Marisela Villa case in Dallas? It looks like another case similar to the Corey Maye case. I googled SWAT and I got a hit on it.

  162. #162 |  Whim | 

    There are far, far too many pets being shot during police raids for it to be anything other than NATIONAL police doctrine.

    Step back and ponder why?

    To shock and intimidate the citizenry?

    The Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo police raid may be the tipping point.
    And, now we have this handy video……

  163. #163 |  Standard Mischief » SWAT team justifying its share of the budget in these tough economic times (link is NSFW) | 

    […] Balko says that there “are 100-150 of these raids every day in America”, the excessive amount probably because of the need to justify the SWAT team’s […]

  164. #164 |  John Wilburn | 

    To the Law Enforcement Community;


    There are more of us than there are of you. We are looking forward to honoring your commitment to our subjugation, by watering your graves with Budweiser…

    Do you mind, if it passes thru our kidneys?


    An American Citizen

  165. #165 |  Tyranny « Jaded Haven | 

    […] Hattip to Radley Balko. […]

  166. #166 |  CharlesWT | 

    “Is there a site set up where we can do something for this family?”

    If you would like to get together and talk about how we as Columbia citizens can reach out and help this family that has been victimized by the CPD, then you can e-mail me at If you really want to help him and his family, then let’s organize something, website on the way!

    Even if Mr. Whitworth decides against a lawsuit, perhaps we as a community can do something for his family to let them know that we feel for them, and support them.
    comocitizens says…

  167. #167 |  Jeanne | 

    This is how a Nazi, will break in to your home. Kill your dog, scare your children and your wife. These nazi, have WAY to much power,it needs to stop! These acts have got to stop, where do these police think they live??
    We have rights and i don’t care about your stinking warrent. You sneak around and attack when it is night and no one has a chance to answer the door. Pricks!!!

  168. #168 |  Red Green | 

    I wonder how many of these ‘multi-jurisdictional-drug-task-force-SWAT’ types got their 1st training in this behavior while in Iraq or Afganistan? There are going to be plenty more ‘job seekers’ returning from the wars. Better stop this stuff NOW…just a thought. I’m encouraged by the big turnouts in various commmentary threads…internet,internet,internet!

  169. #169 |  Law enforcement overreach « Travels with Shiloh | 

    […] for the law enforcement community who has a very difficult job to do.  Unfortunately, stories like this make me absolutely furious and convince me that our bizarre insistence on equating crime with war […]

  170. #170 |  Pete Eyre | 

    BTW – As is becoming his MO for incidents such as this, my bud Adam Mueller called the Columbia, MO PD to question them on their use of SWAT in such situations:

  171. #171 |  thedybo | 

    This is so wrong on so many levels that’s it’s disturbing to watch…the guy who shot the dog should be castrated in a public forum…the guy who ordered the SWAT intrusion should face a jury of animal and human rights activists…the stupid MFer’s who followed their orders need to go through counseling and will find their fortune on their day of reckoning…as for the politicians…well, we all know that you can’t trust any of them since they only look out for themselves pass laws that provide them and their families with cushy live long benefits and lives while they sit in judgement and ponder how else they steal from us and make our lives more miserable…this video reminds us about why our government is so broken…yeh, it’s better to live here…but we’re broken

  172. #172 |  34 year police officer | 

    I have worn a badge for 34 years and served on a SWAT team for 4 years. I have been on many raids and we have never shot a dog. Good intel will tell you if a dog is inside and who is inside the home. You have to be extra careful when children are involved.
    Here the officers had bad information. That is their fault for not being more careful in working their case. The raid was text book except for the shooting of the dog. That was just uncalled for and that officer should be punished. The case officer who got the warrant based upon bad information needs to look for a new line of work as does his supervisors.
    When we knew there was a possible violent dog, we had an officer with a bite sleeve and a snare to take care of the dog. Worked every time.
    This video just pissed me off.

  173. #173 |  Josh S | 

    I’ve tried sharing/posting this video to Facebook, directly from YouTube, but for some reason Facebook keeps deleting my post.
    You think they have a problem with people seeing what their taxpayer funded drug war really looks like??

  174. #174 |  Carl | 

    Sad, I don’t want my tax dollars going to stop anyone from smoking pot or jerking off.. hope they get a good lawyer and make the city pay. We should all be scared..

  175. #175 |  Steve Verdon | 

    For whatever it is worth, I’ve put up a post of the video over at Outside the Beltway. I figure the more coverage the better.

  176. #176 |  Norman | 

    Missouri SWAT FTW!!! Just kidding, what a bunch of jerk offs, that guy might’ve been smoking weed but shooting a corgi is crazy, not to mention doing it in front of a kid. Corgi are the sweetest dogs in the world. What did they think it’d do to them, lick them to death? Based on that video, I’m sure Missouri is next up to pass “progressive” legislation like Arizona:

    In case you can’t tell, the quotation marks mean I’m being sarcastic.

  177. #177 |  zach | 

    I can’t say what I’m thinking right now. Get to your nearest appleseed event, have some fun. It’s becoming clear that unfortunately the skills you learn and practice will have to be put to use some day.

  178. #178 |  Dr. Frank | 

    **BTW – As is becoming his MO for incidents such as this, my bud Adam Mueller called the Columbia, MO PD to question them on their use of SWAT in such situations:**

    I’m sorry, but that guy is pretty confused. I wish he *had* asked the cop about their use of SWAT in such situations. That would have been interesting. Instead of challenging him on the use of such brutal tactics, he derailed the conversation to a bizarre theory about cops nullifying laws they disagree with on an individual basis. I’m horrified by that video and I think the cops’ tactics were clearly out of line and contemptible, but the officer on this phone call was right and your bud was loopy.

  179. #179 |  BSK | 

    AJs and Chocolate Lab-

    In no way am I excusing the actions of the police officers. Regardless of what they were led to believe (which may have been no different from the truth), as soon as they got inside the door and saw the situation they were dealing with. I personally think that first and foremost we want foot soldiers (be they military, police, or something else) to be able to both act and react, to read a situation and deviate from the plan if necessary. We obviously don’t want wildcards, since that is just as likely to lead to more problems than less, but we do want our men and women to be able to duly exercise discretion. So, as I said earlier, the “just following orders” defense doesn’t fly with me, no matter how intensely trained/brainwashed/manipulated these people are to think that is all they are supposed to do.

    Still, at the end of the day, people with far greater and farther-reaching power then these cops made much bigger decisions that allowed this to happen. And they are not featured on the video, but might as well have been pulling the triggers themselves. These guys will skate, while these officers might get nailed to the wall (if anything does come of this). These officers deserve a great deal of accountability and should be dealt with appropriately. But anyone else who had a hand in this should as well; and those with more culpability should feel greater wrath and fury.

  180. #180 |  paranoiastrksdp | 

    I found this:

    Where’s the I <3 Jade lady when you need her?

  181. #181 |  Dave W. | 

    We finally have an honest-to-goodness police board thd on this:

    I think they will probably find it too hot to handle, tho.

  182. #182 |  Nikki | 

    Omg that made me cry how the fuck are they gonna shot the damn family dog in front of kids like that could they not just tazer the dog I hope that family sues the shit out of them fucking pigs!

  183. #183 |  David | 

    wow…this is absolutely insane. these people obviously are soulless, they would probably just cry out that the dog was threatening them just to cover their butts. I feel terrible for the homeowners.

  184. #184 |  MrsEd420 | 

    this is so much bullshit… how cops can bust down a door and charge people with “child endangerment”… but fire their weapons in a household with children.. and that’s perfectly acceptable…
    This video was seriously disturbing.. and like many others who posted before me… I’m now PISSED OFF… things need to change.. and quickly..


  185. #185 |  Jaime Rivera | 

    Now why doesn’t this surprise me? After all the u.s.a is a militia state. They terrorize the world and now they terrorize the citizens.

  186. #186 |  John | 

    We need to stop talking about how bad it is and then once the immage is out of our heads go about our own consumeristic lives instead we have to fight the system everyday until we make a change

  187. #187 |  AJP | 


    Poor girl, poor dog.

  188. #188 |  WHOA!!!! | 


  189. #189 |  whathappenedtoamerica | 

    Been saying it for years about the rampant trashing of our rights…WAKE UP AMERICA before it’s too late!!! :(

  190. #190 |  Todd O. | 


  191. #191 |  Cashee | 

    Horrible, animal cruelty, they endangered the child,,,,,,,,,,, Gestapo like tactics, have we forgot, we have rights… don’t know how these men live with themselves

  192. #192 |  CC | 

    Don’t forget to click on this link and tell the Columbia MO government what you think of their “drug” raid:

  193. #193 |  Kelly G. | 

    these cops should be thrown in jail.

  194. #194 |  jaymann | 

    This is ridiculous. Shooting the poor guys dog is pure fucking inhumane. The poor guy is crying and they cant even give him a reason they shot the dog. Then theres a little kid present and the 1st thing they do is open fire…Bullshit. The first time i can say and mean more then ever “FUCK THE POLICE”

  195. #195 |  E-Roc | 

    Those children probably never felt hurt or endangered untill The cops busted in, shot their dogs, and took their parents to jail. All for something far less “dangerous” than alcohol. I am angered and saddened by this article.

  196. #196 |  David F. | 

    Exactly the reason I LOST ALL RESPECT for police years ago, they truly are just as bad….. wait, I mean worse than the majority of people whose lives they ruin by putting in prison.

  197. #197 |  Eric | 

    This is an absolute atrocity. There is no excuse for taking this kind of action against a human being. and for what? Pot? Please.

  198. #198 |  Nick | 

    I just sent this to my local news station, absolutely outrageous.

  199. #199 |  horrified in il | 

    These officers should be brought up on aggravated cruelty to animals charges. Seriously – they killed some family pets during a drug raid on a little family?? All the while turning their backs on and only sending 1 officer to the 3 people – showing they clearly did not feel there was a threat from this raid.

    I’m sure they justify their need to ‘make sure its safe’ because ‘druggies’ will ‘train their dogs to be aggressive’ or something like that. So CLEARLY, the thing to do to ensure safety is institute a raid in the middle of the night, ignore the people (and of the 3, the child included, could’ve had access to guns), and send a team charging in and shoot the dogs. Then walk an adult and child past the team to sit in the entry way, while harassing the man. Only saying they had a search warrant, never why they were there, what the charges were causing them to cuff him.

    I think they’d have been better knocking on the door, waiting for a response, securing the people, then searching. And since the wife was apparently not under arrest, maybe asking her to please restrain the dogs while they search. You can even cover her and the dogs with an officer while the warrant is executed. No need to terrorize everyone like that.

    I know the stereotypical ‘drug bust’ is a gang of nasty people who have guns hidden ready to kill everything in site when the police arrive…but really, this was NOT that case – and it was clear they KNEW ahead of time, that was not what would happen here. Abuse of power is what happened here.

    I feel sick from this. I don’t think I could’ve cooperated as well as that man did if those were my pets – who are like my children. This is absolutely awful.

    Hearing the dogs cry out was bad. Hearing the poor owner howl in pain and sob as he realized his pets had just been needlessly and brutally killed was almost worse.

    All this over a tiny bit of pot?! This isn’t a drug lord selling crack and heroin to school kids or something. What has happened to the priorities in our country, that this sort of thing is legally supported and considered justified?

  200. #200 |  Chris | 

    fucking pigs!

  201. #201 |  Michelle | 

    WOW, I’d say it’s unbelievable but it’s not. This happens everyday! CRAZY

  202. #202 |  Carolyn | 

    No wonder people hate cops! And the stupid awful marijuana laws! These cops should be tried on human abuse and animal abuse ,,,,,,, and child abuse. Ridiculous and outrageous! Makes me sick to my stomach. Don’t expect any cooperation from me, ever, cops! (And I am a 67 year old woman)……

  203. #203 |  Morgen | 

    This was the most horrible actions from people who call themselves police officers to protect and to serve my ass……this was outrageous and they should be ashamed of themselves for what they did the the poor kid who lost his dog who was just protecting his people….WRONG WRONG WRONG….shame shame shame on you POLICE officers…I hope the 20 dollars worth of pot was worth killing an animal and breaking a litle boys heart…..What about drunk drivers and meth heads and cocanine heads …..REALLY????? What damage it does for police….

  204. #204 |  Bruce | 

    Chances are I will be banned for my opinion, but that would only be proof of this site’s hypocrisy.
    There is a reason they did what they did. A policy for each action. It may seem horrible, but I’m behind what those officers did 100%. Imagine all the times that, after a drug raid, the father snuck his stores of drugs out with his children or wife, then getting off free, making the entire raid useless. Imagine all the times the druggy or druggies pulled automatic rifles out, with their families present as a ruse, killing cops. Imagine those officer’s families. I didn’t find anything about this video immoral, besides the father’s despicable putting his own family in harm’s way just to get high.

    My question to those against our government and its self-policing: What exactly is it you want? It seems to me your ultimate goal is a dystopian world the likes of Mad Max…

  205. #205 |  CyanideAsh | 

    “lets put her in the van or somethin….”

    i mean really?

  206. #206 |  Christine | 

    I am so speechless! WTH! For drugs? This is NOT a voilent crime people!Why would it be met with violent force? IN FRONT OF KIDS???? REALLY?? SHOOTING THE DOG ~~~~ WHY??? Who calls this justice in any sense of the word? BARBARIC! I am furious and so sad at the same time. This is NOT right. I can’t even believe my eyes. My stomach is sick for this mother and child~ and yes, even the guy who was taken into custody. If the police force acts in such a manner, can you even imagine the court system he will be up against? Absolutely wishing now I had finished law school. It would be my pleasure to defend this family as well as sue this town~ Pro bono!!!!

  207. #207 |  Bruce | 

    What you people don’t understand is that police are normal people like you and I. They want to get home alive just like you and I. They don’t want a trip to the hospital to get shots because a dog bit them in the leg on a raid. Any human would kill an animal before letting them even bite them. You elevate the status of a ‘pet’ completely illogically. God, the stupidity and ignorance in most of these comments just plain astounds me.

  208. #208 |  James | 

    Would of never happened like that here in the UK. Makes me feel sick thinking about it. Totally SHOCKING..

  209. #209 |  josh | 

    All cops are is a criminal with a badge and thats all.

  210. #210 |  Bruce | 

    And some of you talking about their middle class status, cleanliness of home, quality of life, race, etc… Not just ignorance! Bigotry! So you believe that they should get off easy just because they are white? Very interesting. So harsher policies should be enforced on the lower class, or just African Americans?

    You can deny your implications all you want. You can retract what you’ve said all you want. None of that will chance the fact that you are racist, ignorant sheep. I’ll bet none of you even know officers, swat, narcs etc in real life. You just follow 100% biased crap like this article. Ignorance incarnate.

  211. #211 |  4/20 | 

    I lived next to a high school teacher…she always said that the trouble makers in high school either became criminals or police officers…now I understand what she was saying. Its going to get worse…next it will be our guns…then our gold and silver….this video is quite distrubing and frightening…whats next ‘papers please.’ furthermore, are all cops randonly piss tested? how about the judges, congress and etc. Walmart people are…I worked for a police dept…one detective OD on herion, one was a pill poppers…most drive drunk…all this for a little MJ

  212. #212 |  Faycless | 

    I just sent this link to my local tv station. I dared them to air it.

  213. #213 |  MO police raid home over marijuana pipe, kills dog in front of family | How Grow Weed - Marijuana Portal | 

    […] Click here for the video // […]

  214. #214 |  tatiana harp | 

    What about rapists, murderers, child molesters ? since when did weed supercede the apprehension of these real, true criminals? oh thats right..when the federal government realized that detaining harmless marijuana users is more fiscally rewarding and safe than dealing with the real threats.

  215. #215 |  Eric | 

    these cops need to be put in prison for shooting the dog. the same thing happened in Marietta, Ohio and the cops that shot that dog is being put on trail. this dumbass war on pot is retarded. the parents did not put the kids in danger the stupid scum of cops did by shooting a dog that didn’t do a thing.

  216. #216 |  fred | 

    I feel sick watching this! How did we become Germany in the 30’s without anyone standing up!! This is a travesty!

