Absolute MADDness

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

I think I’m going to be sick:

Many juniors and seniors were driven to tears – a few to near hysterics – May 26 when a uniformed police officer arrived in several classrooms to notify them that a fellow student had been killed in a drunken-driving accident.

The officer read a brief eulogy, placed a rose on the deceased student’s seat, then left the class members to process their thoughts and emotions for the next hour.

The program, titled “Every 15 Minutes,” was designed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Its title refers to the frequency in which a person somewhere in the country dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident.

About 10 a.m., students were called to the athletic stadium, where they learned that their classmates had not died. There, a group of seniors, police officers and firefighters staged a startlingly realistic alcohol-induced fatal car crash. The students who had purportedly died portrayed ghostly apparitions encircling the scene.

Though the deception left some teens temporarily confused and angry, if it makes even one student think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, it is worth the price, said California Highway Patrol Officer Eric Newbury, who orchestrates the program at local high schools.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

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227 Responses to “Absolute MADDness”

  1. #1 |  Michelle | 

    this has been done at many schools nationwide including my own a few years back, the students that were the “victims” were so VOLUNTARILY which means that the “victims” agreed that it was a good idea to do this the rest of the school was informed that there was going to be a demonstration, not with specific details but they knew that it was coming, i highly doubt that any students were actually traumatized by this as they have all been so numbed by movies, and news, and video games. any that were “traumatized” were likely just pretending to get attention from their POS parents who work too much and allow the TV to babysit their jerk kids. Grow up, lose the lawyers number and get a better job if you need money so badly, teaching your kids to sue anyone that you disagree with is just another way you are F***ing this world up.

  2. #2 |  David | 

    My dear Michelle, you should be careful with your words. Apparently you’ve never experienced any true trauma as a teen. I did, and I know what kind of impact death can have on one’s emotions: And suicide had crossed my mind back then.

    ( Lets see? My grandmother was killed with a friend when broadsided by a concrete truck when I was 14. They couldn’t even determine who might have been driving….Three years later I lost 2 brothers within 6 months(13 and 21). Both tragic. So what did I do…I dealt with it as best I could ,,but one thing I did not do was spend all my time trying to get everyone to experience my pain.)

    Playing with emotions in the realm of death is not funny. And that goes for all of you that think this was ok. I also want to thank you all for taking me as well back into my emotions over the events that happened to me 38 years ago. I teach my children about the dangers and I do it “my way”. I don’t traumatize them with lies or staged setups, nor are they little shielded jerks. As a single dad of 4 for the past 10 years, I take that responsiblity very seriously and this ploy was way out of line. And that comes from fact.

  3. #3 |  Ron | 

    Hey Michelle, I bet your single, aren’t you ?
    What happened at your school was one thing (That’s why their called the “Good Old Days”) What happened at THIS school is another.

  4. #4 |  Tony | 

    Dear David… grow up. You are immature and irresponsible. Its people like you that are going to bring this country to its knees (you probably are on your knees alot anyway).

  5. #5 |  Ron | 

    Wishing someones child dead ? Hmmmmmmmm…
    All those years of having sex with your little sister has finally taken it’s toll.
    I guess it’s time for you to move out of your “apartment” in Mom’s basement and get a life.

  6. #6 |  David | 

    Take a hike Tony, I get nothing but praise for the responsiblity I took on as a single parent 10 years ago when my children lost their mother. Ages were 1,2,4,and 7 at the time. And this praise comes from every teacher ,guidence counselor, principal and parents I have encountered thru all the schools I’m involved in. Even then, it took awhile for me to accept that “it was” my leading them by example that brought these comments on. Kinda hard to argue when teachers were requesting my children to be in there class as they progressed year to year. Ever found someone drowned Tony? Tried your best as a 17 year old to save his life???I did,,,It was my 13 year old brother back in 72. You apparently don’t give a rats a**’s about parental rights ,nor who the hell are you to know what goes on inside my head.

    Enough said,,all my kids are A/B students. What about yours?

