The More Things Change…

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Man wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife, then executed, based on testimony from a corrupt and/or incompetent forensic pathologist and the suppression of evidence by police and prosecutors.

Mississippi? No. Great Britain, 1910.

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One Response to “The More Things Change…”

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    Just a minute. It’s an awfully long leap to state without equivocation that Crippen was ‘wrongfully convicted’ of murdering his wife, or that Sir Bernard Spilsbury was ‘corrupt and/or incompetent’, or that there was ‘suppression of evidence’.

    The entire theory of Crippen’s innocence is being put forward by his surviving family, and is based on some very tenuous evidence plus a very large dollop of pure speculation. Let’s have a little more evidence, shall we, before we simply state all these things as though they were proven beyond doubt?