Radley Balko Exposed! (UPDATE)

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

(UPDATE : Looks like they gave up. They took down the “exposed” post and the image they hotlinked.)

(UPDATE 2: The stupid continues here.)

My new friends in the Illinois chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus have apparently caught me embellishing my resume.

Their post reads:

Liberal (and ersatz libertarian) blogger and wanna-be pundit Radley Balko claims on his bio on his blog that he is a bi-weekly columnist for Forbes.com. But an investigation by the RLCIL demonstrates that Mr. Balko has taken extreme liberties — perhaps even license — with the term “bi-weekly.”

He makes his claim at, http://www.theagitator.com/about/, indicating, that, in addition to laboring over his poorly written blog, “I’m also a biweekly columnist with FoxNews.com.”

However, the claim is not bourne out by the evidence. We searched through the Forbes.com site, and could find only two URLs, from the summer of 2005, authored by Mr. Balko.



In the Reign of Cotton Mather | Story
May 09, 2005
Our laws are being rewritten by puritans, prigs and busybodies.
Hot Times For Online Gaming | Story
July 19, 2006
As the Justice Department cracks down, Congress has its own ideas.

You can check this out for yourself, dear reader. It is accurate as of 4:40 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, 10 February, 2009. We are sure he will remove the false claim momentarily.

Now, we wonder, can you take anything Radley Balko writes or says seriously, when he lies about his own resume? Wonder if his employers know about this?

Yes, it was quite bold of me to claim a bi-weekly column for FoxNews.com when only two search results for my name turn up at Forbes.com. That’s some fine detective work, there, “Puma.”

Here’s the screen cap:

Also, y’all should know better to hotlink from my site in the same post in which you’re attacking me. Enjoy your Obama dildo.

Here’s the screen cap for that one, on the off-chance they’re smart enough to realize what just happened to them:

MORE: Puma’s still digging. The post “exposing” me has since been edited to read:

Liberal (and ersatz libertarian) blogger and wanna-be pundit Radley Balko claims on his bio on his blog that he is a bi-weekly columnist for Forbes.com. But an investigation by the RLCIL demonstrates that Mr. Balko has taken extreme liberties — perhaps even license — with the term “bi-weekly.”

He makes his claim at, http://www.theagitator.com/about/, indicating, that, in addition to laboring over his poorly written blog, “I’m also a biweekly columnist with FoxNews.com.”

However, the claim is not bourne out by the evidence. We searched through the Fsite [sic], and could find only three URLs, authored by Mr. Balko.

I’m guessing “Fsite” is a typo for “Fox site,” because the post then lists the last three columns I’ve written for Fox, apparently as returned by the FoxNews.com search engine. Which I guess is somehow supposed to prove that I’m exaggerating my “bi-weekly” status.

Except that a Google search for my name on the FoxNews.com domain turns up about 4,400 hits. Which makes sense, given that I have actually been writing a bi-weekly column there for the better part of seven years.

At this point, I almost feel bad for them.

Here’s the screen cap:

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162 Responses to “Radley Balko Exposed! (UPDATE)”

  1. #1 |  David | 

    Well done on the hotlinking counter.

  2. #2 |  Stephen | 

    Yes! I was sort of hoping for goatse but this works. I’m glad you decided to spank them. Great job.

  3. #3 |  nobahdi | 

    Game. Set. Match.

  4. #4 |  Athena | 


    For some stupid reason, I’ve neglected to donate to this site, thus far. You, sir, have bought yourself a chunk of my tax return this year, and I will donate it with PRIDE.

    I think I’ll also buy a t-shirt. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with this brilliance?

  5. #5 |  BK | 

    I think a good ole fashioned pissing match may be in the works!

    Even money that at some point Radley gets called a Nazi.

  6. #6 |  nazzy | 

    ICE BURN!!

  7. #7 |  Matt | 

    “Bourne” ?

  8. #8 |  Danno49 | 

    No doubt one of their minions or the Mensa member Puma (him)(her)(it)self will be calling for Radley not to confuse them with the facts.

  9. #9 |  Ohio Dale Boley | 

    Nice job Radley! I think they are way over their heads here.

  10. #10 |  Jefferson | 

    Well played.

  11. #11 |  Tolly | 

    Hah hah – Balko FTW.

    Seriously, are there any conservatives out there who know diddly-squat about the internet?

    What a bunch of, well….dildoes.

  12. #12 |  Episiarch | 


  13. #13 |  t. reed | 

    Fox vs. Forbes? DOHHH! In the good ole days, SNL’s Weekend Update had Emily Latella (Gilda Radner). Now this. Haaaa!

    Radley is a liberal. HAAAAAA.

  14. #14 |  JA3 | 

    You just made my day. If only all the trolls could be this dumb.

  15. #15 |  Bob | 

    lolz! pwnzors!

    Where else can you go to get free entertainment like this?

    Not ONLY does he make himself look like a slobbering toolbox, he gives you free advertisement as well.

    That’s we call win-win back at the shop!

  16. #16 |  johnbpt | 


  17. #17 |  Mike Leatherwood | 

    More Diet Pepsi spew…thanx!

  18. #18 |  Brian Martinez | 

    This is full of win.

    Now, of course, they’ll probably threaten you with “arrest” for displaying pornographic images on their site.

    This guy is like the political equivalent of Landover Baptist Church. He just can’t be for real.

  19. #19 |  Hys | 

    This is typical republican party strategy – go on the offensive, attack the attacker, the accuracy of the attack does not matter.

    But when they are doing this to libertarians who really should be voting for a republican if they were a true conservative candidate, aren’t they alienating too many people? At some point the relevant question will be who is left to support the republicans?

  20. #20 |  joev | 

    i think they pulled a leeeroy jeeeenkins…

    good show radley!

  21. #21 |  Julian Sanchez | 

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is not someone whose judgment I’m going to rely on to identify what’s “poorly written.” That’s some seriously painful prose.

  22. #22 |  freedomfan | 

    Hahaha! That’s awesome. I once had someone tell me they’d checked my resume and couldn’t find one of my pubs on the journal’s site. And, of course, they had typed ieee.org wrong and gotten a different engineering website. At least that person was actually interested in what I wrote and asked me about it instead of shouting “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!” without first checking that their brains were turned on.

    I kind of wonder of the Illinois RLC is just incompetent or if they were assuming that most people won’t notice that the link isn’t to the right site?

    BTW, changing your portrait image makes for a funny Google cache of your “About Radley Balko” page. :^)

  23. #23 |  lunchstealer | 

    epic fail.

