Tracy Ingle: Another Drug War Outrage

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

About a month ago I got a call from a reporter for the Arkansas Times inquiring about my research into paramilitary drug raids. He’d been reporting on a raid in North Little Rock involving a 40-year-old man named Tracy Ingle. When he told me the story over the phone, I was floored, even given all the abuses and mistakes I’ve reported and read about over the last few years. What makes the case especially egregious is not that the police may have gotten the wrong home, that they shot a man, or that they were covering it up or going silent. We’ve seen all that before. What’s mind-blowing about this one is that they’ve continued abusing the poorTracy Ingle's door. guy, even after it should have been clear for some time now that they made a mistake.

From the outset, it should be noted that Tracy Ingle has had some trouble with the law in the past, though nothing violent, and nothing drug-related. He has had a couple of DWI’s, and a citation for failing to appear in court. He apparently also agreed to do some repair work on a friend’s car that later turned out to be stolen.

That said, what’s happened to him over the last few months is pretty outrageous.

Here’s the Arkansas Times piece, which I’d encourage you to read in full. And here’s a follow-up interview with North Little Rock Police Chief Danny Bradley about SWAT tactics.

I’ve since spoken again to the reporter and to Tracy Ingle’s sister, Tiffney Forrester, who herself is a former sheriff’s deputy. I’ve also had a chance to review the warrants and return sheets (pdf).

The North Little Rock Police Department wouldn’t discuss the case with me.

Here’s a quick rundown:

• On January 7, 2008 a paramilitary police unit in North Little Rock, Arkansas conducted a drug raid on Tracy Ingle’s home. Ingle says he had fallen asleep for several hours, and was asleep when the raid happened. He awoke when the police took a battering ram to his door. Another team of officers approached form the outside of the house, and shattered the window to his bedroom.

• When he awoke, Ingle says he thought his home was being invaded by armed robbers. He reached for a broken gun, a pretty clear indication that he had no intention of killing anyone, but rather was trying to scare away the intruders. When he grabbed the gun, an officer inside the house fired his weapon. The bullet hit Ingle just above the knee, shattered his thigh bone, and nearly severed his lower leg. When the outside officers heard the shot, they opened up on Ingle, hitting him four more times. According to Ingle’s sister, one bullet still rests just above Ingle’s heart, and can’t be removed.

• Ingle was taken to the hospital, and spent a week-and-a-half in intensive care. He was then removed from intensive care—still in his hospital pajamas—and taken to the North Little Rock police department, where he was questioned for five hours. He was not told he was suspected of a crime, and his family wasn’t allowed to speak with him. After the interrogation, he was arrested and transferred to the county jail.

• Ingle spent the next four days in jail. He says he was never given his pain medication or his antibiotics. Though hospital nurses told him to change his bandages and clean his wounds every 4-6 hours, Ingle told the Arkansas Times that jail officials changed them only twice in four days. Ingle’s wounds became infected during the time he was in jail.

• Police found no illegal drugs in Ingle’s home. They did find a scale, which Ingle’s sister tells me she was an extra she was given when she worked at a medical testing facility for use in her jewelry-making hobby. They also found a bunch of small plastic bags. Again, Ingle’s sister says these were part of her business. "I was leaving the country for a while, and I stored a lot of my stuff at his house," she told me. "The scales and bags were mine, and are both common things to have for anyone who makes jewelry." Police also found the broken gun and a broken police scanner.

• From those items, the police charged Ingle with running a drug enterprise. They also charged him with assault, for pointing his broken gun at the police officers who had just barged into his home. The judge set Ingle’s bail at $250,000, explaining that it had to be set high because Ingle had engaged in a shootout with police—never mind that Ingle didn’t fire a shot. Ingle was able to sell his car to pay a bail bondsman. But with no car, his injuries render him basically immobile.  He had to walk two miles on crutches and an infected leg to his hearing last week.

