They Put Their Weed In It

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Chicago gets tough on drugs:

Tiny plastic bags used to sell small quantities of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and other drugs would be banned in Chicago, under a crackdown advanced Tuesday by a City Council committee.

Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) persuaded the Health Committee to ban possession of “self-sealing plastic bags under two inches in either height or width,” after picking up 15 of the bags on a recent Sunday afternoon stroll through a West Side park.

Lt. Kevin Navarro, commanding officer of the Chicago Police Department’s Narcotics and Gang Unit, said the ordinance will be an “important tool” to go after grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses.

Next year, look for a ban on bags “slightly larger than those we banned last year.”

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33 Responses to “They Put Their Weed In It”

  1. #1 |  Ben | 

    “Lt. Kevin Navarro, commanding officer of the Chicago Police Department’s Narcotics and Gang Unit, said the ordinance will be an “important tool” to go after grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses.”

    I thought they were going after drug dealers…not grocers.

  2. #2 |  Ben | 

    Note to self:

    “start making 2.125″ square baggies for Chicago market”

  3. #3 |  Jim | 

    Hmmm… sounds to me like Lt. Kevin Navarro is the “tool”.

  4. #4 |  whiskey | 

    what will we use to keep beads in

  5. #5 |  Lee | 

    They already make bags that are slightly bigger, the Ziplock snack bags.

    My kids use them all the time … to take snacks to school.

  6. #6 |  Kieffer | 

    My dealer now sells small reusable canvas bags that you bring with you. It’s much friendlier to the environment.

  7. #7 |  Ben | 

    Has the world gone mad – or just government?

  8. #8 |  David | 

    I thought they were going after drug dealers…not grocers.

    Going after drug dealers is dangerous. Why risk it when you can go into a store and bust some jewelry clerk to get the same type of conviction?

    Kidding aside, these fucking legislators never learn, do they?

  9. #9 |  claude | 

    I guess potting soil is next since people grow pot in it. Maybe the law should be written to emcompass anything referred to as “dirt”.

  10. #10 |  Mike Healy | 

    Is it any wonder that no sane person wants to live anywhere near Chicago? Once I lose my job, I’m out of here in a freakin’ heartbeat.

  11. #11 |  Zeb | 

    Yeah, without the little tiny bags, I am sure that the dealers will just give it up. It would be impossible to sell crack or heroin without tiny little ziploc bags.

  12. #12 |  Marty | 

    I just bought a guitar hanger and they had a little baggie in the kit with the screws and anchors…

  13. #13 |  claude | 

    “I just bought a guitar hanger and they had a little baggie in the kit with the screws and anchors…”

    Marty, being “bad” feels pretty good, huh? (lol)

  14. #14 |  tom | 

    I wonder how much we pay these people to sit around all day and dream this shit up. I am not the smartest SOB in the world, but things like this would never even occur to me.

  15. #15 |  Rebeccafrog | 

    Bead stores are going to be in quite a lot of trouble, too.

  16. #16 |  Nichole | 

    I live in a rural area and grow a herb garden in the spring and dry my own herbs to sell (Not weed. I am talking about basil, oregano, etc). Sometimes I use these bags to sell single-use dried organic herb mixes for tacos, fajitas etc at the farmer’s market (cheaper than the “taco bell” mixes at the store and with no msg!). Also I sometimes make perfumed bath salts or salt rubs and I use the little baggies for selling them in one-bath-use only at the market as well.

    Sometimes I am afraid if a cop ever notices the baggies he will think I’m selling crack and weed (you can imagine what these look like. Yeah, I live on the edge)… even though they generally have labels/instructions stapled to the baggies but that aside, I am damn happy I do not live near Chicago….

  17. #17 |  Coin Collector Joe | 

    Also note that coin dealers/collectors use baggies of this size for coins in many cases. I have received many coins in these small baggies (low to middle-low value ones, higher value ones usually get a real holder.)

  18. #18 |  Ochressandro | 

    Radley: New Professionalism Strikes Back —

  19. #19 |  colson | 

    I’m cross-posting my comments from the Coyote Blog who had the same quote:

    “So my next question would be whether they plan on banning metal spoons from restaurants so shooters can’t gook off of spoons?

