Monday, May 4th, 2009

This is just amazing.

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  1. #1 |  KBCraig | 

    One thing no one has pointed out yet: where is it that a 20 year Sergeant is answering 911 calls? Answer: anywhere that he’s been pulled from street duty.

    I don’t care how many commendations he has, nor how few negative personnel actions; that says nothing about how many investigations he’s been under, nor how many were sustained. How many times have we seen officers promoted after egregious abuses? The promotion “proves” that they were right all along.

    I bet my dollar against yours that this guy is a known problem, known to his department and his chief, which is why he’s making $62,000 doing what non-sworn personnel do in most departments, for a lot less money.

  2. #2 |  A2Tom | 

    For anyone who still thinks this might be a hoax, see this:

    This happened last fall … here’s the full story (with transcript of the video):

  3. #3 |  Brian | 

    “I find it interesting that in the middle of the call, he calls her a little sh*t. I think. (It’s bleeped.)” Exactly..
    Notice that she is never heard calling him a curse word.
    But the “professional” calls her a little ” ___.”
    I also have to wonder why he was assigned to that position. Has anyone heard of a 20-year officer having to work dispatch?

  4. #4 |  hexag1 | 

    kudos to the reporter.

  5. #5 |  Andrew | 

    Until government bureaucrats and their enforcer goon squads are actually held accountable for their misdeeds nothing will ever change. Currently they’re a protected class who can pretty much do whatever they want with impunity. As another commenter stated he’ll get unpaid leave which the police union will appeal. A few months later he is quietly be given his back pay and his record will be cleared. The public will be none the wiser because it will be deemed a “personnel matter” and be handled in secret. The new aristocracy takes good care of their enforcer thugs.

    If there were any justice the guy would be fired, brought up on charges of false arrest, fined, sentenced to 8 or 10 months of jail time and be required to pay the girl 20 or 30 thousands dollars.

    Until there are serious consequences for misbehavior of those in authority their attitudes and actions won’t change.

  6. #6 |  ChrisD | 

    It’s amazing that only dumb luck kept someone from dying on this officer’s watch, yet he’ll get a wrist-slap. He should be prosecuted, not just sued civilly.

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    […] Arrogant cop lets power go to his head and risks man’s life by getting offended over a 911 caller’s pottymouth and refusing to help (hat tip: Radley Balko): […]

  8. #8 |  furpo | 

    She`s lucky the pig didn`t plant crack on her when she was arrested. I live a city over from L.P. , they are locally famous for planting crack one anyone found with small amounts of marijuana. I know 3 different people this has happened to, and the prosecutor knows it, if you put up a bit of a stink the prosecutor will gladly drop the crack charge if you plead to the weed.

    Fuckin Pigs!

  9. #9 |  Punch | 

    The cop lied on a report, endangering a citizen and conducted a false arrest and he only gets 2 weeks suspension!!??
    He should not receive one more cent of tax payers money!

    Demand Sgt Robert Mcfarland be fired over this incident!
    -Lincoln Park, Michigan contacts:
    Chief of Police, Thomas Karnes
    (313) 381-1800
    -City Manager,Steve Duchane
    (313) 386-1800 EX 231
    -Police Department
    1427 Cleophus
    Lincoln Park MI 48146

  10. #10 |  etihw2 | 

    Two weeks suspension wasn’t enough. Not only was this serious, it’s actually very annoying.

    Not that many people can dial 911 and say with a straight voice: My father is having a seizure. May you please send an ambulance to my house at (address)? Thank you very much.

  11. #11 |  Yanqui Bob | 

    According to the text on the screen, he called her an a_ _ _ _ _ _ when she called back. (Azzhole).

    And did you notice the finger gesture he gave the camera man after he refused to talk to the reporter and got in his car?

    A real model of professional decorum, this guy!

  12. #12 |  LP citizen | 

    This asshole cop is NOT the only dirty cop on the force in this dirty city….most of them are ALL dirty even the mayor and the chief

    They all make me sick to the pits of my stomach.

  13. #13 |  Robert McFarland | 

    What the FUCK? This officer thinks that he is above the law. Aw! you got your feelings hurt by a 17 year old because she used the word fuck. What I don’t get is that the officer actually hung up on her, not once, but 3 times and called her a bafoon. What a dickhead he is. If I was the Chief of Police, I would have fired him. i don;t care if he was having a bad or not or if he didnt like the word FUCK, he would have been gone. We have to teach society that cops cant get away with this type of shit.

    I can only hope and pray that the family sues the police dept. if I was a juror, I would award them the money and fire that damn cop for being a pussy.

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