  24. #24 |  John Jenkins | 

    @ #11|Tolly: Yes. I consider myself a Burkean-style conservative and I know a little bit about the internet, networks in general, etc. (building computers is my hobby).

    @ #19|Hys: This is the typical strategy for anyone, not just Republicans, who are playing defense in the media. See, e.g., Alex Rodriguez.

    @ #20|joev: LEEROY JENKINS!!!!! Maybe Radley will be a raid boss in Ulduar.

  25. #25 |  Hunter | 

    @Ohio Dale Boley: Idiots are frequently in over their heads when they attempt to communicate.

  26. #26 |  Jason | 

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day Radley, thanks.

  27. #27 |  Fritz | 

    Just awesome.

  28. #28 |  Bob | 

    From post 21, Julian Sanchez:
    “I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is not someone whose judgment I’m going to rely on to identify what’s “poorly written.” That’s some seriously painful prose.”

    Or “poorly thought out”, either.

    The guy is actually attacking an attorney for defending his client in court… last I checked, that’s what the defense does… defend their client.

  29. #29 |  Bob | 

    Post 24: John Jenkins:
    “@ #20|joev: LEEROY JENKINS!!!!! Maybe Radley will be a raid boss in Ulduar.”

    No!!! I don’t want to have to explain to my guild why I can’t heal for that boss fight.

    Holy Paladin FTW!

  30. #30 |  MikeL | 

    The sad thing is, Radley, they aren’t lying. They really do think you’re a liberal Obama supporter. You’d think, with their brand in tatters, they’d have something better to do than attack someone who has some sympathies for some of their positions.

  31. #31 |  ZappaCrappa | 

    I can’t help but wonder how many members of the Illinois Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus have had penises in their mouths…not that there’s anything wrong with that…unless you are a hypocrite abou tthe whole issue.

    Oh…I forgot to mention…I’m VERY disappointed Radley. I have decided to drop my libertarian tag and once again become a republican all because of this. Nothing you say can be valid.

    Did I say that with a straight face? : )

    Oh…and one more thing. Since I’m sure all you slobbering sheep idiots associated with the IRLC or whatever are frantically watching this site…I will GUARANTEE that your party has received the last vote it will EVER get from me 4 yours ago….EVER! Now back to the manure pile with you where you belong.

  32. #32 |  Mary | 

    Well, reading this was much more fun than trying to decipher that bloody stimulus bill. ARGHHH!

  33. #33 |  bob42 | 

    Lede of the day:

    Bluenosed Bandwidth Bandits Butt-Fucked By Obama Dildo

    I think I’ll stop by their site daily. I registered and tried to behave myself, but I’m currently 2 for 2 with censored comments.

    I also took a look at the “About” link on their home page, which is pretty much a cut & paste from the national organization.

    They say they support “Alternatives to the drug war.”

    A site specific google search returns no other results for “drug war.”

    What we have here is a few authoritarian social conservatives pretending to promote liberty.

  34. #34 |  Brandon Bowers | 

    “Puma,” huh? What’s the name of the theory that says normal person + anonymity + audience = asshole? Whatever it is, can we change it to the Puma Theory?

  35. #35 |  Bill Cooke | 

    I have to take issue with your story named after Cotton Mather. I’m working on a book right now about the Salem witch trials. Mather was not the extremist that some revisionist historians have tried to make him. And I think even he would be disturbed by the extent that morality is legislated today in America.

  36. #36 |  Aresen | 

    Aww, ain’t that sweet!

    The kitten thinks it’s a real puma!

  37. #37 |  j.d. | 

    this is funnier than the time where that anti-smoking group hotlinked a photo from a cigar website and the cigar website changed the image to “this website is run by avowed neo-nazis”.


    Bravo Zulu, Radley.

  38. #38 |  Cynical In CA | 

    RE #1-#37 — ditto

  39. #39 |  Will | 

    Well Done!

  40. #40 |  ZappaCrappa | 

    I posted this comment on their site…I will be astounded and amazed if they actually let it get past moderation though:

    ZappaCrappa Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 10th, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    This is really the best you can do? Obviously, there is a reason that you folks have managed to lose the presidency and the majority seats…because you are clueless and no better than your democratic couterparts with the way you play. Can’t come up with ANYTHING substantive so sink to the lowest point until you can weasel something. Pitiful. And then you get it wrong anyway. Nice job.

    Your party (my former party) absolutely REEKS of desparation these days. Prepare to become even more of a minority over the next few years if this is indicitive of the best you can do…and I have a feeling that sadly…it is.

    ZappaCrappa – reformed Republican and now a free thinker who would rather cut off his hands than vote for a republican OR a democrat these days as you are all basically the same idiots with a different tag.

  41. #41 |  matt | 

    Looks like they’ve edited their post now, with no notification that it is an edit.

  42. #42 |  Michael Chaney | 

    This is why people who see the world as “conservative or liberal” can’t understand libertarianism. They think Radley’s a liberal, yet, given his gun rights stances (which are on display this very day) the libtards would think he’s a conservative.

    As for the Obama dildo, Radley, you’re a kinder soul than me.

  43. #43 |  J sub D | 

    Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

  44. #44 |  Epic Fail | Popehat | 

    […] master, such as Radley Balko, one should research carefully.  And perhaps one should also avoid hotlinking from the master’s site: Enjoy your Obama […]

  45. #45 |  Windypundit | 

    They’ve changed it. Now they’re claiming they actually searched the foxnews.com site and found only three links. I tried it in Google myself, and I found four links. However, I then spent another 30 fracking seconds poking around the fox news site to get this complete index of all 50 columns over the last two years. These idiots don’t even know how to navigate a web site!

  46. #46 |  lunchstealer | 

    He’s changed it. Now he’s actually searching FoxNews.com.

    But he is ignoring the point that two of those columns are exactly two weeks apart, and exactly two and four weeks ago, respectively. Also, if he’d held off and searched now, rather than at 4:40 EST, he’d have noticed that there’s a fourth article that shows up in the search. Posted today. On Fox News. Exactly two weeks after his last column.

    Guy’s a tenacious moron, that’s for sure.

  47. #47 |  Steve Verdon | 

    The pussies took it down. I was just about to post this url at google to alert them to their utter failure,


    Basic google-fu skills.

  48. #48 |  Rick Caldwell | 

    I left a comment over yonder with the link to the entire archive at Foxnews. He has since removed his post.

  49. #49 |  bob42 | 

    Tried a third comment and got a blank page.

