My Secret Identity

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I think I’m going to start keeping a running tally of how many blogs, commenters (on this site), and Twitterers out me as a secret Republican shill versus how many out me as a secret Democrat shill.

Anyone want to lay odds on which side wins?

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50 Responses to “My Secret Identity”

  1. #1 |  fish | 

    I’m taking the dark horse and guessing that the “Radley is really a communist shill” wins!

  2. #2 |  Johnny Longtorso | 

    My money is on “secret Pats fan”.

  3. #3 |  Duncan | 

    Can’t you go both ways?

  4. #4 |  Michael Chaney | 

    Get used to it, you’re a libertarian.

  5. #5 |  Aresen | 

    The truth shill make you free.

  6. #6 |  DaddyBear | 

    What does Vegas say on the over and under?

  7. #7 |  Andrew S. | 

    Based on my own experience, Republican will win out. But it’ll be close.

  8. #8 |  JS | 

    Man people are stupid. So many people still think in such black and white terms-liberal democrat-conservative republican. Like you either have to be Sean Hannity or Al Franken with no nuances or in between.

  9. #9 |  Radley Balko | 

    My money is on “secret Pats fan”.


    I’ve banned people for less.

  10. #10 |  Reggie hubbard | 

    Please, everyone knows Radley is a pothead working for legalization. He panders to both the left and right to reveal his true goal of getting every child in America addicted to crack.

    Don’t think we haven’t caught on Balko.

  11. #11 |  John Jenkins | 

    What are the odds the secret Pats fan has a life-sized poster of Tom Brady posing shirtless on the back of his bathroom door?

  12. #12 |  SJE | 

    If the competition is “Radley is a Republican shill” vs “Radley is a Democratic shill,” isn’t that long form for “moonbats” v “wingnuts.” There is no “winning,” only who is the bigger loser

  13. #13 |  Mike | 

    Actually, I’ve always thought you were a shill for the People’s Front of Judea

  14. #14 |  RGD | 

    Neither side will allow the other to win! Mutually assured destruction!

  15. #15 |  Big Chief | 

    No way, it’s the Judean People’s Front! Splitters!

  16. #16 |  nene | 

    I don’t care. I’m a socialist. I like to read your blog anyway.

  17. #17 |  James K | 

    While a Democrat sits in the White House, Republican will win.

  18. #18 |  Elizabeth Anne | 

    A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

  19. #19 |  John Jenkins | 

    Romanes Eunt Domus!

  20. #20 |  Big Chief | 

    What’s this, then? ‘Romanes Eunt Domus’? ‘People called Romanes
    they go the house’?

  21. #21 |  Big Chief | 

    Radley – You’re now a Republican shill because the Democrats hold the Whitehouse and both houses of congress. Your Democratic shill days ended when Bushbama won.

  22. #22 |  Thane Eichenauer | 

    I say the count will end up as 90% secret Democrat shill. Why would any large percentage think you would be a secret Republican shill other than the fact that you work for CATO Institute?

  23. #23 |  Akusu | 

    You definitely do a very good job of making people regret slandering you :)

  24. #24 |  Kino | 

    RE: Democratic shill

    Dear Puma : you are not a ninja


  25. #25 |  Rune | 

    Radley secretly works for a clandestine alliance of the bavarian illuminati and a louisiana voudoun sect led by mambo sallie ann glassman with a secret cartel of the producers of blue fabric coloring world wide known as the weaksauce society. these august organisations work on bringing to fruition an occult plan formulated by ayn rand and alestair crowley and furthered by the ruse that is objectivism and drive-through restaurents.

  26. #26 |  Judas Peckerwood | 

    What?!!! You’re not Republicrat shill? You are SO off my Christmas card list.

  27. #27 |  Elliot | 

    I don’t think you’re a secret anything.

    But I still think you must have had a coconut fall on your head to treat Obama/Biden with kid gloves, compared to the bile you slung at McCain/Palin (who deserved plenty of criticism, being the archetypal worst of the Republican party, with the possible exception of Specter and the Maineiacs). Anyone with a decent understanding of history should have recognized the danger. These people are destroying the very fabric of the free market and assaulting the individualism which made America stand out among all nations. Not that the GOP wouldn’t have done their share of damage, but these Chicago thugs are tearing the economy apart at a pace and a scope that takes my breath away (like a dive into icy water).

