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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
  • Great correction from the NY Times.
  • Slate‘s “Explainer” runs down the issues involved with the Gates arrest.
  • Here’s a more thoughtful stab at my challenge to the left.
  • Another Moscow critic ends up dead.
  • Illinois state guardian agency sues two sheriff’s deputies for needless tasering two teens. The comments allege far more serious abuses.
  • I was planning to vote for the pro-gun, low-tax Democrat over the law-and-order Republican in the Virginia gubernatorial election this year. Our last two governors (Warner and Kaine) were centrist Democrats, and did a pretty good job. But this may make me change my mind.
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  • 56 Responses to “Lunch Links”

    1. #1 |  greg | 

      “Until then, we could raise the corporate tax rate into the 60s and see little to no effect on corporate profitability.”

      Of course not! when calculating ROI for a particular item (I work in new product development for a mining company) all costs and overhead are taken into account, and then it is raised by ~34% to cover taxes (the worksheet I have to submit to the finance department even writes it out this way!). If “corporate taxes” were raised to 60%, we would simply adjust that number accordingly. No, our profits wouldn’t change a bit….the cost of our product on the other hand…?

    2. #2 |  Nathanael | 

      Hey, just because the Republican has one good idea for raising money by privatization doesn’t mean you should vote for more SWAT team murders.

      Keep your priorities straight. Voting for a “law and order” candidate is almost always wrong.

    3. #3 |  Dave Krueger | 

      This Gates fiasco would not be high on my list of examples of police misconduct. One problem with being sensitized to police misbehavior, as we are, is that we tend to see every event through a filter that supports our suspicions. This case may deserve mention and debate, but not outrage.

      I think it’s very possible the cop was initially acting in good faith. The eventual arrest may not be justifiable, but it might be understandable. No one was tasered or shot, no dogs were killed, and no property damage done. In the end, the charges were dropped.

      I think Gates was very likely being an obnoxious prick. Being a prick isn’t a crime, but it dampens my sympathy for him. I’ll reserve my outrage for an occasion where the victim plays a less active role in escalating the conflict.

    4. #4 |  Tom | 

      Deeds isn’t the same Deeds that ran against McDonnell for Attorney General. Over the last few years, Deeds has gone from being a conservative Democrat to a very typical liberal Democrat. Just look at his flip-flop on guns.

      If you’re going to pick a lesser of two evils, McDonnell is the one to choose. Plus don’t forget, Virginia’s gubernatorial election is usually seen as a test of how the President is doing. Giving Democrats a victory will just help Obama continue the course he is on.

    5. #5 |  Dave | 

      Zeb: “There are several interstate highways that I know of where there are tolls (collected by the state). Also, I believe that interstates are maintained and managed by the states that contain them (with significant federal funding).”

      We used to have tolls on a portion of I-95 in Richmond, the reason was because the section of road was not built with federal funds but rather the Richmond Metropolitan Authority was created to built that section, with the provision that once the road was paid for the tolls would be removed.
      It is a part of the federal law, I have a retired friend who worked for the Virginia dept of transportation at the time and he explained the law, as well as the backroom politicking, involved.

    6. #6 |  Ian Argent | 

      Parts of the New Jersey Turnpike are signed I-95. And anyone who’s taken I-95 through Delaware and Maryland should be quite aware that you have to bring a pretty penny along with you (it’s comparitively trivial to shunpike the NJ turnpike).