    Typical social conservative nutjobs. Arrogant, ignorant, and determined to stay that way.

  50. #50 |  Wavemancali | 


    I found the archives of Radley’s columns in 3 clicks.

    50 columns since January 2007 allowing for vacation time seem bi-weekly to me.

    Just because Fox News has a poor search engine on it’s web site doesn’t mean you should be making libelous accusations in my opinion.

    I actually registered and posted the above comment. Didn’t even get to see it before he pussed out instead of printing a correction and apology.

  51. #51 |  lunchstealer | 

    You know, an apology would probably earn those guys a lot of credit. You know, owning up to their mistakes and taking responsibility.

    Don’t expect it, though. I really expect more Patton worship and movies about gladiators.

  52. #52 |  Rick Caldwell | 

    He removed the hotlink, too.

  53. #53 |  Marty | 

    when you kick someone’s ass this bad, you’re allowed a couple victory laps!

    you need to keep this on the front page- it’ll be like hanging a pirate at the entrance to the port…

  54. #54 |  Brandon Bowers | 

    I feel the need to point out that this is the RLC Of Illinois. The real RLC, as seen at rlc.org, seems much better on issues and writing quality than this Puma zealot. Their blog actually seems really good, and I’d recommend anyone give it a look, and avoid broad strokes when referring to the RLCil.

  55. #55 |  ARCraig | 

    Clearly this woman didn’t get the memo- the Democrats are in power. Now we libertarians are back to being secret Republican hacks instead of secret Democratic hacks.

  56. #56 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Contact page for the RLC Organization. When I get home I will be sending them some e-mails. National Director, Chapter Development Director, Endorsements Director, and the Blog Editor.

  57. #57 |  D.A. Ridgely | 

    This has all been very confusing. So, bottom line, are you or are you not bi?

  58. #58 |  MikeL | 

    John Cole is nominating them for a 2009 Wingnut award.


  59. #59 |  Kit Smith | 

    The Radley-bashing page is now gone altogether.

  60. #60 |  Lee | 

    I wonder if it was up long enough for Google to cache it?

    I used to remember how you could get Google to cache a page (it was very many years ago). That would have been full of win for a google cache to exist.

  61. #61 |  Lee | 

    Holy crap, I went thru their most recent posts.

    They really are in full wing-nut mode.

  62. #62 |  T. Reed | 

    At this point it would be a good idea for them to change subjects by calling Radley something else.

    Hmmm. How’s about Neo-con??? Nope, that won’t work. How’s about Nolo-con–just invented the term, so that’ll work.

    Radley is a Nolo-con and, while he claims to love his dogs, he does not feed them when they’re hungry.

  63. #63 |  chuck | 

    I really love how that Obama Dildo matched the colors of the site perfectly. It was just made to … uh … go in there.

  64. #64 |  John D. | 

    What’s the name of the theory that says normal person + anonymity + audience = asshole?

    That would be John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, from Penny Arcade.

  65. #65 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Google cache.


  66. #66 |  Lee | 

    Google did search the post as it turns up in the results.

    So it is just a matter of time before it turns up in the cache results (I think).

    See this link


  67. #67 |  Eric Dondero | 

    So what exactly makes Balko a “libertarian”? Isn’t he a supporter of Saddam Hussein, one of the most vocal critics of the War in Iraq?

    Please explain how supporting one of the worst genocidal dictators in modern human history, can be called a “libertarian”? Or is it Balko only supports liberty for himself, and not for others around the world?

  68. #68 |  Lee | 


    My google-fu is still strong. /flex

    The internets never forgets!


  69. #69 |  patrick | 

    Saddam’s kinda dead Eric.

  70. #70 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Can someone please explain what Balko has done for the cause of liberty? Sitting behind a computer and blogging all day, does not count as “activism.”

    How many signatures did he gather for Barr/Root in 2008?

    How many property rights/spending cuts efforts was he involved in these last few years with Paul Jacob?

    What libertarian candidates did he walk precincts for these last couple election cycles?

    Put up or shut up Balko. Just because you’re a “writer” doesn’t make you a libertarian activist. Perhaps a libertarian activist wanna be, but no the real thing.

  71. #71 |  Steve Verdon | 

    Bahh, my google-fu beats your google-fu, it has the Obama dildo in it too.

  72. #72 |  the innominate one | 


  73. #73 |  Lee | 

    LOL @ Eric.

    Really if we have to explain it to you, you’ll never understand.

    Please try and keep up next time and you might not find yourself so lost.

  74. #74 |  Steve Verdon | 


    Where do you see the claim “activist”? Please crawl back under your rock.

  75. #75 |  Lee | 

    I was only looking for the page with the incorrect criticism of Balko.

    I had not started on The Republican Dildo Page yet.

    Yes your google-fu is strong and a dildo image on a party website wins by default ;)

  76. #76 |  Brandon Bowers | 

    Ok, as far as I can tell, the RLC is actually a group of libertarian-leaning, at least seemingly rational members of the Republican party, whereas the RLC of Illinois is 3 or 4 idiots who have no idea what “Liberty,” or,for that matter, “Caucus,” means.

  77. #77 |  Brandon Bowers | 

    Ok, Dondero is right about one thing: Saddam Hussein probably was one of the most vocal critics of the War in Iraq.

  78. #78 |  ARCraig | 

    And just on time, here comes the comic relief of the libertarian movement. Part disgruntled ex-employee, part pathological psuedo-pundit, Dondero lurks throughout the lowest reaches of the blogosphere, just waiting for his opportunity…

  79. #79 |  Rick Caldwell | 

    This story was reprinted over at Free Republic.

    Time for more comment bombing…

  80. #80 |  DontBurnEarl | 


    Supporting a war against a country that posed no threat to our country, and seeing countless Americans die, and countless resources wasted, doesn’t sound very libertarian to me.

  81. #81 |  terrorific | 


    lol. Dondero, the Barr/Root “campaign” was nearly as laughable as your moustache. What did THEY do to promote liberty?

    Little man, you are a laughingstock.

  82. #82 |  Bronwyn | 

    Well, this has made my day.

    And I was (am) having an awfully shitty day.

    Thank you, Radley. Thank you!

  83. #83 |  Bronwyn | 

    Hey, thumb-fu is doubly strong tonight. Sweet!

    Down TWO for Donderoooo!

  84. #84 |  freedomfan | 

    Hey Eric

    So what exactly makes Balko a “libertarian”? Isn’t he a supporter of Saddam Hussein, one of the most vocal critics of the War in Iraq?

