House Crime Subcommittee Hearing on Pain Treatment

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Rep. Bobby Scott’s Subcommittee on Crime held a hearing today on the DEA, painkillers, and pain treatment. It’s been a long time coming.

I regret that I couldn’t make it, nor did I remember to watch the live stream. I hope there will be an archive soon.

One of those testifying was Siobhan Reynolds of the Pain Relief Network. Siobhan’s ex-husband was a longtime chronic pain sufferer and, sadly, passed away a short time ago. She’s quite a compelling speaker. When I saw her speak on the Hill a few years ago, she had half the room in tears. That forum was my first in-depth exposure to this issue, and it motivated me to want to continue to work on it.

Here is Siobhan’s written testimony
. Here’s a Cato event I hosted, featuring Siobhan and Linda Paey, wife of imprisoned pain patient Richard Paey.

Let’s hope this hearing results in some long overdue changes in policy. Frankly, anything short of delegating the regulation of pain treatment to medical boards and professional organizations would be a disappointment. Drug cops have no business telling doctors how to practice medicine.

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