My Biennial Fundraising Post

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Once every two years, I put up one post for one day asking you to contribute to this site. Or rather, to me. Since I’ll be traveling to New Hampshire today, seems like a good time to make the biennial appeal.

In the past, I’ve used part of the contributions to buy something that benefits this site. A laptop, a camera for photos of the day, that sort of thing. This year, I’ll continue in that vein, and plan to get some photo editing software and a new lens. However, anything leftover will go into the Radley’s-much-needed-vacation fund. That will sort of, indirectly, in a round-about way, benefit the site too, in that a relaxed Radley is a better blogging Radley.

Couple other things: I will be taking a vacation at some point this year, and will likely line up guest bloggers during that time. Just saying. Other bloggers have taken heat for asking for money, then going on vacation a short time after. Also, this site will undergo some extensive changes in the future, though not in the next six months, and likely not in the next year. But definitely in the next two years. I think you’ll like them, but I figure I should throw that out there before you decide if you want to contribute.

Anyway, thanks in advance if you’d like to support what I do here. You can contribute here, or you can sign up for a recurring monthly contributio of $6, $12, or some other amount (use the buttons to your left). If you’d rather not use Paypal, email me and I’ll send you an address where you can send a check.

I’ll of course keep blogging whether you all contribute $10 or $10,000. But I figure if you get as much information and value from this blog as you get from subscribing to a magazine or newspaper, it can’t hurt to ask from time to time.

And thanks also for reading. This site has gone from me sending an email to friends and family every time I put up a new post to 20,000-25,000 readers per day between direct visits and RSS feeds. It’s encouraging to know that there’s such an active audience for the ideas and stories I cover here.

Blogging will resume tomorrow, although lighter than usual this weekend. I’m speaking at the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. It’s my first time visiting the state, so I’ll probably tool about with my camera.

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