    It seems beyond clueless that someone wouldn’t know this, but two people having something in common does not make either one “a supporter” of the other. I (and any of us) could look up quote from the biggest chumps and criminals in history and find something they said that we agree with.

    Meanwhile, since your put the term in quotes, where did you get this libertarian “activist” red herring? Besides which, I’d say cataloging important libertarian (and particularly civil justice, but also free market and anti-nanny state) issues on a site that thousands visit daily is an important contribution. Whether he does it by “[s]itting behind a computer and blogging all day” or not, I know that I would have time to look up and track all the things I get to read here. And, of course, being cited in SCoTUS briefings, testifying before congress, and having a pretty direct impact on at least one (but probably several) criminal cases qualifies as having an impact.

    BTW, I took a (admittedly brief) look at your blog. There’s a lot there I agree with. You shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss someone just because he disagrees with you on Iraq.

  85. #85 |  Lorraine Sumrall | 

    Poorly written blog? EXCUSE ME?? I beg to differ! Keep it up, Radley. You’re ruffling feathers, and that can’t be bad.

  86. #86 |  freedomfan | 

    Of course, I meant, “I know that I would not have time to look up and track all the things I get to read here.”

  87. #87 |  terrorific | 

    the commenter “obamaisandrogynous” at Freerepublic and “PUMA” are almost certainly the exact same woman. What a strange little bird.

  88. #88 |  MikeL | 

    Eric Dondero:

    “Can someone please explain what Balko has done for the cause of liberty? ”

    Yes, I can.

    Even a year ago, the fact that someone on the internet was wrong bothered me. Not anymore thought. I’m content to let you figure it out yourself. Or not.

  89. #89 |  Jeff Darcy | 

    So, Dondero, he’s only a “real libertarian” if he happens to support particular *candidates*? Balko’s tireless work publicizing government abuses of power do more for actual liberty than any number of signatures for Barr/Root, Jacob, or any capital-L libertarian who never had a hope of gaining office. The audience extends beyond the echo chamber, you know.

  90. #90 |  Josh | 

    “Can someone please explain what Balko has done for the cause of liberty?”

    Three words: Steven Haynes fired!! That has accomplished a hell of a lot more than anyone ever campaigning for freakin’ Bob Barr.

  91. #91 |  j.d. | 

    I just want to say I’m happy to have been a part of this, even in some small, random, detached way.

    I was there. I was there when it happened.

  92. #92 |  tarran | 

    In getting Haynes fired and Cory Maye off of death row, Radley Balko has done more to advance the cause of liberty in 5 years than Eric Dondero has managed in his entire life-time.

    Just watch, if he sticks around the Supply Clerk Seaman will be around thumping his chest and claiming that we’re all jealous of how much poontang E-5’s who get busted down to E-3 at Captain’s Mast for fighting get.

  93. #93 |  John Markley | 

    Eric Dondero:

    “Can someone please explain what Balko has done for the cause of liberty?”

    Well, he’s refrained from smearing shit all over the word “libertarian” by trying to connect it with senseless warmongering and mindless support for the Republican Party. That alone is enough to put his lifetime tally above yours.

  94. #94 |  David Ruttenberg | 

    “Can someone please explain what Balko has done for the cause of liberty?”

    If it were’nt for Mr. Balko’s efforts to publisize the insidious attack on me by corrupt local officials, I believe I might not be here today. Even facing possible danger to himself…he outed them. Radley didn’t know me from Mr. Magoo. That defines commitment to liberty.

    Eric, I don’t know who you are..but, I’ll bet if I Googled you, I’d see you listed in the Sponsored Links as “freakin idiot”.

  95. #95 |  Nick M. | 


  96. #96 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Well, let’s see now…


    525,000 VOTES ASSHOLES. Fucking 525 Thousand with a Capitol ‘T’ Thousand Votes.

    That’s quite a fucking accomplishment. Something Barr, and anyone involved in his campaign ought to be damned proud of.

    I was Ron Paul’s Travel Aide in his 1988 Libertarian Presidential campaign for two years. We ended up with only 432,000 votes. Barr kicked Paul’s ass in vote totals. And you fuckers sit here and diss Barr, and call him a “failure.”

    You want failure. Try David fucking Bergland, 1984, with 228,000 votes, or Andre Marrou in 1992 with 292,000.

  97. #97 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Oh, I get it now Markley, you mean your definition and Balko’s definition of “libertarianism” means supporting Nazis like Saddam Hussein. Wow. Kill 2 million people, and win the label “libertarian.”

    Makes so much sense now Markley. Thanks for clearing that one up.

  98. #98 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Freedom Fan says:

    BTW, I took a (admittedly brief) look at your blog. There’s a lot there I agree with. You shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss someone just because he disagrees with you on Iraq.

    Eric responds:

    Sorry Freedom Fan, anyone who believes the War in Iraq was a “failure” or “bad for liberty,” is a utter piece of shit, and has no goddamned right to EVER CALL THEMSELVES A LIBERTARIAN.

    I will not only dismiss them, but I’ll fucking rip they’re goddamned heads off and shit down their throats.

    Those who did not support the War in Iraq, are fucking Nazi loving fuckhead, who deserve no respect.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, but if you count yourself amongst those Saddam Hussein supports, don’t bother coming back.

  99. #99 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Yup, Terrorifict, the Barr Campaign was “laughable” alright.

    Let’s see now, 9 Libertarian Presidential campaigns since 1972.

    And out of 9, Barr/Root places 2nd in all-time vote totals.

    Hmmn? If the 2nd place finisher is “laughable,” what does that make the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place finishers, or less, candidates like:

    Harry Browne?

    Michael Badnarik?

    Ron Paul?

    I guess by your standards only Ed Clark could be described as “non-laughable,” ‘eh?

  100. #100 |  Henry Harrison | 

    Dude. 4 comments in a row? All in under 10 minutes? Simmer down. When you save a guy from being murdered by the state, you can criticize all you’d like. Until then, try to keep it to under 1 comment every 2.5 minutes.

    Also, the Barr campaign was laughable, like all LP campaigns. That it was successful relative to (most) previous Libertarian Party presidential campaigns isn’t saying much. Imagine a guy with a one inch penis – that shouldn’t be difficult – standing next to John Holmes on his right and three guys with 1/2″ penises on his left. When the hot girl laughs at his rod, sure, he could ignore the hog to his right and focus only on the little fellas to his left. But he’d still have a little dick.