  7. #7 |  Jason Lee | 

    “If it saves only one life, it will have been worth it.”

    …yes, and keeping every American citizen locked in a padded cage tied up would also save many lives. Why don’t we push for this too? Hey, if it saves a life, why not???! In fact, who needs rights? Having rights and freedoms only lead to more deaths, that’s a fact? We might as well get rid of those too! Don’t forget to call your overweight kid a fatass everyday too, maybe that will get them to lose the weight! I’m sorry, I’m completely against drinking and driving and all, but this is truly taking it too far. Groups like MADD are extremists in my opinion, and belong in countries like China, not America.

  8. #8 |  The real Deal | 

    You are blaming the wrong person here. The officer is NOT in charge of the program, he/she just facilitates the program. The school is to blame end of story. They wanted the program, they put it on, the buck stops there! You all are being brutal to a guy who lost his dad to a drunk driver! He grew up without a father his whole life! He is only trying to make the roadways safer for us all. As a parent I understand the response and anger. This program has been around for a long time. If you want to complain, then go to the source not the CHP. But please, continue to attack them and talk about lawsuit, it is very entertaining! I especially liked the last comment how Madd belong in China! Jason Lee, your ignorance is very amusing.

  9. #9 |  Real Deal | 

    MARTY Wrote “I’d love to know how many many people this classroom cop has scraped off the road… the ones that make the most noise do the least work. I’ve been working in EMS for 20 years, 11 at a high volume service… I had some tragic calls, but nothing like the crap these clowns spew at us. I’ve definitely never felt the urge to go scare the hell out of a bunch of people to further some safety agenda. I’m guessing I’ve been on 15,000 911 calls and maybe 5% were bad… even fewer still were fatal or permanently damaged. That’s about par for the industry.
    I bet this guy is heading up the car seat cartel and the seatbelt compliance squad, too. For the greater good!”

    Actually Marty, I know this “Classroom Cop” and he is a road dawg. Second, You should be on the same side seeing how you say you are in EMS. You should know about these programs and that they are not head up by one single individual but groups and committees. But hey, feel free to sound off here on a Blog. You wouldn’t have the nerve to say it to his face, so why not here!

  10. #10 |  David | 

    Agreed, blame cannot be placed on the CHP solely. There is some fingerpointing going on here but the fact is, and no one can refute it, is both the CHP officer, MS Tauber, and the school pricipal all stated the same thing. We wanted them to be tramautized and made that decision WITHOUT parental imput or approval. There are similar programs in my school district,varying from the dangers of impaired driving, sex ed, drugs, strangers on the street etc. But in EVERY instance that they initiated something like this outside the norm of academics which is the primary responsibility of the school system, a permission slip WAS sent home asking for approval from me, as a parent, to whether they had my permission to allow my child to participate in this , Whether it was a dramatization, a film or whatever, I was given all the relevant information in regard to what they had in mind. The parent made the decision to opt in or out and the school respected and HONORED the right of the parent to make that a decision. And to this date, I have never said no to anything they ever initiated. But one thing they never did in any of these programs is “create a hoax”. They dealt it the realm of truth with the goal of creating a trusting atmosphere. And that my friends is why I give my school district an A+. The truth is a far more effective deterent than deception in any case. And what happened here backfired bigtime. As has been stated in some of the earlier posts. They are lucky a life didn’t get lost in their effort to save a life. And they damn sure sabatoged any trust the students may had had with them prior to this.

  11. #11 |  The Real Deal | 

    The program is set up to be upsetting to the students! The CHP officers, AND other agencies ie: (Local police dept, sheriff, Fire Dept who were also very much involved in this program funny how you are not going after them) are just running a program that someone else set up. They are not the originating departments but most of the people on this blog are so quick to jump all over the CHP and the
    school. NOT ONE OF YOU HAVE GIVEN AN ALTERNATE TO THE PROGRAM! So quick to bash and threaten lawsuit but do any of you have an alternate way to reach young people. 15-19 year olds are the worse drivers period. over 23,000 are killed every year, JUST to DUI related collisions! That does not even take into account the others that are killed because of lack of experience! I do understand the anger here I really do. I am very angry as well BUT point that anger at the true culprits……..Parents that are either too stupid or too bust to give their teenagers a fair chance at surviving California roadways. Unless you are familiar with how bad things are on Southern California freeways you have no right to judge anyone!