    The first SS soldier didn’t hesitate a moment but broke in and began firing numerous shot. All over a few leaves of a safe plant.


  217. #217 |  Jodi N. | 

    This made my stomach hurt..I feel like puking and crying…them ppl think they can just do whatever they want to..Karma is a b*tch!!!!

  218. #218 |  jackie | 

    Why can’t they go in with a tranquilizer gun or a tazer gun in case they have to confront a “killer” pet. I don’t see any reason shots had to be fired at anyone, there was no resistance at all.

  219. #219 |  Jv | 

    First off, let me say that the police busting into a house in the middle of the night is fine. They had a warrent, they did what they were suppose to do.
    That being said, once they were in the house there one shot that made the dog squeal. Why then were there 6 more shots popped off? Honestly! They obviously cased the house, they should have known there were pets and a child. It was uncalled for. They had gear on, a little dog isnt going to hurt them, they could have just as easily tasered it if they thought it was a threat. Shooting a family dog is like shooting a child.

  220. #220 |  Volytl | 

    Bet this won’t be on an episode of COPS…

  221. #221 |  Meghan | 

    This is just like the M.I.A video Bornfree… look it up It’s sickening

  222. #222 |  pablo | 

    CRAZY, WRONG,ITS ABOUT TIME SOMEONE PUTS AN END TO THIS BULLSHIT! And these folks are white couls you imagine if they were black or spanish. They would have lost more then a dog.

  223. #223 |  Joe | 

    worthless p.o.s. drug dealer…

  224. #224 |  Brandi | 

    This is majorly fuct up!This video is the reason y people say “DAMN THE MAN.” Everybody I know who’s seen this was totally sympathetic to the family.I can’t believe they killed their dogs…that’s the worst of the worst.

  225. #225 |  John M | 

    I’ve been through this. My parents were raided with me in the house when I was like 12 years old. I knew my parents smoked weed, they never did it in front of me and guess what, I turned out fine. They raided our house, cuffed my dad and threatened to shoot our dog if it came out of the back yard, no questions. It was fucking ridiculous.

    After all of that, guess what they found? A joint, and a small bag of weed, that’s all. There’s your tax money at work. Thanks for the protection we don’t need from this “evil” that is marijuana.

  226. #226 |  James S. | 

    This is horrible but it is a big win for the marijuana movement. what happens if i have a plant? are they gonna shoot me?

  227. #227 |  Slok | 

    It’s time for a revolution.

  228. #228 |  lyn | 

    wow…….i just wanted to throw up watching this. these are the people who are supposedly here “to protect and serve”. i will take my chances with so called day we will become tired of our government, who is supposed to serve the people ,and there will be a revolution.will we win?? who knows but at least we will stand up

  229. #229 |  Skits | 

    The Police yell “Don’t move don’t move” several times at the barking dog upon entering. First shot is fired, barking now turning into a horrifying yelp. 3 more shots are fired back to back, yelping stops. 1:58 second dog barks in background. 2:13 second dog passes by camera, appears unharmed. 2:45 Suspect looks down “why is there blood on the floor?” Seconds go by, the suspect suddenly realizes his dog was shot, “Did you shoot, Oh my God my dog!” Mother and Child begin to cry along with the suspect. “She was just trying to play with you guys. She was a good dog”

  230. #230 |  Charles B | 

    These police officers should be sued to high hell for killing this family’s dog, and i just wonder if the amount of drugs was worth them terrorizing the children and endangering their lives by firing rounds in the house that could ricochet coming from high powered weapons like they were using, and struck one of the kids. The officer that was doing the shooting should be up on criminal charges

  231. #231 |  Windy | 

    “Still, at the end of the day, people with far greater and farther-reaching power then these cops made much bigger decisions that allowed this to happen. And they are not featured on the video, but might as well have been pulling the triggers themselves. These guys will skate, while these officers might get nailed to the wall (if anything does come of this). These officers deserve a great deal of accountability and should be dealt with appropriately. But anyone else who had a hand in this should as well; and those with more culpability should feel greater wrath and fury.”

    Exactly! Which is why I sent the links to that video (on YouTube) and this comment thread to each of my so called “representatives” in congress and my state legislature, as well as sending it to every msm souce for which I have an email addy (which is quite a few, both national and local), along with very harsh words for those who support this kind of atrocity being imposed upon our citizenry.

  232. #232 |  manuel | 

    agreed , if this was my house there would be dead swat, this needs to stop, people are getting killed and locked up for literally doing NOTHING wrong , and they get paid to violently arrest a man who was innocent and scared shitless, and kill a corgi , those are nice pets . I have no hope for our race

  233. #233 |  patrick | 


  234. #234 |  Crystal C. | 

    This made me sick to my stomach… Iam going to post this on my FB and I truly hope as many people as possible see this. We the people need to all acknowledge this issue, so it can finally be put to an end.

  235. #235 |  manuel | 

    also America was founded on religion (Christianity) in the bible it says seed bearing plants/fruits were created for us to use!

  236. #236 |  Ben | 

    I just went to Columbia, MO’s Facebook page and they have disabled people’s ability to post things to their page. This is absolutely horrific behavior by a police department. I though Columbus, OH’s (where I live) police department was bad before the Federal Government had to take it over because it was violating everyone’s civil rights, that was nothing compared to this.

  237. #237 |  Darryl D | 

    I’ve just watched this clip from Australia, it near made me sick hearing the dog yelping. I can’t properly put into words the disgust, loathing and true hatred I feel towards these dumb stupid order following uniformed thugs. I hope these putrid pieces of shit wake up to what they are doing and spend the rest of their lives feeling disgusted at the Nazi fucks they became to earn money. I hope every one of them cops a bullet to the leg first, arm second, torso third and are left to die in their own shit.

  238. #238 |  shawn | 

    And you wonder why people are hating the people that are supposed to protect us!!!!!!

  239. #239 |  Rob Andrews | 

    Well, their kids won’t even jaywalk after that.

  240. #240 |  Robert | 

    I hope he has a good lawyer. Not so much for the weed, but rather to sue the unholy shit out of the police department. I know they can apply non-lethal suppression to animals just like a human being and for them to fire on the dogs in the presence of a child is both irresponsible and wrong.

    To protect and serve = bullets and bullshit.

  241. #241 |  YesYEs | 

    I am a die hard conservative and generally do not support criminal rights. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! If this guy was a huge crack dealer, OK, a huge coke dealer, OK, etc. THIS VIDEO MAKES ME SO ANGRY MY BLOOD IS BOILING. Any officer who fired a shot should be fired immediately without retirement benefits. Clearly they have been playing too much Call of Duty

  242. #242 |  mR c | 

    My dog is my child. I would only find it fair if some drug dealers ran into the swat member that shot the dogs house and slayed his children in front of him and his wife. matter of fact i wish that on him. thats right i hope drug dealers kill his kids. I HOPE HE READS THIS TOO…..

  243. #243 |  Daniel | 

    Dear Amerika,

    Please shove your “freedom”, i now see why Europe got rid of you in the first place.

  244. #244 |  nemo | 

    The Road to Hell is not only paved with Good Intentions; the blood of innocents is used to mix the cement.

    It’s decades long past the time when this country had a national debate on whether the War on (Some) Drugs should be continued…particularly since the money to run it could be used for better things, such as Unemployment for the desperate. And this provides the perfect introduction to that debate.

    Now, pardon me while I barf my effin’ guts out…

  245. #245 |  Well, OK then. « Communion Of Dreams | 

    […] not like I was alone in this, since the story has been picked up and published in countless posts online as well as getting attention from the mainstream media. Facebook posts, hits to the YouTube vid now […]

  246. #246 |  Dimal | 

    Counter-Terrorists win.

  247. #247 |  D^G | 

    Marijuana is not a narcotic. It’s a hallucinogen. That narcotics search warrant is null and void.

  248. #248 |  Concered Citizen | 

    This is so disgusting. I saw the video on youtube yesterday, it was on featured videos or watched now or something, and I could NOT watch it again. The fact that these cops will probably not get in any trouble, possibly a slap on the wrist at most, makes me almost cry. I HATE this country! I was brought up with these hopes and dreams of a free country, in school teachers always saying how free we are, how lucky we are to live here, etc… and it makes me sad to think that all of that was lies. The United States needs serious reform, and very vast legal reproductions for police who act like this. If anybody else in a high and powerful position abused their power like this, and hurt innocent pets, psychologically damaged young children, broke into a house and caused $100’s of damage, they would get in trouble… but the police? they don’t? If I could move, I would… but since all my money is being taxed to support these crooked fucks, I don’t have many options. Fuck the police, this country needs to change, and fast!

  249. #249 |  jay | 

    what a bunch of scum bags. I’m sure that those cops mothers’ are ashamed of their sons, and rightfully so.
    that’s right you f**ckin scumbags your mother is ashamed of you.
    God bless the USA.

  250. #250 |  Jesse Peacemaker | 

    It makes me sick. It makes me sick to know that these people are justified under the law. Justification to kill a pet for barking… It’s a fucking DOG! Dogs will bark at people if they burst into the house! I had 5 dogs at one point, all of which were the friendliest pups you could ever hope to encounter. I couldn’t imagine losing one or more of them to this bullshit war. . .

  251. #251 |  Jackkkkk | 

    You know what, if i knew who shot that dog, i would fucking hunt him down and make him suffer, ALOT.

  252. #252 |  Elana | 


  253. #253 |  Justin L. Smith | 

    Here’s the thing: they couldn’t hem this guy up with any serious crime, so they went after his child by charging him with child endangerment. This illustrates the essential flaw of our injustice system: that it’s not about JUSTICE, but more about charging you with whatever crime they can pin on you and put you in prison for as long as they can get away with. It is a business, a money-making scheme. Beware, America, they are coming for you.

  254. #254 |  Nathan | 

    this kind of abuse makes me want to vomit!

  255. #255 |  TCIII | 

    This is Fucking Bullshit!!!!! Im so pissed right now after watching this. Unbelievable!!!! Im going to share this with as many people as i can!

  256. #256 |  idkkk | 

    The time is soon here, for the goverments to fall!
    This is NOTHING compared what they really do behind our backs, how many of these raids are filmed, who are checking the goverments work? The goverment is a bigger murder then adolf hitler and stalin together, no doubt.

  257. #257 |  Donna Demko | 

    Make it Legal THIS is sick…It’s marijuana…NOT CRACK!!!!



  258. #258 |  Monique | 

    OUT F**KING RAGEOUS……NO WORDS to express my myself beyond visceral rage and horror for the innocent dogs and children and even the parents..most likely..come to Calif..get a medical card…live in peace…

  259. #259 |  Fuck the Police | 

    Same shit happened to me 3 weeks ago. Good thing they find 6 grams of weed and a pipe. lol FUCK THE POLICE

  260. #260 |  Rasmus | 

    I am 100% positive that this “SWAT elite” could have handled the situation way better. Was the dog attacking them? Or just barking?

    Why didn’t they just shoot the kid instead and smoked the pot?

  261. #261 |  Johana | 

    And this is why I can’t stand cops… The dog was protecting his family… The police BROKE into their home… Everyone was asleep… Who the F*** do they think they are…? I would personally like to punch the Mother F***** that shot the dog in the face…and take a baseball bat to his knees… And just so everyone knows… I am a nice person.. But you mess with my kids..or my pets(AKA furry family members) and you will pay the price… I hope he sues them….

  262. #262 |  Johana | 

    Dave W. I read the bulletin the cop posted… I notice he said they fired one shot(not at the dog) and then laid into it after… If you watch it… They shot the dog with that first shot…. Then it started screaming in pain…and thats when they shot it until their clip ran out(But notice how there was a long pause before they did that…I guess they wanted the dog to suffer before they finished it off). Pieces of shit everyone of em……… You are right I think they will consider this one too hot to handle..

  263. #263 |  jenny pfenning | 

    COPS. When you think of this word you should automattically think of someone with high power, respect and to protect people but for me it has always been the same. They are asssholes who lie to get a little and to make them look like there worth a FUCK. Im glad this was shared today becausde these people are not the only ones going to get waht they deserved. In this line of work you always have people higher then you tellin you what to do and them FAGGOTS are going to get it to to let this happen. For instance these guys thought they were goin to be attacked by a dog come on he shoots it probably cuz they were people who had a little mary Jane in there house and they wanted to be DICKS to them and really get them were it hurts the most THE FAMILY DOG. I think that these assholes should be charged with animal cruelty because nowwhere in this video did you hear or see any comotion like an attack was about to happen. They try to take all the authority they have and they really hold it up there like they should be proud of what just happend. I hope all you fuckin Faggots get what is comin to you and you will suffer greatly i am sure of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. dont you think that they should be worring about like prostituation rings, meth makers, and coke dealers no they go after something that is beautifull and come fromm the earth we inhabit, but one day you watch bitches it will be legalized and then what are you going to focus your time on scratchin your asses cuz you are not doing a good job obviously.

  264. #264 |  adam from Sweden. | 

    This is absurd. And I thought U.S wanted to be a role-model for other countries, but now I clearly see that we should be your model to follow.

  265. #265 |  That Dude | 

    Lets see… Cops go in house.. A Pitbull comes at the Cops and there in the wrong for shooting the dog and defending themselves? ….

    Go on guys smoke up another joint.. Hopefully your dog is next.

  266. #266 |  Redleg | 

    The police HAVE become the “Standing Army” that the founders warned us about.

  267. #267 |  paranoiastrksdp |

    Here comes the spin folks.

  268. #268 |  Sonia | 

    Although this looks very sad. I can’t hear on the video what he is arrested for. Was it just for pot? Cause if so then that’s crazy. But what if something else bad was happening in that house that we don’t know about or that is not shown in this video? What if bad things were happening to the poor boy? This is a very small piece of the story so I can’t judge it. If it is just for pot, then it’s wrong, totally. But if there is more to it, then it should be known and not passed off as just the bad cops taking down someone for weed. This shows nothing really. Still sad though either way. This looks like a cherry picked video with no real substance. You could have told any story to go along with it. I didn’t hear the boy either. DId the family know it was happening and were prepared for it? Because I know if someone was banging on my door and shooting, my kids would have been screaming like crazy for me.

  269. #269 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

    “We are hypercritical, even when an operation goes perfect,” Young said. “After every search warrant, the team discusses what happened and what could have been done better, and then we train.”

    Really? Then let’s start with simple stuff. Next time:

    Don’t do a dynamic entry for an alleged marijuana dealer w/ no history of forcible felonies.

    Don’t shoot dogs when you are wearing boots and body armor!!! If you must distract the dogs, there are comercially available sprays which humanely deter dogs from attacking (you can find them at Pet Smart, by the way).

    Do get training in how to differentiate between aggressive dogs and dogs that want to play. Animal control or certified dog trainers can assist with this.

    Do pay for PTSD counseling for the family you just terrorized, including the kid.

    Do pay for any physical damage to the house and for the cost of two new dogs.

    Do discontinue the process of using SWAT for non-forcible felony suspects w/ no history of violence.

    Do advocate an end to the drug war, which is damaging the reputation of U.S. law enforcement.

    There ya go guys. Now get training!!!

  270. #270 |  carl | 

    Hells yeah! kill them fukn pot heads! fuk that stupid dog,and that cryin ass kid!

  271. #271 |  Kristofer | 

    its shit like this that makes me hate people… i hope those FUCKING PIGS go to FUCKING HELL for what they did to those poor dogs.

  272. #272 |  Kristofer | 

    Thank you Helmut O’ Hooligan, i want to let you know that i fully belive in what you have said…

  273. #273 |  Bloody | 

    Sick… Just sick. Where are our rights. Innocent until proven guilty by a group of your peers. I pray his jury watches this video.

  274. #274 |  Sally | 

    There is a special place in hell for those cops…And, hopefully the family will look to sue for their outrageous and unnecessary use of force.

  275. #275 |  Feral Cops: They Shot The Dog! Again! « John Jacob H’s RKBA Commentary | 

    […] Radley Balko Link Click HERE Tantalizing Excerpt: In February, I wrote the following about a drug raid in Missouri: […]

  276. #276 |  Alex | 

    This is the exact reason why I absolutely hate cops. They think of themselves constantly. Ridiculous, heartless pigs in my opinion.