  101. #101 |  David | 


    No one care about Bob Barr’s record setting vote total. If you think the most important contribution to the cause of liberty is getting votes for losing candidates, I don’t know what to tell you.

  102. #102 |  Eric Dondero | 


    Nobody cares about Libertarian Presidential vote totals, huh? Then why do they even bother running? Why are there so many predictions each election cycle about this year’s Libertarian Party Presidential total?

    Are you fucking nuts nobody cares??? You’re obviously NOT a Libertarian Party person, or even familiar with the libertarian movement.

    In 1988, when I was working for Ron Paul, that’s all any of us in the campaign ever talked about the last couple months: How many votes would Ron get. Ron was obssessed with it, and went into depression after his dissapointing total came in of 432,000.

    Barr didn’t do nearly as well as many of us hoped. But he was a victim of the Palin effect. He was polling 5% nationwide in Zogby before September. Then McCain chose Libertarian Party of Alaska friend Sarah Palin for VP, and Barr’s total dropped like a led balloon.

    He still should be very, very proud of 525,000.

  103. #103 |  silversatrapi | 

    Personally, I think RLCil has a totally reasonable group of bloggers, and has deeply interesting commentary on a range of issues.

    For example, on teh gays:

    General Patton would have cringed when he heard Bill Clinton propose his “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy.” Could making doilies suddenly become an integral part of basic training? He would have become nauseated at the notion that the “saunter” would replace the march.

    The Von Stauffenberg Solution to our current national leader is also an appealing idea. I’m sure that some brave man or woman will take it upon themselves to implement this, and there will be cheers all over the country/world.

  104. #104 |  Eric Dondero | 

    No fuck you Harrison, I ain’t gonna fucking calm down!!!

    You fucking Leftwing Libertarians have been destroying our movement ever since the early 1970s.

    YOU FUCKERS NEED TO BE DEFEATED!!!!!!!!!! Every goddamned last one of you, with your fucking Anti-War/Pro-Saddam (Hitler) views.

    The only group in this entire libertarian movement of ours that’s actually advancing the cause of liberty and having success are the Right Libertarians, namely Libertarian Republicans and people like Bob Barr, Wayne Root, Bill Redpath, and other mainstreamers within the Libertarian Party.

    And you assholes have the audacity to sit there and denigrate their efforts.


    I know your kind. I’ve dealt with you pussy-boy mother fuckers for decades. Your the types that sit around and philosophize all day long, and dream of Liber-topia, but you wouldn’t know a clipboard or a stack of campaign pamphlets if they smacked you up your ass.

    Fuck you. The Libertarian Right WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!

  105. #105 |  Henry Harrison | 

    “Nobody cares about Libertarian Presidential vote totals, huh? Then why do they even bother running?”

    Great question, because – seriously – no one cares.

    And Ed Clark getting a million votes? Seriously, who gives a shit?

  106. #106 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Hey Harrison-fuck, answer the question. Stop diverting.

    Please explain how it is that the guy who got the 2nd highest vote total in the 38 year history of the Libertarian Party, could be viewed as a “failure”?

    Do you mean to say that Harry Browne, Ron Paul, and Michael Badnarik were even bigger failures? Do you wish to condemn the entire Libertarian Party as one big “failure.”

    Heavy words coming from a pointy-headed intellectual so-called “libertarian” who never lifted a finger to help any libertarian efforts.

  107. #107 |  James Feldman | 


    Radley’s activism was a major part of getting an innocent man, an actual human being and American citizen, off death row. Right now, his work for CATO and his writing since is a big part of a landmark movement in Maryland to change how police use SWAT teams.

    Both of those things equal far more real world change than any accomplishment of Barr’s. And I like Barr.

  108. #108 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Oh great, now you’re disssing Ed Clark too.

    Harrison, you ain’t no goddamned libertarian. You fuck with Ed Clark, you fuck with the entire libertarian movement. His Presidential campaign in 1980 did more to spread the cause of liberty, than practically anything else ever in the history of our movement, save Goldwater’s 1964 campaign.

    And you sit there behind your computer screen and bad-mouth Clark.

    My gosh, GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR MOVEMENT. You don’t deserve the right to call yourself a libertarian.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  109. #109 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    Is Dondero intentionally being funny? I cannot really tell here.

  110. #110 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

    Dondero: “Those who did not support the War in Iraq, are fucking Nazi loving fuckhead, who deserve no respect.”

    You know Eric, the thing I like most about you is you are so subtle. I also really appreciate a guy who makes ample use of the Republican Party’s “Nazi appeaser” talking points. Have you been to a Frank Lunz hypnotism session lately? You know, now that the Republicans have given up their longstanding infatuation with European Fascism (recall Bill Buckley’s past romance with General Franco and Prescot Bush’s business dealings with Hitler) they are just as inclined to play the Nazi card as the radical Left. As Col. Klink might say, verrry, verrrry interesting.

    “I will not only dismiss them, but I’ll fucking rip they’re goddamned heads off and shit down their throats.”

    Well, there goes that non-agression axiom. Again, very subtle.

    “Thanks for visiting my blog, but if you count yourself amongst those Saddam Hussein supports, don’t bother coming back”

    Oh, so I guess Cheney, Donnie Rumsfeld and all the Reagan era supporters of Saddam can’t visit your blog. You’re such a party pooper. That’s the part that the American people aren’t supposed to know about. The United States government supported Hussein until he got uppity enough to threaten the Kuwaiti oil supply. Then he had to go. Then he was “Hitler.” As the comedian Paul Mooney suggested, we knew Iraq had WMD’s (at least they used to), because Bush had the receipts.

    Ah, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Isnt’ that right, Eric. The ends justify the means. Say, how’s that Iraqi democracy coming along?

  111. #111 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

    Boyd Durkin:
    “Is Dondero intentionally being funny? I cannot really tell here.”

    No, unfortunately, he is not properly equipped for humor. But when he starts talking about “pointy-headed intellectuals” he seems to be doing a fanstasic impression of Gov. George Wallace. Total War today, total war tomarrah and total war forevah.

  112. #112 |  Henry Harrison | 

    For the record, Dondero, I supported the war. I regret it now, but I did support it. As for Ed Clark, that was 30 years ago. 1 million votes, 30 years ago. BFD.

    Clark, Browne, Paul, Badnarik: failures. Barr: failure. The LP: failure. End of story.

  113. #113 |  Aresen | 

    102 | Boyd Durkin | February 10th, 2009 at 11:25 pm
    Is Dondero intentionally being funny? I cannot really tell here

    Unfortunately, no.