• The police obtained a no-knock warrant for Ingle’s home about three weeks prior to the raid. The warrant itself (pdf) reads like boilerplate, with no specific references to Ingle (other than his address), or why he specifically posed a risk to police safety, or of disposing of drugs before coming to answer the door. It mentions no controlled buys. It doesn’t even mention an informant. In fact, someone scratched out "crack cocaine" and hand-wrote in "methamphetamine" on the type-written warrant, suggesting a cut, plug, and paste job. The Supreme Court has ruled that police must show case-specific evidence of exigent circumstances in order to be issued a no-knock warrant. The mere fact that it’s a drug case isn’t enough. The warrant for Ingle’s home contains no such specific information.

Many times, information specific to the investigation is contained in the affidavit the investigating officer files for the search warrant, not in the warrant itself. Forrester says she has called the North Little Rock Police Department more than 20 times in an effort to obtain a copy of the affidavits. She says they at first refused to return her phone calls. When she was finally able to speak with a lieutenant, he became angry when she told she had contacted the media. She then says he told her to "dream on" when she asked for copies of the affidavits.

• According to Forrester, Ingle’s neighbor had a direct line of sight into the bedroom, and saw the entire raid. His account initially matched Ingle’s. But that changed. "We have a witness, a next door neighbor that saw the entire incident," Forrester told me. "He came forward on his own to give a statement to the family. Police never questioned him until a month or so after the shooting, at my insistence. They kept this neighbor in his home, and questioned him for at least four hours, refusing to let the man’s wife come home, of for other people to see him. When the police finished intimidating the man, they told him specifically that ‘he did not see what he thought he saw.’ The neighbor is now afraid to talk to the media." I have not yet been able to speak with the neighbor.

• Ingle’s family was able to put up $1,000 to retain an attorney, but can’t afford the extra $6,000 the attorney has asked to represent Ingle. Ingle is therefore still looking for representation. He has no health insurance, and no money to pay for medication, or to continue treatment of his injuries.

• Last week, after the Arkansas Times article appeared, the judge in the case issued a gag order, preventing Ingle and any future attorney he may have from talking to the media about what happened to him. This is puzzling. Before today there had been exactly two articles about this case—not exactly a media circus. It’s hard to understand why a gag order was necessary. It’s only real purpose is to prevent more people from learning about what’s increasingly looking like a railroading. And it’s only effect is to lend more support to the possibility that it is, in fact, a cover-up and railroading.

As noted, the police aren’t talking. And the prosecutor is now bound by the gag order. Perhaps there’s some piece of information damning to Ingle I’m not yet aware of—though it’s hard to imagine what that might be.

Barring that, what’s happening to Tracy Ingle is pretty outrageous.

UPDATE: The Arkansas Times reports that the gag order in Ingle’s case was withdrawn late yesterday. I don’t know that this will make the police or prosecutors any more likely to talk about the case, but if I have time this afternoon, I’ll try again to give them a call.

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57 Responses to “Tracy Ingle: Another Drug War Outrage”

  1. #1 |  Highway | 

    I can’t even imagine what ‘information’ could be so damning as to make any of this justified. What could he have done? And the fact that there hasn’t even been anything put out as a reason for this man’s treatment just makes it more unlikely there will ever be anything more than ‘we wanted to raid somebody, and picked this lowlife.’

  2. #2 |  TomMil | 

    I have posted this comment on this and other sites before but it needs to be repeated over and over. Without excusing the behavior of the police in any way a substanial amount of the blame for abuses of warrants falls on the Judge. Far too many Judges fail to see themselves as the public’s last protection against executive branch excesses. They often percieve themselves as part of the law enforcement community. There needs to be some kind of accoutability in situations where they rubber stamp these warrants.

