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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
  • Another woman comes forward to claim she was sexually assaulted by the rogue police narcotics unit in Philadelphia.
  • Germany set to ban violent video games.
  • Oklahoma officials plan to charge the paramedic, not the cop, in the fallout from the videotaped confrontation, in which the cop pulled the ambulance over, then gripped and choked the paramedic’s throat, all while a patient was inside the ambulance.
  • Poker Players Alliance vows to fight fed seizure of players’ winnings.

  • Envisioning a post-secession United States.
  • The man I wrote about earlier who was imprisoned an extra 16 years because of an opinion joined by Judge Sonia Sotomayor before DNA exonerated him, now has an op-ed in the Politico questioning her alleged “empathy.”
  • Via P.J. Doland, “play us off, keyboard otter.”
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  • 57 Responses to “Morning Links”

    1. #1 |  SJE | 

      I thinks its great that Germany is banning all manner of violent videogames. Before videogames came along, Germany was long known as the “peaceful lamb” of Europe, and the inspiration for Ghandi.

    2. #2 |  omar | 

      Comment #51 > Comment #50

    3. #3 |  Kid Handsome | 

      My issue with the Oklahoma story is that the cop only pulled over the Medic when he thought he’d been given the finger. That seems to have been glossed over. The whole incident should be over as soon as he said that was his motive for pulling over the ambulance. Clearly, just like every cop I’ve ever met, the incident had less to do with any real “traffic problem” and everything to do with his perception of the respect “due” to him as an officer.

    4. #4 |  omar | 

      #53 | Kid Handsome |

      I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like Cartman on his Big-Wheel. Respect my Authoritai!

      Just another tough guytough guy who suddenly realizes he’s a poor wounded puppy dog.

    5. #5 |  SJE | 

      #53: Two points
      1. The driver ALLEGEDLY gave him the finger, according to the cop. Not according to the others. Based on the video versus the cop’s telling of the incident, I wouldnt be believing anything the cop said.

      2. So the cop pulled him over a second time. What was the reason for the FIRST time? Authoratah. The cop had no right to pull the driver over the first time, endangering a patient in the ambulance, and endangering whoever the cop was supposed to be rushing to aid. Whatever respect the cop thought was owed disappeared when you pulled over the ambulance the first time. Dick.

    6. #6 |  omar | 

      @#55 | SJE |

      From the video I watched, see #20, I don’t think the cop pulled over the driver twice. The cop went around the ambulance once, went to a crime scene, and saw there were a lot of cops already present. The cop prepared to pull away when the ambulance passed him, and that’s where the ambulance driver waved his hands, in what the cop claims was an obscene gesture. The driver maintains he made a confused gesture as if to say “sorry, i what did you want me to do?” (quotes approximate) At that point, the cop chased the ambulance down and pulled him over.

      The altercation happened because the lead EMT with the patient (not the driver) didn’t show the cop correct respect. The cop was pissed about the “finger”, and was perfectly happy to just yell at the driver. But he cop even enraged the EMT in charge wouldn’t let him thrash the driver. It was the EMT in the back with the patient who got choked.

      When the confrintation started, the cop started yelling about the “finger”, then changed his tune to make a big deal about the ambulance’s failure to yield on their first rode encounter.

      If you watch the video, The ambulance passed another car that was pulled over, then immediately the ambulance made for the the shoulder and out of the cops way.

      I totally agree, the cop had no right to pull over the ambulance. And letting that slide, he’s a damn thug for his later actions. Throw him in prison.

      My other comment is awaiting moderation, so I’ll just repost the picture of the cop after the incident. Poor baby really got his feelings hurt. That’s the face of someone who knows they have been caught doing wrong.

    7. #7 |  Dave Krueger | 

      #50 thorn

      I really have no problem with Germany censoring Nazi imagery…

      Perhaps Christian imagery could be justifiably censored after the Inquisitions. They didn’t kill as many, but they certainly had perfected the art of inflicting excruciating suffering on hundreds of thousands, of which the death toll was substantial.

      And from there we could work our way down to obscenity, pictures of abused prisoners, the alcohol content of beer, and “light” cigarettes.