Jackson Free Press on Hayne

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Jackson’s alternative weekly put up a post about Dr. Hayne on its blog.

Some interesting chatter in the comments.

I’d heard stories about some of these other doctors, too, but didn’t have the time or the space to follow-up much. Needless to say, as bad as Hayne is, the problem in Mississippi seems to be one of poor incentives and a lack of oversight. When coroners and DAs can pick whatever medical examiner they please, they’re going to keep choosing until they find one they can rely upon. Under a system like that, good medicine and professional standards (not to mention justice) will quickly take a backseat to keeping the coroners and DAs happy, so the referrals keep coming.

This isn’t to say all medical examiners in Mississippi are corrupt. It is to say that the system tends to reward the ones who are.

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