  277. #277 |  MattinCincy | 

    Radley, I might be ignorant on this, but what about the judges who sign off on these search warrants? Would that be a good place to start?

    Hell, if the police were truly legitimate “Peace Officers” they could do these drug raids much easier, and more effectively… anyone ever go to Craigslist, and in the casual encounters section see an ad stating that they are “420 Friendly”? Of course that could also be the cops setting someone up…

  278. #278 |  okiegirl | 

    1) All cops think they’re GOD!!!
    2) Legalize pot already. Or ban alcohol and cigarettes.
    3) Example of #1: One of my town’s local “finest” was drunkenly grabbing women at a bar, then pointed a gun at one of the bouncers when asked to leave, and was finally arrested. Lucky I wasn’t one of the women – lucky for HIM that is!!!

  279. #279 |  Keith | 

    U.S. Land of the free? My Ass…

    In Canada people would be rioting in the streets… We just had a Pot March through Toronto where tens of thousands of people smoke pot on the front lawn of the Provincial government… had the cops acted like this it would have been a massacre…

  280. #280 |  This is why I have no respect for police | 

    They did it solely because they could. You don’t murder a corgi because you feel threatened by it.You do it because you’re a sick monster that enjoys getting off on the power of murdering something weaker than you.

    They fucked up and they knew it. They added the child endangerment charge to try and justify their excessive use of force. I’ve had friends get raided and caught with ounces. Their pets are still alive and there front door still locks.

    These “people,” are police officers solely to be applauded for the sick behavior that any where else in society would be condemned.

    The only way you can assault and kidnap people, vandalize their property, steal (confiscate) their possessions and murder small animals is to hide behind a badge

    If these ass holes were wearing do-rags instead of badges this would be a horrific crime on the late local news regardless of who had how much pot.

  281. #281 |  Jacob Rudy | 

    “You are all free to do as we tell you”

    This video is just a drop in the ocean, lie upon lie, brainwashing by the media, “the war on terror”? what a fucking shame – yet we are all made to fear the middle eastern man/woman – Well let me tell you if my country was raided and occupied by military in the way that America has done so in numerous other countries I would surely want to seek revenge. And that culture of violence is finding its way into American homes, I would wager this type of thing happens much more frequently then we would like to conceive. It’s time to make a stand against injustice, because when we all realise how deep the lie runs I’d wager we will feel very betrayed.

    Indifference as well as ignorance are moral crimes against humanity of which I am sure majority of us are guilty, its time for free thinking individuals to truly question and take a stand against what they know is wrong, before its too late.

    I can’t believe possession of drug paraphernalia is a crime that is ridiculous…’remember it’s not a war on drugs it’s a war on personal freedoms’

  282. #282 |  Frank Hummel | 

    I would comment but Radley said at one point he would not tolerate comments that promote violence.

  283. #283 |  nuffsaid | 

    i cant believe they killed the fuckin dog!!!! just imagine if the homeowner would have shown any type of threat or had barked at the pigs…… it woulda been him n the dog! those cops are heartless pieces of shit!!!! n for them to discharge there firearm with a child in the home they should all lose ther badges for that bullshit!!!! i really hope someone kills there fuckin dog so they know how it feels! karmas a muthafucka!!!!!!!

  284. #284 |  carlos | 

    fuck the fucking law wtf that dog DID NOTHING and they killed it..fuckers. they need to be arrested for being above the law, killing an inocent animal. now thats illegal. fuckers…

  285. #285 |  Rick | 

    #23, no it wasn’t a kilo. It was a “small amount” that resulted in a misdemeanor charge. That puts the upper limit at an ounce and a quarter – any more than that would have been a felony.

    #134, I doubt it was a “no-knock” warrant. If it had been, they would have broken down the door instead of banging on it. This was a peaceful entry – or what passes for peaceful in our country today.

    The “war on drugs” is a war on peace-loving Americans and is having the same effect as alcohol prohibition had in the Roaring ’20s: fostering police violence while enriching organized crime. Legalize now!

  286. #286 |  Me Myself | 

    If u dont like to get raided dont brake the fucking law? The cops did their job and im glad they did, imagine a world without them….

  287. #287 |  Jason | 

    fucking pigs

  288. #288 |  Redleg | 

    The police have become the “standing army” that our founders warned us about!

  289. #289 |  Axel | 

    You guys are retarded if you think it’s up to the cops wheter or not they should make raids like this.

    Plus, if you don’t want SWAT storming your house at night maybe not keep illegal substances around, just saying.

  290. #290 |  Joshua Snyder | 

    Legalize, tax, and regulate. It’s THE only solution, this has happened before, is happening every day hundreds of times, and will continue to happen if we don’t stop the War On Drugs that has killed more people and ruined more lives than any of the wars fought in the last 20 years by the US.

  291. #291 |  Crystal | 

    I just wanted to say….LEGALIZE!!!!….. wasting tax dollars thats all thats taking place here. And I dont understand it the dog was not even aggressive at all.

  292. #292 |  Arthur | 

    “The warrant authorizing SWAT and investigators to enter Whitworth’s home was approved by Boone County Associate Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider on Feb 3., and the raid happened Feb. 11.”

    You know how we get judges like her to stop signing these ridiculous warrants? Get on a jury, NEVER convict on consentual crimes. Your power to change the law as a juror >> as a voter.


  293. #293 |  Bo | 

    first off mister cop above me u a nazi just like them so just keep to yourself and since the judge did sign a warrant that lacked any proof of big sales or what have u considering it seems they were looking for more than what they found i think they need to lose there jobs because they made a poor judgement call by shooting the pets in front of a child and also heresay isnt a just cause without proof so judge should be barred also on top of that pretty much its the power trip behind a badge and a gun but i guess thats my personal oppinion on that

  294. #294 |  LOl | 

    omg they shoot the friking dog

  295. #295 |  kaj | 

    War on drugs, what can i say?
    If it is a war declared on us people, why is the war only fought by the police, if it is fought only by one side in a conflict, is it a war?
    It’s more like an aggressive purge, cleansing all what the politicians think is against their own opinion, no matter the price we people have to pay.
    How can this go on?

    Why isn’t there political parties to day, who can stand up against the existing ones, with reasonable political views?

    There must be enough wills to make a change, why hasn’t this been done?
    I cannot understand how someone like G. Bush got elected twice in America.
    And i cannot understand that when B. Obama was chosen, nothing happened… He was supposed to be a man of the people right?

    Its a shame that the politicians in control, who are supposed to represent the people is doing the opposite, working against them.

    How can you become a police officer in this society, and not feel guilty of what you are doing?
    I myself have no trust what so ever for the police and hate them for their ignorance, but thats not the way it’s supposed to be.
    In an healthy society I’m supposed to feel respect and trust for these men and women protecting my rights.

    Now they are violating them…


  296. #296 |  WHAT IS GOING ON | 

    If a group of rats raided my home in the middle of the night, waved automatic weapons in my face and shot my pet in front of my child I would kill them all or die trying.

  297. #297 |  tobias | 

    Fucking retarded cops, shooting the dog.. Storming the mans house and infront of hes son, aaw, cant say anymore then i hate the fucking idiots. poor dog and son.

  298. #298 |  Emil | 

    This is perfect! 1 more thing to show the Government in Sweden why we need to legalize, wasting money we dont have on Cannabis, the best thing in the world…Stupid people whit stupid laws. If you wanna help me and my friends get enough stuff (like this link) to show and talk about for the Swedish government i would priciate that! you can mail information to my e-mail ( And killing a dog, wow fresh new SWAT team … Shit team if you ask me! bye bye people! Stay high, STAY FREE!

  299. #299 |  1776jedi | 

    First of all, prohibition STILL does not work, whether it’s alcohol, or hemp flowers. We should have learned that lesson eighty some odd years ago when we tried to end drunken stupidity with a constitutional amendment. A proper and legal procedure that the government has failed to apply to any other intoxicating substance. Since the precedent was made that the Federal Government needed one to restrict one substance, it is obviously necessary for any other. From my understanding any and all drug prohibition laws are in fact unconstitutional, making them null and void.

    Second, the though process that militarises police forces bely the fact that even though both police and military are armed, rigidly trained and disciplined in a similar manner, their functions are completely different and worlds apart. Police are charged with enforcing laws, protecting the public, their property, and maintaining the peace. The job of the Military is to kill, crush and destroy and enemy in war. Police are not soldiers. Law enforcement is not a war. Characterizing it as a war, and prosecuting the duties of law enforcement in a military manner is uncalled for, dangerous, and exactly why the founding fathers abhorred a standing military being used as a law enforcement body.

    The “Drug War” is fueled by illegitimate warrants issued based on information provided by confidential informants that are either coerced by police and prosecutors into signing secret affidavits that cannot be challenged, or don’t even exist. This is a totally mockery of the Supreme Law found in the Constitution as those raided and charged are seldom allowed to confront their accusers in court, and CI’s are never charged with perjury for the false claims they make on these affidavits. police routinely perjure themselves in court and seldom face criminal prosecution for perjury, or the violation of rights.

    The SWAT team tactic of showing up in the middle of the night, breaking down doors with out giving sleeping people time to answer the door is in itself a terrorizing act. A hand full of uniformed officers could just as easily knock on the door during daylight, waita reasonable amount of time for an answer (more than 10 secs), then proceed to politely inform the occupant they have a warrant. They do not need to automatically shoot the family dog. I seriously doubt that a barking corgi, and caged pitbull put anyone “in fear of their life or the public safety” which are the only times an officer can discharge their weapon. Killing a dog for any reason other than self defence or euthanasia is a felony crime. Police are charged with enforcing the law, with out breaking it. They are not “the law” or above it. When they break it they should be treated just like anyone else.

    That said, I highly recommend that police start acting like police and stop acting like SS Sturmtrupen. In the event that some crackhead with his balls in a salad shooter says my name to save his own ass, police should seriously consider acting like public servants an not tin gods. Knocking down my door between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM will result in a naked man in fear of his life instinctively defending his family with and AR 15 loaded with 30 rounds of MilSpec SS109 penetrators that will cut through several layers of body armour like butter. Criminals have been known to procure police gear and commit home invasions screaming “Police!” so one can’t be too careful. Police may have the legal authority to serve a search warrant, but I have the legal authority to use deadly force to defend my home from criminals posing as law enforcement.

  300. #300 |  Michael | 

    #289 | Arthur | May 7th, 2010 at 5:04 am


    Madness??? THIS IS SPAAAARTA!!!!!!

  301. #301 |  sweden | 

    I know that you’re getting angry and so on, but blame the system, not the cops. They are doing what they are told, even though they may not agree with the learned behaviour and the act that they have to preform do to make it as safe as possible for the police.

    I do agree that there is to much, and some unnecessary violence. But as I said, they are told to do this and they are trained to do it that way.

    = stop blame the peoples under the helmets, and start blame the system a bit more!

    Sorry for gramma/spelling errors.

  302. #302 |  Mattias | 

    brb jihad on swat.

  303. #303 |  Micke | 

    I hope these cops get jailed and fucked in the ass for every day by a 7 foot black guy named Tyrone.

  304. #304 |  disgusted | 

    Absolutely disgusting.

  305. #305 |  don't_but_it | 

    Where is this videos Source? I don’t buy it.

    1. SWAT would NEVER stand in front of a door.

    2. SWAT would have restrained the woman and child IMMEDIATELY.

    3. SWAT would have restrained the man as soon as he went down.

    4. SWAT would not have have stopped untill the house is clear

    5. They didn’t read him his Miranda rights.

    6. They stated they were serving a “narcotics search warrant”, not an arrest warrant…2 very different things.

  306. #306 |  bixx | 


  307. #307 |  Linda | 

    WTF!! This video is unbelievable!! It made me cry…………. what a big ol swat dude couldnt just get the lil dog out of the way before he got his ankle bit? How many bullets did they have to put into the little guy? This is horrifying. I cried, now I’m just really pissed! They don’t call them pigs for nothin!

  308. #308 |  Linda | 

    As to # 305s comment, you must be a cop! Nobody else would defend these asswipes except another asswipe! If this wasnt real, it dosn’t make any difference, it happens all the time anyway! FOR REAL! #1. your an ass #2. your an ass #3 your an ass #4. your an ass #5 They DID read him his miranda rights and your still an ass and #6. SWAT is not and should NEVER play GOD!

  309. #309 |  carl | 

    Hell Yeah

  310. #310 |  Linda | 

    #1. S= Seriously #2. W=Wannabe #3. A= Americas #4.= Terrorists Put them all together they spell SWAT!

  311. #311 |  Jude | 

    @ Don’t_but_it:

    1: This is a local police force SWAT team, not NYPD SWAT. Needless to say, probably not the best trained…

    2.: SWAT standard procedure with seven year olds is to apprehend and arrest them? Try telling me that’s justifiable and not completely and totally f*cked.

    3: The man, within seconds of being on the ground, had a fully-armoured cop with a fully-automatic KILLING rifle standing over top of him with a flashlight right on his head and back. I’d say he was pretty f*cking restrained.

    4: The last thing they do is they all gather around the guy to read his rights, which they’ve done a pretty good job sh*tting all over already. The camera doesn’t show where the dog-killing cops go off to, so you can make the standard assumption they cleared a small, one level house rather quickly after deciding the “threat” had been put down…fuckers…

    5: Remember that part where the cop asks for a card and says “You have the right to remain silent” and mentions some bits about being able to afford an attorney? Those are card your MIRANDA Rights, and he did read them. After shooting the dogs.

    6: You’re right, they are different. Doesn’t stop them from acting the way they did, apparently.

    In summation, don’t question the validity of this video if you don’t have the facts on it straight. What they did here was unjustifiable, rephrensible, and down right f*cked. As this is my home state, I fear that SWAT teams all over MIssouri are taught this procedure. I don’t need them shooting my two cats in the first ten seconds of running into my house because they think I may have something.

    Don’t defend the unconsciable.

  312. #312 |  Linda | 

    As to #301 Maybe they should think about training these D-bags differently then!!! The system my ass!

  313. #313 |  Emilia | 

    I get so fuckin’ pissed off.. this is just so twisted and wrong, I think I need a smoke

  314. #314 |  Linda | 

    I totally agree with Micke!!

  315. #315 |  claude | 

    I wish we could “sticky” this thread like on a regular message board/forum.

  316. #316 |  Bob | 

    Everyone must copy and post this. These cops should all be fired. They were dressed for battle and afraid of a dog? BS!!! If these guys had nothing better to do they should have stayed at the cop shop and had a circle jerk together. Would have been time better spent by a bunch of pussies!

  317. #317 |  Recspecs | 

    So horrendous. Just posted to my FB account. NO ONE knows this type of thing is going on except the tiny minority of us who read sites like Radley’s. Spread the word.

  318. #318 |  Recspecs | 

    So horrendous. Just posted to my FB account. NO ONE knows this type of thing is going on except the tiny minority of us who read sites like Radley’s. Spread the word.

  319. #319 |  JWoo | 

    I want to vomit after watching that video. WTF is the point of all that? I am terrified to think that if i have a hlaf an ounce of weed in my possesion that my family could be terrorized in such a manner. Disgusting. Foul. I really want to vomit.

  320. #320 |  Philly Girl | 

    To all those heartless bastards that posted that it’s the victims fault for breaking the law….please do a little research. Many, many innocent people and pets have been killed by the cops.

    Kathryn Johnson – 92 shot and left to bleed to death while cops plant drugs in her house.

    Additional victims – many were just in the wrong place at the wrong time

  321. #321 |  concerned american | 

    these cops are no different from the ones all around the United States. we have no choice and no say in these times. Even with all the hundreds of thousands of people like you or me who would totally go about changing the way our local PD and SWAT does business like this. It wouldnt really matter because the senseless drug war that has been going on for years and years destroying america and ripping families apart. After all these years of fear of persecution we still cant even sit in our own house with our family at peace and smoke a joint. Oh but you can go down to the 7-11 buy a 24 pack and half kill your wife in a drunken stooper. Nice going American dream. I love california and will stay here cuz we are working on legalizing marijuana on a local level the rest of the states need to follow.

