Tyranny of the Ex-Addict

Friday, February 27th, 2009

My compliments to Rob Kampia for withstanding Glenn Beck for the entire interview.  Jumpin’ Jesus, that guy’s a douche.

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55 Responses to “Tyranny of the Ex-Addict”

  1. #1 |  TC | 

    So GB has some bosses that infuse their will upon him, oh and he is also a Mormon so that adds a layer to his challenge, add to that he is one that quit all bad stuff, opinions about smoking from a smoker who quit? Yeah it’s a big bag to carry.

    But can you imagine OhRilly or Hanniety as the interviewer?

    I remember once someone on Hanniety’s radio program mentioning it once, he flew off in a tryant rage, called him a fucking doper and hung up the phone.

    Fair and balanced indeed.

    And it’s too bad that the subject of the current Mexican violence did not get into the flick, cuz such is one of GB’s pet projects.

    Think baby steps, I view this as one.

    Oh and GB seems to be the only public figure calling out the fucking politicos on their wast of even oxygen!

    GAWD Radley I can’t believe by now you do not know how to gain allies.

    Self proclaimed Libertarian–check
    mexican violence big on his mind — check
    former substance abuser — check
    NATIONAL DAILY VOICE to an audience of MILLIONS — Check

    Try a phone call or e-mail instead of throwing him under the fucking bus! Like Obama!

    As far as the health care meme goes, who the fuck cares, sooner or later we all will be paying for each others health care, just like some of us are paying for it right now, so it’s a rather mute point. We are not today or will be tomorrow allowed a voice when the claim comes in to be paid either.

  2. #2 |  auggie | 

    Something about GB makes me really want to punch him in the face and thats before he opens his mouth. For me, he is the most annoying person on the planet. Kampia pwnd his ass. thank you Rob.

  3. #3 |  Monica | 

    If Glen Beck is a libertarian, then I have a 12 foot cock.

  4. #4 |  SEO San Diego | 

    Then whip it out Monica! :) He’s not all bad. I’d rather listen to him than Sean Hannidy’s old side-kick. Colmes? Was that how it was spelled? What a beady-eyed buffoon he was.

  5. #5 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Are you telling me you knew all that about Stockdale without looking it up on Wikipedia?

    Actually yes. I heard a reference to his accomplishments several years ago while an undergraduate that got me looking. You may not like his politics, but given he’s written on philosophy I don’t think he is a complete dope in contrast to the late Phil Harman’s portrayal of him.