    He’s being Dondeeerrrrrrroooooooooo!

    (I’ve got to get a Firefox browser.)

  114. #114 |  terrorific | 

    Yup, Terrorifict, the Barr Campaign was “laughable” alright.

    I guess by your standards only Ed Clark could be described as “non-laughable,” ‘eh?

    It was laughable in that it completely failed to motivate people because it was long on Barr and short on ideas.

    Anyway, the point is that Radley (who is a *bit* too Cosmotarian IMHO) has done a helluva job shedding light on previously dark corners of our police state.

  115. #115 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    Thanks for the insight, guys. If that’s the case, I don’t think this is the last time someone will call him bat shit crazy (that’s the second-most powerful crazy).

  116. #116 |  terrorific | 

    Fuck you. The Libertarian Right WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!

    Defeat away Dondero, defeat away.

    Wait…you do realize you can’t win this battle by bombing it, right?

    Your writing style lends itself to a playground argument over Legos, but maybe you’re tolerable in person.

  117. #117 |  thoreau | 


  118. #118 |  The Wine Commonsewer | 

    Dropped that post like a hot rock. The inability to Man Up and retract goes to character (or a lack thereof) which I pointed out in a comment on site. They deleted my comment as well.

  119. #119 |  Nick T | 


    This DOndero kid is pure comedy gold. It’s like he lives in a little political WWF world. I imagine him with like crushed up red bull cans all around his room, while the low-rent “LIbertarian” version fo Rage Against the Machine plays loudly in his room. Ron Paul and Ed Clark posters everywhere and some signed picture in the middle of a shrine that he touches everyday on his way downstairs for flapjacks.

    I wanna try this:

    Listen hear DOder-fuck, shut your fucking shit-dumping face about liberty when all you can talk about is vote counts? Are oyu fucking serious!!! It’s like you enetered a FUCKING debate about the greatest basketball player and suggested some fuckstick who made 385 consecutive free throws or some bullsit.

    Thinking that some fucktard is a fucktard and ran a fucktarded campaign and produced shitty vote totals has nothing to do with hating liberty. At best, you could successfully FUCKING argue that the person was bad at assessing polticial fucking cmapaigns and their goddamn efficacy, but campaing evalu-fucking-ations have nothing to do with loving the shit straight out of the beautifully curved ass of liberty.

    Radley actually helped some people live more freely, by helping them get out from under the oppression of unjust government actions. I don’t give a flying fucking shit dipped in chocalate gumballs if you PERSONALLY got 10 million votes while calling yourself a LIBERTARIAN. Name a person you helped become MORE FUCKING FREE!! PUT THE FUCK UP OR FORCIBLY INSERT A KILBASA IN YOUR GOD DAM TRAP, fuckstick!!

    Seriously write one more shitt-fucked post about votes, do it, sink further into the giant hairy asshoel of patheticness. “Votes this and votes that!!” Fuck you I’ve scratched my nuts 12,000 days in a row. Beat that!

    (Wow that was so fun)

  120. #120 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

    Nick T: “…while the low-rent “LIbertarian” version fo Rage Against the Machine plays loudly in his room”

    Hmmm. Is there a band out there that hollers about eminent domain abuse, oppressive smoking laws, protectionism, Austian/Chicago school economics, and asset forfeiture while some guy goes to town on a wah-wah pedal? That would be interesting. Some potential band names: The Friedman Four? Hayek’s Ghost? The Traders? Privatize This? Ok, I’ll stop now.

    **Full disclosure: I have all of Rage’s CD’s. In their halcyon days, I think they made some valid points and put some information out there that opened the eyes of some of their fans. Also, Tom Morello is an excellent guitar player. As for their socialist leanings, well, I’ve moved beyond that.

  121. #121 |  Shem | 

    Hm. The highest voter turnout as a percentage of population in a Presidential election since 1960, and the highest in pure numbers since…ever, and yet, Barr failed to get even one half of a percentage point. This was in an election where both Democratic and Republican candidates were viewed with deep suspicion by huge segments of the population, and which saw a massive dark horse campaign by a man who held most of the same values Barr did and does. And he *still* couldn’t beat Ron Paul’s percentage in 1988, or Harry Browne’s in 2000, for that matter.

    Freedomfan- I was going to warn you, but he already beat me to it; for Dondy, Iraq is the *only* issue. Not that it matters, because he’s an even bigger internet joke than those websites that put captions on pictures of cats.

  122. #122 |  Nick M. | 

    I also want everyone to keep in mind that before Eric Dunderheadooooooooo!!! was stumping for the Barr/Root campaign, he was all over the libertarian blogosphere singing the praises of Rudy “Freedom Is About Submitting to Authority” Giuliani as the most libertarian candidate.

    For a more thorough index of Dunderrooooooooo’s!!!! exploits with the Mayor of 9/11, may I recommend the following site.


  123. #123 |  Nick T | 

    Radley, can I also (fucking) say that you were very clearl libeled in that post. Your repuatation as a journalist was questioned very seriously, and you were called a liar in plain words.

    You should consider legal action, even if it’s just to fuck with those folks.

  124. #124 |  IB | 

    Dondero, do you need a hug?

  125. #125 |  AJ | 

    Ah, so that’s why they say “I’m a small “l” libertarian.” Thanks for clearing that up for me, Donderoo.

  126. #126 |  Thomas Sewell | 

    I don’t officially represent the RLC, but I can tell you that earlier in the day the National RLC was made aware of this blog purporting to be from the Illinois RLC.

    An excerpt from a response by a member of the National RLC on the blog in question:

    “None of the posts are approved or authorized by any RLC officer. A member who agreed to assist in organizing the state setup the website and started posting his own opinions anonymously.

    Some of the early posts were only marginally ‘controversial’ (his intention), but we asked him to attach a disclaimer which would identify the opinions as those of the author, not official policy of the RLC. Although he has put that statement in his FAQ/About, it doesn’t yet appear on each posting.”

    So this guy doesn’t even represent the Illinois RLC officially. Still, you’ll likely see some sort of apology from the RLC while this Puma person get’s a talkin’ to….

  127. #127 |  Epic Wingnut Fail | 

    […] bizzaro universe these folks inhabit) all true champions of freedom favor. What ensues is a series of own-goals so spectacular that they finally answer the question: “What would slapstick look like in […]

  128. #128 |  KBCraig | 

    Donderooooo is such a model of reason and civility small-government/low-tax/anti-war ideology, I can’t possibly imagine why he doesn’t still work for Ron Paul.


