Monday Morning Poll

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Note, I excluded Ron Paul only to make the poll interesting. He’s by far the best candidate left for libertarians. But I figure if I included him, he’d win the poll by a mile. I’m more interested in what a libertarian-leaning audience thinks is the least worst of the remaining options. I’ll give you my ranking of the remaining candidates a bit later.

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38 Responses to “Monday Morning Poll”

  1. #1 |  Vermin Kol | 

    Shit. They all suck.

  2. #2 |  dmoynihan | 

    Let’s see:

    Barack Obama–may speak out against drug war.
    John McCain–government in big (campaign finance) and small (baseball)
    Hillary Clinton–Whatever else, nationalized health care=big government
    Mitt Romney–New England, seems pro big-government, but need more research
    John Edwards–Two Americas, both for big government
    Rudy Giuliani–Bizarre control freak for big government
    Mike Huckabee–Theocratic big government

    Obama? Or Romney? I know neither’s positions all that well, really.

  3. #3 |  AlanDP | 

    There is no least worst. The best we can do is try and figure out which one will be the least competent at screwing us.

  4. #4 |  Dale | 

    Sorry – but I don’t see anybody there I would vote for. I would rather vote for Sparky the Wonder Dog than for any of these people. They are all CFR members or have significant posts in the teams manned by CFR members. I refuse to support any candidate who believes or is significantly influence by someone who believes our country should be merged into a global superstate.

    We paid too much for this land for us to hand it over to the NAU or the UN. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave to see how much we have allowed to be stolen from us already. Are we truly turning into a nation of sheep? Of couch potatoes? Heaven help us all!

  5. #5 |  Mike H | 

    Obama’s running away with it so far, and Clinton’s dead last.

  6. #6 |  Mike | 

    Wow. Obama is cleaning up here. I guess it’s because he seems the only candidate not *completely* blinded by outdated ideology. He may not be libertarian but at least he’ll listen.

  7. #7 |  Todd Caraher | 

    I… I …

    I just can’t do it..

  8. #8 |  Jozef | 

    This is not fair… My brain hurts trying to think of who’s the last evil of the bunch…

  9. #9 |  Ruud | 

    Funny that Obama, who has said little to nothing about anything, is running away with this.

  10. #10 |  Henry Bowman | 

    Looking over the list is really depressing, all the more so because of the realization that a couple of these clowns will be atop the Republicrat tickets come November. It’s the three blind mice (Dems) vs. the four National Socialists — what a choice!

  11. #11 |  B | 

    I think Mike nails it. I can grit my teeth and pull the lever for Obama over all the non-Paul Republicans, because he is still at least something of an unknown quantity.

    And I could maybe be talked into voting for Romney over Clinton, mostly because I don’t think he actually believes very much of what he says, and is therefore similarly unknown.

    Either way, I’d bet the farm I’ll be voting against whoever wins this round in ’12.

  12. #12 |  scott | 

    You need to have the choice of “none of the above”. That one would win in a walk.

  13. #13 |  asg | 

    Such a parade of awfulness there. For me it came down to Romney vs. Obama, both of whom are terrible on most issues. I held my nose and opted for Romney on divided-government grounds. However, if McCain were to win the GOP nomination, it would be genuinely hard to opt for him despite the prospect of a unified Congress + White House.

  14. #14 |  Another Mike H. | 

    It’s painful to have to pick any of these people. I’ll be voting for R.P. whether his name is on the ballot or not.

  15. #15 |  Tom Bux | 

    I am rooting for Obama. Even though I disagree with most of his positions, I honestly believe he believes what he says. He has conviction. Something Billary doesn’t have. I think she’ll say anything to get elected. Plus the arrogance of them, they seem to be genuinely pissed that someone challenge dear old HIllary.

    I’d love to see the Clinton’s go back to whereever they live now with their tail between their legs.

  16. #16 |  Big Boy | 

    I’m writing-in [b]Fred D. Thompson[/b] every time I get a chance.

    By writing in Fred D. Thompson, whose positions are known, you send a message that can’t be mistaken or spun by Republican party apologists. I’m here, I’m voting, but only for a “real” conservative (who, BTW, is not a religious “nut” as are so many of my Republican colleagues).

  17. #17 |  André Kenji | 

    At least if we still had Richardson…;-)

    And where is Gravel?

  18. #18 |  Bill Mill | 

    Obama at least supports government transparency, may not be an idiot on the drug war, and has been pressured into an anti-war stance (though I won’t count on that continuing). He’s by far the least worst.

  19. #19 |  Wesley | 

    Ruud: “Funny that Obama, who has said little to nothing about anything, is running away with this.”

    That’s exactly why I’m considering him. If he doesn’t do much, he can’t screw much up. My only hesitation with him is that there will be a Democratic-controlled Congress, so a President who’s also a Democrat might bring a lot of really bad changes. But then I can’t decide who’s the lesser-evil of the Republicans on that poll. Maybe McCain, slightly? Ugh.

  20. #20 |  Ruud | 

    Being genuine and having conviction is not a reason to vote for Obama. Using that logic, George W. Bush would be running away with this.

  21. #21 |  Ruud | 

    Wesley, your Democrat President plus Congress hesitation is the main reason why I am likely to support whoever the Republican Party nominates.

    Four years of bickering would be better off than an all-Democrat-all-the-time Washington, especially with the sweet talking Obama at the helm. Pelosi and Reid would be fanning him with olive branches and feeding him grapes bowing to his every desire.