  3. #3 |  Wayne | 

    So much info, where to start ranting? One thing that jumps out at me is “scales and bags” for “jewelry making.” I guess I better get rid of my kitchen scale I use for canning my tomatoes and start finding other ways to package my daughter’s sandwich when I send her off to school in the morning, lest I be branded as having “drug paraphernalia.” Ah, but once the mainstream news outlets get wind of this story, the citizens will be outraged and will be moved to cause real change and … and … and … I wonder what’s on television tonight.

  4. #4 |  Windypundit | 

    I noticed the news coverage doesn’t name the officers who did the shooting.

    As usual.

  5. #5 |  dave smith | 

    Even if there were drugs in the home, what the cops are doing to him is fairly out of line.

  6. #6 |  Lee | 

    Is there a place to donate for his defense?

    I realize you probably do not want to turn your site into a charity of the month site, but this person seems to be in need of some real assitance.

  7. #7 |  Phil | 

    Why doesn’t he have a public defender for the criminal case? It sounds like it’ll be fairly easy to beat the charges if all they’ve got is what the story says.

    Most important, he needs to get a good attorney for his civil case. It looks like he’s got a good federal Section 1983 claim that an attorney would take on a contingency basis. Maybe he isn’t talking to the right lawyers? Probably the best help he could get is a referral to a good civil rights attorney.

  8. #8 |  Red Green | 

    What about anything ,printed here, does not scream domestic terrorism?What is actually left of the 4th ammendment? More and more of this sort of thing happens every month. All the US sheeple just roll over and change the channel. OBEY, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!… and we do ,just what we are told. Pityful !

  9. #9 |  CombatRob | 

    Just curious but with the outstanding coverage you give cases like this, have you ever been the subject of police intimidation? It’s a sad commentary on the state of affairs the thought would even occur to me to ask…


  10. #10 |  Radley Balko | 

    #9 —

    Not really. I’ve gotten some heated email, but nothing threatening. And I’ve never been harassed or threatened in person. I had one bad experience with a police officer a few years ago, but nothing related to my job.

  11. #11 |  angelinblue942 | 

    This is Tiffney Forrester, the sister of Tracy Ingle. Thank you to all of you for seeing the outrage that has occured. My brother is not perfect, as none of us are, but he is a good man with a kind heart. He has never in his life been accused of anything to do with drugs or violence.
    Arkansas is still a “good Ol boy” state with a horribly corrupt Judicial system. The only way Tracy can win is with Public Outrage. Please feel free to send his story to any person or organization you feel might be able to help.

    Donations, cards, letters cand be send to:
    The November Coalition/ November.Org
    Tracy Ingle Family c/o Tiffney Forrester
    or directly at:
    4024 Franklin Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15214

    All correspondence will be answered and we are so very grateful for your support.
    Thank you,
    Tiffney Forrester

  12. #12 |  Tokin42 | 

    This goes back to the question of immunity raised in a thread radley posted earlier. If these officers, judges, and prosecutors actually had to worry about facing jail time for horrendous mistakes like this then maybe they’d be a little more careful before deciding that a raid like this is the appropriate way to deal with a drug warrant.

  13. #13 |  Miggs | 


    Tiffney Forrester, Ingle’s sister, posted info over at H&R on how to donate:

  14. #14 |  angelinblue942 | 

    Donations can be sent through PayPal to:

    please be sure to let us know who you are and where you are from.

    Thank you, all of you,
    Tiffney forrester

  15. #15 |  Andrew | 

    Waitaminute. They charged him with AGGRAVATED ASSAULT FOR PUTTING THE OFFICERS WHO SHOT HIM IN FEAR OF THEIR LIVES???? In all of the cases you’ve shown us, Radley, that has to be the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen.

  16. #16 |  angelinblue942 | 

    Even more outrageous is that he was charged with running a drug premises even though no drugs or traces of drugs were found in the home. They actually charged him with 2 counts of Aggravated assault and possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

  17. #17 |  Michael Pack | 

    This is another example of legal defense priced beyond the reach of many.Even things that used to be simple[traffic offenses] are now cost 2000-5000 dollars to defend.In most cases no harm was done.As for a PD,that’s ‘Let’s Make a Deal’,plea and go to jail.In a country where 2 beers and a low bac [01-.08] can cost thousands to fight ,how can one expect a defense without having major assets in a serious felony.

