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Monday, June 22nd, 2009
  • “Packratt,” the blogger who runs the Injustice Everywhere blog and Injustice News Twitter feed that tracks police misconduct, is stopping because he has run into some financial problems. That’s too bad. He was providing a great service. He shouldn’t apologize, though. It’s tough to keep up a site out of sheer determination. This site has never really made any money, either, but it sort of fits in with what I do for a living, so I look at it as part of my job. That wasn’t always the case, though. The first few years of the blog were done really as a hobby. All of that said, Packratt’s work is much appreciated.
  • Mexico to decriminalize possession of personal use amounts of most drugs.
  • Uncle Sam: an awfully generous boss. The statistic that only about one in 5,000 federal workers gets fired for poor job performance is really remarkable.
  • The most Orwelian city in America? The answer is a little surprising.
  • Dear GOP: Want to retain your status in the minority for at least the next decade? Go ahead and try this.
  • Milwaukee reporter caught in an affair with the city’s police chief just months after writing a flattering profile of him. That would be this police chief, by the way.
  • Your daily WTF.
  • Politico: Support grows for repealing online gambling ban.
  • Your daily awwwwww.
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  • 40 Responses to “Monday Links”

    1. #1 |  pris | 

      yikes, that is so dangerous to bike without a helmet and then to have the dog unprotected, too. You may think it is cute, but it is very dangerous.

    2. #2 |  lancoguy | 

      As a Lancaster native, I was stunned. Ive never noticed it, or even heard it discussed. I looked out my window for possible camera’s that could point in, and I still don’t see anything.

    3. #3 |  diakron | 

      I live in the City of Lancaster. People are disappointingly sanguine about the cameras – locally, the prevailing mindset is largely “if you behave yourself, you have nothing to worry about.” I don’t think the coverage is anywhere as thorough as is touted by officials in the article.

    4. #4 |  Nando | 

      Those white guys are an insult to rap. It’s so lame it isn’t even funny.

    5. #5 |  Edmund Dantes | 

      All I can think of is the N.W.A. with the private citizen’s oriented cameras.*

      *Not a bad movie either. Simon Pegg is always good for a laugh.

    6. #6 |  Buck | 

      WTF was probably the most painful thing I have ever watched.

      I could not take a dose like that daily.

    7. #7 |  Steve | 

      I’m waiting to hear the response about Mexico, somewhere a drug warrior has just spit coffee across their desk

    8. #8 |  Greg C. | 

      MC Paul Barman is already 1 Ivy League white rapper too many.

    9. #9 |  Marty | 

      Now I know what people felt like when Pat Boone covered Little Richard songs- yikes!

    10. #10 |  Marty | 

      that dog needs a ‘ride to live’ tattoo! I bet someone, somewhere passes a bullshit helmet/restraint/eye protection ordinance next week…

    11. #11 |  Mike Leatherwood | 

      Watching the rap vid is like listening to Christian Death Metal.
      It just…

    12. #12 |  Tim C | 

      Computer types already have their daily wtf –

      Classic stuff, ongoing…”Error’d” is usually pretty funny.

    13. #13 |  Taktix | 

      From Barbour’s Wiki:

      According to The New York Times, in the presence of the press an aide was complaining to Barbour that “coons” were going to be at a campaign stop at the state fair. Barbour warned the aide, in front of reporters, that if the aide persisted in racist remarks, he would be “reincarnated as a watermelon and placed at the mercy of blacks.”

      Yeah, he’s a real winner. Looks like I’m staying home for yet another pointless fucking election…

    14. #14 |  MassHole | 

      “Years ago, there’s no way we could do this,” said Keith Sadler, Lancaster’s police chief. “It brings to mind Big Brother, George Orwell and ‘1984.’ It’s just funny how Americans have softened on these issues.”

      We have become a nation of scared little bitches.

    15. #15 |  pam | 

      It’s Mississippi

    16. #16 |  freedomfan | 

      As much as I really want to like Barney Frank for his position on internet gambling, it just isn’t really an example of someone favoring personal freedom or free markets. I mean, it’s clear he doesn’t have the childish moral opposition to gambling that his statist brethren across the aisle do, but his alternative to the “ban” is just another expansion of bureaucracy regulating people’s consensual activity. I can’t even say that he would bother pushing this legislation if it weren’t an opportunity to skim some tax revenue off the top.

      Here’s how to end the ban: END THE BAN. No special regulations and reporting requirements. No mandates on banks and credit cards to sniff through people’s transactions to see what they were up to and who they are paying. No different tax rules for gaming sites than for any other online business. No federal agency limiting people to “government-approved websites”. No federal agency, period.

      Yes, the Republicans are moralizing authoritarian bastards on this. Nonetheless, as much as I really would like to think that freedom has an ally in Barney Frank, it just doesn’t. Anyone who thinks you ought to be “free” to do only those things the government has pre-approved can hardly be tallied among those who understand what freedom means, much less among its allies. He might as well limit himself to doing what government has a history of doing really well: regulating the savings and loan industry. Oh, wait…

    17. #17 |  Cynical in CA | 

      Casey the Dog looks like he’s a resident of West LA.

      I’m going to take my cat for a test-ride today! Wish us luck!

    18. #18 |  Lorraine Sumrall | 

      Thank you for mentioning what a service packratt has performed with his police misconduct feed and blog. There’s nothing like the sheer volume of incidents of misconduct on the part of the cops to make your blood boil. Some of the facts are so outrageous, the mindset of law enforcement so callous, and the abuse of power so flagrant that all of it needs to be exposed.

