No Bond for Ryan Frederick

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

The accused Chesapeake cop killer was denied today.

The official account of the raid seems to be changing. Special prosecutor Paul Ebert now says that Det. Jarrod Shivers was in Ferderick’s front yard when he was shot. And he said he may elevate the charge to capital murder, the knowing and intentional killing of a police officer.

Those two items raise all sorts of questions. We first heard Shivers was merely outside the door when he was shot. We then heard he was crawling through a door panel. Now we’re told he was in Frederick’s front yard. If that’s the case, where was he in relation to other officers? At what point in the raid was Shivers shot?

The suggestion of elevating the charge smacks to me of a PR move. Is Ebert really planning to argue that Frederick knowingly and intentionally took on a team of raiding cops so he wouldn’t get caught with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana?

CORRECTION: My assertion that the police at one point said Shivers was shot as “he was crawling through a door panel” is incorrect. Explanation here.

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19 Responses to “No Bond for Ryan Frederick”

  1. #1 |  Highway | 

    Like the comments on the linked article mention, I think they’re hooking up the locomotive, cause they’re going to try to railroad Fredericks.

    Changing the story like that, to something that hadn’t come out at all in any of the prior reporting, just seems really suspicious. Plus, I can’t understand ANY sort of raid continuing to happen if the guy inside the house is blasting away at people standing in the front yard. This doesn’t make any sense, and seems like they’re splitting hairs (“he was ‘outside’ the door, so he was in the yard”) so that they can elevate the charges.

  2. #2 |  nom de guerre | 

    ohhhhh, i’m pretty sure we can expect the accounts & circumstances of the story to change a lot. until the cops/DA can settle on the “worst-sounding story *that cannot be proven to be a lie*”.

    you can also expect them to announce they found child-porn on fredericks’ computer. that seems to happen a lot, i’ve noticed.

  3. #3 |  Jerry | 

    It’s stuff like this that make me loose all faith and trust in the police and the prosecutors who go after these sorts of cases. My dad was a cop for 20 years and it makes me sick these days to see the abuse of power that the police do on a continous basis. I’m sorry for the loss of life, but the police need to stop busting down doors in the middle of the night, unless someone in the house is in direct danger.

  4. #4 |  Alien | 

    I wonder if they are scared that whatever really happened will result in Frederick walking, so they trump up the charges to make it really scary. Are they trying to make a case for the death penalty to encourage Frederick plead to a lesser charge out of fear so that they can then claim ‘success’ in law enforcement?

  5. #5 |  UCrawford | 

    Ah well, if Ebert isn’t willing to go against a bunch of corrupt officials in Manassass who have openly been trying to frame a business owner why would we assume he’s not going to go to the wall for a police department that’s merely criminally incompetent?

    Maybe Ebert can put Steven Hayne on the stand to testify about the invisible bite marks Frederick put on Jarrod Shivers’ arm…that might even convince a jury to give the guy the chair.

  6. #6 |  earthdome | 

    “Is Ebert really planning to argue that Frederick knowingly and intentionally took on a team of raiding cops so he wouldn’t get caught with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana?”

    Of course they can make this stick, haven’t you ever heard of “reefer madness”?

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  8. #8 |  MikeT | 

    Not to sound like a cold bastard, but I really don’t feel any sympathy for Shivers. Here’s why.

    I come from a real law enforcement family. Both parents combined before they left the field/retired had between them probably 33-35 years of experience. I have other relatives that were in law enforcement as well. My dad, who started as a Newport News cop during integration, and retired as the head of one of Customs’ largest field offices in the South in 1996, taught me a good deal about what intelligent and honest law enforcement is supposed to look like.

    It’s supposed to be sneaky and creative. That’s how you avoid people getting shot to death in the middle of the night. The most obvious thing for them to do would have been to secure the garage, then surround his house and tell him to come out. What’s he going to do? Run when he has six or seven cops ready to shoot his ass if he tries to flee armed into the community? If he promises them a shoot out when they bust down the door, which is almost unheard of in misdemeanor drug cases, all they have to do is get on the horn and call in the SWAT to take him out.

    IMO, Shivers was a damn fool in the end, and his foolishness cost him. Anyone who knows basic human psychology and traditional law enforcement expectations would know that what his team, and many others like it do, to catch people is just asking for trouble at some point. It’s like wrestling with crocodiles. Do you really pity the guy who, despite all common sense, education and training to the contrary, decided to repeatedly tangle with something that had a statistical probability of killing him when there was a far less dangerous thing he could be doing?

  9. #9 |  Bill | 

    What will be interesting is to see what becomes of the “door, broken” that was in the inventory for the search warrant, along with the pry bar and battering ram.