  18. #18 |  CombatRob | 

    Glad to hear it. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. If you set up a tipjar for Mr. Ingle, I would donate (or point us in the right direction).

  19. #19 |  Edmund Dantes | 

    I have posted this comment on this and other sites before but it needs to be repeated over and over. Without excusing the behavior of the police in any way a substanial amount of the blame for abuses of warrants falls on the Judge. Far too many Judges fail to see themselves as the public’s last protection against executive branch excesses. They often percieve themselves as part of the law enforcement community. There needs to be some kind of accoutability in situations where they rubber stamp these warrants.

    One of the reasons you see this happening more is the growing number of judges and other officials that are now elected instead of being appointed. People clamor and clamor for the right to elect officials that really have no business being elected. Judges and D.A. have to worry about how this is going to play to their electorate, and sadly in this country so long as it isn’t happening to them most people will say “he had it coming” “he’s been a criminal before so he’s probably had it coming” etc…

    Easier to cave and not worry about re-election than to actually take a stand for the rule of law.

  20. #20 |  CombatRob | 

    Probably should have refreshed before posting my last comment.

    Do you think all of the charges filed are a case of “throw the book at him and hope he pleads to some?”

  21. #21 |  angelinblue942 | 

    The North Little Rock PD is just trying to justify their f*ck up. Tracy’s name was never even on the warrant, just the address of the house and when they raided the house they kept calling out for “Michael”. One SWAT team member kicked Tracy as he lay on the floor in his own blood and urine and wanted to know, “why the f*ck you not answering when we’re talking to you?” Tracy told him, “my name is not Mike.” When the story first hit the news the police said Tracy came outside of the house shooting, then it changed to he was hiding in a back room and knew they were coming. Tracy has no way of affording good representation and they know it. Yeah, I am sure they want to through the book at him and sweep their mistake under the rug………If I weren’t a major pain in the ass to them they would be getting away with it. It does not do any good for Tracy to have a court appointed Attorney, what they grab then is a bottom of the barrel bottom feeder who can’t be hired in a real firm. The public defenders, prosecutors, probation, judges and NLR PD all work in the same offices on the same floor.
    Public Outrage screaming for Justice for Tracy is the number one priority. Having a good criminal Attorney is the next priority……There is a three statue for a civil suit, so there is still time.

  22. #22 |  PA | 


    There is a way we can help without just sending money. The first thing I would do is file a motion with the Court as a member of the media to have the gag order lifted. An Arkansas reporter might not want to bring that motion if it would mean the police and judge might not be as forthcoming with information on future articles, but someone from the national media shouldn’t be worried about that.

    Any First Amendment lawyers out there chime in on the likelihood of success in getting the gag order lifted?

  23. #23 |  Zeb | 

    So baggies+scale+search warrant=drug enterprise? No actual drugs required.

    This is fucking crazy.

    It is especially cute how the two cops who shot him are called “Victim 1” and “Victim 2”.

  24. #24 |  Michael Chaney | 

    Little did I know I have all the makings of a successful drug enterprise right here in my house! No drugs required!

    Rubber stamp judges really need to face civil and criminal liability in cases like these.

  25. #25 |  angelinblue942 | 

    Having the gag order lifted would be great, if any person wishes to do this we will support them. The gag order is only for Tracy, whomever he has for an Attorney and the Prosecutors office. The “blue wall of silence” is what is keeping the police quiet. Tracy has only once ever spoken to the media. The aftermath of the shooting has been profoundly difficult on him. He is suffering from serious PTSD, withdrawing from everyone and depression.
    I can give you the names of the officers who shot Tracy if you’d like…..

