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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Rat Pack week, which I’d imagine had all the contestants salivating. The genre is built for improvisation and chops-showing. No surprise, then, that this was the strongest week of the season. All five remaining contestants were really strong. If I had to rank them….

Adam Lambert. Another week, another show this guy blows everyone else away. And the thing about this week is that everyone else was also really good. So when is hair rock week? I want to hear him do some Slaughter.

Danny Gokey. This is the first time I’ve really liked what he sang, as opposed to just admiring the guy’s talent. It would be terrific if he did put out an album of this stuff. Terrific to listen to, I mean. Probably wouldn’t be as terrific for his bank account.

Kris Allen. Really starting to get over my dislike of Allen, mostly I think because he’s dropped the John Mayer mannerisms and found his own groove on stage. He was great this week.

Allison Iraheta. My only problem with her this week was her diction, which is something she’s had some trouble with in the past. Her vocals were amazing, and much as she seems to be a fit for rock, she’s got a gruff, smoky tone that, if she wanted, could just as easily put her in the same section of Barnes & Noble as Diana Krall. But she didn’t enunciate well. That stood out this week, partly because crooner tunes are so much about phrasing, and partly because everyone else left very little margin for error.

Matt Giraud. I think “My Funny Valentine” got away from him a bit. He was good, but it just didn’t feel like he had the came command of his song the other contestants did. That’s probably in part because it’s a much more difficult song to sing. But I think part of it is also that he doesn’t project the confidence the other three men do. Giraud said he feels like this is his genre, but he seemed a bit short on the confidence and swagger needed to convincingly come off like an old school crooner.

If I had to guess, I’d say Iraheta and Giraud are the bottom two. And I think the last girl will stick around for another week. Should be the end of the line for Giraud, though I’d think he’ll still be putting out a CD next year. I’d be shocked if Gokey, Allen, and Lambert aren’t the final three. I’ve thought for a while now that it would come down to Lambert and Gokey, but I’m not so sure, now. Allen’s been impressive the last several weeks.

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9 Responses to “Idol Blogging”

  1. #1 |  Brent Burk | 

    Why Adam Lambert is in this competition is beyond me. He is so far out of everyone’s league is not even funny. He had to of joined this competition knowing of his talent. In fact, I’m sure he did. He is simply using this for marketing, a brilliant move I would say.

  2. #2 |  MacK | 

    I think that Simon finally realized that Adam is Broadway bound. He even remarked how Broadway his performance was. I just wish Adam could scream even more because so far I have only counted about 72 scream in the 8 songs he has done. Phhwett that is not even 10 screams a song.

    Danny is going to be a more mainstream artist then Adam, Kris, or Matt. Allison may be close to the end of her Idol run, but could easily be the next Lita Ford, or Pat Benatar.

    At this point I would say that album sales from this group will be among the best of all Idol groups easily.

  3. #3 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    I regret there will be no USC marching band moment as the crowd sings You Are My Brother. That was actually pretty good (last year?).

    Jamie Fox seemed like the most competent mentor of this season.

    See ya, Matt.

  4. #4 |  Jefferson | 

    I loved how Jamie Fox got all up in everyone’s business.

  5. #5 |  Eric | 

    There is no doubt he can sing better than the rest of the group (from a technical standpoint), but Adam’s performances sound so much worse. He started out nicely last night, then got into screams and wails for most of the second half of the song. It has grated on me every week.

    I liked Kris and have liked him more each week. He seems like a nice kid and I think his laid back mini-Mayer/Jack Johnson routine suits him.

    Matt surely was the worst this week in what should have been a strong category for him. It’s too bad, but at this point there’s nobody stinky left to boot, so it’s likely going to be him.

  6. #6 |  Blurm | 

    Naw I want Adam to sing some Skid Row. He’s got pipes like Sebastian Bach, them’s rare pipes. Aside from that, I hate him tho and everything he does annoys me still.

  7. #7 |  Bryan | 

    Give me a Kris and Allison final. Lambert annoys me and Gokey is schlocky, unlistenable tripe.

    I can’t believe its taken you this long to warm up to Kris, Radley. Don’t hate him because girls swoon. He’s done a few genius arrangements — Ain’t No Sunshine comes immediately to mind.

    Lambert has been Broadway bound since day 1. Look at how well Sister Scissors sells in the U.S. That is the best that Lambert could hope for.

  8. #8 |  Athena | 

    For my boyfriend’s sake, I opted for an awesome little show about the gamma ray blast theory regarding earth’s first mass extinction. Although he’s been plenty willing to enable my wicked crush on Gokey, I can only imagine that he’s thoroughly tired of all my blatant swooning.

    When I was still watching, I generally agreed with your take on the performances, so thanks for keeping me updated.

  9. #9 |  Dan | 

    Does anyone else find Kris Allen’s douche-tastic grin to be a obnoxious? No matter what song he’s singing, he gives that slightly crooked smirk. His entire image is geared towards 16 year-old girls. He’s the least talented remaining, by far, but those teenage girls will put him through at least once more.