  322. #322 |  concerned american | 

    by the way there is no difference between you drinking a beer and relaxing and me smoking a joint except for the fact that one is illigal and doesnt make you act like a fucken fool. Oh yeah and you wont get a headache (hangover), oh yeah and you will remember everything except for what you were about to say.

  323. #323 |  sebastian | 

    fuck the police! thy are all a bunch of fucking retards! can’t understand how they can do somthing like that it’s just sick!

  324. #324 |  claude | 

    Has anyone created a facebook group over these types of shootings? That would be a good way to go. I would love to join one. I might even create one later today if no one else does. I tried searching there for a group about this issue and came up empty.

  325. #325 |  Tommie E. Jordan | 

    I have sent the following message to the Columbia, MO Police Department:
    “I have just seen the SWAT team police raid on the couple wherein the dogs were shot by your officers. I feel this is a gross misuse of police force and in reviewing the tape that was released, feel that your SWAT Team grossly overstepped their boundaries. If there is a defense fund being started for the family involved, be sure that I will be joining in it. Your Police Force has grossly violated the rights of these people. I feel that you should have a review of your operations and re-train both your investigators and your SWAT personnel. You have shown to the world that your operations are full of gestapo tactics and you should be ashamed and held responsible and liable for them.”

  326. #326 |  JS | 

    Recspecs “So horrendous. Just posted to my FB account. NO ONE knows this type of thing is going on except the tiny minority of us who read sites like Radley’s. Spread the word.”

    That’s the reason it is allowed to go on. There is pretty much a media black out of police abuse. I don’t know if they’re scared to offend the law and order conservatives or what but the MSM usually won’t touch these kinds of stories. That’s the real story here.

  327. #327 |  Heinrich Himmler | 

    I don’t know, I kind of liked the way they handled it.

  328. #328 |  Bob | 

    So, now that the initial shock has worn off…

    I’m wondering…

    What exactly were they arresting him for? There was no indication that they had found any contraband at this point, and all they had was a Search Warrant.

    They were SEARCHING for a large supply of Marijuana and supplies indicative of distribution. Nothing of the sort was found.

    Yet they still managed to slap on enough misdemeanor charges to convince him to plead guilty to “Misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia”

    They find some judge willing to issue a Search Warrant, which is basically a fishing expedition… then the SWAT team executes it as if it’s an Arrest Warrant backed up by the evidence that would support an arrest warrant.

    There aren’t cops “Doing their job”. These are thugs doing whatever the fuck they want.

    The difference between a Search Warrant and an Arrest Warrant is legion.

    Notice the bullshit justification for the raid: “suspecting a large amount of marijuana at the location” There isn’t a shred of evidence to connect this guy to a “Large amount of Marijuana”… if there WAS, they would be arresting him with an ARREST Warrant instead of engaging in a fishing expedition with a SEARCH Warrant.

    Where is this “Large amount of marijuana?” Don’t you think you should HAVE said marijuana before going in for the arrest?

    They didn’t have any of that, so they got a Search Warrant in order to further the investigation. A Search Warrant means walk up, ring the bell, and serve the warrant so officers can search. Not bust in guns blazing as if you’ve got Scarface cornered inside.

    Using SWAT to serve Search Warrants against non violent people has got to stop.

    Criminal charges should be in order for the SWAT team and their commanding officers.

    Civil charges should be in order for the Police Brass that authorize these tactics.

  329. #329 |  So This Is America « Automatic Ballpoint | 

    […] house and shooting his two dogs (one was a corgi) while his wife and seven year-old look on. Why, you might ask? They found a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were […]

  330. #330 |  Trish | 

    I just watched this video and it’s horrible!! You can plainly see and hear that their poor dog was just barking, not attacking! I think in those situations if needed, they should taser or use a tranquillizer gun! And that poor little boy! Maybe if they had some brains they could of set up their (RAID) a little better, like waiting for the boy to go to school. And they barely found anything! This should be posted and shown everywhere so the public can really see how ignorant and stupid (law enforcement) can really be at times! This is a total law suit in my opinion!! My heart goes out to the family!!!!!

  331. #331 |  AuntRhonda | 

    “The more laws the less justice” Cicero

  332. #332 |  stan | 

    This is a posting I made earlier on another site that was addressing the same video….
    I have been watching this go viral with some fascination. It is clear that this video has struck a nerve in the ordinary citizen population of this country. What is most striking, and moreover downright scary, is that the law enforcement types who have commented on this do not appear to have the slightest understanding of why the citizen population has reacted so vehemently. They think that this sort of police behavior is just normal, and that we should just accept it.
    This is the essence of the problem.
    For those who can remember back a few years, the US military used this sort of house by house search and interrogation tactic and as a result almost lost the Iraq war for the US. Our military thought that they were merely clearing out bad guys by busting into houses and intimidating the residents. What they didn’t realize, until it was almost too late, was that they were actually creating enemies, turning Iraqis who might have been at worst indifferent to the US presence into active opponents who would provide assistance to those who sought to maim and kill US soldiers. These SWAT raids are doing the same thing to the police in this country. For the general citizenry, the police are becoming “the enemy”.
    The law enforcement community needs to understand that “protect and serve” does not mean “intimidate and harass”, and that if they don’t get that message, not only will they not get cooperation (including continued funding) from the general citizenry, they will in some cases run into combat-trained veterans who won’t take this sort of harassment without resistance. The law enforcement community also needs to understand not only that the general citizenry doesn’t support this sort of behavior, but that is is causing the people to lose respect for both the police and the laws the police claim to be enforcing.
    Finally, this case is a poster child for declaring an end to the drug war, particularly ending the criminalization of marijuana. If the “war on drugs” has become a war on ordinary American citizens, we have lost no matter what the outcome.

  333. #333 |  Bob | 

    Here we go:

    “The tip on Whitworth came from an informant who the police chief said apparently wasn’t consulted before the raid was carried out.”

    Not only that, but the Search Warrant was issued 8 days before it was executed.

    In the immortal words of Chief Wiggums: “That’s good work, boys!”

    So this is what passes as ‘drug investigation’ here, an informant rats someone out, that person has a criminal record involving drugs… Bing! Probable cause! Wait! Probable cause of what? Can’t raid him for a dime bag in Columbia! I know! Distribution! Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence!

    Question 1: Was Whitworth targeted because an ‘informant’ fingered him, or was the ‘informant’ tapped to implicate Whitworth because he had a criminal record and could be used as a free arrest to pad the arrest numbers?

    Question 2: Was ANY actual ‘investigation’ executed? It doesn’t look like it.

    Here’s what I see: Pigs need arrests. People that have already been jacked through the system make easy targets.

    Here’s the process: Target an undesirable who has an arrest record for narcotics. Motivate an informant to snitch on him. Use that as probable cause to get a Search Warrant. Bust into the guy’s house. What are the odds of the guy not having the stuff for at LEAST a misdemeanor arrest lying around? Hell trying to find pot at a guy who likes to smoke pot’s house would be like trying to find beer at my house.

    The only difference? By the vagaries of fate, beer is legal.

  334. #334 |  Philly Girl | 

    Claude, look up Cop Block on Facebook.

  335. #335 |  claude | 

    I just did look up “Cop Block”. It gave me nothing with that name and asked “Did you mean: chop block, coc block”?

  336. #336 |  Toby | 

    To anyone who says that cops should die, I hope someone breaks into your house at night and blasts your fucking ass. While wrong in nature, this video is an example of the high stresses that cops endure while trying to keep communities safe. Wow, one dead dog. How about all the times cops went into a situation using passive means and ended up getting killed by some piece of shit drug addict. Fuck all you ignorant pop-culture bandwagon New Jack City watching NWA listening fuckwads. I support cops and will forever. As far as police procedures go, the fact that some people put cops should just go up and knock on the door. Do you have any idea how many cops have been killed outside people’s doorsteps because they just “knocked on the door.” Good job coppers and fuck that dog.

  337. #337 |  nremt | 

    you all take too much for granted. what bubble do you live in? the second your house gets home invaded by thugs looking to steal everything you own and, God forbid, hurt your family, you will be begging for a swat team to come save you. sure, shooting of dogs sucks…its not pretty…but officers in PD, Fire and EMS are injured and almost killed all the time on calls by “family pets”…so they don’t take chances. it’s not the swat team’s fault the prick was selling weed (with children in the house)…he broke the law and the swat officers were just doing their job.

    not to get off on a rant…what kind of country do you guys want? will you only be happy when its a free-for-all anarchist state? everyone messed up on heroin and filming children having sex in the name of art? that is surely the impression you give in your illogical emotion-based rantings. makes me sick to my stomach. just a bunch of spoiled spoon fed children with no clue of what the real world is like…it’s ugly and not gonna change for better or worse no matter how many freedom fighters you idol worship and try to bring in to power. your revolution will not be televised because people are going to wise up to your b.s. they are going to get tired of listening to grown men and women in che guevarra t-shirts whining on television, radio and blogs about “nazi regimes” and how amerika is so messed up because people have values. if anything, you want to CONTROL america to your liking in the fashion of Mao and Stalin. if anyone ever reminded me of hitler…it’s you. the voracity with which you espouse your anti-value sentiments leads me to believe that, given the chance, you would round up people who don’t think like you and put them in labor camps. “hug a tree or die in a salt mine” would be your slogan as you name the head of PeTA Supreme Commander of the Altered States of America. i take that back…the revolution WILL be televised…on NBC…CBS…ABC…CNN…MSNBC and simulcast on NPR. they will show the footage of your revolution getting squashed in failure by riot police because you don’t HAVE the intestinal fortitude to back up what you say. you don’t believe in guns…so what will you use…rainbows and bongs? no…you will just chant, koombyeya and drum circle your way out of the annals of history. fads pass. that is all you guys are…mark my AMERICA LOVING, FAMILY OF A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, GRANDSON OF A WWII VET, EMS words…you will fade away and be remembered as a joke.

    One more thing…if you call 911, I will still come to stop your bleeding, help you and give you a ride to the hospital because it is my job just like the cop that is sworn to protect and serve who puts his or her life in danger for ungrateful little pricks like yourselves. remember that when you call 911.

  338. #338 |  JS | 

    Trish ” I think in those situations if needed, they should taser or use a tranquillizer gun!”

    No, they shouldn’t. They shoudn’t use any gun. They shouldn’t be allowed to break in people’s houses. And once upon a time in America, they weren’t.

  339. #339 |  claude | 

    “you will be begging for a swat team to come save you.”

    Unfortunately they will most likely be too busy killing the pets and terrorizing the family of someone with a pot seed stuck in their shoe.

    “One more thing…if you call 911, I will still come to stop your bleeding, help you and give you a ride to the hospital because it is my job ”

    Please dont. Id prefer to have someone competent do that.

  340. #340 |  Matt | 

    I give toby and nremt 1 star for at least trying to troll this thread. I think they got confused and used the wrong troll guide though as I’m quite sure a lot of people aren’t “diry hippies”…

  341. #341 |  claude | 

    “you don’t believe in guns…so what will you use…rainbows and bongs?”

    My gun IS my bong.

  342. #342 |  claude | 

    ” they will show the footage of your revolution getting squashed in failure by riot police because you don’t HAVE the intestinal fortitude to back up what you say.”

    Anyone else thinking this is where he stopped typing with two hands and started typing with one hand as the other was busy doing something else?

    nremt, its time to change your diaper, baby boy, and put on a new bib.

  343. #343 |  claude | 

    “fuck that dog”

    If you could keep your personal fantasies off the site, id sure appreciate it.

  344. #344 |  cringing | 

    “Fuck all you ignorant pop-culture bandwagon New Jack City watching NWA listening fuckwads.”

    Send someone to investigate — the time machine is sending messages from 1983 again. Anyway, back to Hill Street Blues…

  345. #345 |  Grez | 

    Every single last one of these guys that entered the front door should be in prison. This gives every good cop in this country a bad name.

    The fact they came busting into a family’s home in the night based upon hearsay of what are most likely criminals is absolutely shameful.

  346. #346 |  Arthur | 

    “Chief Ken Burton held a news conference with Mayor Bob McDavid at Columbia City Hall to combat what he repeatedly called the Internet’s mixing of “fact with fiction”.

    Really??? I think some number north of 99% of people expressing outrage are reacting ONLY to the facts that are so perfectly clear in the video. We are NOT misunderstanding the circumstances here…in fact, most of us have been keenly aware of the tactics and justifications for these home invasions for years. Sir, your junk is hanging out and if you don’t put it away it will be chopped the fuck off!

    “I don’t think we should have run [the search warrant] eight days later,” Burton said. “We should have run it that day. We simply didn’t do it. So we own that, and we’re very sorry it turned out the way it did.”

    So, if only they had run ‘it’ sooner they might have found more weed which would have somehow made the whole raid justified. See, the problem is not that they are invading homes, putting police and citizens at great risk, rather, the problem is that sometimes the ‘bad guys’ get away with their terrible crimes despite all these efforts. As for how sorry the chief is about the way “it turned out,” I think we all know what he is sorry for: the publicity and having to answer all these damnable questions. If he were sorry for what was done to the Whitworth family then he would be taking steps to stop all cannabis related terror strikes immediately.

    These raids are violent. These raids are police infusing more violence into all of our communities. How the American people have been convinced over the past few decades that this is actually making their communities safer is an absolute wonder to me.

    Would you rather live next to a guy who smokes fat sacks all day long or a uniformed terrorist who kicks in front doors and shoots any living thing he thinks he won’t be held accountable for? Before you answer, please know that how you answer this question says A LOT about your moral character.


  347. #347 |  Becca | 

    If you don’t like what the SWAT team did—the power of the pen is just that powerful. Write or email:

    Mayor Bob McDavid
    Term Expires: April 2013

    Phone: (573) 874 – 7222 (573) 874 – 7222

    Fax: (573) 442 – 8828


    Mailing Address:

    City of Columbia, Missouri
    701 E Broadway
    P.O. Box 6015
    Columbia, Missouri, 65205

    You have a voice…use it.

  348. #348 |  Bob | 

    Toby and nremt,

    I’d like you to meet my friends, Mr Space and Mr. Paragraph!

    Mr. Space is awesome! See how neatly Mr. Space separated this line from the ones above and below?

    Mr. Paragraph is equally cool! He organizes sentences that are built on a common theme into small blocks, each block clearly and succinctly conveying information pertinent to it’s theme.

    Yay Mr. Space! Yay Mr. Paragraph!

    This message brought to you by letters G and K, and the number 7.

  349. #349 |  Ridiculous | 

    I have nothing against police officers at all, nor do I have anything against the law. I believe both are necessary to insure the safety of individuals in a society.

    With that in mind, this is a prime example of cops abusing their power. Shooting the family dog??? Over a misdemeanor amount of marijuana? What SHOULD happen (but won’t, obviously) is that guy should be able to break into every single one of those swat members houses at night, scare the sh** out of their families, slaughter every pet in their house, then punch each one of them in the face.

    Those cops are jokes of police officers and jokes of human beings. They should get their badges taken away and be forced to wear a sign the rest of their life saying “I used to be a police officer until I abused my power” and then show a picture of them slaughtering the dog so everyone can know how horrible of people they are.

    I have family friends who are police officers and they said that what these guys did is unacceptable and unnecessary and that they, as well as their department, should be punished fully, but that they probably won’t.

    what a joke

  350. #350 |  nremt | 

    amen toby…and bob #348…you are obviously an intellectual…good for you. you will probably end up running some facet of government someday (for like five minutes). didn’t realize this was a college essay. thanks for pointing it out.

    BIG SPACE FOR BOB…computer won’t let me tab…sorry…hope you aren’t crying about this whilst looking your mac at Starbucks. intellectuals rule.

    claude…i would def come help you if you were in trouble. then tell PD to shoot your dog.


  351. #351 |  ALowe | 

    OK, Toby, tell us. You said “do you have any idea how many cops have been killed outside people’s doorsteps because they just “knocked on the door.””

    I was thinking it was somewhere between none and not too many. What do the statistics say?

