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Monday, September 14th, 2009
  • Cheese or font?
  • British production company can’t find U.S. distributor for Darwin biopic because it’s “too controversial.”
  • So Roger Federer is pretty good at the tennis.
  • Vice visits Battleship Island, a once densely-populated coal mining community in Japan left to crumble and decay.
  • Scott Henson has the story of two Texas death penalty cases tainted by prosecutor misconduct. One of the convicted has since been released. Of course, there will be no significant sanction of the prosecutor.
  • It’s pretty sad when China’s lecturing us on the merits of free exchange. And in this case, they’re right.
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  • 34 Responses to “Morning Links”

    1. #1 |  Stephen | 

      If prosecutors cheat to convict an innocent person, they should get whatever the sentence was for the innocent.

    2. #2 |  Mattocracy | 

      I have a hard time believing that a movie about Darwin is too controversial for America. We’ll accept movies about a sitting president’s fucked up life. We’ll let Bill Maher do his Religulous movie. Ben Stein got to his movie about creationism which was far from a box office smash. Best movie two years ago was about two gay cowboys. Not to mention all of Michael Moore’s films.

      I am far from being a Bible thumper, but I have a feeling that the film’s producers are making an issue out of America’s religious tendencies when it really isn’t there. I think the truth is one distributor turned down the movie which was then made out to be that all the distributors turned down the film.

    3. #3 |  wunder | 

      I’m with Mattocracy on this one.

      I also think this is a PR trick to help them get a distributor. I’m also surprised by that gallup poll number about only 39% of Americans believing in the theory of evolution. Would be interested to see the original poll and how the questions were asked.

    4. #4 |  Mike Leatherwood | 

      The look on Djokovic’s face is priceless.

    5. #5 |  Tomcatshanger | 

      The communists are complaining about protectionism when they reverse engineer and make cheap copies of just about everything?

      That’s some funny shit.

      I’m not defending protectionism, it hasn’t worked and it won’t work this time. But it’s hilarious to see the folks who could care less about copyright and patten law complain about unfair business practices.

    6. #6 |  JS | 

      I’m with Mattocracy on this too. People like to play the persecuted victim. Poor me, I made this awesome movie but the big powerful Christians who control Hollywood are keeping it from getting distributed?

    7. #7 |  Chuchundra | 

      Could be the movie just sucks.

    8. #8 |  Mattocracy | 

      @ JS,

      Ha! Although a much simplier statement, you did a far better job putting things in perspective.

    9. #9 |  MikeS | 

      I’m 100% with Mattocracy. This plays too much into my prejudices about the fundies. Passion of the Christ found a distributor and the controversy it generated only increased the BO. I smell a rat.

    10. #10 |  J sub D | 

      It’s pretty sad when China’s lecturing us on the merits of free exchange. And in this case, they’re right.

      It was obvious that Obama is far concerned with union support than free trade when immediately after taking office the trial program allowing Mexican truck drivers to work outside the border area and deliver products to their actual destination was shut down This was done with no evidence that Mexican drivers were less safe than their American counterparts.

      Hope! And Change! And Smoot Hawley!

    11. #11 |  J sub D | 

      JS –
      I thought it was the evil JOOOOs who controlled Hollywood not big powerful Christians.

      I guess I haven’t been keeping up with the conspiricists.

    12. #12 |  Brian Moore | 

      Yeah, I’m not sure I buy the evolution movie producer’s line. I’m 100% on the side of evolution, but we produce a lot of movies that would be just as offensive to those who would protest this one. It’s hard to imagine that the controversy would deter anyone.

      A far more likely reason would be that they think that movies about scientists will be received as boring. I mean, I’d like to think I’d like it, but you could see where the Transformers 2 crowd might not.

    13. #13 |  Cynical In CA | 

      Hey, Radley:

      ACORN suborns felony tax evasion and human sex trafficking.

      ACORN is closely allied with the Obama Administration.

    14. #14 |  Cynical In CA | 

      “So Roger Federer is pretty good at the tennis.”

      What’s amazing is that after he hit the shot, he readied himself for a return. Professional.

    15. #15 |  JS | 

      Yea I knew it was some evil bunch controlling Hollywood! Like Chuchundra said, maybe the movie just sucked? I bet it didn’t have any car crashes or blowing up buildings and no cool hip hop stylez! Probably just had some British narrator voice telling the facts about Darwin’s life or something.

    16. #16 |  JS | 

      They should do a little editing to get that film distributed in America, like this- Steven Seagal stars as Charles Darwin in “The ass kicking naturalist”

    17. #17 |  dave smith | 

      Relating this post with the post on Norman Borlaug. I’d take a room full of “the earth is only 6,000 years old” people over the people who protest the science behind Norman Borlaug. At least the creationists are not killing people protesting advances in food tech while their bellies are full.

    18. #18 |  billy-jay | 


      I think Samuel L. Jackson would make a better Darwin.