  26. #26 |  angelinblue942 | 

    ……The two Officers that shot Tracy are: Wes Honeycutt (out of Mayflower)
    and Steve Chamness (came from Indiana) now with Cabot.

  27. #27 |  Windypundit | 


    IANAL, but there’s nothing wrong with that charge if the rest of the police theory of the case holds up. He pointed a gun at the police. If he knew they were cops, that’s assault.

    It doesn’t matter if the gun couldn’t fire, because the police couldn’t have known that. Assault is the threat of violence, even if you don’t mean to make good on it.

    They say they shot him because they feared for their lives. His defense for pointing a gun at them will be the exact same thing: He feared for his life.

    This is why no-knock raids are such a dangerously stupid thing to do.

  28. #28 |  Blue | 

    The Arkansas Times has responded to Radley’s post:

  29. #29 |  Andrew | 


    I am a lawyer (though not a criminal attorney), so I do know that. But given the facts as reported, there’s no way in hell that charge an be supported (or any other charge he’s been charged with for that matter).

    This reminds me of the case Radley highlighted in Overkill, where the police shot someone in the course of a drug raid, finding a small amount of marijuana… and called the sandwich bags they found at the house “drug packaging materials”

  30. #30 |  Windypundit | 

    Andrew, I’m assuming the police are going to stick to their version of the facts, so if a jury believes them…

    Even if it turns out the cops did everything right at the scene—which they mostly do—there’s still the policy question of whether these raids are worth all this trouble.

    BTW, here in Chicago, one of our idiot aldermen is trying to make possession of the plastic bags a crime in itself.

  31. #31 |  JW | 

    Radley– I would greatly appreciate it if you could vet the donations that Tiffany is mentioning, since you are in a position to know. I would like to help.

    Nothing personal Tiffany, it’s just too easy on the Internet for anyone to show up and claim to be someone they aren’t. I would feel better with Radley’s say so.

    That said, my thoughts are with you and your brother. I simply can’t wrap my head around just how outragous and wrong this situation is.

  32. #32 |  North Little Rock police thuggery « Spiffmo | 

    […] respect my authority!, swat Mr. Balko has a good synopsis of the outrageous police abuse being foisted onto Tracy Ingle in North Little Rock, Arkansas. They nearly kill him several […]

  33. #33 |  Alien | 

    Some Googling turns up an Officer Wes Honeycutt of Arkansas in an appeal document. The guy appealing was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He was driving through a residential neighborhood (speed limit 30 MPH) and Officer Honeycutt estimated he cornered at 25 MPH. As that estimated speed was felt to be too danger to take a corner, the officer pulled over the guy. The officer recognized the guy as a felon so called for backup. He got the guy out of the car as backup arrived. Both the arresting officer (Honeycutt) and the backup officer smelled the ‘strong odor’ of marijuana. The guy was patted down, the weapon was found, and he was arrested. The officer testified he was only going to write a ticket for hazardous driving until he found a gun.

    No marijuana was found in this case.

  34. #34 |  Alien | 

    Also, if you are police or military with the proper credentials, you can contact Officer Steve Chamness to register for a class called “Warrior Mindset” class being offered by the North Little Rock Police Department.

    Because we need more warriors patrolling our houses….

  35. #35 |  angelinblue942 | 

    I have no problem with you wanting the donations to go to Radley. I understand perfectly….Just so that you all understand. I am not here soliciting for money. I am here to answer questions and do all I can to help get Tracy story known. Some people don’t have any more money than I do and their time is just as valued. Our Family is profoundly grateful for whatever help we may receive.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  36. #36 |  supercat | 

    IMHO, this country needs to (re)establish some simple legal principles: the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land; no other law can justify actions which are forbidden under the Constitution. Government agents who violate the Constitution can claim no legitimacy while doing so. Further, there are many things in the Constitution which go unstated for the simple reason that they were considered TOO OBVIOUS to require spelling out.