    And nremt, you said “sure, shooting of dogs sucks…its not pretty…but officers in PD, Fire and EMS are injured and almost killed all the time on calls by “family pets”…so they don’t take chances.”

    Really? I just googled for “cop killed by dog,” “police killed by dog,” “EMT killed by dog,” and “firefighter killed by dog,” and didn’t see any references to someone in those lines of work being killed by dogs. I did, however, see a lot of links about dogs being killed by police.

    How often do EMTs shoot dogs while performing their job? It doesn’t seem like they need to do it too frequently, and generally they wear a little less body armor than your average SWAT goon. How do they survive in such situations?

  352. #352 |  nremt | 

    furthermore…how is it that you are all daft enough to want to kill a human being for killing a dog? i understand being mad…but jeez! i don’t even peruse liberal BS sights like this, but a buddy sent the link and was all like, “check this sh-t out!” when i saw how pissed all of you were at cops doing their jobs i had to laugh.

    Space for Bob

    you are all just a bunch of whiny telephone tough guys all like, “if a swat team comes to my house, I will kill them all! a bunch of dead cops! hold on…got to roll a blunt…” HAHAHAHAHAAAA! i would give my left arm to see you take on a security guard at TARGET with a tazer, let alone a fully kitted swat team!


  353. #353 |  nremt | 

    jesus Alowe…do you have anything better to do with your time than google useless statistics? did i say “killed”? (don’t remember…too lazy to look it up and don’t give a sh-t). Doubt it. I guess I made all that stuff up since it wasn’t on google. thanks for proving me wrong. hahahaha. i am obviously out of my element here since all of you (oh crap…forgot to put a space in here for Bob) are a bunch of intellectual artsy-fartsy give-a-shit types. perhaps you will grow out of it…i don’t know…and don’t care because you are going to get left behind while everyone else is chilling in the real world. maybe the president will do something about it…don’t know. all i know is that this would make a great training video for how to shoot an out-of-control dog while serving a drug warrant.

  354. #354 |  MC | 

    This is angering and absolutely sickening. There are plenty of good cops in the world, but think of these poor children that just saw their dad get in trouble and their dogs shot mercilessly over something that doesn’t threaten anyone or anything. This is terrorism, child endangerment, malicious destruction of property, animal cruelty, and a flagrant violation of the fourth amendment all rolled into one.

  355. #355 |  claude | 

    ” i would give my left arm to see you take on a security guard at TARGET with a tazer”

    What time do you go on duty there?

  356. #356 |  nremt | 

    hahaha…take another bong-hit from your “gun” claude! funny! you got me…1000 hrs. see you there.

  357. #357 |  Bob | 

    I don’t know what I find more offensive:

    being called an ‘intellectual’, the insinuation that I would even TOUCH a Mac, or that I frequent Starbucks.

  358. #358 |  nremt |

    the above link is to a video…actually a little funny…no animals harmed. But a dog ripping a bumper off a car? Think what it will do to an arm. Won’t rip it off but def de-glove it.

    Was the dog just playing or doing what a dog is supposed to do? Dunno.

    didn’t mean to insult you bob. mac and starbucks suck.

  359. #359 |  Kirby Foster | 

    War on Drugs???

    Funny, I don’t see drugs locked up in jails. I do see people. So therefore this is not a war on drugs. It is a war on People!!! That would be YOU.

  360. #360 |  lolman | 

    so friggin lol. cops are such assholes

  361. #361 |  Val Helstrom | 

    I just hope that the the little kid in the video remembers all his life that the COPS were the Nazi turds who killed his dog in front of him. Maybe someday he will be in a position to f*ck up some cop who needs help. Sure hope so!
    Those cowardly scumbags have earned a payback for every pig out there with a badge, a gun, and a Nazi SS self image.

  362. #362 |  Kathryn | 

    @nremt So, the corgi was posing a threat to the health and safety of the officers. Say I buy that, and the fact that the threat required lethal force. How do you explain the execution of the pit bull that was kenneled? How was a dog that was confined any threat to these officers safety? The answer is simple. It wasn’t. And neither was the corgi. It’s just easier and more intimidating to shoot the family pet. Because full body armor and assault weapons apparently just aren’t enough.

    I just feel horrible for this poor kid. How is he ever going to be able to forget that night? Do you think he will ever in his life believe the police are there to protect him? No, they were the monsters that killed his dog in front of him.

    I have the utmost respect for most of the police force. They do a job that is difficult, and dangerous. However there is no excuse for this travesty. Shame on them.

  363. #363 |  Heath Jay Mannix | 

    SWEDEN # 301 –
    Where have we heard that before?
    “I vas only following orders! I vas only doink vat I vas told. Putting ze Jews into ze gas chambers und ze ovens, zis vas not MY idea, but I vas beink a good soldier, ya, just doink as my superiors told me!”

    Yeah – that excuse didn’t cut it at Nuremburg, did it?

  364. #364 |  Guido | 

    @#172 | 34 year police officer
    “I have worn a badge for 34 years and served on a SWAT team for 4 years…..This video just pissed me off.”
    Then do something about. Stand up and be a man. Speak out. Arrest and root out anyone in your department who comits these atrocities. Your non-action against “one your own”is every bit as bad. Why do we not see LEO’s going to prison over this criminal behavior? Clearly, because of your “us vs. them” mentality. The “them” being citizens who pay your salary.
    Thar said the drug war is a disaster that can never ever be “won”. Want a quick and simple solution to end these type of senarios? Simply stop conducting drug offense raids on your own society. Man up and flat out refuse to continue your a-moral behavior. Politicians will never act to limit police behavior out of appearing weak. So it up to you boys in blue to man up end it yourself. Then maybe we will consider you heros like past generations did.

  365. #365 |  kaptinemo | 

    To those poor souls who are trying soooo hard to canonize the police, one fact remains: Society did not dragoon them into the police force…nor did the average citizen ask them to become police officers. They made that choice.

    They can unmake it if they feel the strictures of law and custom are too great…or the job too dangerous. Just like any ‘civilian’…which, BTW, is exactly what they are. No more, and no less so than those they tend to be contemptuous of. I will never forget hearing one Ocean City Maryland policeman tell me that there are only two kinds of ‘civilians’; assholes and victims. The implication was that the two categories were indistinguishable.

    That kind of arrogance breeds the kind of behavior that is demonstrated by the police in the video. And it cannot be tolerated in a (putatively) free society without that society eventually losing that freedom.

    Oh, and BTW, I’m an Army vet of the late and unlamented Cold War era. Military family; as a kid in the 1970’s, my hair was never longer than 2 inches regulation, at a time when every other young male in school looked like Jesus Effing Christ. Caught lots of hell for that. Wanna call me a ‘dirty fucking hippie’? Make sure your premium on your health insurance is paid up, first. You’ll need it.

    In my much younger days I and millions of others who served were willing to fight and die to keep this country from police state fascism that I witnessed first hand way back when there was a Checkpoint Charlie and an East Berlin and Communism. But judging from what the War on (Some) Drugs has led to, illustrated by that video, I’m afraid all those who fought the Cold War did so in vain…unless we end this stupid drug prohibition once and for all.

  366. #366 |  Graham Shevlin | 

    I have added Columbia MO to the list of places in the USA that I Will Not Visit.
    I am about to write an email to the Columbia Visitors Bureau explaining this. I also posted the video to FB, and another link on my blog.
    The only thing that will stop this pyschotic behaviour by police is public humiliation, embarrassment, and the likelihood of punitive damages which will invalidate their insurance policies.

  367. #367 |  Old Gringo | 

    This can be stopped over time if people will only educate themselves regarding jury rights; go to: and learn.

  368. #368 |  Justthisguy | 

    I came to this post by clicking a link at

    Lex is a recently retired Captain in the USN, and a fighter pilot, who was an instructor at Top Gun. He is disgusted and horrified by this, as are all of his commenters, among whom are some serious military badasses. He doesn’t need to formally join the Oath Keepers, because he’s that kind of guy anyway. His honor, and his sword, are bright and shiny. Read the latest comment there, from John Donovan, a third-generation professional soldier who is both anciently and honorably a member of the Order of Saint Barbara, who grew up in that town and went to college there, about why this is one of the reasons he’ll not be a cop again. His honor is also nice and shiny.

  369. #369 |  ErnieOMalley | 

    # Professional Standards Division: * Training Supervisor: 573-874-7422 * Internal Affairs Supervisors: * 573-874-7606 * 573-441-5477 * Professional Standards Commander: 573-874-7525 * Investigative Bureau Commander: 573-874-7523 * Public Information Officer Jessie Haden (573) 874-7448 * Detective Jeff Westbrook (Hadens backup) (573) 874-7578.

    And if you want to get more personal, this is the email of the SWAT team commander:

  370. #370 |  Frank Hummel | 

    A bunch of amateurs.

    1.) All gaggle in front of the door for easy shootin
    2.) They all *walk* in the door. Normally the first person in would turn right (opposite the door) the second left. Walking in like that exposes them from fire from the flanks. Untrained personnel tend to be attarected by strategically placed distractions (bright lights, movement, the TV in this case). They did not disapoint.
    3.) There was nobody covering their rear. The last guy walking in the door decides to look right after a while and guess what? That’s where the “dangerous criminal” was.
    4.) Didn’t hear any “Clear” calls

    This was obviously a stunt.

    One day these guys are gonna breach into a house with a real criminal and we won’t hear the end of whining about “dead heroes”.

  371. #371 |  Justthisguy | 

    Yes, I see, Mr. Hummel. Not only were they wrong, and bad, but they were dumb, too.

  372. #372 |  James Clark | 

    If I’m not mistaken, Columbia Missouri has voted cannabis laws to be law enforcement’s “Lowest Priority” These guys are not only violating our constitutional rights, they are trampling on the will of the voters in Columbia Missouri, a large college town. Sad, but commonplace in America today. My own one bedroom apartment was raided by no less than 15 cops serving a warrant for an allegedly illegally purchased laptop. It was the wrong apartment, and thankfully they did not shoot me or my cat, but I nearly had a heart attack as they banged the door down while I was asleep at 7:00am. Very common.

  373. #373 |  TCYR | 

    Just curious, but when did pot become a narcotic?? If you listen closely at the start of the video the pigs clearly say they are there to serve a NARCOTICS search warrant. Did they find any narcotics? Did they find ANYTHING that would even suggest that this guy was any sort of dealer instead of just a casual user? Why the fuck was this warrant ever even issued??? I’m guessing that some DA dickhead lied to the judge who issued the warrant. Wouldn’t it be funny if the warrant had the wrong address on it?! I think the problem isn’t just with these police douchebags who are obviously on a power trip, it’s with the other people who were tasked with taking a “responsible” action before the police even got involved (e.g. the Judge and District Attorney’s office). Or maybe it started with a cop who lied to the DA who lied to the judge? Regardless, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of bullshit!

    If it would stop this kind of ignorant, irresponsible, excessive bullshit from happening in the future then I say (re)LEGALIZE MARIJUANA! Where is the real harm here? The pot? Or the over-the-top police response?

    Whatever happened to “Serve and Protect”???

  374. #374 |  Shell Goddamnit | 

    @34 year: I think you are incorrect re: poor intel. I’m suspecting that these officers had perfectly good intel – enough to know that the situation would not be dangerous and that there was no need to expend real policing effort.

    Sloppy work. Because it didn’t matter. Because they were in no danger.

    I’m glad the vid pissed you off. Hope you do something about it.

  375. #375 |  Redleg | 

    @ #368 Amen!

    It may not even be a real criminal. They may enter a home on a NO knock (which we know happens) where the owner still believes that a home is a man’s castle and is willing to defend it to the death. Perhaps a veteran, rancher, farmer, or just a REAL American who actually has a lifetime of living with and using firearms daily to the point that they are no more than another appendage. It won’t be pretty.

    Oh how they will wail about the dead “so called” heroes.

    I think Alexandr Solzhenitzyn had it right when he said “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .”

    That day is coming if this type of thing continues and unlike the Russians, we have MILLIONS of firearms!!!

  376. #376 |  Justthisguy | 

    Redleg, are you? You should definitely hang out at The Donovan’s site. He, too, is a arty person. As you know, artillery is the only rational way to kill people and break things. Small arms are ok for self-defense, but when you really need to splatter your enemies, it’s best to do it from over the horizon.

  377. #377 |  Redleg | 


    Yes I carried the SPQR banner for a little over 15 yrs. I finally woke up in ’03.

    What is The Donovan’s site?

  378. #378 |  claude | 

    Red, the site is in his post #367. I think thats the one he is talking about.

  379. #379 |  claude | 

    “claude…i would def come help you if you were in trouble. then tell PD to shoot your dog. lol.”

    How warped of a human being do u have to be to not only say something like that on a thread about a similar event, but then to actually think its funny as well? Wow.

  380. #380 |  claude | 

    Well the video on youtube is at about 650k views so there is a chance this could go a long way towards making some positive change in this country. At the very least it might be enough pressure so that someones head will have to roll for this. I can hope…

  381. #381 |  Haggus | 

    Ha, I love it, bawww, they were innocently breaking the law, the cops should conduct pre announced raids buck naked using water balloons, and sure let the barking animal running at you get a couple chomps in before acting, fair is fair right? I’m sure the “victim” of this raid made it well known to all around him the illegal activities he was going to commit before he did it. Here’s an idea, don’t break the fucking law, oh I hate the cops, until I need them, then I hate them for not helping me fast enough…..asshats

  382. #382 |  David Schmidt | 

    Couple years back I was sitting in Wendy’s ranting to a coworker about the militarization of the police. Midway through my tirade, a VERY LARGE deputy sheriff got up from his table a few tables away, walked over, and stood facing me, hands on hips. “Ah’m a deputy sheriff,” he rumbled, “and I happened to overhear yo conversation.” “Really”, I replied. “Thass right,” he said. “And I want you to know I agree wit’ everting you said. In my time wit’ the department, I’ve seen every kind of psy-cho-path-ology known to man. A lot of these folks shouldn’t even be walkin’ aroun’ loose, let alone wearin’ a badge.” “Well,” I said, “I appreciate your telling me that. You be careful out there.” He looked at me and nodded. “You too, man, you too.” So you never can tell.

    That being said, I have no compunction about defending myself against home invaders, no matter what gang colors they happen to be wearing.

  383. #383 |  cringing | 

    The Columbia Tribune is reporting that *three* officers fired at the pit bull, and one “missed completely.”

    So in a supposedly high-risk entry, at least three guys all had their eyes in one place, and were all blazing away at the same target on their left (while all of the people in the house were to their right). And one couldn’t even hit the thing, with a long gun, at the distance of no more than the length of a room.

    Add that to the video showing all of the officers stacked up in a straight line in the doorway as the first cop knocked on the door, and you get a perfectly clear image of the quality of this so-called SWAT team.

    Let these guys keep doing raids like this, and one of them is going to shoot himself in the foot, or shoot the guy next to him, or fire through a wall and hit a child, or god only knows what.

    Or someone is actually going to fight back, and they’re going to be instantly in *way* over their heads. Why can’t they see that?

  384. #384 |  ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven | 

    I ask you all to answer the following questions about the phrase we still hear about with respect to police: “The Protect and Serve.”

    Who do they serve, if not us?

    Who do they protect, if not us?

    The time has come to stop sitting idly by while things like these happen many times daily over the whole of North America.

    The time has come to end cannabis/hemp prohibition.

    Overgrow The World!

    PS: Jack Herer was right. So is Rick Simpson. Google those men…and learn the truth that our “elected representatives” don’t want us to know.

  385. #385 |  cringing | 

    Lots of (self-identified and anonymous) cops commenting at a conservative, military-oriented site…

    …who are horrified. Sample comments:

    Former SRT Commander says:
    May 5, 2010 at 8:55 pm
    As the former commander of a major agency, full-time, Special Response Team, I was shocked to see this. Dynamic entry should be a last resort tactic, and only employed with the availability of extensive intelligence regarding the target location. Any decent pre-operational scout should have revealed the presence of kids and pets in the house. Although this video doesn’t tell anything about what information led to the raid, and the shooting of the dogs, I can’t imagine much that could justify how this was handled. Tactics like “takedown away,” “ruse,” or “surround and call out.” should have been considered. This team appears to have extremely poor entry skills and discipline. This is the danger of part-time, poorly trained teams.

