Thanksgiving Links

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
  • New York politician wants to rename Mets new stadium “Taxpayer Field.” I was way ahead of him.
  • Well what did you think it was?
  • Students at Ottawa’s Carleton University want to stop an annual fundraiser to fight cystic fibrosis because the disease isn’t “inclusive” enough.
  • Feds may have used military intelligence and resources to spy on RNC protesters last summer.
  • Another victory for the 21 minimum drinking age.
  • Chicago still defiant in the face of Heller. Because the Windy City’s gun ban has done such a terrific job keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.
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  • 13 Responses to “Thanksgiving Links”

    1. #1 |  tim | 

      I believe the half completed baseball stadium in Minneapolis should be called Hennepin County Taxpayer Field. It has a nice ring to it. Instead it will be called Target Field.

    2. #2 |  KBCraig | 

      The Carleton story would be almost perfect if they had voted to support research for Tay-Sachs and Sickle Cell Anemia instead.

    3. #3 |  Cynical In CA | 

      The City of Chicago merely has a different interpretation of the Heller decision and its relevance. Like all institutions, Chicago is interested only in preserving its monopoly on the use of force in its jurisdiction, and will continue its present course of action until met with greater force. It remains to be seen from where that greater force will arise.

    4. #4 |  Bill | 

      Apparently, according to a story linked to the original, Carleton has decided to support CF research after all. NOT because their original reasoning was horrible, bigoted and stupid, but because they checked and found out that their original information was incorrect and the disease affects as many females and males. Sigh.

    5. #5 |  Michael Chaney | 

      Radley, you have some linkage problems in the RNC story.

    6. #6 |  Johnstank | 

      The wonderful painting “Woman Sells Ass…uh, Shovel,” that was great, just what I needed to start the morning off right!

    7. #7 |  Nick T | 

      Radley, re: 21 drinking age, Don’t you get it!? That story only means we need to KEEP the drinking age at 21 or maybe even RAISE IT to like 35 or somes tupid shit.

      It’s like everytime there is a shootout in the ‘hood over drugs, the solution is to use more polcie and harshest sentences for simple possessors, it’s never to legalize drugs.

    8. #8 |  Helmut O' Hooligan | 

      RE: “Tax Payer field”

      “…it will be the taxpayers of the country who will foot the bill for not only part of stadium, but for the company itself…”

      Sounds like a plan. But, I’m sure recognizing taxpayers instead of delinquent, failing, companies who specialize in screwing taxpayers just won’t be as sexy. And the battle against corporatism continues.

    9. #9 |  L | 

      Since Heller was filed in DC specifically to avoid the question of incorporation, it’s hard to say that Chicago is defiant “in the face of Heller”. Chicago is defiant in the face of the 2nd amendment, and in fact Chicago’s ordinances are in violation of the 2nd Amendment as I see it, but I can’t honestly say that they violate the findings in Heller.

    10. #10 |  Brandon Bowers | 

      “the court did not say states must respect the 2nd Amendment.”

      What? Does that really have to be specified? I guess they didn’t read all the way to the 10th?

    11. #11 |  jwh | 

      If you do your research, I’m sure you’ll find the same federal agencies supported the Democratic Convention…..but then, we wouldn’t want good journalistic practice to get in the way of a good story now, would we…….?

    12. #12 |  Alex | 

      Carleton puts the k in quality.

    13. #13 |  Stephen | 

      Very funny drawing. I guess I am a pervert. I see a woman pole dancing and getting tips.