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Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I plan to do a lot more shopping at Whole Foods in the coming weeks. Mostly in response to the moronic boycott of the store now gaining momentum on the left.

Let me see if I have the logic correct here: Whole Foods is consistently ranked among the most employee-friendly places to work in the service industry. In fact, Whole Foods treats employees a hell of a lot better than most liberal activist groups do. The company has strict environmental and humane animal treatment standards about how its food is grown and raised. The company buys local. The store near me is hosting a local tasting event for its regional vendors. Last I saw, the company’s lowest wage earners make $13.15 per hour. They also get to vote on what type of health insurance they want. And they all get health insurance. The company is also constantly raising money for various philanthropic causes. When I was there today, they were taking donations for a school lunch program. In short, Whole Foods is everything leftists talk about when they talk about “corporate responsibility.”

And yet lefties want to boycott the company because CEO John Mackey wrote an op-ed that suggests alternatives to single payer health care? It wasn’t even a nasty or mean-spirited op-ed. Mackey didn’t spread misinformation about death panels, call anyone names, or use ad hominem attacks. He put forth actual ideas and policy proposals, many of them tested and proven during his own experience running a large company. Is this really the state of debate on the left, now? “Agree with us, or we’ll crush you?”

These people don’t want a dicussion. They don’t want to hear ideas. They want you to shut up and do what they say, or they’re going to punish you.

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  2. #2 |  Avery | 

    A company as progressive as Whole Foods and the left is calling for a boycott!!! What happened to the right to opinion?
    I’ve never shopped at Whole Food but now plan to support the Company.

  3. #3 |  Mo | 

    For the people out there that are boycotting Whole Foods, you are a joke and if you read the article, you would see that, My CEO has a valid opinion!
    First off, The health care industry needs to be reformed, not become universal. Where do you think the money is going to come from? It’s going to not only take years, but also take millions of dollars. Don’t you see our already downward spiraling economy and you want to be taxed even more? That’s probably where the money is going to come from. No one is looking at the entire picture!
    I have the best insurance that anyone could ask for and there is no way in Hell that I would give it up without a fight.
    John was saying that it is our own responsibility to take care of ourselves through diet and exercise. If you look at America today you will see a world where diseases and medical conditions could be avoided. Diabetes and obesity!!! Most cases are caused by poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.
    People would rather be lazy and live in their own learned-helplessness!
    Its hilarious that so many people are boycotting my work all because one man had an opinion. Are we adults or children? It’s freedom of speech. It’s an ability for people to look at both sides! (Is it the fact that people really don’t want to have to take responsibility for themselves at all?) Which brings me to the point. I think he was saying that we spend so much money and cause so much problems to our own health and we need to change that. That if we took better care of ourselves we could avoid many problems. This would save millions of dollars in the long run.
    Also Whole Foods Market is a wonderful place where we support local, humane animal treatment, healthy diets, Knowledge and equality for all employees! we help sustain farms and people all over the world. We raise money for hundreds of things to help communities all over the USA and world! We do have great insurance and benefits. We also work hard and dedicate our time and effort by giving back to the community. Take good look at other large companies and compare them to Whole Foods. There is a difference and its major!

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  6. #6 |  Kathleaner | 

    Whole Foods stock is up about 20% in August – during the time of this great boycott. 20% is a great year, let alone month. I hope someday a bunch of economic idiots boycott me.

    The left’s regulations always benefit large companies and make them even larger. Regulations from FDA, and most others are in place specifically to insure that the established companies will not face new more nimble competitors. Now the left (good cop), and their NeoCon (badcop) brothers, have programs that make sure these big companies are too big to fail. In a government run system, those same leaders will be in charge of things in your life, only then they can force you to pay them, and you won’t be able to boycott your food or health provider, because you won’t have an alternative. I’m a new Whole Foods Customer for life, and Mackey is a genius. He even managed to help keep out the “undesirables” from his establishment as well with just a few strokes of the pen – and with no regulations, and without signs at the door stating “idiots not allowed”! Bravo.

  7. #7 |  Laura | 

    In response to KCOM

    The best most well written statement about this health care depate I have read anywhere on line. You hit the nail on the head! if anyone can read what you wrote and still not get why so many people (REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDANTS) are against Obamas universal health care, then they just don’t want to get it. Many of the people here who are so hot for this government health care obviously have never had to go on welfare or medicaid or the crap medical they give our returning vets because if they did they would never want the governemnt running their health care. I have many horror stories I can tell from years of watching people who have used both gov. health insurances listed above and I know I will continue to pay what ever I have to no matter how much so I never ever ever have to take anything from the government. People also say look at medicare or social security it works well you paid into it for many many many years that you have worked the governments not just giving this to you you had to pay for all the years you worked. And now we find out they have taken your money but they are both almost bankrupted so were did your money go? You know want to give the gov. more of your money so they can throw it out the window? Not me!