    I guess the door was broken by the .380 round that then ricocheted off the pry bar and battering ram to slip through the arm hole of the vest on the detective standing in the front yard. Bullet apparently came from the same factory as the one that killed Kennedy.

  10. #10 |  Bill | 

    Okay, reading the article the prosecutor says he was “standing really in the yard”, and the cops still refuse to say where he was. Soon as people start throwing “really”, “honestly” and other such ornaments into what should be a straightforward statement of fact, they’re usually lying. So “standing really in the yard” probably means he’d hit the door with the battering ram and was halfway through it.

  11. #11 |  TC | 

    Nifong said many similar things as well. Keep the cameras and mics on him so we can more fun during his disbarment hearings as well!

    He is creating evidence!

  12. #12 |  t. reed | 

    I wonder if there is case law at work here. I wonder if in va law there is a distinction between a yard and a porch. There’s certainly a difference between the threat of a person ten feet away and a person thirty feet away. I’m no CSI fan, but wouldn’t the blood evidence indicate where the man was shot? Maybe the state will argue that the man was shot in the yard and given CPR on the front proch and that explains the blood evidence.

  13. #13 |  Loren | 

    We first heard Shivers was merely outside the door when he was shot. We then heard he was crawling through a door panel.

    Wait…when did we hear the latter claim, and from whom? I may have missed it, but I don’t recall any statements that Shivers was crawling through a door panel when he was shot. Especially not from the police. Online searches aren’t immediately turning up any such statements in news articles; just several posts at Reason and The Agitator mentioning door-crawling without citation.

    The only news reference I can immediately find that even *refers* to door panels was in a statement by Frederick, not by the police. From the article:

    “[Frederick] said intruders were pushing through the bottom panels of the four-panel door, he said.”

    But even that article does NOT say that Frederick shot anyone crawling through the panels. Technically, it doesn’t even say that anyone was crawling through at all; just “pushing” through.

    So what news report was it that had the police saying that Frederick was shot while crawling through the door?

  14. #14 |  Michael | 

    My biggest concern here is that the police and the prosecutor get to put their spin in the papers. But, don’t take the information from Frederick’s interview?! It is sounding a lot more like “spin” than it does “evidence”! It is very, very, suspicious when the cops clam up, in my opinion. If they had killed Frederick, the problem would have been solved! I don’t understand why they just didn’t gun him down, like they did Kathryn Johnston

  15. #15 |  Bill Cooke | 

    I was rather annoyed, but not surprised, to hear that he was denied bond. On his myspace page you can donate to his cause through paypal. I just gave him a few bucks and hope you all will do the same.

  16. #16 |  Gen | 

    I was in the court room this yesterday and they are so trying to railroad Ryan, before the cameras were even roling the retired judge and the prosecuters (there were two present) were basically kissing each others butt. I couldn’t believe what Mr Ebert was saying but broceletti held up well and stated it was all to be disputed during the trial. I say let them talk now, forenics will have to paint the whole picture, but it made me realize something and how there gonna work this, it’s ryan against the police force, So for Ryans sake neighbors need to come forth to mr.broceletti and say exactly what they did or did not see. They seem to be ryans main since of hope on the he said she said battle. In the court room today mr.ebert said there were 14 cop cars present at the raid and everyone knows that not to be the case, other officers arrived after the inital incident, so they can’t say they actually saw ryan do anything but all were present yesterday of course, as well as he said the officer was in the yard and even police have said he was at least on the porch. If you know a neighbor or are one please call mr broceletti and tell him what you saw, it’s so vitial and just contact ryans lawyer if you don’t want people to publicly know who you are… And thanks for everyones support, includeing the man out front of the courthouse with a sign showing that his gradson was wrongfully accused sentenced to jail for 18 months now they found the guy who did it and said his grandson still has to wait for an appeal to be released wich he was told his time would be served before the appeal came up in court. The “good ole boy” network here in chesapeake needs to be stopped and honesty needs to take over..

  17. #17 |  Wa1rus91 | 

    I think the warrant following the shooting had an account that Frederick “opened the door, slammed it shut and fired through the door.” One news story said Shivers’ partner pulled him away from the door. Frederick claimed he saw someone pushing in through the broken bottom portion of the door (hence the impression someone was crawling through the door). Frederick’s story hasn’t changed, the neighbors who were witnesses bolster Frederick’s story. The police keep changing the few facts released while withholding information that is routinely released for cases in which the police do everything right and they catch a criminal.

  18. #18 |  Mike Schneider | 

    I’m still waiting to know why the cops seized his TV set, and whose gun the odd shell casing belongs to.

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