  12. #12 |  The Real Deal | 

    By the way, using the word “HOAX” and “Joke” regarding the Every 15-Minutes program shows ignorance. Go and watch the program from start to finish and I mean go to the retreat and listen to these brave kids bare their souls and you will understand one irrefutable fact. Young people today have a much greater self awareness than we give them credit for. One young life saved out of a hundred is worth the trauma, especially if that young life is your son/daughter. Give the CHP a break on this one, they are trying to save lives plain and simple.

  13. #13 |  David | 

    The 15 minute program is an awareness program that ALL parties involved know is a dramatization. Even the director of the program was by no means pleased with the method used here.

    Quote: Dean Wilson, executive director of Every 15 Minutes, said he didn’t endorse the hoax. He knew of only a handful of schools where students were told a death was real. End quote: There is no ignorance here(source-Allision Hoffman-Associated Press)

    If there wasn’t something wrong here, this discussion would not be taking place. The officer(not CHP,but thru his employment represents them), Ms Tauber, and the principal deviated into their own realm and created their own version of how this should go down without any consideration for the first and most important source they should have sought feedback before initiating this. And that was the parent’s of these children.

  14. #14 |  Real Deal | 

    Once again sir your ignorance of the program comes glaring through.

    Not all students/parents are notified only the ones taking part in the mock crash/mock funeral. That is the way ALL the programs run. Dean Wilson, of course, is going to distance himself away from any negative press. What, you think that kids/parents react this way in the Midwest or the South? It had to happen in California where we are a bunch of over sensitive cry babies looking to blame other people for our problems and are quick to scream Lawsuit when something or someone rubs us the wrong way. By the way, this “extreme version” of every 15-minutes has taken place for years trust me on this. This is just the first time someone has complained

  15. #15 |  David | 

    No one has the right to inflict any type of emotional stress, pain or corporal punishment on anyone’s children without parental consent: There is a law against it. Hell, if they had not banned corporal punishment from being administered in the schools, we would have far less problems than we do. Now we have a “is it butter or margerine senerio floating around in the kids minds.

    I respect what your saying,but death is real enough without having to inflict a practice session.

    End of story…

  16. #16 |  The Real Deal | 

    So now that we all know how horrible what this officer/school did was, How do you educate 15-19 year olds who are the worse drivers. How do you educate them when over 20,000 are killed in crashes many of which are DUI related? HOW would you intellectuals do it because I would really like to know. It is easy and safe to sit on your computers and fire off shots at Officer Newbury it is another thing entirely to actually walk in his boots and those of officers across the nation, not just California, that are trying to save lives.

  17. #17 |  Tom Alciere | 

    The way to impress upon students not to drink and drive is to show TV news segments from around the country, of older drunk drivers killing teenagers, then teenagers facing similar charges for the same crime, driving drunk and killing somebody not in their car. (Some students will rationalize that the passenger CHOSE to get in…but the pedestrian did not.)

  18. #18 |  Tony | 

    Hey Crybaby Dave…. My kids, well lets see, I have one that is a Major in the Army. I have one that is an advance practice nurse, and I have one that is in school for to become a dentist.
    Go suck your thumb. Oh, and one more thing. I hope that the next kid killed by a drunk is one of your kids and not someone elses since your the one that thinks this program is so terrible.
    Go suck off a lawyer you dumb fuck.

  19. #19 |  Ron | 

    Tony, do you think you’re getting a little carried away here ?
    What did his KIDS ever do to you for Christ’s sake ? Or are you just “Lashing Out” because of the obvious hangup you have about kneeling and sucking ? Don’t you think a parent has a right to be aware of what is going on in their kid’s schools today ? Have you noticed that MADD is distancing themselves from this one? When was the last time you had a Cat-Scan ?