    19. #19 |  Aresen | 

      #17 | Cynical in CA | June 22nd, 2009 at 6:26 pm
      Casey the Dog looks like he’s a resident of West LA.

      I’m going to take my cat for a test-ride today! Wish us luck!

      Before you do, I’d suggest you stock up on bandages and iodine for the scratches.

    20. #20 |  Dave W. | 

      In other news: Officer Frank White not guilty:

    21. #21 |  SusanK | 

      I’m sad about Packratt. I think I found his site when it was younger through this one. It was hard to read on a regular basis – way more infuriating than this site because there were no breaks for pictures of cuddly animals.
      It’s a service that will be missed.

    22. #22 |  seeker6079 | 

      Why am I not surprised about the Milwaukee police?

      This is the same force that framed the one and only cop on the force feeding info to the FBI on corruption and misconduct. Bambi Bembenek, remember her? Her ex-husband’s wife was gunned down, the kid(s) identify a large, bulky man, (you know, like all the cops that her ex-H worked with) and yet this slim woman is convicted of the crime.

    23. #23 |  Kyle | 

      Those “rappers” were horrendous. So brave of them to stick up for their beliefs at Dartmouth through the magic of song! Isn’t the persecuted-minority college republican shtick through yet?

      And apparently saying “yo” and moving around your hands is what counts for a good rap in the crowd’s book.

    24. #24 |  Z | 

      The GOP needs Barbour-Palin in 2012 to shore up its margins among white southern Baptists and trailer park fanatics. Perhaps, just perhaps, they may get to 135 electoral votes. GO GOP!

    25. #25 |  Ben (the other one) | 

      It’s ironic that George Orwell’s name has entered the lexicon as an adjective for the authoritarianism he opposed through his writing.

    26. #26 |  whiskey | 

      Hey I just got a 33% paycut thanks to budget problems as a federal employee high five

    27. #27 |  Will Grigg | 

      “Now I know what people felt like when Pat Boone covered Little Richard songs.”

      THAT comment was a tape-measure shot.

      Admittedly, I make that observation as someone who thinks that music is to rap as food is to what food becomes….

    28. #28 |  Packratt | 

      Thank you for the kind words and for the work you do. What I did was only a drop in a bucket that writers like you fill each day…

      So I fully expect that you’ll still be at it here when I get things squared away and come back to help again.

      All the best, and thanks again!

    29. #29 |  Andrew | 

      I would almost bet that in the small rural town of 2000 or so where I go to collect my mail and buy groceries would have a completely different reaction to cameras. I’d sincerely hope that the good ol boys around here would take the presence of cameras as an opportunity to exercise their precision rifle shooting. They can be more than a little ornery when they feel they’re being treated unfairly. Hopefully cameras would illicit that very response.

    30. #30 |  Alex | 

      Taktix and everyone who voted up #13 need to take pris’ advice and always wear a helmet. Also, that stripper isn’t really in college, the guy at the gas station (the one without a car) isn’t going to buy gas with your money, and “that certain part of the male body” is not your penis.

    31. #31 |  Windy | 

      Andrew your wrote:
      “Hopefully cameras would illicit that very response.” I think you meant to write elicit.

    32. #32 |  Josh | 

      No mention of this, Radley?

    33. #33 |  Johnny Clamboat | 

      J. Richard Gray, Lancaster’s mayor since 2005, backs the program but worries about such abuses. He is a former defense attorney, a self-described civil libertarian

      Epic fail

    34. #34 |  diakron | 

      Standard-issue cognitive dissonance from Lancaster’s illustrious mayor.

    35. #35 |  Taktix | 



    36. #36 |  akromper | 

      Republicans “capture” governorship. Yes, politics isn’t about public service, it’s about playing RISK and garnering power for the sake of power. Another poor play with crappy working included.

    37. #37 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

      RE: Mexican drug decriminalization

      “The important thing is … that consumers are not treated as criminals,”

      Thank you. It’s about fucking time, but thank you. It doesn’t go far enough, but thank you. It’s sad that Mexico has allowed such carnage to ensue before taking this small step, but thank you.

      The U.S. may have a case study close to home (For those who haven’t checked it out yet, CATO has a study on the decriminalization project in Portugal that has been a great success so far). It’s great to see this happen. It’s great to see U.S. drug warriors get poked in the eye.

      Your move, Uncle Sam.

    38. #38 |  Alex | 

      Taktix, since you’re dumb enough to fall for such obvious Wiki bullshit, I offer some friendly advice.

      Just in case you’re capable of learning, let’s review why this is obvious bullshit. 1) He’s controversial, and on wiki. 2) He warned an aide about racist remarks with. . . a racist remark. 3)The link is to a NYT story about a 1982 MS senate election. None of the other reporters found this remarkable enough to publish. 4) You have to pay to read the story. If you’re going to reference something controversial, it’s standard practice to not make people pay $3.95. 5) The title of the story and the first few sentences make no mention of “Holy shit, Senate candidate makes crazy ass racists comments.” 6) What are the chances that Haley Barbour has a full career in MS and Washington, and one reporter ever heard him make racists remarks, and that one reporter just happens to be NYT reporter who swung through to do a profile of the election.

    39. #39 |  Andrew Williams | 

      Anent the daily WTF: I almost lost the will to live, but thanks to massive doses of DEVO and William S Burroughs, I regained it.

    40. #40 |  Site Update « Injustice Everywhere | 

      […] especially wanted to thank Scott Greenfield, Mark Bennett, and Radley Balko for letting people know about what was going on and for their parts in efforts to keep things […]