Mary Beth’s Back

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Fresh off her convincing victory in the 2008 WOPOTY poll, it looks like U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan plans to continue with her prosecution of Pennsylvania medical examiner Cyril Wecht. I had thought the case was still under a stay issued by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Apparently not.

Buchanan now wants to move the trial from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Erie, because, according to her brief, of “too much media attention and an alleged negative slant toward the prosecution in the Pittsburgh area.” God forbid we have a federal trial where the U.S. attorney doesn’t have every conceivable advantage. Of course, that “negative publicity” is well-deserved. The woman sent FBI agents to interview jurors after the first trial, because she didn’t like their verdict. Her actions inspired a letter signed by two dozen public officials in Pennsylvania, from both parties, criticizing Buchanan, and denouncing her decision to retry the case.

Buchanan herself is of master at drumming up pre-trial publicity to build a “negative slant” in the media, priming the jury pool with incriminating information about her suspects. She’s called a number of press conferences to announce her indictments over the last few years, including in the Wecht case, where she called one to announce that the doctor had turned himself in. To now argue that she deserves a different venue simply because the publicity she herself stirred up is backfiring (and not without plenty of justification) takes quite a bit of gall.

Not surprising, just galling.

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11 Responses to “Mary Beth’s Back”

  1. #1 |  Bill | 


    The stay in the Wecht trial ended with the Supreme Court refusing to pick up the petition for cert in the trial. In an even odder move, the appeals court removed the judge in the Wecht case with neither the defense or prosecution requesting such action. It is true in prior motions that the defense wanted the judge removed for bias, but these motions were denied. The motion that was before the court was a request for dismissal due to an alleged double jeopardy violation. In response, the appeals court tossed the judge instead.

    Currently, there are only 14 charges that remain against Dr. Wecht. Initially, there were 84 charges. The week before the first trial, the prosecution dropped 43 charges and attempted not to drop them with prejudice, a move that would prevent the prosecution from re-filing the charges. The judge denied this request and dismissed them with prejudice.

    After the hung jury on the 41 remaining charges (a jury which favor acquittal), the prosecution chose to drop all the remaining charges except 14.

    It does not end there. The remaining charges are over alleged billing errors on travel reimbursements between Wecht and his PRIVATE clients. No private client has brought action against Wecht for these allegations and the total amount of money involved is in the range of a few hundred dollars. Yes a few hundred dollars on the low end of the range.

    Wait, there are three charges of theft using county/government resources since Wecht allegedly used a county fax machine to carry out the misbillings.

    So after millions, Buchanan and her crack team want to put Dr. Wecht away for a rounding error on over $7 million in billings a year.

  2. #2 |  Bill | 

    Similar to her other cases, Buchanan held a press conference in the Wecht case to air the most sensational charges her team cooked up. At the press conference, she actually claimed that Wecht was trading dead bodies to a local college. At Wecht’s trial, the dead of the college, a catholic nun, testified she was shocked at such claims since no one from the prosecution office interviewed her. The dean, nun, went on to say no such agreement existed and that the allegations themselves did unmeasurable harm to the forensic science program that was being built at the college.

    Radley, can you think of any other Buchanan cases where she made baseless claims against the accused….

  3. #3 |  Bill | 

    Lastly, after he has already spent undisclosed thousands probably millions on his defense, Dr. Wecht now has to potentially cover $112,000 in travel and lodging costs to move the trial to Erie.

  4. #4 |  Andrew | 

    I can’t wait til next month when she starts to make herself out to be a martyr when Obama fires her, which will lead to her bringing her unique brand of idiocy into he political arena. That’ll be fun.

    (I’m gonna go in the corner and cry for a bit)

  5. #5 |  David | 

    I wonder if we would see as many grandstanding dirtbags like Buchanan if we disqualified U.S. Attorneys from running for public office for 5 years?

  6. #6 |  ktc2 | 

    Maybe he shouldn’t fire her.

    Could he create a new U.S. Attorney post in Antartica and transfer her instead?

  7. #7 |  Marty | 

    can’t send her to antarctica- that’s becoming the new adventure playground and Mary Beth don’t tolerate no fun…

  8. #8 |  nemo | 

    In Chong’s case, Ms. Buchanan made it quite plain that she was going after Chong as much because of the culture war aspects as she did about the (questionable) legality of chasing people who sell oddly shaped glass cylinders.

    If she’s so hot to be a public morals proctor, let her emigrate to Saudi…but she could bet her arse that they would just as soon imprison her just for opening her mouth.

  9. #9 |  cold hard truth | 

    marybeth and john Asscroft ought to be ashamed for what they did to Tommy Chong. They are the lowest form humanity. Something must have went wrong during their toliet training. Bottem feeding pond scum. You both suck!

  10. #10 |  James | 

    Chong’s situation is minor MINOR compared to what Buchanan has done to others. Read Radley’s stories on Dr. Rottschaefer. Now there is a case of gross misconduct on the part of Buchanan and Co.

    Not saying Chong’s situation is not absurd and disturbing. Just saying his is not to the same level as others.

  11. #11 |  Grandview Investigations | 

    This is an update on Mary Beths Back…..The attorneys for Cyril Wecht have filed a complaint against Mary Beth and her comments regarding the dropping of his case. Like we in the general public didnt already know she was incompetent and someone who was attempting to make a name for herself at both Tommy Chong and Cyril Wechts expense. She lost her case, so why doesnt she just crawl back under the rock from which she came? No….she has to make comments like’ I still think hes guilty…” and other comments like a spoiled child would make when they didnt get their way.

    She is an embarrasement to the people who live in the State of Pennsylvania, especially when she launched a nationwide campaign against paraphanalia. What a freaking joke. And she furthered our negative opinions of her when she went after Dr. Wecht.

    Unfortunately, I doubt the DOJ will do anything about their complaint, as they cover for their own. That is usually the way it works. Why should she be any different? BUT WE KNOW, DONT WE FOLKS…..What a complete jerk she is. But HAHAHAHA….YOU FREAKING LOST MARY BETH…..YOU MAY BE BACK, BUT HOPEFULLY YOU WILL BE GONE NOW!