  20. #20 |  The Real Deal | 

    Madd is not a part of this program, they are not backing away they simply do not run the program. The article was poorly written and the officer was mis-quoted but it sure stirred up a lot of emotions!

    “The way to impress upon students not to drink and drive is to show TV news segments from around the country, of older drunk drivers killing teenagers, then teenagers facing similar charges for the same crime, driving drunk and killing somebody not in their car. (Some students will rationalize that the passenger CHOSE to get in…but the pedestrian did not.) ” That may be one way.

    Loved your site by the way Tom. I thought it was especially funny how you try to connect Natalee Holloway to under age drinking

    “Natalee Holloway shouldn’t have had to leave the country to exercise her right to drink without fear of being jailed for it.”

    Now that’s just stupid thinking right there I don’t care who you are.

  21. #21 |  Ron | 


    MADD members participated. Participation equals endorsement. Can we agree on that ?

  22. #22 |  The Real Deal | 

    I don’t see why not. Unless they specifically tell these poor survivors after losing a loved one to a drunk driver, Who and when they can tell their story to. It sounds live an endorsement to me. You are not going to get me to agree that Mothers Against Drunk Driving are anything more than an organization trying to make a difference in our society. A society that sees DUI as an annoyance and not the serious crime that it is.

  23. #23 |  Ron | 

    I certainly do agree that MADD is trying to make a “Difference” in our society. Before I forget, let me please get on record that my Mom was killed by a drunk driver. The guy was not .08 or .10 or .15 or .21 (.27 if you’re dying to know) My Dad lived, but got wracked up pretty good. I have no love for people like this. My feelings are that the DUI laws are just getting way out of hand thanks to MADD. I would like proof that MADD is not a neo-prohibitionist type of group. Do you have it ?

  24. #24 |  The Real Deal | 

    I could care less how the message gets across and this particular group is against DUI. I am not giving up my Gin for nobody, so they neo-prohibiton all they want. We (you and I) have a responsibility to save others from the loss of our parents. Otherwise, we have no right to complain when another family is destroyed to to a drunk driver. For me, it is a Horrible thing that our society allows to exist.

    You say DUI laws are way out of hand? You must be insane! It takes 3 Misd DUI convictions before the FOURTH finally becomes a Felony (in a ten year period) and the Habitual offender finally does hard time . Thats like playing Russian roulette with a 2-3 ton vehicle! You like the idea of sharing the highways with these people? They do not care or just cannot stop themselves from driving drunk and I think these habitual offenders should be locked away on the second conviction. To me, you get one chance, make a mistake and you better never do it again period.

  25. #25 |  Ron | 

    R.D. I’m not trying to say it’s cool to down a 12 pack,half bottle of Cuervo,smoke a joint, and then drive, no, no way. It’s sad when someone who kidnapped, raped, and tortured a little 10 year old girl to death has more rights afforded to him,than a person arrested for DUI that had harmed no one. No right to an attorney, no right to trial by jury (in some states), Miranda who ?
    Nazi-style roadblocks…
    Can’t set up a roadblock to look for a kidnapped little girl,but you can set one up to see if people have been drinking alcohol.
    If I want to get hammered,I’ll stay at home thank you. Then again, I could get arrested if I were to be out in my own driveway,standing next to my car. The new DUI laws figure I “MIGHT” drive…

  26. #26 |  The Real deal | 

    Ron- Just because you are a “responsible citizen” and I don’t know you from Adam but for the sake of argument lets say u r. Does that mean we should assume that others are as well? I suppose you want to let violent felons and Parolees own guns because we should trust them to not use them only in self defense? I agree with you that Kidnapping and rape are far more horrible than DUI but does that mean we should cut intoxicated drivers more slack and loosen up those laws? I think not! You also need to understand When Miranda needs to be read. A traffic stop does not warrant reading of rights and by the time you are arrested for a DUI, no more questions about the incident needs to be asked so no Miranda is needed

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