    I realize that economics is not the focus of this blog, but history demonstrates that swift and drastic systematic suppression of civil rights inevitably follow centralized interference in the market and sweeping mandates for all citizens to participate in idealized campaigns (health care deform, kneecap-the-economy-and-trade, “mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama” the messianic figure). They make promises, their plans fail (anyone with a rational understanding of economics knows why), their promises don’t pan out, so anti-reason prevails (hell is the impossibility of reason) and they increasingly turn to force to maintain power.

    I’d hate to see you become a shill for the GOP, because with the possible exception of a handful like Ron Paul (who is still a politician, and therefore rotten), all of them are unprincipled wimps and hucksters who deserve to be summarily dumped in the Potomac, on top of the Democrats.

    In short, I think you’re generally even-handed when it comes to anything unrelated to an election. Not a shill.

  28. #28 |  Frank N | 

    I thought you were a shill for the Monkey Butlers Union…

  29. #29 |  John Wilburn | 

    How about “American Citizen?”

    It seems to me that people that need to know whether you’re Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, Protestant or Catholic, Muslim or Jewish, or None-Of-The-Above, have way too much time on their hands…

    Incidentally, Mr. Jenkins (#19), as the Centurion explained, the proper phrase is, “Romani ite domum” (Romans go home).

  30. #30 |  David | 

    You’re going to be a secret Republican as long as Democrats hold majorities in Congress and the White House.

  31. #31 |  DX | 

    Easy. You are a freelance shill working for the highest bidder. Capitalism rules.

  32. #32 |  Mike T | 


    You better watch out or he’ll call in a favor with his Jewish World Banker friends who will send a crack team of UN commandos after you in black helicopters…

  33. #33 |  Mattocracy | 

    It’s always us verse them, and the ‘THEY’ are always just lumped into one category. People might as well do what the Romans did and call all non-(whatever your affiliation is) as barbarians. Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute…does it matter if there is a difference? They’re not Brookings so fuck ’em. They are just different tribes of barbarians, no need to distinguish any further.

  34. #34 |  SusanK | 

    I just want to say that I voted Radley a secret Republic shill before I voted him a secret Democrat shill.
    Or was it the other way around?

  35. #35 |  Dakota | 

    It could be a bargraph or chart on in one of the margins that would be fun.

  36. #36 |  random guy | 

    secret republican will win by about 2:1

    There is this pervasive myth on the left that libertarians are far right, as libertarians have done a lot to brand themselves as free market advocates.

    On the right however the only thing you might get points off for is wanting to end the drug war or gay rights. But the right likes to pay lip service to free market ideas just like they pay lip service to ‘traditional values’.

    Your criticism of LEO’s doesn’t really win you points with either group. The right might hate you a little more for talking bad about cops, but in general both groups have authoritarian streaks a mile wide.

    But ultimately it’ll be decided by the fact that your always critical of the current administration, which right now means your just a right-wing shill. In seven years it’ll be the other way around.

  37. #37 |  Nick T | 

    Republican. I actually want to wager money on this. Please provide instructions on how to do this. Radley can be the house and take a vig to support the site.

  38. #38 |  Kristen | 


  39. #39 |  perlhaqr | 

    Now that there is a Demonrat in the White House, you’re totally a Rethuglican shill, and more, you never had anything bad to say about Bush while he was in office.

  40. #40 |  treefroggy | 

    I always figured mutant alien.

  41. #41 |  AJs | 

    Agree with #17 – depends who is in the Whitehouse…

  42. #42 |  JS | 

    SusanK “I just want to say that I voted Radley a secret Republic shill before I voted him a secret Democrat shill.
    Or was it the other way around?”

    haha…exactly, whats the difference anymore?

  43. #43 |  ShelbyC | 

    We all saw a fistfull of dollars.

  44. #44 |  Alice in Wonderland | 

    You outed yourself through use of the phrase “Democrat shill.” The proper modifer would be “Democratic” written with a capital letter.

  45. #45 |  rudeamerican | 

    I thought you were a shill for murderers that bite people. Or was it people that maliciously forget to have drugs in their house when the police politely knock and enter.

  46. #46 |  anonymous | 

    There is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.

    They’re both as stupid, evil, greedy, and corrupt as the Republicans.

  47. #47 |  Peter Ramins | 

    @ #1

    I came here to call him a Marxist Champion of the Repressed Laborers but I guess that ship has sailed. =p

  48. #48 |  John Markley | 

    You’re all wrong. Balko’s Catalan Separatist agenda is obvious to anyone who can read between the lines.

  49. #49 |  Brian | 

    @ Mike T, post #32

    So he’s a supply-side shill?

  50. #50 |  Brian | 

    Make that @DX, post #31