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Monday, March 31st, 2008
  • Another death after a “non-lethal” tasering.
  • Cruel, cruel science.
  • Georgia governor valiantly defends anachronistic law banning Sunday alcohol sales from common sense, will of the people.
  • Great Britain considers banning the display of cigarettes in retail outlets.
  • Other things you can do with vodka.
  • And to think, I have a shaving brush made out of one of these…

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  • 15 Responses to “Morning Links”

    1. #1 |  Kieffer | 

      Of course, Perdue cites none other than Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as justification for keeping alcohol out of sinners’ … err, I mean citizens’, hands.

    2. #2 |  Michael Pack | 

      Does he really think people don’t drink on Sunday’s because of this law?I’m sure people stock up on Sat. if they want alcohol.I was raised in a ‘drink is evil’ baptist house.I’m now Catholic.We have our faults,but,temperance isn’t one of them.

    3. #3 |  Dave Krueger | 

      For me, the problem isn’t whether it’s appropriate for government to ban or restrict alcohol. The issue is why we give them the power to control any activity when that activity is practiced responsibly and does not injure others. In other words, government juridiction over those activities should be limited only to cases where there is an idenifiable involuntary injured party.

      Then we can start paying down the debt with all the money we’ll no longer be paying to ATF, DEA, and other vice cops.

    4. #4 |  Hannah | 

      On a lighter note, I love the honey badger post. He looks so much like a buffed up skunk. If he wasn’t so violent I wouldn’t mind having one.

    5. #5 |  Mike Leatherwood | 

      Using Vodka as rubbing alcohol is nothing new. We do not keep isopropyl in the house as it is toxic. If the kids get into the Vodka, they have a better chance of no harm than getting into the isopropyl.

    6. #6 |  Matt Moore | 

      Unless they get into the vodka on Sunday, Mike. Then… Hellfire!

    7. #7 |  Matt Moore | 

      Here in Colorado we just passed (or are about to pass) Sunday liquor sales. Since we’re not in the south the news had to really hunt for someone to voice the standard fair and balanced “other side.”

      It ended up being a liquor store owner who had no employees and didn’t want to work on Sundays.

    8. #8 |  Dermanus | 

      Ontario has banned the display of tobacco products. My wife works in a head shop, and got notice of it on Friday. The lady down the street who just bought a convenience store looked pretty stressed out.

    9. #9 |  Vermin Kol | 

      I resided in Georgia for six years while in the military. Found out they banned sales on alchohol on Sunday when I was throwing a Easter bash at my house. Ended up driving the 15 miles to post to get more alkyhol.

      The county I reside in now in Wisconsin prohibits the sale of liquor after 9 PM and at least one town prohibits the sale of all alcohol after 9 PM. Bars are still serving though.

    10. #10 |  Zeb | 

      Let’s see, the price of cheap Vodka is mostly tax, so I think I will stick with rubbing alcohol or denatured.

    11. #11 |  kishnevi | 

      Warning on one of those tips: alcohol, of any type, will clean glasses very effectively, as the article stated. However, it works so effectively that it will also take off (in patches) the protective coatings that we pay the optometrist an extra hundred dollars or whatever to keep off the glare, etc.

    12. #12 |  Jim Leitzel | 

      There’s an old saying in the South. How can you tell the difference between a wet county and a dry county? In a dry county, you can get booze on Sundays.

      Perdue’s ‘reasoning,’ incidentally, should make him a supporter of a bone dry law for his state — otherwise, he is putting his citizens at risk.

    13. #13 |  smurfy | 

      “5. Spray vodka on vomit stains, scrub with a brush, then blot dry.”
      If you have a vomit stain, there’s a pretty fair chance you already have some vodka on hand.

    14. #14 |  Justthisguy | 

      Oh, good Lord! I used to live in GA, for years and years, and know people who still live there.

      GA. liquor laws vary from county to county, and I do know that in Atlanta one can buy alky beverages 24 hours/day, except on Sunday.

      Not to worry! If one lives within easy driving distance of Atlanta, and feels thirsty on Sunday, he can step into any bar and buy as much alcohol as the owner is willing to sell him.

      Then he has to figure out how to drive home, while drunk.

      Any other day of the week, he could buy his beer in the supermarket while sober, drive home while sober, and get drunk at home with perfect safety for all except himself

    15. #15 |  Andrew Williams | 

      Joe Jackson (yes, *that* one) has a great essay available for download on his site called “Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State”: