Well, That Was Fun

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I was just informed today that Fox is doing away with the opinion section on its website. They’re moving it entirely to the bloggier Fox Forum format.

So it looks like my column over there is done.

I have my issues with the Fox News Channel. I do think it serves an important niche, I just happen to find it unbearable at times.  But I have to give props to the website.  Over the last seven years, I’ve written some harsh critiques of the right, President Bush, and the GOP, and I can only think of a couple columns that they didn’t run. And even those weren’t for political reasons.

The opinion section was getting increasingly buried on the website, so today’s news isn’t terribly surprising. It was probably close to time to start looking for another column gig with a new audience, anyway.

Still, Fox was the first national outlet to publish me, back in early 2002.  Soon after, they gave me the regular column. They also agreed to link to this site at the bottom of each column, which is how I initially was able to build up a regular readership.

So I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

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36 Responses to “Well, That Was Fun”

  1. #1 |  tarran | 

    So you say. I bet they heard about your resume padding, mister liberal Obama supporter. ;)

  2. #2 |  Josh | 

    Thankfully you still have that gig with forbes.com

  3. #3 |  ClubMedSux | 

    I’m wondering what’ll happen first: Radley updating his online resume or the IL RLC posting that his resume really is padded now.

  4. #4 |  Zeb | 

    Given the quality of the comments to today’s column, I think that the Fox Forum is going to be a real winner!

  5. #5 |  dsmallwood | 

    i think what we should really fear is the powerful arm of the Illinois RLC. you shouldn’t have trifled with them.

    well played Puma, well played.

  6. #6 |  claude | 

    “i think what we should really fear is the powerful arm of the Illinois RLC.”

    If Radley isnt afraid of him, i doubt hes gonna be afraid of his mom upstairs.

  7. #7 |  bear | 

    It’s how you got me, seven years ago. Right next to the Junk Science Guy, Stephen Milloy I think, Roger Friedman and his over the top jewish victimhood, and the i-feminist…what ever happened to her? I used to read your stuff and think WOW…this is just amazing (I still do btw…), I have never even thought of it that way…and basically your brand of insight is what forced me to leave them.

    Basically when you starting alerting us here to your fox column…that was my only indication to go to foxnews.com and read something insightful.

    You should get in touch with Milloy…he might be a good resource for this forensic stuff :)

    Thanks Radley,


    Wendy McElroy…that’s the i-feminist. She sure could write too. They had a good stable of editorialists that’s for sure.

  8. #8 |  anne | 

    I have used more than a few of those op-ed pieces in my high school classes -American Government and Law. I sure hope you will continue to write in that format and get picked up somewhere else.

  9. #9 |  Waste93 | 

    Sorry to hear that. The opinions sections was the only section on their website that I would visit regularly.

  10. #10 |  Michael Chaney | 

    Radley, please find another such outlet if possible. Your work is good stuff, and I don’t want it getting lost in an echo chamber such as this site.

  11. #11 |  Rhayader | 

    Hey Radley, be sure to let us know when you hook something else up. Of course, shameless self-promoter that you are, I wouldn’t expect anything different.

    Just kidding, obviously. Thanks for all the hard work.

  12. #12 |  James D | 

    Fox is how I found you … too bad. Fox was a good place for conservatives to find a libertarian like yourself and think “maybe I am not just a conservative”.

  13. #13 |  Fritz | 

    I hate to think of it now, but I was once a Fox News junkie whose fury over 9/11 led me in down a direction toward Bush worship and straight into the idiocy of neoconservatism.

    Fortunately for me, I came across one of your articles on foxnews.com and followed the link to this site. And thus began my progression from total blindness to (sometimes painful) cognitive dissonance. You sparked my interest in libertarianism and opened my eyes to so many paths and people I never knew existed.

    So for that I am grateful to Fox News and to you, Radley. While it is sometimes extremely difficult to watch what is happening to this country, it can also be fun to stand outside the fray and watch the circus.

  14. #14 |  SusanK | 

    I’m sad to hear about the fox column. That’s how I found the humble agitator and became a huge fan (not as huge as dondero, but I try).
    Maybe it is time to reach a new audience. It’s probably also time for me to stop checking fox news’ website for your column.

  15. #15 |  James D | 

    Maybe now with the liberals ‘in charge’, you should get a column on what is considered mainly a ‘liberal’ site (of course I’d argue that’s most news outlets). Then maybe you can bring a few from that side around just like you did with largely conservatives from Fox. The comments will be just as nasty, just from a different perspective :)

  16. #16 |  Jennifer | 

    Damn! I especially liked seeing your columns on Fox because, unlike here or at Reason, at Fox News your columns had a good chance of reaching — and perhaps persuading — people who didn’t already agree with you. Damn, damn, damn.

  17. #17 |  652059 | 

    Basically echo everything Fritz (#11) said… I was a young College Republican fresh from voting Bush in ’00 and on my way to being a neo-con after 9/11 when I found this site via FoxNews (http://www.forbes.com) and started reading a different viewpoint that suddenly made a lot of sense, while at the same time enrolled in an Econ class taught by a libertarian. My eyes were opened. Now I’m just jaded, bitter, cynical, and caloused by what I read here every day.