    Was the warrant in this case issued on the basis of an oath or affirmation which related *PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE AFFIANT* sufficient to constitute probable cause? Did the cops have any reason to believe that it was? I know the “Personal knowledge” clause isn’t explicit in the Constitution, but without it the “Oath or Affirmation” clause is meaningless (if the police get a warrant on the basis of person X, under oath, saying person Y told him something, not under oath, in what meaningful way is that different from getting a warrant simply on the basis of what person Y says, not under oath?)

    I wish people would use the correct term for cops who break into people’s property in a manner which is unreasonable or otherwise in violation of the Constitution: ROBBERS.

    BTW, if John Q. Public were to awaken to hear his door being smashed in by some guys with guns drawn, would it it more likely be robbers or police? If the former, John Q. Public would be entirely justified in shooting the intruders. If the latter, that suggests that no-knock raids are being done with entirely unreasonable frequency (thus implying strongly that the people should be robbers, regardless of uniform, though others may unfortunately not see them as such).

  37. #37 |  H. Harrison | 

    All of this shit just to stop people from getting high.


  38. #38 |  angelinblue942 | 

    Mayor: Patrick Henry Hays, City Hall, (72114), 300 Main St., Phone: 501-340-5301

    Community Relations: Margaret Powell, 300 Main St. (72114), P. O. Box 5757, Phone: 501-340-5305

    Courts – Criminal/Civil: Judge Jim Hamilton, 200 Pershing Blvd. (72115), Phone: 501-791-8559

    Courts – Traffic: Judge Randy Morley, 200 Pershing (72115), Phone: 501-791-8562

    Legal (City Attorney): C. Jason Carter, City Hall, 300 Main (72114), Phone: 501-975-3755

    Police: Chief Danny Bradley, Administration Building, 2525 N. Main (72115), Phone: 501- 771-7101

    Police Athletic League (PAL): Rose Lane (72114) , Phone: 501-537-6208

    Public Defender: Terry Ballard, 315 N. Broadway (72114), Phone: 501-376-0836

    PULASKI COUNTY CLERK, Pat O’Brien, Phone: 501-340-8446
    PULASKI COUNTY JUDGE, Buddy Villines, …Phone: 501-340-8305
    PULASKI COUNTY SHERIFF, “Doc” Holladay, Phone: 501-340-6600

    STATE OFFICES, Phone: 682-3000, Web Site:

  39. #39 |  Psychopolitik 2.0 » “…and I say it with authority!” | 

    […] didn’t fire a single shot, meanwhile the cops left an irretrievable bullet near his heart.  Radley has the whole story, try not to throw your monitor in a fit of rage while reading […]

  40. #40 |  angelinblue942 | 

    Feel free to share your opinions about Tracy’s story on:

  41. #41 |  jkhazael | 

    Just made fark

  42. #42 |  oldguy | 

    Either have your broken firearm repaired or buy a new one.
    At the same time, get some AP ammo for yourself. Then, adopt the militia, survival mindset!

  43. #43 |  j.d. | 

    there will come a point where private citizens serve thier own ‘no-knock’ warrants on freedom-depriving public officers. when the government refuses to police itself….

  44. #44 |  Cody | 

    This is just pure defamation of an innocent man to prove they will do what they want reguardless of the public opinion. But they do set themselves up for many countersuits.!

  45. #45 |  Drug Cops Raid Innocent Man, Shoot Him 5 Times - 420 Magazine | 

    […] Cops Raid Innocent Man, Shoot Him 5 Times Tracy Ingle: Another Drug War Outrage Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 About a month ago I got a call from a reporter for the Arkansas Times […]

  46. #46 |  a.m. | 


    I live in Orange County, CA. and AT LEAST once a month a story pops up on the news concerning the death of an inmate caused by a beating that they received from guard or 2 employed in our county jails!! And these are the cases FORTUNATE enough to get publicity; ALTHOUGH NO CHARGES ARE EVER BROUGHT AGAINST THESE STEROID-FUELED COPS, OH, NO!! Don’t you know, they’re just DEFENDING THEMSELVES against the “big, bad criminals”. But what about ex-inmates, such as my friend who went in for 3 weeks and came out with 2 BLACK EYES, 3 BROKEN RIBS, AND A BROKEN NOSE?!?! This is “SELF-DEFENSE”?? A LITTLE EXCESSIVE, DON’T ‘YA THINK?!?!