    Sandu says:
    May 6, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    Overkill is likely an understatement… Uncle Jimbo had the “marginal training” right as well. Slow, uncoordinated movement. Seemingly no clear idea of what they were walking into. If there had been armed bad guys in there the police would have taken casualties.

    JPDenny says:
    May 6, 2010 at 12:56 pm
    I served 4 years with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg. We often had combined training with National Guard, Reserve, and sometimes Law Enforcement units. The SWAT guys were the worst. We all hated them. They consistently had the over the top “macho” attitudes. We would tell them if they wanted to “dress up” like combat soldiers they should join up and try it 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They were usually astounded that we would tell them to their faces that “why don’t you try that crap when somebody is shooting back”? That and we would laugh at the “all black” ninja crap. It finally got so bad our commander told us to take it easy on the SWAT guys.

    And etc.

  386. #386 |  Norm | 

    They thru in the child endangerment charge as cover for shooting the family pets. In the end they’ll probably drop the charges; however, if this man had shot his dog himself then they would have charged him with animal cruelty.

  387. #387 |  Big D | 

    I will never set foot in the USA nothing against the good people of the states, But I see WAY too many videos of your cops etc doing stuff like this,

  388. #388 |  Miguel Tejada | 

    I bet that guy is a model citizen and is the pillar of the community…….give me a break….they had a search warrant and executed it. They treated the guy with more respect than they do in 3rd world countries….too bad for the dog….boo hoo…

  389. #389 |  JOR | 

    “How about all the times cops went into a situation using passive means and ended up getting killed by some piece of shit drug addict.”

    That would be pretty cool if it ever happened.

  390. #390 |  Melvin Blann | 

    Jesus Christ!

  391. #391 |  Arizona | 

    My two sons were “jumped” by a SWAT team in Gilbert, AZ when they were 11 and 8 years old. They were playing with a group of kids after school in a “clubhouse” they had built from construction scraps in an empty lot. The pigs came over the wall in “full SWAT gear with guns drawn” as described by the children themselves. My husband had to retrieve our 11 year old from the back of a police car. He was not charged with ANYTHING. This happened in 1997.

    In 2007, my youngest son’s BEST friend was murdered by same Gilbert police after they tasered him yards from his family home after getting into some minor trouble on top of lot’s of personal and health problems going on. He was 18 years old and did not have a police record. He was tasered 3 times in rapid succession. Neighbors a couple houses down witnessed several police “officers” banging his head into the ground multiple times while he vomited and never regained conciousness. The neighbors were then told “Get the f..k inside”. A camera and film was confiscated, only to be lost by police, of course.

    I moved to Gilbert so my children would be safe and found it was the worst decision I could have ever made, but honestly, think it is probably the SAME everywhere now.

  392. #392 |  Arizona | 

    One more thing, when I see a police car “trolling” through my upscale suburban Gilbert neighborhood, it truly gives me the creeps now.

  393. #393 |  dave | 

    And this is why so many people call cops pigs. In this situation Jack Booted Thugs would be far more appropriate.
    Once upon a time, before they were called “law enforcement” cops were called “peace officers” which is a far more noble term.
    If they knew there were children in the house, which they most likely did, they could have sent two uniformed officers to the door with the SWAT team on standby out front.
    Unfortunately, once the police capture a criminal the ultra liberal courts let them go in lieu of punishing them. This emboldens criminals causing agencies like this to turn to violent tactics the likes of which we don’t even use in Iraq and Afghanistan anymore. A lack of justice (not social justice) is putting our whole society in danger.

  394. #394 |  mark donegan | 

    I hear ya Matt. I’m, ex-ordnance, I saw we drill a hole in a slug, put in a drop of mercury, seal it with a primer, shave the edges so it’s pointed, then spray on some teflon.

  395. #395 |  rufus13 | 

    If I were in, say, Afghanistan, and I expected a “SWAT stack” (by whatever name) to line up next to my front door or my porch to make a “dynamic entry” under cover of darkness into my house, here is how I would prepare:

    Pressure plates to detect the over 500 pounds of 3 armored men lined up in close formation.
    Video by very well concealed tiny cameras inside and outside the “compound” feeding live A/V to a local and remote (off site) recorder (16 channels of video and 4 channels of audio is now very cheap).
    Plain-looking but extremely stout door and frame system. Make them hammer for minutes or require pounds of explosive to instantly breach.
    If I suspect that they will kill me, my family, and my pets regardless, they should expect the same.
    Explosively formed projectiles will do the trick against the entire group in one motion. Thick masonry walls will protect the occupants from non-directional blast.
    Team number 2 will make certain that you and everyone inside will be “unfortunately” killed in the follow-up event, but there will be enemy escorts to Heaven.
    Survivors of the raid teams will need to be found and revenge exacted on them personally, on their extended families and their organization. The remote video recording will tell and show enough truth to justify every retaliatory action with a religious zeal. The British government eventually got around to negotiating with the IRA, even though they only ever fielded a couple hundred fighters at any time. The US Army is doing the same (in a stupider way) by paying and arming Iraqi and Afghan militia, as we prepare to depart.

    Sounds like a war, eh? It’s not about pharmaceuticals, it’s about power/control and property.

    In the 1950’s, a uniformed officer and his partner would knock on the front door and wait until the owner opened it. No armor, because no one would shoot a cop over even pounds of pot. The warrant would be served and the dogs would be looked after by a neighbor. A search would find a couple grams of pot, a bong, 4 hits of LSD (not yet criminalized), $1200 cash (the people have jobs!), a couple bottles of booze, Chinese take out in boxes. The judge who signed the warrant might want to resign, and the informer just lost all credibility (and should serve some time and a fine for false swearing).

    Stop it now. The cops are outnumbered at least 30:1 and we are better shots than they are with rifles from concealment. We want police Service, not Police State Oppression.


  396. #396 |  Sarah | 

    Wow, this video is absolutely sickening. I can’t imagine what this family was thinking when all of this was happening. I do NOT think it was necessary to kill the pets. It’s just SICK and inhumane! I feel for the little boy the most, he’s going to have a hard time recovering from such a horrific event.

  397. #397 |  Jack | 

    Every single one of those cops should have their balls chopped off. I respect cops in general – they have a hard job – BUT THOSE SWAT COPS ARE MONSTERS WHO DESERVE TO BE TORTURED.

  398. #398 |  paranoiastrksdp | 

    The fact that nremt and Toby are raging as hard as they can over this is a good indicator we’re winning. Rage harder boys, rage harder. Your rage tastes like butterscotch candy to me. hmm mmm good.

  399. #399 | » Blog Archive » Much Needed Critique | 

    […] warrant, shooting the dogs that were kept as pets while a horrified 7-year-old child looked on.  Watch the video and hear how the dogs scream and scream after getting shot once, before being put down for […]

  400. #400 |  Anna | 

    So this is what happens when you decide to have a bit of weed instead of killing, raping and assaulting people, taking chemicals, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco? Are you cops really that bored and upset with your lives?
    What did that animal do to deserve being shot? what smiled at you the wrong way? What did the child to do deserve being yelled it? what not big enough for you to smack around? And people wonder why cops get called names and have hatred thrown upon them. And it’s all down to just a few bad seeds.
    Get off the war on drugs with weed as your focus, when was the last time you came across someone stoned and fighting? or driving? theft? arson? this list could go on forever.
    I have weed for entertainment and health issues ( helps with my anxiety, depression and back pain which all started before weed). I have my night’s out at home with mates, cooking, playing video games, having actual conversations, I don’t yell, pick fights, stare at 4 walls, I clean, cook ( and awesomely I might add). I don’t have a criminal record, never tried other drugs, I barely even drink. And even considering those things, if you guys caught me with a small amount of weed, who knows what you would do to me. Pepper spray me? tazer me? shoot me?
    Go focus on something that actually hurts people. Marijuana can be your friend in so many ways, maybe then you won’t be shooting dogs, harassing families and yelling at small children.

  401. #401 |  Mr. Mann | 

    Someone, anyone, please tell me there will be repercussions concerning this reprehensible act by the police.

  402. #402 |  meee | 


  403. #403 |  Chip D. Wood | 

    How pathetic can these cowards “in authority” get? That is an upsetting video.

    Overstepping the bounds of their duty should be punished. Clearly, from what I have seen concerning acts such as this- IT IS NOT, in today’s American courts.

    Thank GOD for the First Amendment, and for the right to protect my household, which I will do, if such morons unlawfully break in and try their best to ice my family and pets.

  404. #404 |  indyvegman | 

    sue those fuckers for everything you can

  405. #405 |  Angie | 

    Email this to everyone you know. Let the government know that we will not put up with this kind of drama and behavior for non violent offenders. I counted 8 swat members. Why can’t they go after a drug cartel or something or drunk drivers at night. How horrible and disappointed again in our government for allowing this to happen.

    Come on! Lets get going and educate everyone about this!

  406. #406 |  Grandma420 | 

    This is the WAR ON DRUGS? One person at a time and it took a team of 8 swats to go in on a mom, dad and child? Wow, this makes me see just how corrupt it really is. Poor dogs and poor family. Unfair and Inhumane treatment. People need to need to see this video.

  407. #407 |  The Mentality of a Police State - Under a Gibbous Moon | 

    […] at WeckUpToThees! has put up a link to a very disturbing video as well as asked a very important question. Before I get ahead of myself […]

  408. #408 |  TCYR | 

    #336, Toby, you’re an ignorant douchebag! He who would give up rights and freedoms for the ILLUSION of security deserve NEITHER! (P.S. that would be YOU dickhead!) Using Gestapo-like police against non-violent “criminals” is NOT a necessity under any circumstance!

    Yes, being a cop is a dangerous job. Boohoo. Just like being in the military is a dangerous job! The people who do this work do not just go in blind, they KNOW the risks and accept them! Period! When they die they get a funeral procession and recognition for (presumably) “a job well done”. If you don’t want to deal with the dangers then become a fucking librarian you jackass!

    People like you who defend the unconscionable are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution! So Piss Off and Die!

  409. #409 |  Dennis | 

    This is about the same for the Canadian Mounties which tazer a guy for holding a stapler and denied him medical help. That individual died. I have seen to many times on the news cops breaking down the door of the wrong house. Image getting the sh** kicked out of you for nothing but because the police can not read. Cops will always be not trusted because they do what they want with out conquences. DB.

  410. #410 |  Phil | 

    Are you serious? This is justice?

  411. #411 |  Pete | 

    I would murdered the pig who shot my dog. I hope they all die ant rot in hell. peices of shit.

  412. #412 |  Disturbing swat raid - :: motorsports culture | 

    […] pipe with some residue and a tiny bit of marijuana. Then charge the guy with child endangerment. Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family | The Agitator __________________ […]

  413. #413 |  Toastrider | 

    Re: #385, Cringing’s comment.

    We do have allies in the LEO community, for what it’s worth. Sadly, they’re lone voices calling for sanity in a sea of dimwitted thuggery.

    I don’t know if Lawdog has seen this video yet, and I’m torn as to whether I should forward it to him (and ruin his day) or not.

  414. #414 |  joshgeek | 

    Land of the free, home of the brave my tiny ass. It’s all part of the game. As long as we keep playing along by the rules, we lose.

  415. #415 |  Ian in Canada | 

    There needs to be more info, please.

    First of all, what was the reason for the warrant? Large quantities of drugs for distribution? Or just that he had a personal stash? More info needed. If it was for a personal stash, then, yeah, kinda bullshit.

    Additionally, the info is that the dogs were shot within sight of the 7 year old. One of the dogs was a pitbull. Sorry, but they can be nasty beasts. The corgi, though? Why was it shot. More info needed. Was the kid really in view of the shooting of the dog? And even so…so what? The dog was a threat. The pitbull NOT the corgi. Geez. Shooting a corgi.

    All of you posting various epithets and outrage towards the cops are, in a word, clueless.

    This was a textbook entry. For the most part polite, made sure the wife(daughter?) and boy were safe AND recorded by the cops themselves to ensure FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE.

    It’s funny how so many on these boards rage in their ignorance.

    Now, having said that, to charge the family with child endangerement? That seems off-side. Up here in Canada most, if not all, drug warrants are for substantial quantities of drugs or smaller amounts with illegal weapons present.

    Just saying. Most of those raging clearly don’t like cops so anything those people post can, for the most part, be dismissed. Those who make reasoned arguments against this warrant entry….Good on you. That’s what’s needed.

    As for No-Knock. Yeah. Keep it to serious bodily harm, possible death, shit like that. Not for a bit of weed. And make sure your info is spot on.


  416. #416 |  Kick Him, Honey » Blog Archive » Child endangerment | 

    […] got it from The Agitator, who writes: It’s horrifying, but I’d urge you to watch it, and to send it to the drug warriors […]

  417. #417 |  JS | 

    sweden “I know that you’re getting angry and so on, but blame the system, not the cops. ”

    and 70 years ago you would have said blame the system not the defendants on trial here in Nuremberg. They were following just orders, so what if a few million people were murdered? It’s not their fault its just a bad system.

  418. #418 |  JS | 

    Sarah ” I can’t imagine what this family was thinking when all of this was happening.”

    The words of Lee greenwood’s song were probably going through their heads and they were proud to be Americans ’cause at least they know they’re free.

  419. #419 |  Melvin Blann | 

    Every one of the “protect and serve” participants and their supervisors involved in this event should disciplined, fired, and prohibited from ever holding any position what so ever, in any type of law enforcement agency, including that of being the “emptier of waste baskets” or “mopper of floors”.

  420. #420 |  Steve | 

    I live in Columbia, MO. We are enraged. Nothing in memory has brought our community together like this. I have not the time to read all of your comments on this blog, as I have been looking at blogs about our fair community from all over the world..

    The history of the video here:

    The video was obtained by our local newspaper who for once, acted like real journalists. The police did not want or ever intend for this video to be seen. I am surprised they didn’t “lose” it.

    A good place to get a feel of how Columbians are reacting to this story here, read the comments after this news article:

    and the comments after this article. Trouble brewing in our fair town….

  421. #421 |  Hossmiester | 

    Well the only good thing I saw was the fact that he refused to state his name, and then as a perfect example, “I want an Attorney”! And no MR COP you DO NOT have the right to know his, mine, or anyone elses name after being told “I want an attorney”! If and when I have spoken with my attorney, and if my attorney gives you my name, then and only then will you know who I am. Soon after this it will be followed with you personally, all your fellow officers, the chief of police, city attorneys office, and the mayor recieving your Summons for a lawsuit! And how nice it was for the police to film all the evidence for me. (course it seemed a little odd that at certain times to camera went blurry for some strange reason).

  422. #422 |  headcase | 

    legallize, legal lives!!!!!

  423. #423 |  claire | 

    This is sickening. It scares me that if these people came to my house our family pets would almost certainly be shot. their very friendly but will get protective if unaccompanied strangers try to enter. I think this is the case with most family pets.
    All id have to do to stop them would be to grab their collar, would I be shot too if I tried to do this?

  424. #424 |  Full Disclosure | 

    All police departments need to be forced to carry cameras and their interactions need to be public record and their recordings shown on the nightly news. The so called law enforcement agencies need to be held accountable.

  425. #425 |  Andrew Williams | 

    #381 “the cops should conduct pre announced raids buck naked using water balloons”

    Sounds good to me. And let’s send some rookies on a snipe hunt while we’re at it. Fun for everyone!

  426. #426 |  Daniel | 

    People in missouri are banding together. Nieghbors did the same thing when this happened:

    get real people this guy is a career criminal fuck him and his dogs. Its his fault and deserves everything he gets.
    Also don’t give shit what his mother has to day. She shouldn’t be allowed kids

  427. #427 |  Tim | 

    There you go you stupid yanks.You have sat back watching your tv and allowed all your rights to slip away….No knock warrants! Were you people asleep?The army is giving surplus weapons to your cops,who I might add most are wannabe military psychos.Good luck with that.If you lazy bastards dont get off your asses and do something about this well, it was nice knowin you-all!!!
    Regards, .50 cal pointed at front door.

