Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Police come to a woman’s house because her car by chance is similar to a car used in a recent bank robbery. She’s not at all connected to the robbery. As she speaks with one police officer, another walks around back to look around. He walks around to her yard where, as any reasonable person might suspect, one of her two dogs growls at the sight of a stranger poking around on the property.

The cop then takes out his gun and shoots the dog dead while the woman’s two-year-old son watches from 20 feet away.

Sergeant Chad Paulson of The Crow Wing Sheriff’s Department says the deputy had his weapon drawn because the bank robber may have been on the premises. He also said the deputy “shot the dog because it approached him growling, baring it’s teeth, with the hair on it’s neck standing up.”

This is absurd. The dog was a terrier lab. I’ve had dozens of dogs bare their teeth at me. Not once have I thought my only option was to kill the thing.

Archive of cop-kills-dog stories here. My reason piece on puppycide here.

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