    To the family of Mr. Ingle: I plan on sending this story to EVERY NEWS MEDIA SITE, TV CHANNEL, AND/OR RADIO STATION THAT WILL LISTEN TO ME. I wish you all the best of luck. you’ve got one hell of a fight on your hands, but make an example of this case…HOPEFULLY, your story will open the eyes of our judicial system, our government, and those of us still IGNORANT ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IN THIS TRAVESTY WE CALL THE DRUG WAR!!

    And finally, THANK YOU DRCNet for the priceless work that you do. Without people like you, I’m afraid these stories would NEVER be told. PLEASE, KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! I’M WITH YOU 100% OF THE WAY!!

    O.C., CA.

  47. #47 |  Detlef A. Dilbeck | 

    COPS = Criminals On Patrol
    DEA = Dumb Evil Assholes

    Disgusting actions of disgusting people, usually highly religious temperance fundamentalists, enforcing a dispicable illegal WAR on non-alcoholic drugs!

    The religious fundamentalists previous drug war against the original ‘gateway’ drug… alcohol… legal because of constitutional amendment… was rejected by our predominantly white european ancestors… and overturned after nearly 20 years of persecution!

    Good thing too… today cops get to go home and bang down some alcoholic drugs… to help settle their nerves… kill brain cells… hopefully those relating to their crimes… and give them much needed perspective… the hypocritical criminal assholes.

    I counted atleast 5 major crimes the narco pigs commited while enforcing illegal laws… 2 of which are capitol crimes!

    AND that judge has got to go… to prison too… sounds like a real organized criminal… No accuser on the illegal no knock warrant… and no informant… shit if you can’t afford to buy and informant what can you do… break the law… for life I guess… and get away with it!

    AND, I see absolutely nothing wrong or illegal about the victims actions to exercise his self-evident right of self-defense… especially from home invaders in the middle of the night seeking to alienate him from his inalienable rights to life, liberty, happiness & legally aquired property!

    At the end of the day no cop or judges life is worth your right to life, liberty & happinesss… that should be self-evident too!

  48. #48 |  JW | 

    Tiffany–Radley posted the website over at H&R. I left you a donation; hope it helps.

  49. #49 |  perlhaqr | 

    oldguy: Just to make sure anyone who reads this knows, AP ammo for handguns is a federal felony violation. The ATF has decided that if there is even one example of a handgun in a particular caliber, that makes it “handgun ammo”, even if you’re talking about a rifle round.

    anyone: does this sort of shit happen in other countries?

  50. #50 |  kate | 

    these pistol packin trigger happy cops have to be stopped. of course no judge will stop them as we can see they seem to all be great friends. we the people are to blame we never speak up nor do we do any lawful act to get them out. we are victims of a justice system that does not work. money is a big silencer and as long as we let them they will continue to shoot first and answer later. no this does not happen in europe i have been there most cops are female and most do not even carry a gun this is not the way of life there. this country is going down fast because of bad cops and a corrupt justice system.

  51. #51 |  Nick | 

    It sounds like a very corrupt court, IMHO. I would suggest appealing into a federal court. Under the situation that you feel that the local courts and or jury would have prejudice against the case, you have the right to take the case to federal court to be heard by a impartial Jury and Judge.