    19. #19 |  B | 

      Speaking as someone who is currently living the life of a scientist, I can assure you that any biopic about a scientist will either be grossly inaccurate or terribly boring (as a movie).

      The Darwin movie probably just sucks.

    20. #20 |  Saint Zero | 

      Re: Darwin Movie

      I’ll have to agree with others: Much ado about nothing.

    21. #21 |  Steve Verdon | 

      These revelations raise a question I asked soon after Michael Toney’s verdict was overturned: “Since the state bar won’t discipline them, there’s no criminal sanction for withholding evidence, and the US Supreme Court has ruled that they carry no civil liability, what should happen to prosecutors who cheat to get a conviction? What other options are there for reining in such behavior?” What do you think should happen to Mr. Parrish?

      I know what I’d do.

    22. #22 |  No Brit | 

      Everybody knows The Americans are another species the british HATE with an unbridled passion.

      The british hate that The Americans are another species, so they’re trying to make them look like… get this… religious people. HAHAHAHA The brits are such poor losers. They invented Afrocentrism to fool the Africans into building their Israel, but that didn’t work. And they NEVER fooled The Americans from Day 0. Columbus couldn’t even do that.

      The british are such dumb and poor religious losers and liars.

    23. #23 |  Mario | 

      Mattocracy @ #2

      The distributors could turn them down for all sorts of reasons. My bet is that what’s going on now with the makers of the film crying about how it is “too controversial” is just a clever bit of marketing to get the next distributor to pick it up, and to start on some promotion in advance of the film’s release.

    24. #24 |  Cynical in CA | 

      #21 | Steve Verdon — “I know what I’d do.”

      So does Jim Bell.

    25. #25 |  JS | 

      billy-jay “I think Samuel L. Jackson would make a better Darwin.”

      Yea you might be right-“It’s called evolution mutha%^$@er!

    26. #26 |  Robert | 

      Free trade with free countries. Everyone else pays extra.

    27. #27 |  Al V | 

      And frankly with the trade imbalance as horrifically bad as it is, what is the trade war threat?

      China has been dumping every product it can copy and produce on us because they manipulate their currency. They’ve crippled our industrial base over the last 20 years.

      We’ve been in a trade war all along. And we have been losing badly.

    28. #28 |  Big Chief | 

      Cheese or Font. You gotta love the internet.

      Particularly good post today, Radley. You had a good mix of the funny, entertaining, interesting and infuriating.

    29. #29 |  Zubon | 

      On Chinese free trade:
      I wish I had a cite for the quote on the radio this morning. It was something along the lines of the administration denying protectionist practices, saying they were just trying to stem the influx of cheap Chinese tires that were costing thousands of American jobs. You so rarely hear someone deny that they are doing something, only to more or less use the definition of it to explain what they are doing.

    30. #30 |  Alan | 

      Or as Scalzi puts it,
      “Alternately, and leaving aside any discussion of the actual quality of the film, it may be that a quiet story about the difficult relationship between an increasingly agnostic 19th Century British scientist and his increasingly devout wife, thrown into sharp relief by the death of their beloved 10-year-old daughter, performed by mid-list stars, is not exactly the sort of film that’s going to draw in a huge winter holiday crowd, regardless of whether that scientist happens to be Darwin or not, and that these facts are rather more pertinent, from a potential distributor’s point of view.”

    31. #31 |  Alan | 

      And quite frankly, there are a fair number of people who’ve dealt with Denninger in the past who think he does a good impression of being a few wacks shy of even being a wack job.
      He did do an acceptable job of running an ISP for a while though (and came out of it well-enough off), even if problems were always clearly the fault of the user (*cough mail spool corruption misdelivering email cough*).

    32. #32 |  Stephen | 

      Wow, I am amazingly wrong on that stupid cheese or font thing. I would have done better to just pick cheese every time.

    33. #33 |  j a higginbotham | 

      Del Potro’s not bad at tennis either.

    34. #34 |  NoMoreNoloContendere | 

      I’m new to this site (Blog) as of right now and plan on moving in and setting up camp. I’ve been seeing this word around “Agitator” thrown around here & there. After reading the entire page today, I only found a couple of reports that are in my area of expertise, (Prosecutorial Misconduct & Bad Cops) *Movies come & go.

      I see that there are other topics to keep the rest of you hooked. It would be nice to see more people take time to comment on the worst crime wave to hit the country. #1 Steven said it best. BUT, it’s not going to happen, if the majority of us are concerned with being movie critics. BUT, that’s what it means to be FREE, we can say what the fuck we want and let em edit till they puke.

      I’m on board. I hope a few of you climb on the band wagon with us and share names, places & events re: PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, BAD COPS & PLEA BARGAIN SCAMEOLA. Doing so, in an effort to make it illegal to break the law and shit on our rights in the name of arrest quotas & convictions. I know, keep dreaming MoFo. BUT, that’s how things get done. AGITATE THIS.