    Or, wait for it, they make Pepsi stop making cans that can quickly be converted to make a pipe.

    Ooh, how about banning bic pens. Ever wonder what a bunch of plastic pens that are partly melted without the innards are for?

    Oh, and we better get rid of any type of paper currency that can be rolled up to serve as a tooter.

    Hmmm…. balloons – work great for selling larger portions of coke and meth.

    Will they go after PVC tubing and funnels in hardware stores so kids don’t make beer bongs? Or in the case of huffers – are they going after hardware stores for socking paint and solvents (which they have at times when the media jumps back on the huffing bandwagon)?

    And how could I forget tin foil.

    Any free-baser worth his or her own salt need tin foil.

    steel wool pads – for those who smoke out of a glass pipe, you put a bit of steel wool in there and after your are done, you can scrape the insides clean or smoke the leftover crystals stuck to the glass just by heating up the steal wool.

    I wonder if we could ban the paper that LSD blotter is put on?” And we better not have any reusable droppers sold to keep liquid lsd out of the hands of kids who might use it as a LSD dispenser.

    Holy shit. Can you imagine what police would do if limoges caught on in this century? It would be an all-out war on fancy porcelain pill boxes.

  20. #20 |  colson | 

    oops – that was supposed to be *cook*, not *gook*

  21. #21 |  Anonymous | 

    “I just bought a guitar hanger and they had a little baggie in the kit with the screws and anchors…”

    The screws for computer components often come in those little bags, too.

  22. #22 |  Tokin42 | 

    shooters should not be gooking off on their spoons, it’s bad form.

  23. #23 |  Jim Collins | 

    I have got to see how this comes out. I play darts and buy my tips, flights and shafts from a business in Chicago. I wonder what they will start packaging them in now?

  24. #24 |  Duncan | 

    I know. Let’s make drugs illegal! Yeah, that’ll fix it. Oh, wait.

  25. #25 |  Shon | 

    In DC they have already done something like that. They banned the selling of single roses because the plastic and glass ends that held water were being used to smoke crack. Or so they claimed.

  26. #26 |  Observant Bystander | 


    The story and video you linked to is interesting, but the reporter did not do a very good job of explaining the story. Why did Scott flag down a police officer? The story says she needed help. It’s not clear why. And why was her car towed? Something is missing here.

    (And why did the officer search her purse? She apparently wasn’t arrested. Did she consent?)

  27. #27 |  skwooey | 

    So much for those replacement screws that come with practically every type of appliance: phones, radios, TV’s, etc. and only jillions of other things. These gosh darn drug dealers will stop at nothing these days to obtain these valuable “containers”. Time to start taking pictures of ALL Radio Shack customers.
    Chicago’s finest… always ahead of the game I tell ya!!!

  28. #28 |  skwooey | 

    Never heard of this idiot alderman, but he should be fined, sanctioned, and most of all be made fun of! Hey, fellow Chicagoans, maybe they’ll pass a law and pay a bounty for all of our teeny weenie widdle baggies. Get them off the street! Weez fighting a drug war gosh darnit!!!

  29. #29 |  Bryan | 

    This is the most inane bunch of BS I’ve ever heard of. There are probably a thousand Geocachers in Chicagoland who use exactly these baggies to keep logbooks dry in caches they have hidden. many other legitemate uses have been articulated above.

    They should also ban Dihydrogen Monoxide, since studies have shown that 100% of drug abusers ingest this dangerous substance on a regular basis. Everyone agrees that inhalation of even a small amount Dihydrogen Monoxide is fatal. Lake Michigan is lousy with the stuff, and it’s been found in every river in Chicagoland. When will government act to protect us???

  30. #30 |  thorn | 

    If they want to get rid of drugs, why are they bothering with plastic bag laws? Why don’t they just make DRUGS illegal?

    oh… right…

  31. #31 |  Frank | 

    Buy a suit, go to jail.

  32. #32 |  R.J, Smith | 

    As we say in Brooklyn NY. Ban this, fuggetaboutit

  33. #33 |  Skip | 

    Funny – I came across this while looking to buy a few of the 1 x 1 basggies for …….. Screws for Notebook hardware ….. I guess I should avoid Chicago too. Too bad – I’ve been a Cubs fan for years. No more Wrigley’s Field :-(