  428. #428 |  chris | 

    wow! a seven year kid in the residence and they are firing weapons? I have seen search warrants excuted, but not like this. Not real professional.

  429. #429 |  chris | 

    yes, they have a right to know your NAME…Damn, gonna make coppers job even more difficult…

  430. #430 |  Swat team kills family dog, Victim is charged with possesion of a bong | 

    […] is the video of it happening. Yes its on film.…ssouri-family/ "Nobody is a virgin, cause life fucks us all" Reply With Quote   […]

  431. #431 |  Kim | 

    Omg…that was complete and total bullshit…but that’s really what happens…I’ve gone through that twice. Glad I didn’t have any kids or pets…I was surprised that I wasn’t shot myself when this happened to me. Fuck those cops and fuck all the cops!! I can’t believe that this is allowed to happen. It’s terrorism in it’s purest form.

  432. #432 |  They Shoot Doggies, Don’t They? « Around The Sphere | 

    […] Radley Balko: In February, I wrote the following about a drug raid in Missouri: […]

  433. #433 |  video | Αστυνομική βία « Κύπρος = Κουμπαροκρατία | 

    […] video | Αστυνομική βία Οι επιδρομές των αστυνομικών χωρίς ιδιαίτερο λόγο σε σπίτια πολιτών με οποιοδήποτε πρόσχημα είναι ένα φαινόμενο παγκόσμιο. Η Σοσιαλιστική(χιούμορ) Κυπριακή κυβέρνηση,όπως και οι προηγούμενες, έχει δώσει το ελεύθερο δράσης-καταπάτησης κάθε δικαιώματος υπόπτων, για λόγους που θα έπρεπε κάποτε να τεκμηριώσει με σοβαρά επιχειρήματα, και να μην κρύβεται πίσω από νομικίστικες διαδικαστικές υπεκφυγές. Να μας πεί υπό ποία έννοια αναλογικότητος δικαιώματα καταπατούνται με τόσο ισχυρό τρόπο. Κι επιτέλους, αν η αστυνομία είναι υπό την πολιτική επίβλεψη κι εποπτεία κάποιου να ξέρουμε να του δώσουμε τα συγχαρητήρια. Άν είναι ένα στρατιωτικό σώμα που καταστρώνει σχέδια επιχειρήσεων χωρίς να δίνει λογαριασμό στην Πολιτεία, να υποβάλλουμε τα σοσιαλιστικά μας σέβη. Το κάνει από αγάπη για την κοινωνία; Το κάνει συνειδητά; Μάλλον ενδιαφέρονται μόνο για μπίζνες, στην παρούσα φάση με τους άραβες. Το σύνθημα και το “μόττο” τους είναι “καταπατήστε χώρους / νόμους / ό,τι βρείτε στο όνομα μιας αεριτζίδικης ανάπτυξης”. Οι επιδρομές που τελευταία συζητήθηκαν χαριστικά λίγο παραπάνω στην τηλεόραση δεν είναι προνόμιο φυσικά δικό μας. Το παράδειγμα δίνουν άλλες χώρες. Οι ομοιότητες πολλές. Στο βίντεο η υπόθεση είναι η εξής: Ένας πιτσιρικάς είναι ύποπτος για κατοχή κάνναβης. Τί κάνουμε τώρα; Μπουκάρουμε με τα όπλα στο σπίτι. Αποτέλεσμα; Μια τρομοκρατημένη οικογένεια, πυροβολισμοί μπροστά στα μάτια εφτάχρονων παιδιών, ένας νεκρός σκύλος(τους γάβγισε) ένας άλλος σκύλος σοβαρά τραυματίας(γάβγισε λιγότερο) μια μητέρα σε κατάσταση σόκ. Πέτυχε τελικά η επιχείρηση; Φυσικά. Ο μικρός δεν θα ξανακαπνίσει κάνναβη. Μπορεί αυτός και η οικογένειά του να χρειαστούν μια μακροχρόνια θεραπεία με χάπια, αλλά αυτά είναι νόμιμα και προβλεπόμενα. Η ποσότητα κάνναβης που ανακάλυψαν τα “τσακάλια” ήταν πλημμεληματικού επιπέδου. Οι γονείς κατηγορήθηκαν για παραμέληση εποπτείας ανηλίκου. περισσότερες πληροφορίες για το περιστατικό αστυνομικής βίας. […]

  434. #434 |  Steph | 

    OMFG. To start, the dog?!?!?!? It was barking in another room!!! Then once they shot it, they let it suffer for how long before killing it! The least they could have done, since obviously they were too pansy-ass to leave the dog be, is pull 1 head shot right off the bat. Why let a poor animal suffer like that? And for nothing!!!!
    And for a misdemeanor amount of grass? That needs to be legalized anyway. You don’t see people getting high and going around mugging people. You smoke a bowl and sit your ass on the couch til it wears off.
    If there was any intelligence in the gov’t they’d legalize it and control it themselves and get the country out of debt, rather than continuing this “war on drugs” and wasting more time & money.

  435. #435 |  T. | 

    I was close to vomiting at my desk, not to mention, already crying. I am in total shock. Hearing those poor animals crying, then silence, then seeing the child being guided out was HORRIFYING. Not to mention the poor man being arrested who was nearly crying over his dog being shot for NO reason. SICK.
    Those cops are disgusting.

  436. #436 |  Sick of this... | 

    This happened in Atlanta and you probably never heard a word. They raided the house and shot to death a grandmother who was scared out of her wits defending herself with a gun.
    The police were tried and many were found guilty. NOTHING WAS FOUND IN THE HOUSE!!!!
    It turned out they discovered information had been manipulated to get the search warrant. Those guys were tried and found guilty too!

    You can’t ask an illegal for his papers but you can raid & shoot at our citizens without concrete proof!
    Serious changes need to happen. Our elected officials can run a homosexual prostitution ring in the halls of Congress and keep their job (well as long as it’s a Democrat, a Republican would be in prison for sure!)…..but if you have a misdemeanor drug…..they can come in shooting!
    This is so sick…….

  437. #437 |  fuckcops | 

    yeah, this guy is a criminal, let me tell you…..and the earth is fuckin flat. This is bullshit to the max and I was upset along with that guy when he found out they shot his dog. Fuckin monsters.

  438. #438 |  Dave Hoy | 

    How do those MOTHERFUCKERS sleep at night or better yet, look themselves in the mirror? A bunch of REAL TOUGH GUYS! I hope everyone of them gets what they deserve. KARMA IS A BITCH!!

  439. #439 |  Stephanie | 

    Well, lets go with this. The dogs were inhumanely fired upon allowing one dog to be crying in pain. PETA, where are you on this? They started firing BEFORE FINDING ALL “TARGETS” in the house, so they shot into the house when the scared child could have been running around (playing with the dogs) with no regard for public safety. THOSE police officers did EVERYTHING wrong in this, for a small amount of weed??? My husband is a PA STATE TROOPER, he couldn’t even finish watching it. He said they should be investigated and should lose their pensions. Along with the investigating detective that went after the warrant and the judge that signed it. You should be fighting crime, not shooting at families.

  440. #440 |  Ashley Jensen | 

    i hope these cops catch full blown aids. anyone that could do such a terrible thing dosnt deserve to have a job. FIRE THESE COPS NOW. i dont feel safe in a country that will raid your house, shoot your pets, and all in front of a child. talk about a country going to shit. make it better. start with getting rid of these worthless cops, and replace them with cops that make people feel safe and protect them… not invade their home for a little pot… talk about ridiculous

  441. #441 |  Angel | 

    This if fucking wrong. damn that wasnt right at all. the dog was crying. fuck i hate cops they r so stuck up and little fuckers. the guy even said he didnt care about them looking around the house. they didnt need to hurt the dogs at all. not with the children there as well. thats just not right

  442. #442 |  Elusiverick | 

    America & Australia have more in common than I realized I thought the police were only that corrupt here.
    Here the guy would have procured the substance from the housebreskers.

  443. #443 |  Elusiverick | 

    P.S. Didn’t I recognize some of these police officers as those I met at the opening of the Martians Brothel that I attended recently ??/
    They were aggressively poking PUSSY there also !!!

  444. #444 |  Graham Shevlin | 

    This is the text of an email I have sent to the Columbia MO visitors bureau:

    I am writing to let you know that following the release of a horrifying video of armed police breaking into a family home in Columbia and (among other things) shooting dead two family pets and terrorizing the family, I have decided that I will not visit Columbia MO for any non-business reason until I see compelling evidence that law enforcement in Columbia has been held accountable for a grotesque abuse of their powers.
    I am a pilot, so my plane GPS will be programmed to avoid Columbia MO when flying in the mid-West. Ditto my road car GPS.
    I have also blogged about this at, although much of the information in this posting was obtained via
    I believe you may discover that the old showbiz saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity” does not apply when evidence of abuse of process by law enforcement appears publicly in such a compelling form.

  445. #445 |  Rocky | 

    Ladies and Gentlemen: These are the liberties and freedoms young Americans go 10.000 miles away to kill brown people for. You have the right to an attorney – unless you can afford a good one the state will provide you with an incompetent one. Everything will be used against you!

  446. #446 |  Three Good Reasons People of Color Should Question the Drug Legalization Movement at People Of Color Organize! | 

    […] drug legalization advocates back assertions of racism and the drug war. Over-the-top, hyper-violent police conduct related to drug arrests and MTV covering Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur’s recent drug arrest are just two […]

  447. #447 |  Cassandra | 

    Remember folks, this is EXACTLY the kind of behavior that “conservatives” like Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, etc., support, & if you think that the aforementioned would change their view if the object was firearms instead of dope, then you’re deluding yourself. Should State push ever come to citizens shoving back, do not doubt that they’ll back the regime, cluck their collective tongues, & make it appear that those attacked were somehow @ fault by mouthing that “violence isn’t the answer”.

  448. #448 |  The State is Illegal By Its Own Standards | 

    […] example:  a video of a drug raid in Missouri (courtesy of Radley Balko), in which the SWAT team terrorized a family, fired their weapons repeatedly in front of their […]

  449. #449 |  Cambria | 

    Anyone who thinks the police force is stupid enough to mobilize such forces only with the suspicion of a bag of pot being held in the household should lay off the weed. It is apparent that there were indications that would justify the use of such force, such as larger amounts of harder drugs being held there, or whatnot.

    Anyone who drags such police attention to themselves are undoubtedly also guilty of child endangerment due to the millieu not being fit for a child to grow up in.

  450. #450 |  American Citizen | 

    Wow! They allow mexican drug lords to walk/drive across our borders everyday. I just heard on a news show that if its under $500 they don’t even bother with them… but they will break into an American home for a small bag of Pot?
    Wake up America!! If you wait on someone else to save our country it is going to be gone! Help fight against corrupt politicians and those allowing this illegal alien invasion.

  451. #451 |  American Citizen | 

    The more liberal this country gets the worse it gets… big goverment equals control … small government equals individual freedoms!

  452. #452 |  Jim | 

    I don’t smoke pot or do any drugs, hell, I don’t even drink, but it is just plain STUPID that we have these dumb laws on the books making smoking pot illegal, while anyone can go get drunk legally! Pot is not going to hurt US at all! Sure it can cause the people that smoke it to get lung cancer, like smoking those other LEGAL things that kill you, CIGARETTES! We need to STOP making pot illegal and then STOP making these Nazi police task forces that do nothing all day and night other than this kind of crap. We need to put the police back to work on REAL criminals! Our prisons today have more than HALF of the population there for drugs. That is more then ALL the other violent offender COMBINED!! Come on people, get with the program and put an end to this.

    Also, there are some great police officers out there doing a great job. Then there are also far too many power tripping assholes like these guys doing this crappy police work. We really need to weed the assholes out before we have a police force that is no better than any corrupt third world country.

  453. #453 |  supercat | 

    #336 TOBY: //To anyone who says that cops should die,//

    Robbers should die. Unreasonable searches and seizures are illegitimate. Persons who break into an occupied dwelling for illegitimate purposes and accost the occupants therein are robbers.

    #449 CAMBRIA: //It is apparent that there were indications that would justify the use of such force, such as larger amounts of harder drugs being held there, or whatnot.//

    To the contrary, the conduct of the officers demonstrates that they knew there was no real danger. If they would have thought the raid would be dangerous, the officers would have called in a real SWAT team who wouldn’t have been so tactically careless.

  454. #454 |  Ashamed | 

    This is horrible. I am ashamed that this kind of thing happens in 2010 in the US. :(

  455. #455 |  Wade | 

    Don’t break the law. Simple as that. They had a warrant to enter the home. Obviously they weren’t driving around looking for homes to enter. As far as the dog, I’ve shot several dogs in my time. Most were on my property and causing trouble. I always wondered why more cops don’t shoot more aggressive animals when the encounter them.

  456. #456 |  Elliot | 

    Wade, you’ve got to be a troll.

    If you’ve read this blog, you know that SWAT teams routinely get the wrong house. Not only do they murder the family pets of completely innocent people, but they also end up terrifying, harming, and even killing innocent people when they go to the wrong address.

  457. #457 |  Elliot | 

    Wade (#455): “I’ve shot several dogs in my time. Most were on my property and causing trouble.”

    What were the circumstances which were the exception to your “most”? Were you barging into someone else’s home in the middle of the night, displaying aggression to the pet’s owners?

    If you, as a private citizen, came into my house and so much as kicked one of my pets, you’d soon regret your actions. Only those pet murderers who act under color of law, who have overwhelming force to protect their cowardly asses, can get away with that sort of thing without receiving the appropriate immediate punishment.

    And, if their de facto license to kill on a whim impresses you, just consider that cops could murder your wife in front of you and you’d die if you made any attempt to stop them. Even worse, they’d back each other up and blame your wife (or you) for the shooting.

  458. #458 |  Richard | 

    And this is prett much what the world thinks of all amricans ^^

  459. #459 |  Jo Jo | 

    Ooorah, go cops. I’m sure we have the whole story here. Lets take a clip from a video and sell it as militarization of police and conspiracy. We could also show everyone all the bombs loaded on the planes during 911, right? How original! Even if they were wrong for this raid (which I don’t think they were), lets not point out how much good work the swat team does, saving all your butts. How about taking off your tin foil hats and realizing that these people put their lives on the line every day for all of you who express your hate for this country. If you want to leave please do. All kids will grow up safer without you.

  460. #460 |  Angel | 

    This is horrible. These sob’s are completely out of line. They let authority go to their head and think just because they were a badge they are invincible and untouchable. When they stand before God and have to answer for what they have done (killing innocents, people and animals) I don’t think God is going to accept their answer of “Oh well, it was just part of my job.” This is sickening and they should be charged with child endangerment and animal abuse, which I am petitioning to be made a felony charge. If you kill a police dog you get the same charge as if you had killed a human so why is it different if they kill a family pet? They should be sued and face murder charges as well. Really pisses me the hell off, arrogant fuckers!

  461. #461 |  Angel | 

    As for the child endangerment charge, NO WHERE IN THIS VIDEO…. NO WHERE… you see drug paraphenilia laying out in the open. There are no indications of heavy drug use. Also that house looks spotless. No where are there any indications of child neglect, endangerment or abuse due to drug use or undesirable living conditions. They killed an innocent dog trying to protect his home and family which is instinctive. The people were not given an opportunity to calm the dog. This is a tragedy that could happen to any of us at any time and we are powerless to stop it. Damn shame that they very people we look to to serve and protect us is the ones we have to fear the most.

  462. #462 |  markscastle | 

    Time to get some citizen oversite commities going to police the police! The police need to understand who they work for and who pays the bills.They also need accountability to the public they serve.Most desturbing indeed!

  463. #463 |  New Target of Rights Erosions: US Citizens « Chrisy58′s Weblog | 

    […] be exercised only in narrow and magnanimous ways should just read a little bit of history, or just look at what has happened with the always-expanding police powers vested in the name of the never-ending War on Drugs, the […]

  464. #464 |  Angel | 

    Maybe I am wrong but I watched the video and I never once saw a dog coming after the swat team….in fact, it appeared the dogs were in another room the whole time…did they shoot crated animals????
    Yup, this is the patriot act at it’s best people! still like the safe secure feeling it gives you????? This is the safety and security you get for a lot of your freedoms…you like????

