Back to Manassas Park

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Incredible. A few weeks ago the BVBL blog and I exposed the fact that the city’s former vice mayor–while he was vice mayor–was encouraging women to take their clothes at David Ruttenberg’s pool hall. He was doing this without Ruttenberg’s permission, in fact in spite of Ruttenberg’s warnings to knock off the creepy behavior. This lewd behavior instigated by the number two man in city government was then used against David Ruttenberg in the city’s own attempt to revoke his liquor license.

The local planning commission was so disturbed by these revelations, they suspended a hearing on the city’s attempts to revoke Ruttenberg’s permit to do business in the city so they could investigate.

So what does the city do? They send an ex-girlfriend of Ruttenberg’s who is now known to have become a police operative against him after getting pulled over for DWI into Ruttenberg’s club in an attempt to frame the club for serving alcohol. Remember, Ruttenberg isn’t allowed to serve alcohol since losing his ABC hearing last year.

More striking is how incredibly lame this attempt really is. Thing is, they know Ruttenberg has a pretty sophisticated security system. And they know he’s been pretty savvy at thwarting their attempts to railroad him.

One reason I’ve come to believe Ruttenberg’s claims that the town of Manassas Park is conspiring against him is that the conspiracy itself is so incredibly lame and inept. Here’s more evidence of that. Much of the public record about this case–the ABC hearing transcripts, the briefs in Ruttenberg’s federal lawsuit–is filled with accusations by Ruttenberg that the city is out to get him, and has repeatedly used former employees and romantic interests against him. These claims have been met with dismissive ridicule from the city.

But here we have a clear example where an-ex paramour of Ruttenberg’s the city admits (but initially denied) was once an undercover informant shows up at Ruttenberg’s bar, specifically asks for him, then repeatedly commits alcohol violations while in the club. Her arrival and departure are captured by Ruttenberg’s security cameras at–not at all coincidentally–the same time a vehicle from the city’s Joint Narcotics Task Force is parked outside. That would be the same JNTF that executed the massively overwrought, ultimately failed raid on Ruttenberg in June 2004.

Here’s my question: What the hell is it going to take to get the Washington media interested in this case?

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