  129. #129 |  Julian Elson | 

    Here from Julian Sanchez’s. I just wanted to say that I think the funniest part is Puma’s apparently earnest use of “subversive” as an epithet.

  130. #130 |  Julian Sanchez | 

    “Do you wish to condemn the entire Libertarian Party as one big ‘failure.'”

    There’s something almost charming about the way this is presented as some kind of outlandish reductio position.

  131. #131 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Terrorific, the “Barr Campaign didn’t motivate people…” Really? I knew one guy who flew from Alaska on his own expense, slept on a floor of our hotel room for a week, stood at a country courthouse 18 hours a day collecting signatures for Barr, in Illinois. The guy got arrested twice by local punkass Illinois Sheriffs cause he wouldn’t leave.

    In New Hampshire, we had people coming out to rallies, who’d never been involved in Libertarian politics before, before who were Barr-ites, just local fans of Bob Barr. They got involved with the local Libertarian Party, and some of them even ran for office on the LP ticket.

    I’ve got friends who still have tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt who worked all over the country for the Barr campaign, who didn’t ask for reimbursement, cause they knew of the campaigns’ financial struggles. They just wanted the campaign to succeed. Til this day, they’re paying their debt down.

    But nooooooo, Barr “didn’t motivate anybody.” Isn’t that what you said?

  132. #132 |  Eric Dondero | 

    Shem, who in the fuck cares about vote percentages? When is the last time you EVER heard someone in the libertarian movement say, “Oh golly gee, Ed Clark got 1.1% of the vote in 1980, best ever…”

    Nobody fucking says that!

    Everybody always says: “Ed Clark got about 1 million votes in 1980.”

    Why the double standard? You crybabies are like the liberal media, spinning to make it seem Barr’s campaign was a “failure.”

    Barr got 525,000 votes, not nearly as much as we had hoped for, but damned respectable.

    Now, I’ll admit, if he had not cracked 500,000, say he had received 495,000, it could be viewed as somewhat of a failure. There’s something very important about breaking that half a million mark barrier. He did it.

    And he will always be able to say that he got the second highest Libertarian Party Presidential vote total ever! I salute Bob Barr, and thank him for taking a year out of his life, to run as our standardbearer for President, and I’m proud to have played a part in his effort.

  133. #133 |  DangerMan | 


    “”I will not only dismiss them, but I’ll fucking rip they’re goddamned heads off and shit down their throats.””

    The War in Iraq Is a Failure.

    Now, are you going to reach through my modem, or travel to Istanbul to deliver the throat-shitting in person?

    Or do you just need to calm down?

    We talked once, do you remember? You were lucid for a while…I miss that Eric Donderooooo. We all do.

  134. #134 |  Lee | 

    Not only is Eric an idiot, he hangs out with idiots as well.

    I’ve got friends who still have tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt…who didn’t ask for reimbursement

    Eric you still have not answered the question.

    What have YOU personally done to free one person from an oppressive government?

    Obviously since you feel that their support for the War in Iraq is the standard by which libertarians should judged, you served there correct?


    Your single most important issue concerning liberty and you FAILED to help a single person from under an oppressive government?

    Fail often or just spectacularly?

  135. #135 |  VikingMoose | 

    DUMBEROOOOO! and “goldbug-woo-woo (t)” in the same thread.

    the colon pretzel they create is nearly as awesome as teh FAIL by puma kitteh!

  136. #136 |  Bronwyn | 

    A minor point, but I find it hilarious that Donderooooooo posts comment after comment, each one liberally sprinkled with f-bombs, and then says, “gosh”.

    What’s that all about?!?

    Also this: “I’ve dealt with you pussy-boy mother fuckers for decades.”

    Really? Do you want to come here and say that to my face, in front of my husband and children? If not, I think that makes *you* a pussy boy mother fucker.

  137. #137 |  Ken Shultz | 

    People are funny.

    Accusing someone of embellishing a point on their resume, a point that isn’t even on their resume, that’s funny.

    Accusing someone of not really being an activist is also funny, yeah, Dondero’s funny too.

    They’re like Don Quixote, all full of chivalry. Tilting at Balko like he’s something awful.

    I guess it doesn’t seem so funny if you’re the one being tilted at, but if he ever snaps out of it, you know it’s going to be sad.

    Poor Don Quixote.

  138. #138 |  Shem | 

    Dondero Said-“who in the fuck cares about vote percentages? When is the last time you EVER heard someone in the libertarian movement say, ‘Oh golly gee, Ed Clark got 1.1% of the vote in 1980, best ever…'”

    Then apparently people in the Libertarian movement have no grasp of elementary communication skills. Saying “Bob Barr got 525,000 votes” isn’t impressive unless you also tell people how many votes were cast overall. Giving the percentage does that. Besides, percentage is what matters. Percentage decides access to the debates, percentage decides federal funding in the next election, and, most importantly, percentage tells you how well you did in comparison to other years. By that metric, Bob Barr was an average Libertarian candidate. A little bit better than what you’d see in most elections, but about what you’d expect given the year, and even then not so much that his performance was worth writing home about.

    Also, why do you keep trying to use “the movement” as some sort of club? I couldn’t care less about your movement. Come talk to me about it when you’ve actually accomplished something to make anyone’s life better. Y’know, like Radley Balko has?

  139. #139 |  dhex | 

    mr. dondero – i think we still need to set up a “wrasslin’ for liberty” fundraiser (money could go to the ij or a related worthy) because, well, you need wrasslin’.

    /hits internet to find unitard deals

  140. #140 |  Stormy Dragon | 

    ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’ don’t actually have anything to do with someones philosophy or policy preferences on anything anymore; they’re just tribal identifiers.

    And since Radley failed to be sufficiently effusive in expressing his love for the Big Chief of the Conservative tribe, he must necessarily be from that evil Liberal tribe.

  141. #141 |  Boyd Durkin | 

    Libertarian Party staff have never been very good campaign professionals (IMO). IT is a business, and almost none of them get it. Granted, campaigns aren’t exactly full of the best and brightest workers–sometimes it’s like a freak show.

    The amount of respect I had for Harry Browne has no limit, but libertarian activism (ala CATO) is much more important than getting 500,000 votes every four years or getting a dog catcher elected in Ohio.

    The impact of Peter Schiff (Austrian) on TV, Ron Paul (sitting next to Bailout Barney Frank), and a refreshing number of Republicans (influenced by libertarian ideals) is of much greater service to liberty than Barr’s campaign.