  8. #8 |  Raymond Moser | 

    Looks like the extreme right and left are doing their best to sabatoge health insurance reform on IDEOLOGICAL GROUNDS. Attacks on the views of the CEO of Whole are not only ugly, bullying of constitutionally protected free speech, but are not helpful for health insurance reform, which most average Americans want and need. While the California (LEFT WING CRAZIES) boycott a decent company offering desperately needed jobs the (RIGHTWING CRAZIES) spread boldface lies about death panel/living wills and future health care rationing (like it doesn’t exist in our HMO’s or many health insurance denials of coverage NOW! Clear basic reforms of our private health insurance industry system was the number 1 domestic priority of President Obama’s successful and clear victory last November. Our job as patriotic citizens in a democracy is to support the new president’s broad initiative, while making suggestions on how to improve it. Now, he has to show his own solution to the House/Senate Bill differences and get the best compromise enacted into law, with or without Republican support. He has to get it done!

  9. #9 |  Maddy | 

    Well said! I totally agree! I haven’t been to Whole Foods in a long time, but when I heard about the ridiculous boycott, I decided to start shopping there more often and I’ve already gone once. So, thank you boycotters for reminding me what a great company Whole Foods is.

  10. #10 |  mind cleanse | 

    mind cleanse…

    The Agitator ” Blog Archive ” Whole Foods is an excellent post. But I feel it is missing on a few points….

  11. #11 |  sue | 

    Out of curiosity, how many of you are collecting SS or using medicare? How about mom or dad, grandparents? Are you ready to “opt out” of those gov run programs? Didn’t think so.

  12. #12 |  LemmingWarrior | 

    Boycotting is a very effective weapon used to turn the tide for civil rights read up on how African-Americans used it during the civil rights era.

    This is one boycott I’ll be joining in as I believe healthcare should be a RIGHT and not a PRIVILAGE for the lucky few who can well afford it.

  13. #13 |  Theman | 

    Ron Paul baby !

    im gonna go to whole foods soon, never been but going to cause i heard they got coconut oil

  14. #14 |  Janey | 

    Actually, Whole Foods’ lowest (starting wage) here in CO is $10.00 per hour. I’m not sure where you got your figures. And they don’t buy local all that often, it’s more marketing than anything else. If you are in the store and take a tally of what items are from other areas versus items that are local, you would see a disporportionate amount of foreign and non-local products there. It’s smart marketing and it obviously works if you don’t read between the lines. They make a good profit from saying that the items they choose to sell are free of harmful ingredients when they sell Heinz ketchup and Newman’s Own Lemonade with HFCS in them. Last time I checked you couldn’t make that at home. Although they have good intentions, Whole Foods is just another brick in the now inherently corrupt agribusiness wall.

  15. #15 |  John | 

    “Out of curiosity, how many of you are collecting SS or using medicare? How about mom or dad, grandparents? Are you ready to “opt out” of those gov run programs? Didn’t think so.”

    Short answer is Yes, I would like to opt out. As a personal observation, I doubt grandma would need SS, if the government hadn’t confiscated so much of her money over her life time.

    “This is one boycott I’ll be joining in as I believe healthcare should be a RIGHT and not a PRIVILAGE for the lucky few who can well afford it.”

    Interesting redefinition of a “RIGHT” as in the past, a “RIGHT” didn’t force others in your servitude. I suppose that next you will say you have a RIGHT to clothing, therefore someone should be forced to pick cotton.

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  17. #17 |  JB | 

    For some reason the “leftist” definition of freedom equates to being able to live comfortably at others’ expense. It’s the same logic that says the ability to live without spending your life working should be a right, not a privilege, and therefore slavery should be legalized.
    When will this end? Isn’t the “right” to be fed or to own a house much more important than the “right” to see a doctor? Why not take away the “evil” for profit food and housing industries 1st?

  18. #18 |  Mike | 

    Why is always a left and right issue? If people don’t want to shop there that is fine and if people do want to shop there that is fine. Once a label of left or right is put on something, someone will be wrong and someone will be an asshole for thinking he or she is right. Let everybody be.
    Yes I know this is a very liberal thought.