  52. #52 |  qwerty | 

    This is the reason I want to kill someone. This is the reason I want to kill myself. If I was Tracy I would be long gone to my own hands; That gun would have been repaired and used as my own suicide weapon. HOW IS THIS GOING ON. HOW. I simply CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE IT. If there were capital letters squared I would be using them. Let me tell you if I was a half decent lawyer living near there I would be representing you for free. If I had money, more than the $6k you need would already be in that paypal account. I am being destroyed mentally right now reading about how this is being looked at by the criminals who broke into his house as well as the criminal judges. Gag order? The ONLY reason for that is to cover up what they are doing wrong. I am one strong-at-mind person and if Tracy gets any word of these comments, or any other family of his, let me tell you, I am almost in tears right now. Tears of FUCKING HAWEUFSZIDFSD JHGRI@ WAF.

    I was arrested recently for possession of cannabis. Luckily it will be dropped on successful completion of some community hours since I am a young offender in Canada but this.. this is.. wow. I just have nothing else to say. I’m sorry that gun didn’t work, if it did I would be content for the rest of my life to sit in jail knowing that at least one of those fucking criminals who broke into my house and tried to shoot me and cover this up is DEAD.


  53. #53 |  Cow Girl Thoughts | 

    Out here on the wind swept plains, we have been having problems with METH. To many losers, with nothing else to do, and to stupid to try to actually working hard for a living out here, resort to deadly illegal drug trades and sales. Many kids have died. We’re outraged as well. WE have taken local and regional actions. It is that serious of a threat to our kids. We are trying to shut it down out here. The progress has been slow.
    All illegal drugs trade, and activity since the 60’s has escalated ten fold. Too many malcontents with little will to work for a living, then cop out and become dregs of the society with their drug addictions and crimes. I’d like to see them all rounded up and disposed of. As in executed! No mercy!
    The cops/police have had enough of the trouble makers shooting people over drugs and money, and killing cops who stop suspicious vehicles. Sometimes, someone is going to get caught up in the insanity of this illegal drug activity, and they will be innocent. SHIT HAPPENS as the say. Mistakes are made. Law Enforcement is no exception. But, when they do make a huge blunder, and attack an innocent citizen, and will not apologize, and or try to cover the ass with lies, then they become part of the drug problem themselves.
    Cops careers depend upon performance reports and their arrest records, law enforcement quota’s, test scores. They will do anything to keep their BADGE and to advance. Rouge cops exist, and they are dangerous, because they don’t care what the law says. To them, it is a game. It is us against them, and they are determined to win, at any cost.

  54. #54 |  Quiet Desperation | 

    Where is the ACLU? Isn’t this sort of case right up their alley?

  55. #55 |  The Big Raven | 

    You americants are getting just what YOU suckers bought into THE FEAR , The fear of your fellow humans pretend terrorism to justify the police state so the corporations can keep selling you fear based products so you can look better with whiter skin and a big house and kraft dinner and oscer myer weiners and of course your big assed suv.
    911 inside job, iraq phoney war, oh yeah watch out for the Mexicans. or wasting BILLIONS on a phoney drug war when your own goverment cia brings the stuff in by the TONs.
    yup your screwed! can you please revolt and join humanity? PLEASE! you police (and mine ) are out of control with FEAR tazering old folks shooting inocents enough is enough!

  56. #56 |  Ed | 

    #53 Cow Girl Thoughts: “Too many malcontents with little will to work for a living, then cop out and become dregs of the society with their drug addictions and crimes. I’d like to see them all rounded up and disposed of. As in executed! No mercy!”

    Too many “citizens” supporting, through “taxes” and voting, the murdererous oppressers that call themselves “government”. I’d like to see them all rounded up and disposed of. As in executed! No mercy!

  57. #57 |  Bruce Liddel | 

    There is still one thing you can do about such abuse, that is in fact your civic duty to do. We have elections, where the media would have you believe that your only choice in government is Democrat or Republican. The media is blatantly dishonest about this. If you are unhappy with the authoritarian corrupt inept unresponsive and largely unaccountable government that Democrats and Republicans have amassed at your expense, under the guise of protecting you, then vote for Libertarian party candidates whenever possible, and give other third-party candidates a fair consideration.