First Links of Aught-Eight

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
  • The Texas legislature wisely passed a law allowing police to write tickets for possession of small amounts of marijuana instead of hauling people off to jail. Naturally, every county in the state but one is ignoring the law. Why? For the kids, of course.

    For Greg Davis, Collin County’s first assistant district attorney, one of his qualms with the new law is the perception created by ticketing for a drug offense, instead of making an arrest.

    “It may… lead some people to believe that drug use is no more serious than double parking,” Mr. Davis said. “We don’t want to send that message to potential drug users, particularly young people.”

    Yes, better to protect young people from the “dangers” of marijuana by hauling them off to jail, where they’ll be safe.

  • Wait ’til MADD gets wind of this: In Japan, they’re now arresting passengers in the same car as a drunk driver.
  • A California state senator was carjacked last week. That’s unfortunate. But here’s the more pertinent question: Why was a California state senator driving a taxpayer-bought, tricked-out 2006 Dodge Charger with 22-inch chrome wheels?
  • The director of the Smithsonian’s eyesore Museum of the American Indian has spent $250,000 of your money over the last four years taking first class flights and staying in first-class accommodations to such Indian-ish places as Vienna, Athens, Singapore, London, Bali, and Paris (12 times!). Non-profit work is pretty sweet!
  • The “Foxtrot” comic takes a swipe at the DMCA.
  • Here’s an effective anti-drug war ad from SSDP. You could probably do a similarly effective ad with photos of Kathryn Johnston, Isaac Singletary, Daniel Castillo, and others.
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  • 10 Responses to “First Links of Aught-Eight”

    1. #1 |  Ochressandro | 

      That ad is awesome. I think I’m going to go give those people money to help them run it places.

      I’d say “Washington D.C. Bus Stops”, but it’s not like the people who need to see it the most ever take the bus. Does Congress accept advertising for the walls of the House and Senate, yet?

    2. #2 |  Greg Newburn | 

      I love the mentality of government officials who refer to citizens as “potential drug users.”

    3. #3 |  solarjetman | 

      Japan has incredibly harsh drunk driving laws – instead of a limit of 0.10, or 0.08, it’s something like 0.03, and the penalties are very severe.

      One reason for that is that roads are narrow and curvy and chaotic there, and another is that mass transit is so pervasive; when people want to go out drinking they just take the train. Arresting passengers is still pretty absurd, but it’s not surprising.

    4. #4 |  Col. Hogan | 

      Rumor has it that they’ll soon be arresting pedestrians in the neighborhoods through which the errant car has recently passed, to be called the “Contact High Violation.”

    5. #5 |  Rob | 

      “Non-profit work is pretty sweet!”

      It’s the best kind of work. Very little.

    6. #6 |  Mike Leatherwood | 

      Bill Amend almost got it right….remember, the RIAA (at least one of its lawyers) has said that even personal copies of your own music for your own use is illegal….

    7. #7 |  Edmund Dantes | 

      Foxtrot is behind the times. The RIAA is now arguing (and have been for awhile) that its illegal for you to copy your CDs onto your computer. You can’t even make backup copies. Hopefully it will get thrown out of court, but with the way the courts have been stacked with “Federalist” judges whose main recommendations are a belief in the rights of the big guys over the little guys I don’t feel too confident.

      So the joke is still true, the punch is even stronger than Foxtrot thinks since it’s even worse than advertised.

      Patent law and copyright law are a joke in this country, and they no longer serve their original purpose.

    8. #8 |  C. S. P. Schofield | 

      My favorite anti-drug add, bar none – was intended as a joke. It was a poster, published in MAD magazine sometime in the ’70’s; a full face portrait with the caption “Sometimes heroin doesn’t kill you. Sometimes it turns you into Keith Richards.”


    9. #9 |  alkali | 

      A $60K/yr travel budget for the director of an art museum doesn’t sound at all unusal to me. The article notes that some of the travel was related to fundraising.

    10. #10 |  John David Galt | 

      If I recall correctly, one of RIAA’s arguments in Eldred (where they were trying to show that IP reform isn’t needed) was that even under DMCA, people still have the right to make backup copies of their purchased digital works.

      Shouldn’t that mean that RIAA is estopped from claiming otherwise now?