Grandmothers and Pregnant Women Beware.

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Dear TLC,

What the hell is wrong with you?


Radley Balko

CM Capture 1

(Snapped by a reader in New York City.)

More: Per the comments, here’s a trailer for the show. It features the lovely line: “There’s always a good time to use a Taser.”

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66 Responses to “Grandmothers and Pregnant Women Beware.”

  1. #1 |  Taser porn on The Learning Channel | Mutate! | 

    […] Image and Trailer via The Agitator […]

  2. #2 |  European | 

    USA, what the feck is wrong with you? You are about as civilized as some backwater 3rd world dictatorship.

  3. #3 |  ASPECTRATIO | 

    Congratulations TLC! The objective of good advertising is to break through the clutter, get noticed, and get buzz. It worked!

  4. #4 |  Dean | 

    Full episodes are available on the TLC website:

    In the first episode right around 19:00 the cop throws a woman to the ground who was already handcuffed and was trying to hide evidence. Then she threatens her and says “If you try to do that again, I am going to throw you harder and this time it will hurt.”

    Stay classy Broward Co.

  5. #5 |  Drunkenatheist | 

    @Andrew (#22):

    While I understand your frustrations and agree that the show is more about glorifying the subjugation of the public, your comment is the exact reason why the Libertarian party has issues attracting women to the party.

    I get it, the cops featured in the show are jackbooted thugs. That’s cool, dude, I’m right there with you, and those commercials have drawn my ire more than once; however, is there really a need for the blatant disrespect towards women in your comment?

    And, no, you aren’t the only person, but your comment is the only one that is rife with sexist shit. Yeah, based on their depictions from the commercials, these cops are megalomaniac assholes, but you can find ways to call them megalomaniac assholes without resorting to terms such as “cow,” “slut,” “skank,” or “whore.”

  6. #6 |  MichaelK42 | 

    I don’t think they took the tagline far enough.

  7. #7 |  cb | 

    seems a bit reminiscent of another abuse of police power that was referred to here in NY as “Giuliani time.”

  8. #8 |  Andrew Williams | 

    I see it’s time for this again:


  9. #9 |  M. | 

    Women can be just as bad as men, if not worse, in this respect.

  10. #10 |  matthew | 

    We are letting this happen to us,just like those in Hitlers Germany.No one thought it would get that bad,but it did.It’s time for the citizens to arrest the men who break the law,who clam to be the law.We are the many,made to believe we are the few by the few.They make fun of us,for the loss of common seance on our part,developed by the few.As it was said;’you may have the guns,but we got the number’ Jim Morrison.We build this country together,hard working and the educated.Our freedom and lives are know at stake.

  11. #11 |  Andrew Williams | 

    It’s Peanut Butter Taser Time!

  12. #12 |  Andrew Williams | 

    On topic:

  13. #13 |  Andrew Williams | 

    This was TLC’s response to my complaint about the show:

    Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for contacting TLC. We appreciate your correspondence and for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us about Police Women Of Broward County.

    In an effort to ensure the highest quality programming, comments such as these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is forwarded on to our programming executives for review and consideration. Maintaining the integrity of all of our networks is our primary goal. It is these types of comments that contribute to creating change and improving our programming.

    Again, thank you for contacting TLC.


    Viewer Relations

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid.

  14. #14 |  Daniel | 

    I hate to be a killjoy but I can assure you that if these bitches come after me I’ll kick their asses, but good. What is up with the garbage on TV? These women are disgusting.

  15. #15 |  mike V | 

    i watched the show a few times, a friend noted my concern with the subjagatuion of minorities and brutal mistreatment of suspects, always claiming that someone must be doing something wrong and deserve worse treatment because they are under arrest or undersuspicion.

    why did that cop bitch do a vag search in a public parking lot in front of cameras.
    isnt that illegal? immoral?
    there has to be a probable cause to do such an invasive search.
    this cop claims to have performed plenty of cavity searches?
    i have a feeling that this nazi pig actually gets perverse sadistic pleasure, but notcide her clients are poor minorities, if the police did this in larger cities there would be riots.

    why did the cops raid a house after that dude dropped a beer & drugs on the lawn outside? the person did not corroberate any story or claim drugs were sold inside? yes they did find drugs and a gun, but thats some flimsy police work with some pretty insufficent evidence to start pointing guns into an open door and ordering everyone out!!!!

    this freind smokes pot, but has it conveniently delivered by messenger to her job and apt so she is never under suspicion from low level drug sales activity. all of her stories revolve around suburban drug deals where if someone is wronged its just ‘whoah dude thats bad karma’ my experience growing up in the bronx is like ‘whoah your dead, your family is dead and your dog is dead’
    so im against drugs not because you get high and drive, or its a crime, its because theres always someone out there whos making money off drugs and when you buy drugs illegally your supporting a criminal organization, i hold a special contempt for those people buy drugs in their car by going to a cracked out hood then retreating to the safety of their homes in nicer hoods. that money you left behind is part of the problem.

    but these characters that they subjegate are poor aimless people.
    its too easy to think thats not me, im not a crackhead, but watching this show makes me sick, how could you treat people who need social assistance like they are less than human.

    rehab not jail. thats the answer. these pigs are embarassing.
    if this is what is now catagorized as entertainment on tv, im leaving this country soon i hope,.
    f*ck them,

  16. #16 |  Ejm | 

    I am pro law enforcement and I work with police alot and know there are alot of great professional police out there.

    But lets face it anyone can act big and bold when they have weapons and a bunch of people backing them up. These women on the show especially the young blonde act no different than the highschool bully who bothers the little weakling when he has all his friends with him.
    I would like to see blondie act like like that in Mexico or in the favelas in Rio De Janiero (BOPE would probaly put her in her place).

    I will be impressed when you tackle and arrest Hardcore criminals who are not afraid of law enforcement. Try that with Russian mafia or Los Zetas.