  22. #22 |  Thomas | 

    I’d take Richardson or Thompson, but since neither are on the list, none of the above.

  23. #23 |  Michael | 

    I think you should have included .45 magnum to the head as a last option. That’s probably what I would choose over these clowns.

  24. #24 |  Joel | 

    I’m *not* particularly libertarian, and I can’t see myself voting for anyone on that list. I’ve got the Democratic primary coming up on Super Tuesday, and I’m probably going with a Mickey Mouse write-in.

  25. #25 |  Fascist Nation | 

    One I am holding my nose and voting for Paul. Holding my nose, not because I object too strenuously for Paul, but that I stopped voting years ago when I was convinced it was simply endorsing the outcome in a rigged election. But on your survey for the immediate I would pick Rudy Giuliani. He may be a cockroach, but I hope he takes FloriDUH. I want as many of those cocksuckers running against each other as long as possible chasing into the nomination. I want blood on the floor at the convention. And I want to see Ron Paul being coronated with a smoking gun in his hand. Sadly he will have to roll up his sleeves to fix a decimated economy immediately for all of this to happen.

  26. #26 |  Timothy Mayhugh | 

    Where is the “none of the above” option? The simple fact is that they are all politicians. And as we all know the definition of “politician” is: lying arrogant elitist scum. Ron Paul is the ONLY principled person running. The rest are demagogues and worse.

  27. #27 |  Ochressandro | 

    I dunno. I can’t vote for any of them, so far.

    I’d go for Obama, if the congress was Republican, for all the issues stated so far. Split government is generally the best we can hope for. But with a Democrat controlled both houses, and the Presidency, that’s just… bad. And, having said that, if Paul isn’t a choice, I could vote for Richardson.

    Of the Republicans, Romney scares me most for the previously stated reasons. Any Republican acceptable in Massachussetts cannot possibly be economically conservative enough for my tastes. And he’s likely to be bad on my other main issue, guns.

    911uiliani was a power mad bastard as Mayor of New York. ‘Nuff said.

    Huckabee thinks women should be barefoot and pregnant. Now that I think about it, he might actually be the best choice for president, because of the cesium and water nature of the interactions he’d have with Congress.

    McCain wants war forever.

  28. #28 |  Against Stupidity | 

    What is the lesser of seven evils?

  29. #29 |  Matt Moore | 

    I gotta go with Romney, he’s the least offensively big government (or, in Giuliana’s case, big law enforcement) of the Republicans. And I have to go for a Republican because if we can’t have a Libertarian, we at least need a split government. Dems in the Congress and Republicans in the White House… maybe they won’t get anything done.

    Otherwise, it’s Obama. He’s at least made noise about going against the teacher’s union, and he probably won’t prosecute the drug war as hard as the rest of ’em.

  30. #30 |  Against Stupidity | 

    Barack appears to be only slightly less of a socialist than Hillary. A democratic socialist president with a democratic majority in both houses is economically bad news.

    At least apposing parties should minimize the damage, but how long will this work before we’re sunk anyway?

  31. #31 |  Alien | 

    I had to go with Romney, though Obama was a near second. Romney won because of the aforementioned split-government reason. I have heard talk elsewhere that, as a Democrat, Obama wouldn’t be ‘as effective’ as Hillary since he doesn’t have connections. A plus for Obama as I think a good general rule of thumb is the less the government gets accomplished, the better. But a D Congress plus a D president would all-in-all be a pretty bad combo I think. If I thought it were realistic that the Rs would take back the congress, I would go for Obama in this poll.

  32. #32 |  greenish | 

    I had to visualize a gun to my head before I could choose.

  33. #33 |  Daddy | 

    None of them believe in individual liberty, I agree with some earlier posts, devided government would keep them all from doing anything too stupid, but so far I’ll hold my nose and vote for the new guy, he can’t be any worse then all the old washington whores running..

  34. #34 |  Sydney Carton | 

    Sheesh, Obama is winning among you guys? He’s practically a socialist. Of course the Republicans suck, but the Democrats suck even more.

  35. #35 |  Robert S | 

    With no Fred Thompson option anymore and with Ron Paul’s near zero chances of winning I’m fully embracing the Dominique Francon philosophy and voting for Clinton. That is unless someone can demonstrate there’s a worse candidate. Stick a fork in me, I’m done with hoping for the best, it now time to extol the worst. Besides, the irony of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton is too beautiful to pass up.

  36. #36 |  bob | 

    I didn’t vote in this poll for the same reason my presidential chad remained un-hung in 2004–None of the options are qualified.

    I see no reason to change my philosophy in 2008.

  37. #37 |  L.Capitan | 

    Even with a gun to my head [real or imagined] Ron Paul is my write-in.

    For the purposes of this poll [anyone other than R.P.] I would write in either Pat Paulsen, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck OR the perennial favorite “None of the Above”.
    I refuse to chose any of the statist boobs on the list.

    Voting for “the worst” candidate makes no sense to me at all.
    No Vote would be better than a vote for the worst.
    Let the pundits try to figure out how all of that nationwide support vanished overnight …. But we all know they [the media] are in on the scam so they won’t make any connections. Publicly at any rate.

  38. #38 |  thorn | 

    It’s hilarious that THESE are the people we’re supposed to choose from. In Nov, I’m going to write in a vote for Paul.

    To hell with voting for lesser evils this time around – my conscience can’t take it anymore. I’ll not be voting for evil at all – lesser amounts or otherwise.

    (My poll vote was Obama, btw).