    Big “L” libertarians victory will be when they get one of the major parties to come back home to libertarian ideals.

    I go now to pray Dondero finds peace. He, too, is one of god’s children of light. (this concludes my good deed for the week…yes, week)

  142. #142 |  Ken Shultz | 

    I feel something like a little distrust for any supposed libertarian who believes in changing things for the better through politics and government.

    And if we ever do get a libertarian government in this country, I think it’ll be because of the success of non-politicians in selling our ideas.

    Obama didn’t persuade people that we needed a change, he persuaded people who wanted a change that they needed him. The horse goes in front of the cart.

  143. #143 |  Jennifer | 

    If The Agitator were one of those bodice-ripper romance novels with a Fabio clone painted on the cover, Eric Dondero would be the spunky-but-confused heroine who had Never Known Passion Before and thus confused her deep lust for Fabio Balko with intense hatred:

    “Oh Radley,” Eric moaned softly, typing his comments with one hand whilst the other was occupied in his lap. “My darling. My dearest one. I love you, Radley. I’ve always loved you. For the longest time now I’ve adored you from afar, hoping against hope that one day your eyes would open so you’d see me in the same light I see you.

    “But no! You don’t! Callous bastard, leaning on whiny excuses like ‘I already have a girlfriend’ or ‘I’m not turned on by batshit insane authoritards’ to deny what we have together. Jerkwit. Fuckhead. Jackass.

    “Fine. If you won’t love me then I’ll make you hate me. Why do you think I keep insulting you on thread after thread? Don’t you think I’d stay away if I could? Why do you make me do this to you? If I can’t enflame you with one kind of passion I’ll enflame you with another. You WILL notice me, damn you to hell!

    “One day we’ll meet and our eyes will lock, and you’ll know who I am and become enraged by the way I’ve harassed you. As fury possesses you you’ll reach out and crush me within your strong arms and say ‘If you think I’m a fool regarding what libertarianism really means, that’s nothing compared to what a fool I am for love,’ and then you’ll throw me down on the bed [yes, there IS a bed present in this scenario, it’s like one of those sexy love hotels or something] and expend your long pent-up fury by . . . no. What am I saying? I hate you. I hate you i hate you i hate you.

    “I mean, I love you.

    “No! I hate you! Stupid arrogant jackass with your stupid muscles and professional respect everything. Go to hell.

    “I mean, call me. You’ll find my cell phone number on several comments I’ve posted throughout the libertarian spheres of the Internet.”

  144. #144 |  XI | 

    @34: That would be John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/3/19/

  145. #145 |  Frank | 

    Dondero (n) The dongle attached to a vibrator or dildo that might be useful if attached to something but is otherwise an annoyance.

  146. #146 |  MikeF | 

    Jennifer wins an internet.

  147. #147 |  ZappaCrappa | 

    Mr. Balko sir….this thread is hall of fame worthy!

    I am surprised (not really) that there has been no retraction nor an apology. Though, they immediately did EXACTLY what they said you would do…change the content. In their case, they simply removed it from pure embarrassment I’m sure.

    I, for one, will make sure that the next post by PUMA will have a comment from me questioning why ANYONE should believe ANYTHING they write…that is the question PUMA asks of you right? I’m sure it will not get past moderation over there…but I’ll feel better for having done it.

    How about it folks? I propose that we go here in large numbers:


    and DEMAND a public apology and that they (PUMA) “man up” and own the errors and stop being hypocrites by engaging in the same activity that they were CERTAIN Radley would engage in (removing or changing false information). I have already done so a couple of times and will until I get a cease and desist. Who’s with me?

  148. #148 |  Fritz | 


    (I know I’m late to the party, but I just had to do that.)

    Ahhhhh. Much better.

  149. #149 |  Max D. | 

    Balko is a liberal?

  150. #150 |  Feeblemind » Hilarious! | 

    […] http://www.theagitator.com/2009/02/10/radley-balko-exposed/ […]

  151. #151 |  Mike | 

    He’s back:


  152. #152 |  ZappaCrappa | 

    And we should ALL go over there and ask Puma WHY we should believe ANYTHING posted there. I already did in the comments…but I’m sure they will not allow the posting.

  153. #153 |  Mike | 


    This is what the comment under your name now says:

    Thank you for your excellent work. You are the best journalist in the U.S. — not like that idiot agitator.
    I read the URL you referred to and it was spot on as usual,
    The idiots at TechnoRati and other sites really need to read this URL.

  154. #154 |  ZappaCrappa | 

    LMAO…what a bunch of losers.

    Just shows EXACTLY what type of morally bankrupt people they are as the ONLY thing correct in the post under my name is….my name : )

    The rest is obviously manipulated. So now we know that not only can they not do proper research and they are hypocrites…they also are devoid of character.

  155. #155 |  Marc J. Randazza | 

    Such awesomeness! I can’t keep myself from laughing at the Obama dildo thing! You rock!

  156. #156 |  RLC-IL wounded while assaulting Radley Balko with Nerf hatchet « The Quick and the Dead | 

    […] wounded while assaulting Radley Balko with Nerf hatchet So what’s with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois, anyway? Did the Sleazy Politics virus creep across the aisle from the Blagocrats and bite them? Or […]

  157. #157 |  The Agitator » Blog Archive » Illinois Republican Liberty Caucus Coda | 

    […] received several apologies from various office holders of the Republican Liberty Caucus over last week’s debacle. That’s much appreciated, though to be honest, I think it’s probably better for them […]

  158. #158 |  Brian N. | 

    Mr. Sanchez wrote, “There’s something almost charming about the way this is presented as some kind of outlandish reductio position.”

    Sanchez, you’re alright.

  159. #159 |  Stephen Carville | 

    According to whois the domain name rlcil.org was registered on Feb 20, 2008 creating a suspicion it might be a false flag operation like huntersandshooters.org. However, the registrant and admin email is wgfinley@mac.com which eventually led me to:


    So the guy may really be what he appears to be.

    My basically charitable disposition would like to feel sorry for him.

    Maybe tomorrow.

  160. #160 |  My Secret Identity | The Agitator | 

    […] I think I’m going to start keeping a running tally of how many blogs, commenters (on this site), and Twitterers out me as a secret Republican shill versus how many out me as a secret Democrat shill. […]

  161. #161 |  kaishakaap | 

    Is dondero still around??

  162. #162 |  Kino | 

    Dear Puma : you are not a ninja