  465. #465 |  Elliot | 

    Jo Jo (#459), you’ve managed to squeeze just about every stereotypically stupid law-n-order rejoinder into a few sentences. The “love it or leave it” quip really was the cherry on the top.

    My Spidey senses are picking up troll vibes from you and Wade. Then again, in this post-American stage of the Endarkenment, satire of this sort simply doesn’t work any more.

  466. #466 |  Aubrey | 


  467. #467 |  Bill Smith | 

    These jack booted thugs need to be strung up by a rope from a tree. Welcome to Nazi America you stupid sheep.

  468. #468 |  ResearchGuy | 

    I see a lot of comments decrying how awful this situation is. I also see at least one person claiming that “no one gives a shit.” That’s not the case at all. The problem is that the people who give a shit are not ORGANIZED. There was only one reference to in this entire thread! I have given five years of my life working every spare moment for justice for 9/11, the past 26 months unemployed, and I have to work now. I hope that everyone who reads this will look honestly at your life and decide whether you have a spare time to “take a shift” like I did and work your ass off for a few years to save your country and your fellow countrymen and women. seems like a damn good organization to me. Law enforcement people would be much more effective at recruiting other law enforcement people into such an organization, but someone who’s not in law enforcement could at least be the first in your community to start a conversation among law enforcement officers in the area.

    Let’s see some more constructive suggestions, please, and less wailing about how awful it all is. Damn straight it’s awful, but there’s a lot more of us than there are of them. Being fatalistic at this point is to give up long before the game is over.

  469. #469 |  Mickie Bitsko | 

    An effective plutocracy (rule by the wealthy) needs a thug class to protect its wealth and privilege. Here they are practicing for the future when that wealth and privilege needs protecting as the oil economy ends, China emerges fully as the dominant economy and the effect of global over heating kicks in resulting in increasing competition for scarce resources.

    As that time approaches the ruling elites through their political stooges will come up with many reasons for more power to their thug class and the world will watch as Americans keep voting for those same political stooges.

  470. #470 |  The Survivalist Forum » Blog Archive » New Target of Rights Erosions: US Citizens | 

    […] be exercised only in narrow and magnanimous ways should just read a little bit of history, or just look at what has happened with the always-expanding police powers vested in the name of the never-ending War on Drugs, the […]

  471. #471 |  Phil | 

    I cant believe what I just saw, and I wish each officer that fired shots gets what they deserved. Not big on pot, but that gave them now right to handle that they way they did and I hope the face time for it.

  472. #472 |  Obama’s New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens « Bear Market News | 

    […] be exercised only in narrow and magnanimous ways should just read a little bit of history, or just look at what has happened with the always-expanding police powers vested in the name of the never-ending War onDrugs, the […]

  473. #473 |  New Target of Rights Erosions: US Citizens | Amauta | 

    […] be exercised only in narrow and magnanimous ways should just read a little bit of history, or just look at what has happened with the always-expanding police powers vested in the name of the never-ending War on Drugs, the […]

  474. #474 |  Pohd Lohk | 

    God will not show forgiveness to those blue suited ho ass bitches. And we wonder why muslims bomb us….. ha ha

  475. #475 |  chase | 

    FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  476. #476 |  Non-violent offenders and the drug war - E.D. Kain - American Times - True/Slant | 

    […] remember that drug bust Radley Balko posted?  The SWAT team found a small bag of pot. I don’t know if the guy went to jail or not, […]

  477. #477 |  Vengeance is mine | 

    To Andrew #24

    “I still don’t understand why they have to kill the dogs. Those guys are wearing enough armor to survive a small explosion.”

    Shock and Awe. Steroid manful manly macho men with tiny dicks and dinosaur pajamas.

  478. #478 |  DerKapitan | 

    This should not be left alone. First of all, when do you send a SWAT unit for a misdemeanor amount of marijuana? Whoever supplied the intel should be charged. Second of all, how can they get away with shooting the animal as a first response over other means of subdoing the dog? The person providing the intel should be charged for being full of shit and the police should not only be fired but should be put in jail. You assholes, that is a family pet. May you burn in hell for eternity

  479. #479 |  Je ergernissen van vandaag - deel 12 - Pagina 165 - 9lives - Games Forum | 

    […] Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family | The Agitator das wel fkd up :/ […]

  480. #480 |  Molloy | 

    Pit Bulls suck and I’m glad there is one less. Maybe the pit was getting ready to leap, as they are bred to do? We never saw what happened did we? All we know is that their poor dog died. And since it’s a pit, I will celebrate.

    BTW the parents are idiots for having a small child and a pit in the same house. They are also idiots for maintaining an illegal drug habit while trying to rear a child. Granted misdemeanor possession do not justify a raid such as what is depicted in the film, but as alluded above, WE DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. Maybe the guys moves pounds of weed every day and just doesn’t keep any at the house but his stash. If that (or something like it) is the case, then I have no sympathy.

    Did I mention I hate pit bulls?

  481. #481 |  Aaron | 

    Stupid fucking PIGS.

  482. #482 |  FUCK THESE POLICE SWINE | 

    The camera was on, so they didn’t want it to be just another boring, routine house raid. No, they just had to go in there guns all blazing and shit for shock value, for the audience. Like the show COPS. Shooting every 30-lb Corgi and crated pit bulls in sight. Making a big fucking worthless spectacle over nothing, OVER A FUCKING WEED PIPE. FUCK YOU AND YOUR DELUSIONAL “AUTHORITY.” I hope these pigs roast in hell for their wrong doings.

  483. #483 |  Blair | 

    This is outrageous! As a mother and a pit bull owner and dog lover as well, I’m saddend and pissed off by this video! This video proves the authorites in most states have way too much power! I don’t see how someone with any kind of heart could go into a family home in the middle of the night knowing they were asleep to wake them up with gunshots and their family pet bloody on the floor? They knew that dog was in there. I can here the dog bark before they go in from the front yard in the video. They could have gone in there better prepared and didn’t have to kill it in frount of a kid that small. more than 5 grown men in swat suits I think should have been able to take 1 pit bull. if not then they deserve to get bit! That child will never be the same after that and will im sure never have a respect for the police! I think in this case the pd should be the ones charged with child endangerment! shooting rifles within 200 ft of a child that small and over a lil bit of pot! my parents were both alcoholics and I’ve wish many times they had smoked instead! It dosen’t mean they were bad folks. It’s not like they walked in to a house with keys of of heroin! There was no reason for this! My heart gose out to this family. Good luck in court I’m positive you’ll be fine and come out on to. Maybe a little cash in your pocket.

  484. #484 |  Tim | 

    A case like this happened up in Quebec.Cops broke in at 5am,owner of the house shoots and kills officer.Went to trial and the owner was acquitted of murder.The jury never heard that the warrant was bogus and still found the homeowner not guilty.Hooray for Canada! For now anyway.

  485. #485 |  eddieo | 

    This is SICK.

    Rogue State?
    We all know which one is the biggest danger to world peace;
    it is us.

  486. #486 |  Tina | 

    Can’t believe this is happening. Why they didn’t arrest him otside the house but had to do this to his family and pets.
    Have no words to expres…
    Sadly the petition is only for US citizens.
    I would other way sign it and spread to friends.

  487. #487 |  Dario | 

    Now thats why I HATE cops.. the are absolute filth. these men will surely get what they deserve, patience everyone.. one day soon.

  488. #488 |  Office of the Repealer | The Country Estate | 

    […] Balko is an awesome journalist. His coverage on the drug war (especially the Columbia PD drug raid video he helped make viral this spring) specifically and policing generally in Reason, print and online, is one of my favorite things […]

  489. #489 |  Bailing out the privileged class | The Country Estate | 

    […] hearings in New York City’s rubber rooms or policemen who abuse the overtime system and kill dogs and humans in drug raids or firefighters who also abuse their payment systems is for the good of […]

  490. #490 |  Dave | 

    What kind of sick diseased maniac shoots a little dog. These are the people that are getting paid with our tax dollars. This is very scary to me and the reason why people hate police. I blame us the general public for doing nothing about it. These cowards are extremely unstable and very ill and carry machine guns. My heart goes out to the child who will be traumatized for the rest of his life. If I where the residents I would hire the best attorney in the world and get some money out of this. I hope this wakes some people up to where we are headed.

  491. #491 |  Peter Rosenholm | 

    It gets worst thay are doing this to people covertly. I was attacked with a directed energy weapon MEDUSA all night and hospitalized by morning. My weapons had already been taken. Then involuntarily committed and tortured for twelve days with directed energy weapons right in the mental hospital.
    I was PTSD after that and was put on Seroquel and other drugs until Seroquel reached 1,400 mg, my feet turned black I gained 60 lbs and was near death when while falling asleep I believe I was hit with another (DEW)directed enegy weapon) weapon, causing my heart to race to 180 bpm but I lived. They are now killing our vets who come home with PTSD with this same drugging, Google Seroquel vets dying in their sleep.

    Peter Rosenholm

  492. #492 |  alison c. | 

    They shot the fucken Dog,Who condones this type shit??????Our Govmt.thats who.Its a disgrace.

  493. #493 |  War on drugs, or a foreshadowing of more things to come… « | 

    […] article isn’t easy to watch for anyone who likes dogs or animals, but here is what I’ve found so far. Police exercised a drug enforcement raid on a family in Missouri. Upon arriving around 8p, […]

  494. #494 |  The Dude sucks | 

    “The dude” you suck and these guys suck. I hope you die soon.

  495. #495 |  Come Back Ted Haggard, Come Back | Truth and Justice For All | 

    […] are undoubtedly two sides to this story of a drug raid netting a minor quantity of marijuana, but it is — to me — disturbing at […]

  496. #496 |  rik | 

    if pot is illegal, don’t buy, sell, possess or smoke pot. it’s that simple. sure this was overkill as far as we know, but we don’t have all the facts, nor the context. and i don’t trust the cops, either. but plain and simple if marijuana is illegal then don’t do it. how hard is that to figure out?

  497. #497 |  Elliot | 

    It was once illegal to allow a black person to eat in your private restaurant, if you also had white people there. It was also once illegal to help runaway slaves.

    Would you apologize for the way that abolitionists and civil rights protesters were treated, since what they were doing was illegal? Would you tell them, “don’t do it. how hard is that to figure out?”

  498. #498 |  TEXAS COP | 

    #41 | Yizmo Gizmo.

    If they had tried this on you, the end result would have been the same.

    It is easy to armchair quarterback the situation when in reality we all know that not a one of you has the balls it takes to do this job. You are able to sleep at night because we, Police Officers, are out there fighting crime.

    You shouldn’t try to second guess decisions made in a situation that you don’t have all of the facts on. That is ignorant…

  499. #499 |  Dom | 

    All this violence and fear over what? A small quantity of one of the safest drugs known to man?
    It’s hard to stomach the fact that that this is normal, regular even. Even more hard to stomach is the fact that there are people out there that believe that this is okay.
    When was the last time someone had their door knocked open in the middle of the night, had their dog shot in the presence of children and had a gun pointed at them for having a beer on the premises? Because I can tell you with absolute certainty that alcohol has been the cause of unequivocally far, far more violent crimes (and crimes in general).

    In a world dominated by fear, confusion and uncertainty the two big legal recreational drugs are ones that promote stupidity, addiction and serious health complications while the biggest illegal recreational drug contains no addictive chemicals, provides very little in terms of health problems (or even none depending on how it is ingested) and promotes the understanding, kinship and sensitivity we all desperately need.

  500. #500 |  Jingleheimer Schmidt | 

    That is really fucked up they weren’t very professional at all their superior should get into trouble too because he’s the one that trained them that way. I didn’t see the dog as a threat. The family was cooperative, so why humiliate them by making them lay down on the floor, yelling at them and all of this other stuff. They just wanted to yell and shoot stuff.

  501. #501 |  Jingleheimer Schmidt | 

    I totally respect police officers jobs and appreciate their service, but I think that they should have changed their Rules Of Engagement. They should have known weather or not the people were really that dangerous and based their ROE off of that. The squad or team leader should have controlled his men better too.

  502. #502 |  Cops: Armed and Dangerous « The 2012 Scenario | 

    […] in which innocent people are killed, cops aren’t going after dangerous hostage-takers, but looking for drugsserving warrants for other, non-violent crimes. […]

  503. #503 |  doglover77 | 

    This video was so disturbing. I can’t believe the real police brutality here. Can I ask what is in Missouri that is so criminal that the police have to act this way? I live in SD, CA and in the ghetto, if I may add. We have so much crime here, but the police still act more humanely than these S-O-Bs. Tell them to come down here and act that way and see what will happen to them. I can’t even imagine how this guy’s wife and kid felt when they were being raided. I’m sure they were so scared and then to find out that their dog had just been shot and killed. It is outrageous! I hope that there was some disciplinary action to the cop who did this heinous act!

  504. #504 |  Marie | 

    Oh, since comments are moderated…F%^& the police! I hate their mother%^&* guts! And the law? Bull&*()!

  505. #505 |  Sebastian | 

    Sweet lord! Man cops in USA just play with theire power. Why the fuck did they have to shoot that fucking dog for? I mean one shot through the head this was a whole round. Man when i heard that dog bark and whine like that i just wanted to do the same to the SWAT team.

  506. #506 |  Seth | 

    Fucking Assholes! Why the hell did they have to shoot the fucking dog? What could it do to harm when there are fcking 12 armored cops there !!?! omfg idiots! And as someone said before me, “this is what makes ppl hate cops” – Totally true.

  507. #507 |  Dementia | 

    I hate drugs of all kind. But this is not the right way to stop it.
    And when the us goverment is the biggest drug dealer in the world. how should this stop the drug dealing then?

    This is just a way for the goverment to have monopoly on this shit and put people in jail so they are easly controlled.

  508. #508 |  Don Allan | 

    Why didn’t the twat team show up at the house of this drug dealing, pedophile cop ??? Were all of his assets seized??

    Former Syracuse police officer Fredrick J. Baunee pleaded guilty this morning to charges he sexually abused two teenage boys and that he was running a drug trafficking ring from his Camillus home.In a surprise move, Baunee pleaded guilty before County Judge Anthony Aloi to two felony counts of first-degree sexual abuse and one felony count of fourth-degree conspiracy.

    Aloi agreed to sentence Baunee to 7 years in state prison. Baunee also will be required to register as a convicted sex offender.

    Baunee, 49, was named May 5 in a 46-count indictment accusing him of running a drug ring from his home in which Camillus teenagers were used as drug buyers and sellers, vandals and for sexual activities.

  509. #509 |  OMFG | 

    OMFG, I wanna cry when I hear the dog scream, then when the cops like finish the dog off, what the fuck?!?!?!?! they like Oh, a scared, screaming, injured dog!!! let’s shoot him 10 times more!!!!

  510. #510 |  The Silence Has Become Betrayal – Ending America’s Drug and Terror Wars | | 

    […] War on Drugs and the War on Terror have, in reality, been a war on the American poor and middle class. While the drug war is used to destroy urban and rural American families through violence, […]

  511. #511 |  Dear Ms. Prohibitionist: On NYC’s Smoking Ban | | 

    […] half of what it was in 1965. Great—and this was achieved without putting anybody in a cage or killing a family pet. And yet it appears that tobacco prohibition is on the horizon. Back in 1999 Thomas […]

  512. #512 |  Monoxide | 

    This is why I have a gun, its perfectly legal to shot a cop when they put your family in danger (which dose include pets). This make’s me hate cops even more, I think its about time that the people rise up and put a stop to this.

  513. #513 |  We, as a society — The League of Ordinary Gentlemen | 

    […] year, about this time, we were talking about Radley Balko’s report of a SWAT raid in Missouri. It was a horrifying video with children being endangered, pets […]

  514. #514 |  THE FRONTLINE IS EVERYWHERE… « ZuneTracks | 

    […] music, no charming wit.  Take a minute or two and watch this video then PLEASE pass it on to everyone you […]