    Keep it up. We need more like you. I point my friends here on a regular basis, and some of them have slowly started to come around.

  18. #18 |  Brandon Bowers | 

    My story’s about the same as Fritz’s, so I won’t repeat it. But thanks, Radley, and I hope your column gets picked up elsewhere, maybe cnn.com or rlcil.org.

  19. #19 |  Lee | 

    I’m pretty sure I came over here waaaay back when from your FoxNews column. It was linked to by…Andrew Sullivan(?) then followed it over here.

    But I think Stephen Milloy is an absolute tool.

    SO THERE ;)

  20. #20 |  Balloon Maker | 

    Oooh, how we found theagitator stories. I heard him on a radio show on a Baltimore news station (driving through jersey), talking smack about MADD. After googling Bradley Ralko and Bradley Backhoe, I finally hit the correct spelling and here we are.

    The only time I ever went to foxNews was specifically read our humble agitator’s pieces and send them to my conservative friends.

  21. #21 |  Dave Krueger | 

    When they moved the opinion links off the front page, I sent them a nasty note. They probably already had me blacklisted by then, though.

  22. #22 |  j.d. | 

    Indy Star mayng. They need good columnists imo.

  23. #23 |  freedomfan | 

    Although I watched FNC as often as any of the other mainstream news outlets, came to TheAgitator via the Cato site. But, I am sad Foxnews.com is dropping its columns and yours particularly. It really was a chance for people who don’t “get” libertarianism to find out that it’s pretty much the view they have and that many of the problems they have with this or that government policy become more clear when they realize they are problems inherent in government policies in general.

    I agree with people suggesting that you get a column on a center-left site to see the contrast in feedback from Fox’s center-right audience. It will be hilarious to see people bitching that you are a right-wing screwjob when you criticize Obama for the same sorts of thing you (and they) criticized Bush for, back when so many labeled you a left-wing screwjob. ;-)

  24. #24 |  ktc2 | 

    Can we see the columns they refused to print? Or were they already reprinted here?

  25. #25 |  trevor | 

    syndication, baby..

    and i might just be a moron, but i could never find the opinion section from their homepage. granted, you may need to spend more than two or three minutes on their site, but still..

  26. #26 |  Abersouth | 

    I’ve been drooling over your writing for a few years now and originally found you from Fox. I’m one of the lurkers here.

  27. #27 |  billy-jay | 

    I wonder if they did away with the column because they read some of the comments.

  28. #28 |  B | 

    Jesus, I’ve been reading Radley so long I don’t have the faintest idea how I came across this site originally. I suppose it was sometime around 2002-03.

    You “college Republican” types are making me feel old

    Anyway, here’s hoping you find greener pastures for your work in addition to here and Reason. It deserves a wider audience and needs to be heard by people that probably don’t agree with you already.

    Has anyone replaced Kristol yet?

  29. #29 |  KBCraig | 

    I honestly don’t remember how I first found you, but if it was through Fox News, it was probably before 9/11, because I had pretty much given up on them by that point. When Clinton was in office they were great as the “alternative media”, but they pretty much sucked from the moment they hired Geraldo Rivera.

    So, does this mean “Puma” is right? You’re not a “biweekly Fox columnist”?

    If only we had known the power of the RLCIL!

  30. #30 |  terrorific | 

    Radley, your Fox column was pathetic. I searched all through the Forbes.com archives and didn’t find a damn thing!

  31. #31 |  Marta Rose | 

    Your voice is definitely needed now at a left-leaning site, and I hope you get a gig soon. Must be gratifying, though, to see in all these comments what an influence you’ve had — and a *real* influence, not just preaching to the choir.

    Hey, how was Philly?

  32. #32 |  A.G. Pym | 

    Wendy McElroy is at http://www.wendymcelroy.com and at http://www.ifeminists.net.

  33. #33 |  Big Chief | 

    I can’t even remember how long I’ve been reading Radley, I came across Radley from Cato. In fact, I started subscribing to Reason once he moved there.

    Radley – I do hope you land another gig on the “outside.” As others said, it might be more fun if it’s on the left, especially since there are a lot more outfits that fall under the umbrella of the left than the right (like ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times).

    I will miss the occassional links to the rantings of the comments to your Fox articles!

  34. #34 |  Nate | 

    I’m an Agitator reader of 4+ years who found out about it via the Fox link.

  35. #35 |  The Agitator » Blog Archive » I See Now… | 

    […] FoxNews.com scaled down its opinion section, killing off my column and several others. They had to create room on the front page for the important […]

  36. #36 |  Carlos Miller | 

    I discovered your blog because you mentioned my arrest for taking pictures of cops in one of your Fox columns.

    I was surprised but impressed that Fox would address the issue.

    Now I’m a regular reader of your blog.